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-Will be given shortly-

1. Be Nice in 'ooc:'
2. Please use quote marks, " ", to show that your character is speaking
3. RP Drama is allowed, outside drama is not
4. Refrain from short replies, such as two-four words.  a minimum should be a sentence.
5. NO godmodding (killing a charrie without permission, forcing others charries actions,etc.)
6.Be patient with replies
7. Bump the thread if it goes dead for a maximum of two days
8.Cursing is allowed, but follow the guidelines of the site. This thread is PG-15 at the max. .
9. If someone asks you to not bring up a certain subject, please listen to them. It could be a sensitive subject.
10. Fade in and fade out with intimate scenes or take it to pm
11.Include yourself and others in rp plot discussions
12. If you have an rp idea, tell us all! that way we can accommodate to that, and follow it, and help add on to it. (It IS OK to have a secret plan too, everyone loves surprises. . .I hope.)
13. IF someone asks for a recap, be a good fellow and do not ignore them! Fill them in on the juicy story!
14.Last of all,Have fun!!!!!!!

Spoiler: Characters • show

Dean Winchester:
Sam Winchester:
Bobby Singer:
Jody Mills:
If their are characters not listed, but you want that character, you can still play as them, be sure to fill out the character form below for that character. I can add them to this list later on!

Spoiler: Form • show
Name of character wanted:
Image of character(Only for those who are not listed above):
How active are you?:
Type of Roleplayer (Beginner,Advanced, Semi-advanced, etc.):
Time Zone ( This way we can work out our replies):

Spoiler: OC form • show

Name of Character:
Character looks(Pic optional,description optional):
Being (Human, vamp, Werewolf, etc.):
Vehicle(Optional to have a vehicle, but Image is required, descrpiton too):

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User: Poofy The Dark Master
Name of Character: Realyn Altson
Character looks(Pic optional, , herdescription optional): Realyn is about 5’6” tall, weighing about a 130 pounds. She has long light brown hair with dark red highl; her hair falls to her shoulders, that is down when she isn't on the job, but no matter what her bangs frame her eyes, which are light blue. She wears a white tank top with a black jacket that is unzipped, blue, high waisted, skinny, jeans, and knee length, black boots.
Age: 24
Being (Human, vamp, Werewolf, etc.): Human
Vehicle(Optional to have a vehicle, but Image is required, description too):
Spoiler: Realyn's Bike • show

Heritage: English and Irish
Family: Altson
Personality: Realyn can be sweet and kind when people first meet her, but as soon as someone ticks her off she’ll have a bad temper. Dean finds this when they first meet when they are eight.
History: Reilyn was born on July 18, 1979, to Sarahlyn Ki McGee Altson and Davidson Ray Altson. She has one older brother who six years older whose name is Mike Houston and one younger brother who is six years younger than her and is named Troy Dillion. When she was born, she had strong physic abilities. She grew up learning to control her abilities and started her training as a hunter at five. When she was 14 her parents were killed while they were on a hunt, leaving the three.
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