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Private for me and Danny!
« on: June 09, 2017, 11:47:48 PM »
Dacen is a short haired blond male, who usually wears his hair sort of spiked in the front. He has hazel green eyes, and a prominent facial structure. (Narrow cheek bones, narrow jaw line, and a small nose.)

He can be pretty fierce and reckless if you strike a nerve right with him. Other than that he can be the quiet and calm type, as well as the sarcastic and annoying type. It all just really depends on his moods. He has a small anger issue sometimes, depending on how he's spoken too, and once more, if you strike the right nerves. He's not too built, more so a medium build if anything. He's quite small for a male, having been malnourished as a child. Dacen is also a very loyal person, and very humble as long as he is treated the same.
Dacen isn't too sure about his family, as he was left at an orphanage as a child, and remembers nothing of his parents, nor siblings if he had any.

As stated before, Dacen was left at an orphange as a child, maybe a day or two old. Atleast that's what he was told growing up. The orphange he was raised in, wasn't really one of the fortunate ones who recieved alot of funds from its' city. Therfore alot of the children were sickly all the time, and malnourished. Dacen sadly happened to been one of them, stunting his growth and making him the height he is now, 5'7. Dacen was also one of the unfortunate children, having never been adopted as a kid, but adopted at the age of 12. He moved around alot within his city. By the time he was moved to another and better orphanage and new city, the damage had been done to his body.

Hunting was introduced to him in his new orphange home, after a fellow child was attacked and mauled infront of him by a skin walker. After right  that, hunters showed up to kill the walker, and tended to the traumatized boy. At the end of the day, they stuck around for a few months just so they could adopt him and have him tag along in the hunting life. They figured since he knew the truth, they might as well teach him the hunting life and have him carry on the tradition of hunting. Ever since then, Dacen has been hunting the things that go bump in the night. 

None at the moment.

Dacen lay stretched across the park bench, faking the act of a homeless man for his case. Apparently the street bums of this ity were the favorite snacks of a werewolf that ran the streets every full moon. He shifted uncomfortably on the bench, growling in slight irritation as to how he could not get comfortable, no matter how he lay. He ended up shrugging off the old wool coat he wore and shoving it under his head to support it. He looked around calmly for a moment, before settling down to try and continue his act.

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Re: Private for me and Danny!
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track until later
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Re: Private for me and Danny!
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2017, 12:17:24 AM »
Alexander rodregez

assumed to be a few years younger than dean


overall, alex is definitely what you would call the philosophical pessimistic realist. hes normally very bitter and salty, and drinks quite a bit to keep himself sane. he enjoys the simple things in life such as being near the ones he loves, and eating things such as smoothies, but hates pie with a passion.

im tempted to make him a demon/human hybrid, but idk. maybe the son of crowley and some random chick?

he was born in a less than suitable environment. a bathtub. his mother was far too poor to pay a hospital bill, so she had him in the bathtub. the worst part was that his mother had seven children after him. each of them were alphabetically named, but i wont name them all. when he was about seven, his mother married a man by the name of crian, who was abusive, and often took all of his mothers hard earned money. a lot of nights they would either starve, get beaten, or worse- that was until his real father showed up, and told him what he was. he was a half demon. he used this against his step father, striking fear into him. when he was about fourteen, he walked into his mothers room to find she had killed his siblings and hung herself while he was at school. he went on a rampage and killed his step father and got shoved into a boy's home.
there, he met a certain dean winchester, who introduced him to hunting, which alex quickly got into. he also learned that he was most definitely gay in the time that he knew dean.

definitely gonna crush on dean when they meet again.

alex didnt much care for the homeless. they stunk and were eyesores, but this one.. didnt look the part. he was too clean looking, and his hair definitely had hair product in it. he moved to the male, his hands in the pocket of his leather skeleton jacket. he cleared his throat, willing his major hang over to go away. "so, whats with the get up?" he inquired, tone leaking venom.

/sorry for any errors! not used to using my laptop :^)
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