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sixteen banners united over the fields (p)
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:40:59 PM »
build our fate over hollow ground—
Johannes Angelicus

It had been...a while. The familiar blonde figure he was staring at, she looked..the same, mostly. He'd grown--he was taller than her. Good. He could feel his heart struggling to calm down, slow itself. He felt calm, himself--but...strangely worried at the same time. Physically, he was pent up, stressed--one of the dead men on the ground showed why--and though it didn't mark the first time the nineteen year old had killed another human being, it certainly wasn't something he was used to, yet, for all his aggressive bluster.

Johannes didn't know what to say to her. For there was another body on the ground--not his doing--and it was bleeding. She'd been...trying to stop that, for the past few minutes. He hadn't helped. He'd stood there, silent and uncertain; after he'd realized the man he'd been beating on wasn't around anymore, it had taken him some time to comprehend the situation around him. The gun that shot Angela's friend, or whatever he was--it was on the ground, lying in the dust. He glanced at it, as if worried it would do more damage even without someone to wield it.

Now, he wanted to tell her that the guy was dead. He had to be. But what did he know? She was a doctor, apparently. That's what she'd told him, before. He wasn't sure he believed her, fully; but she knew more than he did. Had to. He could barely tie a bandage.

Finally, he moved--carefully and a bit stiffly getting down, to sit across the body from her. He looked up, trying to catch her eyes--something he didn't do often unless it was in intimidation. "....Uh...He's--I mean--" He paused, trying to collect what he wanted to say. "He's not alive, is he?"

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Re: sixteen banners united over the fields (p)
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 12:52:22 PM »

She always knew this was going to happen one day. She'd had nightmares about something like this happening, it was hard not to in a world like this. However, mostly the nightmares were what happened to her parents would happen to him. After the Blackout, finding them dead, innocent victims of some savage war. She'd always pictured the death of her mentor to happen in a similar manner, the victim of some war between unknown factions. Probably because he was trying to get to someone injured. She'd witnessed enough wars akin to that, enough to where it was a logical enough fear.

However, the reality was worse. That reality being it turned out to be her fault. All of it. If she hadn't gotten in the way of the fight, he would be alive. If she had said the right thing to cool down the fight, he would be alive. If she was a better doctor than she was, she might have been able to salvage his life. So his blood, literally and figuratively, was on her hands. She had frozen when his breathing had stopped, moving her hands from the already soaked bandages she'd tried to use to stop the blood to the bullet wound. She'd done everything correctly, but there was no saving someone who was shot directly under the heart. Some logical part of her brain told her that.

She was lost in the haze of her thoughts for a moment, his final words to her echoing in head. You're the doctor now, Angela. She'd really only ever been an apprentice under him, not a full-fledged doctor. She never went to school for it, she never got a diploma. However, her training under him was the closest thing to professional training under the doctor and biotechnician was the closest she would come to such a thing. He deserved more of a legacy than just her. But she would have to do.

Angela didn't respond immediately to Johannes' words. In fact, it was probably a full minute before she registered that he'd actually spoken and it wasn't something in her head. Her blue eyes widened a bit, and she glanced up at the younger man who was now crouched in front of her. She hadn't even seen him move across from her, but there he was. "I-..." she faltered, glancing up at him but not quite not meeting his gaze. She cleared her throat.

"Yes, he is gone. He-..." Another pause. "...deserved better than this." Her blonde hair had partially fallen out of her usual ponytail, shielding about half of her face, until she brushed it away, a streak of blood on her forehead in it's place. Her hands were shaking.

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