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blood gets thin - open
« on: February 22, 2021, 12:11:01 PM »

although he wouldn’t admit it, his brief stay at northstar district hadn’t been the worst. the people had been hospitable, more than welcoming to let someone into their ranks. willing to trust a stranger to help them out whenever they asked and have their full faith in them. while many people would grow to like that about a place, jp found it almost unbearable the longer he stayed. he wasn’t used to a place like that anymore. the idea of a gentle-natured way of life felt like it was too little, too late for a guy like him. when he’d heard about a place called bluestem prairie, and the “bastards” that lived there, he figured it was time to go and investigate. that was a place that seemed more his speed. it’d be a much-needed change of pace.

his eyes squinted gently against the sun to look at the town’s sign as he made his way into town. alexandra. turning his gaze towards the busy streets, he looked at all kinds of people that walked by -- observed as some walked into a saloon at the center of the town. he paused only briefly before he followed suit, opening the doors to the sound of boisterous laughter and lighthearted conversations.

a place with a saloon and tons of booze. this was a place jp could get behind. looking around, he noticed some of the chatter trail off - curious about a newcomer. he walked towards the bar, unfazed by the curious eyes that watched as he strolled in. sitting down and asking for a drink, he absently waited for the bartender to fill his glass. “you from ‘round these parts, boy?” jp tried not to scowl, a permanent frown etched across his features ever-present.

plucking out a cig from a pack in his pocket, he held it between his lips as he mumbled, “what do you think?” the man beside him visibly paused, only to slowly grin and start to cackle. oh, he’d do just fine for himself around alexandra. jp got out his lighter and went to try and light his smoke - only to grow visibly frustrated to find that his lighter was out. turning around, he asked anyone in particular, “anyone got a light?”

he wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in this damned place started to reach into their pocket.

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