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— Bad things happen to those who bleed.
and those who cannot, must simply move on.
Legends are born. albeit some are told through the mouth's of the elders. but here, it is said that the very first soul to inhabitant the realm of Elysium, was but one tiny, heart beat of a manifested creation. A woman dressed in alabaster tresses, a robe of sapphire blue, a book of spells in one hand whilst magic festered in the other. A wolf to her right, known to be her true face, as she was no ordinary being--rather a beautiful creature who was in fact, the first of her kind. She was the creator of life itself for Elysium, she and the other three gods bound together in order to construct a other new world for these new kind of species. Ones of which will be the foot note in history. Albeit, a portal lies just beyond their reach, in the depths of a hidden valley where only brave dare cross it's threshold lies a gateway to the human realm--put there to ensure that if Elysium were to fall, the Celtic werewolves would migrate to the mortal world to live out the rest of their days and thus continuing to thrive.

But with such peace and happiness, comes the infestation of darkness, creeping around each crack and crevasse of this new world. He is but one being, cursed by the power of Hades himself, sent to reign havoc upon the Four Gods and their beloved creations. His name was Fenrir, a hellish demon who claws at the lands of Elysium and threatens the very lives of the gods themselves. Albeit, darkness can only reign for some long and that evil was soon to be forgotten. The Four Gods band together, in hopes that combining their powers they could send the Fenrir hellhound back to where he belongs, but only his spirit locked away for all of eternity, inside of an elm tree that sits high above a mountain top--in the center of Elysium which thus separates the two species from one another.

This evil was drove from their lands, by the power of the Four Gods they made laws in order to protect the species from ever summoning the demon Fenrir again. Customs made by their will, in order to keep them safe from ever proposing war and awakening the evil that they worked so hard to trap.

But all great things must come to an end...

Goddess Chandra- she is the goddess of the moon and with her magic comes her healing factors. This deity is said to be the reason why werewolves came about, rumored that she was the first of their kind and it's why the moon is worshiped. Goddess of light and both lunar and solar attributes, she was the first of the deities to ever practice in the arts of magic and creating the two Celtic species.

God Bacchus- he is the second deity, god of nature, seasons, animals, time, and festivity. He is said to be watching over the land with his spiritual wolf as a guide to young travelers. Some even believe if you say his name three times, he will appear and grant you but one wish. He was the one who created life for the Celtic to thrive upon.

Goddess Okja- she is the third deity, goddess of the hunt and sight, also known for her role in love, beauty and fertility. She gifted these new species, mainly the women, with the power to carry offspring, thus extending the Celtic werewolf bloodline. She hand-crafted the animals of prey, blessed them with the hunters mark of "eagle eye"--which is an enhanced ability of sight for werewolves.

God Alcibiades- the fourth deity, he is the god of war, fire, weather and yet he is the god of justice, vengeance, law and order. He made each law and customs of what they are known as today. He is the god you seek when wishing to proceed with war, all matters of such are believed to be granted through him and only him. He controls storms--natural disasters, all done by him. He wields the element of fire.
plot // it's simple, the demon that the Four Gods vanquished has come back to prey upon the two species. The reason behind such chaos, is that, the Heda's Second of the Feonix pack, murders the Kalins wife--thus making an ultimate snowball affect to happen, rage and pain blisters, war is at their necks, and such cataclysm has awoken the Fenrir beast from his thousand year slumber. He's hungry, he big, and he's angry, he wants power--he wants youuuu. So when the threat comes and he's reborn again, npcs will be picked off one by one, everybody becomes frantic and alarmed of the missing people--so they either must band together or kill each other while fighting against an unknown enemy.

They may end up going through the portal to the human realm is things go out of hand and Elysium starts to die Bc Fenrir is sucking the life or of everything, and then they will be teleported to the human realm and must survive in a new world. It would be year 2020 on Earth, and I don't know where their location would be once they go to the human world, we can figure that out together.
The Ranks // key: open rank | closed rank | reserved rank

Feonix Government--
The Feonix, holding a dark aroma about them, are keen to law and order and because of this their government is strictly led by women. About half of the pack itself it ruled by females, considering that the very first werewolf to form this pack was a very powerful woman and for this the women are worshiped and the men rarely ever hold a high position.
Tier 1:
HEDA: The supreme ruler of the Feonix, the Queen if you'd like to call her that, she is brutal and ruthless, was the the previous Heda's apprentice, appointed after she died and with this position the Heda must be political inclined, with immaculate social skills and be an experienced warrior--higher than the rest. [female spot]
xxxxx- Tatiana Galatea
••• HEDA'S SECOND: A chosen woman by the Heda, they must go through many obstacles to gain this title, impressing their alpha and once you are chosen you will be caught the ways of the Heda. These girls must be 13-16 years old to be old enough to fight for this position. This girl is the one who killed the alpha Nirrith's wife. [female spot]
WANHEDA: Alongside the Heda, they lead everybody into war, based upon their strength in battle and are appointed this rank upon their skills in combat. They have just as much power as the Heda, but does not dare to step above their leader's reign. Wanheda respects the leader, as much as the Heda respects her.[female spot]
••• WANHEDA'S SECOND A chosen woman by the Wanheda, they must go through many obstacles to gain this title, impressing their alpha and once you are chosen you will be caught the ways of the Wanheda. These girls must be 13-16 years old to be old enough to fight for this position. [female spot]
xxxxx- Muse Timberland
HIGH PRIESTESS: The sworn doctor of the pack, undergoes surgeries, makes medicines, but also weds the loved and bury's the dead. At times she will be told to book a pairing, if one man is not man enough to go out and find a woman himself, she will be appointed to choose a wife for him. Feonix believe it is required to mate, so at times she must pair an unlikely two--even if it don't work out. [female spot]
xxxxx- Saori Rosewood
••• PRIESTESS'S APPRENTICES: A position where only three people chosen by the High Priestess to learn the ways of being a healer, one will be the utmost successor and when the Priestess passes, the one who showed the most efficiency and skills will be appointed as the next High Priestess--leaving the remaining two to further their training. [3 spots, either gender]
SERAPHIC: This one chosen man out of the rest in the kingdom, holds a title sacred to the Feonix. He is said to be connected to the Gods and Goddesses, being their folklore in all things supernatural and at times when an omen is thrown his way either truth dreams or visions--he is too go to both the Heda and Wanheda; informing them of what the Four Gods showed him. [male spot]
xxxxx- Rowan Osborn
REX'S: They serve both Heda and Wanheda, but in times of battle they are ordered by their Wanheda--being the Head Warriors of the pack this rank is only for the most strong and cruel werewolves.
[2 female, 2 male - limited spots]
Tier 2:
JUGGERNAUTS: The lower ranked warriors who are led by the head warriors into battle, they also act as authority when it comes to enforcing their Creed. this title is held by the bold and brave loyal members. [unlimited, either gender but mainly women get this position]
Tier 3:
BLADEDANCERS: These members are skilled in weaponry, but only swords which is why they are called Bladedancers. They wield the power of the blade and because of this close contact assault in battle is what they excel in. When a member of society reaches the age of 16 and have show great excellence in swords they will be ranked as so but only going through the Bladedancers ritual before being granted access to this rank by the Heda. [unlimited, either gender]
xxxxx-Icelyn Regendorf
GUNSLINGERS: As the rank suggests, these people are masters of guns, a chosen path that a person takes at the age of 16 when they show great strength behind a loaded weapon. They excel in close or ranged contact with an enemy, it doesn't matter. Upon applying for this position they must go through a ritual similar to the Bladedancers, also being granted this rank by the Heda once the ritual is made. [unlimited, either gender]
xxxxx-Oasiris Vexpliyn
NIGHTSTALKERS: These members are better off with a bow in their hand and the shadows at their backs. They live and breathe all things of the hunt, using the darkness as a friend and they must be 16 years of age to access this rank. They are skilled at ranged attacks, never hand-to-hand. Nightstalkers must also go through a ritual before being granted this title by the Heda. [unlimited, either gender]
BLACKSMITHS: They forge weapons, armor, tools, etc. Everything used within the kingdom is usually forged by the blacksmiths. Members learn these ways at the age of at least 13 and once they have proven their worth they must forge something for the Heda in order to be fully pledged as a Blacksmith. [unlimited, either gender]

Nirrith Government--
They are of better nature, rather than the Feonixians. They hold a tight system, but are more liquid when it comes to laws. They love festivals, much more than their rivals. And rituals for ranks are vital, this is a kind of muse for these species.
Tier 1:
THE KALIN: This is the head of the pack, but they are not to be considered a tyrant by any means. The Kalin serves as not only a leader, but as a peace maker in the pack. They perform all duties that need to be filled and ensure that the pack prospers. They can promote and demote members and hold most of the pack meetings. Although after the dead of his mate, he has become a little dark and cruel. [1 spot, male]
xxxxx- Jamison Monty
THE KALIQ: This is the secondary alpha position. They have the same responsibilities as the primary alpha and are also expected to be treated the same way. Both alphas are there to ensure the safety, well being, and overall happiness of the pack and to ensure its survival. While both are leaders when they need to be, they desire no excessive displays of submission and value equality. They do not have to be mates and this rank can be challenged for, but the Kalin has overall say as to whom deserves this rank. [1 spot, male]
xxxxx- Finrayes
ILIFF: This is the heir to the pack should one be appointed. It can be one of the Kalin's children, a close friend, or even a trusted adviser. This rank is chosen with great care as they are expected to uphold the Nirrithians way of life. They may trail after the Kalin and learn, but they have the same limited powers of the Fola. This rank can be challenged for, but the Kalin has overall say as to whom deserves this rank. [1 spot, either gender]
xxxxx- Absinthe Atropine
Tier 2:
FOLA: This is an honorary rank for those who have risen above and beyond the expectations of the rest of the pack. They've either done some honorary deed to gain the Kalin's favor or exceeded themselves in some sort of fashion. While they have no real pull of dominance, they are to be respected. They are allowed to bring potential new members past the borders but they must still be approved by an alpha to ensure that they are the right fit for the pack. This cannot be challenged for. [1 spot, either gender]
xxxxx- Arthur Drakon
Tier 3:
ARSENIO: Fighters, defenders, and scouts. Each member with a more aggressive duty fits under this category. Each are charged with guarding the border, acting as a warrior in battle, training among one another, and scouting out past the territory for resources and other material items that may come in handy for the kingdom itself. [unlimited, either gender]
xxxxx- Elijah Trueblood
NOVA: All healers of the pack as well as diplomats and emissaries. Their skills may vary but each is important in his or her own way. Healers are expected to share their knowledge with each other and the more level-headed wolves take on the duty of seeking out other packs for trades, peaceful talks, and information about the world. [unlimited, either gender]
THERON: Trackers and hunters - these werewolves are very skilled with their noses, but not only for following prey. Should a prey of interest catch Nirrith's attention these people are expected to hunt them down and lead the pack to them. They are also expected to help keep the pack fed, though this is also made up of a joint effort by the rest of the ranks as well when it is needed. [unlimited, either gender]
xxxxx- Hyeok

LEVADA: Anyone who have the calling of creativity in their mind fall into this category. Whether a person is a crafter, a trader, a teacher, enjoy navigation, stargazing, or take pride in finding shiny things, this is the rank they fall under. Their duty is to go out and bring in new ideas, create things, teach others, and overall find new and unique ways to help better the pack. [unlimited, either gender]
rules //
1. If you join, please be active, I do not want you to kiss or diss this thread. I put way too much time and effort into creating this world for you all to enjoy.
2. Please do not have your characters knowing what the portal to the human world is, I plan on that be a major plot somewhere down the lies, so please no one is too know about the portal.
3. Read everything THOROUGHLY! If you do not then likely your character will be declined if you don't know what the hell this rp is about and you don't interpret it within your biography.
4. This is my thread so if I ever see anyone trying to make this and claim it as their own I will personally have to report. I'm sorry, just don't do it.
5. Yes the Fenrir beast will be unleashed from his prison, but only when the two packs set out to war in the near beginning of the roleplay. So, once he is awakened, I will be the roleplayer for this evil demonic creature.
6. Please make your characters unique, they don't have to be extremely long and descriptive, neither do your posts but this is semi-advanced/literate. So a paragraph that is well detailed, is okay with me because I understand low muse lol.
7. Please chose your class and skills wisely, be sure to note that every character will start off as a beginner in the skill sets they choose so be sure to read through both the classes and skills as thoroughly as you can to get a good understanding.
8. Please keep the genders even, I will ban females from being made if I notice that the population is over run by females, yes I know the Feonix is a woman-ruled empire but males do thrive in that pack as well so please make males in the Feonix not all just females!
9. I will not start the roleplay until most of the higher ranks are taken, you can have as many characters as you want but don't be that one person who makes a shit ton and only plays like 1 out of 6. If you can't handle a lot, then just make one or two.
10. I think this is the last rule and I'm done; be sure to use a faceclaim. Not no frequently used faceclaim such as Barbara Palvin, Gigi Hadid, Nina Dobrev, or any other FCs that are used quite often. Get creative, these characters need to look as if they live in the Dark Age lol (until they go to the human world that is)
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Celtic Werewolves
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Summer : Winter : Fall : Spring : Autumn

thes code
Elysium awaits. She opens her arms wide - one last time - to embrace the world's fallen. The outcast and downtrodden; the heroic and royal; the cunning and cruel; the dreaming or heartbroken. They all come to her eventually. But do any of them truly know why they've come? There's something in the air of the place that clouds the mind and alters the sight. For those who come to Elysium, the world will never be the same.

This is a tale of two rival packs, who once lived in peace among one another--but were ultimately doomed when alpha female of the Nirrith's was murdered by one the Feonix's second, who was next in line for the throne. After this sudden tragedy, the two species were at odds and war was quick to fester. With the emotions of both rage and pain, mashed together, it awoken the Fenrir from his long ten thousand year slumber. He consumes the elk tree that he's trapped in, regains his soul and thus darkness falls over the hills of Elysium. The Celtic werewolves live in a world manifested by their Gods, whom they worship and as evil is knocking at their doorsteps they must either fight or cross into the human realm--where hopefully they'll rid themselves from the darkness forever.. Or maybe, even bring it with them. Who knows what the future holds. All they can do now is try to call a truce with each other, or be at war with one another while fighting against an unknown enemy. It's all in fate's hands now.

Political- Like politics everywhere, corruption can be rampant, and influence, power, connections and money have a great deal of say in the process of deciding who the next Heda or Wanheda will rule. Scandel and corruption can also bring discrace and dis-honour which can lead to the fall of a leader as well, and scheming and back-stabbing is commonplace on Feonix as in all societies. Like many of the ancient civilations of earth in real life, the highly honourable and noble traditions and ideals of the culture hide a political reality that is often less than pristine. Some of the Feonixians aren't political, but in order to be Heda or Wanheda they must value politics and know how to handle such democracies. Men are never really allowed to attend meetings or even have any day in politics although the Seraphic is allowed to some of the bidding but the women have a higher say in all things commercially political.
Creed- As the God of War, justice, law and order--Alcibiades was the one who created such a diverse system of laws for the Feonix, ones that must be followed at all costs.

Spoiler:  laws listed here; open • show
Loyalty is expected to be given to the Heda and Wanheda and the pack as a whole first and foremost. Outsiders and those who do not reside within Feonix are not a priority. You are expected to work hard, putting all your efforts into your duties and devoting yourself to your home -- your family -- though not everyone is related by blood, those who reside here will be considered as family. Protect each other like you would true blood.

Trust is a key part within the pack and without it, you will not go far. The Heda takes trust very seriously, and those who break it will find themselves facing the ultimate consequences. The Heda expects members to get along and work together, regardless of your misgivings or feelings towards other members. Should there be any disputes, then members are expected to work them out. Refusal to do so will get the Heda involved, and it won't be pretty.

Respect is not something that is given freely, and the Heda understands that. However, while you are not required to respect lower tiers, you are expected to respect those above you and those equal to you, regardless of who they are. If you willingly choose to act like a jerk and a punk, however, then don't expect to be respected. If you want to be respected, then treat others how you'd want to be treated. Simple. Although, in this matriarchy, women are respected ten fold rather than the males within the pack--considering men in this empire are never the boss.

To attain a higher rank requires hard work and effort in the necessary skills as well as within the pack. Promotions will not be given to those who do nothing, and the Heda and Wanheda know who does what around the pack. When you feel you are ready to challenge for a rank, speak with the Tier 1's or Tier 2's, and they will determine whether or not you are allowed to challenge. Keep in mind, if your activity is low within the pack, you will not be granted the position regardless of your winnings. Lack of effort and duty will result in demotions with or without warning.

Activity within the pack is your key to success. The Heda and Wanheda are more likely to grant your challenges for higher ranks and possibly even grant special privileges. However, if your activity is low to none they will not, and may even completely deny your challenges and demote you until you prove that you truly want the position. Those who sit around on their backsides and do nothing, will be demoted as a blacksmith (a rank that holds very low priority within this empire) and will remain there until they work their way back up, or leave.

When it comes to love, the Heda and Wanheda do not care who you choose to fall in love with. However, keep in mind that mating with werewolves from other packs is not allowed anymore after the tragedy. Any pups that are the result of a Feonix wolf, and a loner or pack wolf will belong to Feonix. Should the other parent want to be a part of raising the pups, then they must join Feonix. In the event of a Feonix werewolf, and one from the other pack end up in pups, then the Heda will get involved and potential punishment issued for breaking the rules. Albeit, love isn't just given, needless to say, the high priestess will either take it upon themselves to pair a couple by skill set and worth since it is vital to have a mate once you are the age of 21.

Not everyone may get along, and those who have gotten on each others nerves may settle their disputes however they wish. Simply inform a Tier 2 or higher member to oversee the fight. Keep in mind they will not be allowed to interfere in any way without good reason. So if you deserved that broken leg, then tough nuts. There are restrictions, however.l, unless the two have implied that minor, serious or near-death injuries are allowed.

Trespassers are to be attacked on sight, unless permission has been given by the Alpha(s). Trespassers or those who show up at the borders and act with hostility are to be force claimed as a prisoners. Feonix is not a pack of snowflakes, and will not tolerate such behavior from outsiders and those who choose to disrespect them. They have teeth, sharp and dangerous ones, and these werewolves know how to use them.

Allies or outsiders wishing to see the Alpha(s) must stop at the borders, else they risk being attacked. Feonix safety and privacy comes first and foremost, and outsiders who trespass may be seen as threats. Failure to stop at the borders will result in consequences regardless of who you are. This coincides with the rule above. Only those with permission to cross the borders are allowed to do so. All others are subject to a variety of things. Don't do it.

Religion- According to Myth and ancient tradition, Elysium was born from the womb of the Mother, Chandra, and her breath, the living magic, gave it life. In these sacred creation myths, most so old that they have been passed down orally from a time before written word, the Feonix people came to be when Goddess Chandra created a heart-beat of a soul within her very hands and thus breathing life into the petite body and with the help of the other three gods they all joined together to further construct them. It is said that the God Bacchus shed tears one night and these tears became developed rivers that flow to a great lake that circled around the great oak tree in the center of the world where it is said that the evil Fenrir is trapped for all of eternity inside the confines of the tree itself and the river is to act as a force field in keeping him there forever.  Each member offered worship to their mother in their own way, one through shrines of fire, another by offerings set upon the waters, a different by great stone monuments, yet another by music that drifted upon the air, and the last by devotion to prayers said only in the spirit. Each of these members were cherished and nurtured by the Mother, and Feonix was like a paradise where the power of life and the living mingled in a dance of elements. This was before the taint of the murder of the Nirrithians wife. When the death of ones beloveded, the once allied packs were at each other's throats, and their dance began to change--evolving into a more heinous and demonic theme. In time the two packs began a war and argue, and the delicate dance of life was disrupted by the and corrupted by rage and torment, and death entered the lands of Elysium.

Spoiler: festivals here; open • show
*Summer Solstice Festival* Each year, at the Summer Solstice, Feonix will hold a Festival, open to Allies and Loners alike, to share in the celebration of life and the longest day of the year, with a hunt, spars, games, healers meetings, and gatherings for young pups to get to know one another and make friends. Held at a Neutral location in the West, feel free to join in, but leave any hostilities at the door for this peaceful gathering. But this festival is now restricted for the Nirriths after the murder.
*When Two Become One* When love blossoms, those wishing to become mates have the option to be married, or ‘Bonded’ by the High Priestess at a wedding. All that are invited may bring gifts, whether it be a pretty necklace, or a juicy duck, or even a forged weapon, but are expected to attend the happy occasion to give their congratulations to the happy couple; and as a gift from the High Priestess, the newly mated pair may leave for a week on a honeymoon for quality time with just the two of them before returning to the daily life in Feonix.
*Remember Those That Are Gone* Deaths in the pack will be given a proper send-off, whether it be a burial, or some other means of seeing the deceased into the afterlife, but the pack is expected to attend the funeral to pay their respects to the fallen, a ritual of a burial is customed to wear all black

--- > SOCIETY:
The Feonix society is ancient and deeply rooted in myths and traditions older than any can recall. Like many cultures in real life, their spirituality and mythology have greatly shaped and influenced the peoples social structure and life. The worship of the Great Mother Goddess, Chandra is as old as the people themselves and the realm of Elysium, while somewhat outside the social system, has also played a deep role in it's development over the millenia. Once a egalitarian culture, the influence of the gods and goddesses and other groups that have brought outside ways and made lasting impressions on the people of Feonix have created a tier system that has become very engrained over the last few millenia. The power of the influencial classes of the upper tiers have changed much on the surface of Feonix's society, while the deeper currents of ancient tradition and custom still run beneath. They are a people in transition, an example of cultural clashes that meld and merge slowly to make something that is both old and new. Despite the often harsh life that they lead, the Feonix people do not resent their traditions or their duty in most part, though many may be saddened by it. They are proud people, even in the face of such things and fulfill their duty proudly and in quiet peace and acceptance.
--- > ECONOMY:
Women have the power of disposition over goods and pack houses, and especially over the sources of nourishment: fields, flocks and food. All the goods are put in the hands of the Heda or Wanheda, the matriarchies, and they, brutal leaders of all the Feonix members, distributes them equally among their "family" and of course blood-relatives. These two superior women are responsible for the sustenance and protection of all pack members.
Spoiler: info on trade; open • show
••• EXPORTS- The Feonix people export goods such as weapons, some tribe-like clothing attires, meats (of all kinds), fruits, horses for they are known to breed gorgeous hoofed beasts, alcohol (not including wine), and herbs that are rare and only found in the Feonix territory down by the crocodile infested swamps.
••• IMPORTS- Vegetables, meats as well, fancy clothing attire, cattles of all kinds (not horses for the Nirriths do not have the ability or skill sets to breed such beasts), scripts, jewelry, wine, and sugar.
••• DIET- Mainly carnivores, rarely ever feast on vegetables but will have a few here and there as a side dish to their greater meats. Raw or cooked, they give no fucks, so long as they feed themselves with at least a pound of meat a day. They often eat fruits as well, seeing as though fruits are harvested in the woodland terrains of their territory.
••• DESSERTS- As for deserts they have found that natural berries, crushed with rocks and goat milk mixed together make an amazingly delicious dessert for the Feonix. A fruit cocktail is also a very-equally delicious dessert that is enjoyed during festivals and marriage ceremonies.

--- > TERRAIN:
Harbored among a santuary shrouded in woodland embassy's, they live beneath the pines and the rustling thickets, creating a safe haven for their kind within the confines of an abandoned mortal palace. They lay their roots behind closed doors, securely protected by a barriering wall that keeps the Feonix Empire at bay from any territorial wars with the Nirrithians. They keep hidden under a jungle frontier, where the Only thing they see for miles is a stretch of land filled with wallowing vines of hollow hanging trees and swampy moorlands with luscious grass to match. Inside the walls of this Empire, a dark and mysterious enclosure leaves the shifters that thrive here, left behind bars - reasonings for this so called "pit" is to keep those whom fall out of line, be shoved back in line. They are punished without food or water for a certain amount of days, lying in this pit to basically rot until the leader deems they are fit for trial.
Political- The Nirrithians are both a brotherhood and a sisterhood of people who firmly believe in the sacred four god scriptures. They are bound by oath to uphold these laws that the great god Alcibiades, and take pride in their code of honor gifted to them by said God. Guided by these laws and conducts their politicos sin either war or peace never stray from what their creed is bound by, they strive to maintain balance within the lands of Elysium. They are true neutral parties, acknowledging the fact that there can be no light without the dark; a yin for every yang. While they consider themselves light natured and for good cause, they would not abandon darker packs to risk upsetting the balance of growth and decay. They aren't politically inclined like the Feonix, what they do have their tiffs where the leaders will conduct a meeting with the rival pack to discuss war, disputes, trade, peace, and of course imports and exports as they aim to make some type of deal with the Feonix at political events/meetings.
Creed- These laws of the Nirriths were created by one God, Alcibiades, and with these laws comes grave punishment if one were to break them.

Spoiler: laws listed here; open • show
Everyone is equal. While there are leaders to keep some discipline and order in the empire, they'd rather view themselves as a close knit family. Everyone is expected to work together like one and respect each other as an immediate family member.

Pull your own weight. Upon the day of your 13th birthday you are given one ooc week to choose a rank for your character. If one is not chosen you will be placed where the Kalin needs you or you risk being removed from the pack. If you fail or refuse to perform your duties, consequences will be dished out. Further failure to actively contribute to the family will result in you being sent away from the pack lands.

You only have one life. So live it while you can. The Kalin encourages you to explore, learn new things, and overall enjoy yourself once you've tended to your duties to the pack. The one thing the pack values the most is freedom and is there to help you to enjoy it.

Don't put your foot in your mouth. Don't go causing trouble where trouble isn't due. Having disputes with fellow pack mates and outsiders is natural, but should you begin to cause too much trouble for the pack as a whole you will have to own up to it. If you can't take it then don't dish it out. Each member is expected to live up to the consequences of their actions whether they be good or bad.

The woes of love. The Kalin has little care who you take as a mate or whom you have kids with. Whether they be from another pack or a loner, you are allowed to make your own decisions. Any resulting litters will be encouraged to be brought to Nirrith if they aren't born in the pack, though this is not necessary. Should conflict arise from the other pack then any disputes will be handled peacefully and the Kalin will intervene if necessary. But after the Feonix's second murdered the Kalins wife, there has been a banishment of outside pack litters. The only liters and mates that are acceptable now are to be within the Nirrith members. If you are caught mating and having offspring with the rival pack you will be arrested and until the Kalin or Kaliq decides what to do with you, you will be given the old shoulder and you will be shunned.

Defend and protect. While there aren't many laws in Nirrith it is expected that any werewolf wishing to join or seek safe haven wait at the borders until they can be addressed. Nirrith is not responsible for any injuries or deaths related to crossing over the border so you've been warned.

Religion- Nirrithians believe in something called, 'Roman Catholicism', an ancient historic trade mark passed down from the very first Nirriithian to the very last. They assemble themselves in a modern yet Ancient Greek manner, rather than live in a world evolved around an Empire built from the governing bodies of Gods and Goddesses, they stray from the mythology of Zeus and Hades - more on the traditional political side of the fence. They do have a very strong belief in one God, and his name is Alcibiades who is the God of Justice and Order. The Nirrith religions are pretty complex, completely formatted to fit the description and perception of what these werewolves uphold. They do little in their religion that revolves around violence and war, instead they'd rather keep to themselves and carry a mighty staff about their imperial embodiment's before attending to such cold acts of bloodshed. They live by a code of honor, testaments, such as faith, heresy, revelation, magisterium. Breaking religions of Nirrith is a offensive display of disloyalty to your people, some say it's even the devil's work - but those are just rumors. Although many do not have to practice such these religions, as others who arrive as loners and join the ranks have their own beliefs, Nirrithians do not dishonor those who do not share ties with Nirrith's religions.
Customs- These festiviald are very important to the Nirrithians, they take major pride in setting up for these events and if one were to vandalize the decorations and/or booths they will be arrested, where they will be presented to the alpha and he will then decide what your punishment will be.

Spoiler: festivals here; open • show
Spring Fever Festival •• Obviously this special festival takes place during the Spring! Spring is a time of training, or becoming prepared and ready for the months of work ahead. This festival will focus it's attention on sparring, herb collecting, and treating the wounds of the fighters after their spars. This is a peaceful time despite the spars so no maims, claims, or challenges will be permitted within the festival.
Firefly Festival •• Celebrated in Summer the Firefly Festival takes place in order to recognize couples and love. There will be a poetry contest held during the day of the festival and the winners of the contest will be crowned Mr. and Mrs. Inimă (she was said to be the Goddess of love, who would wed couples). When night falls it will be customary for couples or groups of friends to gather on a hilltop in Nirrith territory to watch the fireflies together. There will be a prize for whomever wins the poetry contest donated by the alpha in the form of a small accessory!
Harvest Festival •• Celebrated in Autumn the Harvest Festival takes place to give thanks to the natural bounties of the earth. Nirrith celebrates with a large feast of different prey and games. Before the feast the Fola says a prayer for all those who gather and give them well wishes for the coming seasons. To provide for the festivities a series of group hunts will take place.
Yuletide Festival •• Celebrated in Winter is the Yuletide Festival! People gather to share stories of times past, tall tales, and enjoy the company of one another. There will be a prize for the story everyone votes as their favorite provided by the alpha  in the form of a large accessory!
Marriage Ceremonies •• Love is a very, very special thing in Nirrith and it is the alphas belief that all unions be recognized. He will hold either a small gathering (everyone can join) or private gathering (only for the ones who are in love and their families) to attend the ceremony. He will preside over the marriage and once all is said and done you will be looked upon as true lovers. With this the alpha will gift you a colorful wedding wristlet, who that will recognize a bonded pair upon the empire.

--- > SOCIETY:
Nirrith is a pack that stands for love, loyalty, trust, justice, honor, and being who you are. The people in this society reflect these elements. This society is created in the image of a utopia, a place where each member can specialize in their own skills and not be forced to cross train if they do not wish. It is a place for fun, where sharing bonds is important. But while Nirrith seems to be a relatively peaceful pack it will not turn a blind eye to those who are in need. The pack will work together to carve wickedness away from it’s friends and family. Together you are strong; together you are one; together you ARE Nirrith.
--- > ECONOMY:
The Nirrith economy was largely agrarian, centered on the trading of commodities such as grain and wine. Financial markets were established through such trade, and financial institutions which extended credit for personal use and public infrastructure, were established primarily through inter-family wealth. In times of agricultural and cash shortfall, the Kalin or Kaliq tended to respond by coining money; in hopes that this will rebuild their economy and stop poverty in the lower ranks, it was a success but now with the alphas wife dead and gone the economy has slowly been falling in the crisis and tragic fall of a beloved queen whom was cherished and loved with the heart of the pack itself.
Spoiler: info on trade • show
••• EXPORTS- Vegetables, meats as well, fancy clothing attire, cattles of all kinds (not horses for the Nirriths do not have the ability or skill sets to breed such beasts), scripts, jewelry, wine, and sugar.
••• IMPORTS- The Feonix people export goods to Nirrithians such as weapons, some tribe-like clothing attires, meats (of all kinds), fruits, horses for they are known to breed gorgeous hoofed beasts, alcohol (not including wine), and herbs that are rare and only found in the Feonix territory down by the crocodile infested swamps.
••• DIET- Mainly the Nirrithians consume vegetables with little mess on the side, they believe it is for the good of your health to eat plenty of whole grains and veggies, including fruits imported by the Feonix.
••• DESSERTS- They love pudding made from either fruits or sugary mixtures that are harvested in their fields. They can make delicious small pastrys, and some even go as far as making their own smoothies from vegetables or fruits. They also love a sweet wine conjured from the very fruits imported by the Feonixians.

--- > TERRAIN:
A lost city, forged from the bones of those who swore their loyalty to the almighty and respectable Kalin. These Nirrithians lay refuge in an underground tunnel, where they built from the roots of their civilization - a sandy, desert landscape where only the strong survive. The sun beats down on the shrouds of ones soul here, it's blistering heat can only be successfully subdued - unless you are a foreigner. At times it rains, said that the God Alcibiades who is also God of weather and storms, gives the crops life which helps them grow when harvesting can be managed. They may thrive in a stone-aged desert territory, grassy moorlands are also common in the south perimeter of their home land, where the prey roam and fill their bellies. Not like the Feonix turf where large marshes of swaps and grass lay, no, they're land is rather dry especially during the summer making t hard for crops to grow and export their goods. But the terrain is as beautiful as the night skies have gorgeous northern lights that dance across the sky over their territory--thus the Nirriths see such signs as a good omen.
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Skills + Classes
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Note:please only one class per character.

Warrior - tank, melee damage dealer
for as long as the war has raged, these celtic werewolves have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreck havoc in glorious combat.
-- heda, wanheda, juggernauts, rex's, bladedancers, gunslingers, blacksmiths, kalin, kaliq, fola, and arsenio's are accepted to be warriors.

Paladin - tank, healer, melee damage dealer
this is the call of the paladin: to protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world.
-- heda, wanheda, heda's second, wanheda's second, high priestess, priestess's apprentices's, seraphic, juggernauts, charger, kalin, kaliq, iliff, fola, arsenio, and nova's are accepted to be paladins.

Hunter - ranged physical damage dealer
from an early age the call of the wild draws some adventurers from the comfort of their homes, into the unforgiving primal world outside. those who endure become hunters.
-- seraphic, nightstalkrs, blacksmiths, iliff, fola, theron, and levada's are accepted rank to be hunters.

Rogue - melee damage dealer
for rogues, the only code is the contrast, and their honor is purchased in gold. free from the constraints of a conscience, these mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics.
-- heda's second, wanheda's second, juggernauts, bladedancers, gunslingers, nightstalkers, blacksmiths, kaliq, iliff, fola, and theron's are accepted to be rogues.

Priest - healer
priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. for millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands.
-- high priestess, priestess's apprentice's, seraphic, kalin, iliff's and nova's are accepted to be priests.

- Each character can have two skills. They are entirely optional.
- A large feature of skills is the prestige of being more skilled in a particular field. Certain higher-ranked characters of a particular skill might be seen as more valuable within their empires than a lower-ranked character.
- Skills can be leveled up by earning skill points. As you earn skill points, you will also move up in ranking! Skill points are managed by me, I will PM how many skill points your character has earned comparing and judging by the post you made for their said skill.
••• For example, you might see this on someone's biography: Beginner Fighter (5), meaning they are of the beginner rank and have 5 skill points. You also might see: Expert Fighter (211) meaning they are in the expert ranking, and have 211 skill points.
- Skills can be changed at any time by posting a request in in the discussion thread but all points gained in that skill will be lost, and cannot be re-claimed if you choose to return to that skill.
- Make sure you choose a skill that fits your character, as they will have to do things related to their skill to level them up. If you want Bob to be skilled in fighting, you may have to participate in a large amount of fight training and spars to get this skill fully leveled. This will probably not be enjoyable if the character doesn't like to fight.
- Each skill opens up something new to be done on this particular rp realm -- some of these are a work in progress and are not going to be released right away. Fully leveling a skill will provide a small bonus to characters, as a reward for their hard work! depending on what their leader grants them.
- All posts within the thread being claimed for skill points must have 4+ rounds and has to have a title for the skill post, with a post by each character in each round, for all those involved - unless otherwise specified. (i.e. Prescribing herbs for a patient requires 4 posts from both the one doing the prescribing, as well as the patient.) As for things such as land exploration, studying the stars, etc., a significant portion of these posts ought to be devoted to that specific skill.
••• EXAMPLE: If someone explores land X, but never makes note of their surroundings, are they really exploring? If someone grabs a flower off the ground, but makes no note of what it is used for, or how to collect it properly, are they really healing? The post must place a very large emphasis on the particular skill being done.
Note: Also, all character should start out at beginners, at leave 5 skill points for lower classes, 10 points for middle classes, and 14 points to higher classes.

Beginner 0 - 14 points
Novice 15 - 29 points
Intermediate 30 - 59
Advanced 60 - 119
Expert 120 - 239
Master 240 points

Spoiler:  the code for skills • show
Points claiming:
For what?:
Proof: direct link to post within thread here.

Spoiler: FIGHTING POINTS ••• • show
Note: Defaulting a fight will give a penalty (loss) of 5 fighting skill points.

5 points
- Participated in a non-judged spar with a clear outcome
- Gave a fight lesson (not including a spar) to another werewolf.
- Got a fighting lesson (not including a spar) from another werewolf.

10 points
- Participated in any judged fight (without winning)
- Won a judged fight by default
- Crafted an item related to battle (example: weapons, armor, etc) note: can be used in judged fights.

15 points
- Won a judged fight against someone of equal or lower Fighting rank.

20 points
- Won a judged fight against someone of higher Fighting rank.
- Won a judged melee fight (vs 2+ opponents)
- Participated in a siege and was on the losing side
- Participated in a raid (doesn't count if the other side defaults).

25 points
- Participated in a siege and was on the winning side.

50 points
- Won a judged deathmatch.

Spoiler: HUNTING POINTS ••• • show
5 points
- Participated in a hunt training post (2+ participants, 3+ rounds each)
- Tracked and killed any small animal, including fish (3+ rounds for the character hunting, with a clearly defined kill)

10 points
- Tracked and killed any medium prey animal (2+ participants, 3+ rounds each with a clearly defined kill)
- Crafted an item related to hunting (example: tanned hides, snares, etc. 4+ rounds)

20 points
- Tracked and killed any large prey animal (4+ participants, 3+ rounds each with a clearly defined kill)
- Completed first solo hunt of any small prey animal (800+ word post with a werewolf 16 years or older)

50 points
- Hunted and killed 20 different prey animals effectively

Spoiler: HEALING POINTS ••• • show
5 points
- Collected an herb
- Mixed a concoction of herbs

10 points
- Received a healing lesson from another character
- Gave another character a healing lesson
- Healed any wound or ailment
- Prescribed herbs to a patient
- Crafted an item related to healing (example: ointments, tisanes, bandages, etc)

15 points
- Aided in a birth (birth must be fully completed)
- Participated in healing training, 3+ werewolves (participate in 4+ rounds)

Spoiler: NAVIGATION POINTS ••• • show
5 points
- Explored a new land
- Studied the stars
- Studied weather patterns

10 points
- Gave or received a lesson in astronomy, weather, or difficult terrain
- Found water (or other resource not related to healing or hunting) during a successful raid
- Crafted an item related to navigation (example: compass, sunstone, dowsing rod, etc)

15 points
- Participated in a weather-related random event
- Home Turf (have more than 10 posts in one particular land in Elysium)

30 points
- Visited every island in Elysium

50 points
- Visited every land in the Northern Isles
- Visited every land in Eastern Isles
- Visited every land in Southern Isles
- Visited every land in Western Isles

Spoiler: INTELLECT POINTS ••• • show
5 points
- Met someone new
- Made a trade as a traveler
- Gave or received advice about a social issue
- Taught a lesson not related to other skills (ex - history, etiquette, language, religion)
- Was taught a lesson not related to other skills (ex - history, etiquette, language, religion)

10 points
- Advised an alpha on a major pack issue
- Performed a ceremony
- Performed a Religious act
- Crafted an item not related to any other skill (example: necklace, decorative pottery, etc)

15 points
- Negotiated a truce between rival pack
- Negotiated a trade between rival pack
- Negotiated an alliance between rival pack

30 points
- Organized a festival (5+ participants)
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track!! if i have some free time, i'll really consider joining. this roleplay looks amazing <33!
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Update: by this time, the rp is ready to go, although if anyone who has tracked and is honestly interested, please let me know.
Only thing to get this thing going now is a few Nirrith members.

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