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MISS JACKSON — gallery v.3
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:25:23 PM »

    hey everyone this is like,, my third gallery
    listen i know i made a new one literally a month ago but i needed a chANGE okay let me live. most of the characters i put here will either be my most museful or my newest, or just the ones i'm not too lazy to add hah
    anyways just track after i say it's a-ok, pls don't track before then
    and feel free to hmu or pm me if you're interested in plotting with any of these kids!! i'll probably say yes, don't be afraid to ask :")

    table of contents
    • post one: luka alexander
    • post two: nixon romano
    • post three: andy delgado
    • post four: georgia chase
    • post five: simba ellis
    • post six: samuel kingston
    • post seven: zohair hashmi
    • post eight: reiji yamashita
    • post twenty-four: nico drake
    • post thirty-one: isaac sánchez
    • post thirty-four: isabella sánchez
    • post forty-one: rosario harper
    • post forty-eight: lilo kalawai'a
    • post fifty-two: charlie gonzalez

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    [b]name[/b] - [i]lyrics[/i]

    - parents + siblings
    - hometown and birthplace/dob
    - age range
    - disorders and disabilities
    - sexuality

    - personality

    - history

    - headcanons
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
    « Reply #1 on: July 16, 2017, 10:49:52 PM »

    luka terrence alexander - oh, mr. sandman, please don't come around, i don't wanna sleep 'till i'm six feet underground

    - born to emma and liam alexander
    - born in cape town, south africa, resides in baltimore, maryland
    - 17-29
    - born on december 25
    - diagnosed with depression and panic disorder
    - asexual demiromantic

    - withdrawn, introverted, reckless, jumpy, anxious, fidgety, loud, excitable, patient, mischievous, humourous, dirty minded, talkative, generally kind of sad, easy to talk to, friendly, really only outwardly shows his positive emotions and hides the rest, childish at times, depressed, protective, restless, determined, caring, adventurous, curious, clever, intelligent, creative, moral, resourceful, loyal, doesn't get attached to people very easily, innovative, bold, considerate, rebellious, stubborn, perfectionist, idealist, escapist, dependable, responsible, realistic, aggressive, lonely a lot of the time

    - luka was born in cape town, and he lived there in a quiet area of town with his parents until shortly after his fifth birthday, when he moved to baltimore.
    - he was never really happy about moving. he had lived in south africa for what had seemed like such a long time, and he wasn't ready for the move in the slightest bit.
    - his dad had a cushy job when they got to america, which had been the entire reason they had moved. it took only about a year for him to lose his job and was unemployed for a while, leaving his mom to bring in all the money.
    - his mom, being a doctor, was on shift almost all of the time. she was only really at home while luka was at school, so the most he got to see her was about two hours a day (three on a good day). this left a lot of time for him to be at home with his dad.
    - surprise, surprise, this is another bad dad story. his dad drew into a state of almost depression, but he didn't react very well to it. he spent a long time moping and sulking around the house, secluded in his office with nothing but liquor in his hand and time to waste. luka hadn't realized it at the time, but his father had completely neglected him, as he had had to do all of the chores and take care of himself all alone without any parental help.
    - trigger warning: it wasn't too long before his dad started hitting him. he would throw his empty liquor bottles at him and sometimes even put his hands on him. aside from that, he also emotionally abused luka, which was evidently traumatizing for him, being so young. he never told his mom, as his father had told him not to or else he would hurt him even more. he became a pro at using makeup to hide his bruises at the age of five. he was manipulated, as his father still did all those things to him even though he had promised he wouldn't as long as he didn't tell his mom.
    - he met his best friend maxwell when he was six years old. he was a bit of a rock for him; his happiness when times were getting rough. he hadn't told max about his dad until later on, but it was still comforting to forget about everything going on and just hang out with his best friend and be a kid again. he would never be able to tell you how much he appreciated max for that.
    - he finally got the guts to tell his mom about it when he was ten. she had been a bit hasty to believe him at first (read: she didn't want to believe him), so she set up some nanny cams. once she saw the footage, she called the police and filed for divorce papers immediately.
    - his dad was sent to jail and his mother started to leave him at home with some nannies. he never minded her absence, not really. he knew that she worked hard to support the two of them, and he appreciated that fact. besides, he was allowed to go outside after school and hang out with max all the time, so he was fine.
    - he developed anxiety when he was eleven, and started having major panic attacks a few months later. he hadn't mentioned it to his mom, but as soon as he did, she took him to a professional, who clinically diagnosed him with panic disorder and anxiety. the panic attacks only got more frequent, and he usually just sat there, shaking uncontrollably, until they passed.
    - trigger warning: he was also diagnosed with depression when he was thirteen. it got worse when he entered high school, and that was when he started to harm himself. it started off small, with pins, but he eventually started using actual blades. he cut throughout high school, and attempted suicide twice during this time: once in sophomore year, by trying to hang himself, and once in senior year, by overdosing on his meds. evidently, he wasn't the happiest teenager. he always assumed it had something to do with the trauma his dad had caused and always being home alone, now that his nanny wasn't needed and had left long ago.
    - he started at least trying to get better. he couldn't stand his counselor or his therapist, but he did his own research and did what he could to feel better. he wasn't perfect and it didn't happen all at once, but he did have his good days when he actually felt better. other than that, he was still sad, but he figured he most likely would never get over it.
    - he started a band with max when he was in senior year. they always had practices in one of their basements or garages, and the band eventually blew up and gave them a steady fanbase, which they were both extremely proud of. the band was also a way for luka to cope with everything, and it really did work. it was one of the best things he had ever done.

    - 1/2 of luxwell
    - the only nickname that he will accept is lucky. he hates being called literally anything else. luke, luck, lu, he hates it all. he only accepts lucky from those close to him, too (aka max. literally only max can call him lucky, or else he hates the usage of the name). nicknames aren't really his thing, unless he's comfortable around the person who is using them.
    - he has this weird knack where he's amazing at guessing the time. it doesn't matter where you are or what time of day it is, he is able to look out the window at the sky and immediately be able to guess within five minutes of the actual time.
    - he laughs really loudly, but it's alright, since his laugh is literal heaven on earth. for someone so introverted, he has the nicest, sweetest, most welcoming laugh.
    - has this weird "online fight" with clashley. do they love each other? do they hate each other? who knows?
    - he's tall. he's six feet tall, and honestly, he loves being that tall. he's pretty scrawny and wasn't really that tall growing up, so he figures it's nice being the tall one now.
    - he's such a musical person. he plays guitar, bass, and drums, and he has a killer singing voice. music is one of the only things that keeps him going.
    - he honestly acts like a seven year old half the time. it's usually when he's with max, but he enjoys it, in all honesty. he forgets about all the sadness in the world and takes the time to be a kid like he never really could when he was growing up.
    - he makes the most excessive amount of dirty jokes and dick jokes, it's ridiculous. he is probably the king of them, honestly. what a wack.
    - he's super duper friendly and talkative, but sometimes he just needs some alone time so he can get himself together and do his own thing for a little bit. it's vital, a must for him. he tries to be alone at least once a week, just listening to music or writing or doing something that he enjoys/something that calms him down. it helps him focus and stay generally happy.
    - he may be depressed, but he does everything he can to make himself happy. he tries his hardest, and a lot of the time it doesn't work, but when it does, it makes him feel so much better.
    - he's the worst at alerting other people when he needs help. he hates letting other people know that he's not feeling good, because he despises making other people worry too much, especially when it's over him. he just wants everyone around him to be happy and carefree. he also just... hates himself a lot for making others worry so much. the way he sees it, he's basically ruined everyone's lives by being so self-destructive and it bothers him more that he's hurt other people rather than hurt himself. he doesn't really care about himself, and in that way, he is very bad at self-care. he just cares a lot more about other people than he does about himself.
    - the BIGGEST max and olivia shipper okay even though he lowkey jokingly ships himself with max his otp is olivax
    - he isn't too underweight, but it's kind of a surprise, since he eats very little. it isn't that he skips meals or anything; he just isn't too fond of food like some others are and he is never hungry at all, which results in him only eating if he really has to. max probably has to force him to eat a lot of the time if he forgets or says he isn't hungry, honestly.
    - speaking of max, if you touch and/or hurt max, he will hunt you down and freaking flay you alive. don't you dare hurt the love of his lifE.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
    « Reply #2 on: July 16, 2017, 11:02:08 PM »

    nixon grey romano - i'm semi-automatic, my prayer is schizophrenic, but i'll live on, yeah, i'll live on

    - born into a family of three: his mother, nancy romano, father, terrence romano, and older brother, milo romano
    - born on december 25th in seattle, washington
    - 17-29, usually 21-16
    - suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and schizophrenia
    - asexual grayromantic

    - nixon is the most loyal person you will ever meet. he would fight or die or kill for anyone whom he is close enough to, and he will protect those he loves with his life. he's very trustworthy in this way, and if you're already close to him, you can expect for him to never leave your side, as he's so easily attached to others, despite his very introverted and quieter, more reserved nature.
    - he's got a really good sense of rhythm, as he has made obvious by his percussion skills. he first started playing drums when his mother put him in drum classes at the age of six to let out some extra frustration and anger at the fact that he couldn't manage to get a grip on school. he genuinely enjoyed these classes and kept them going until high school, when he just started playing drums in school and on his own free time. it's definitely one of his favourite pastimes, and an activity that he uses to just unwind. he also started playing trumpet in middle school and continued with it through music classes in high school, and plays it to this day. he prefers the drums, but re still enjoys playing trumpet.
    - you may not think it of him, but nixon is very clever and open-minded, and has a very resourceful approach to things. he has never stuck to one route and has always kept multiple different opportunities open for himself, and is very creative and imaginative in this way. he's better at riddles and linguistics than he is at math and science, but it's fine, because he's smart in his own way.
    - he is very helpful and tries his hardest to help every single person he can. he hates when others aren't feeling their best and he always feels like it is his duty to help them feel better, even though he knows it isn't his fault. nixon may be an introvert, but he will walk up to someone and comfort them if he feels like they need it.
    - nixon is incredibly empathetic and he always feels for other people. he just can't help himself from attaching himself to another person's emotions to try to help them, allowing himself to feel their pain or happiness or whatever they are feeling. a lot of his emotions reflect on the emotions of those around him, and his entire attitude is definitely shifted when there's a shift in the atmosphere in a place.
    - he's such a drama queen. all of his actions and words are dramatized, and he is always exaggerating everything, whether it be just a natural habit of his or if it's for intentional comedic purposes. he doesn't do it in a way that draws too much attention to himself, but he loves exaggerations and anything over the top and grandeur like that, even if it's just to cheer someone up or to have a bit of fun.
    - he's an introvert, but don't mistake that for being lowkey, if you will. despite his reserved nature, nixon can be very spontaneous and has his impulsive moments of extrovertedness. don't get me wrong, he still enjoys his small friend group much more than he would enjoy being surrounded by people, but he's more spontaneous in ways like going on long car rides at two am and heading to the amusement park at seven pm on a thursday evening just before it closes and trying to cram in as many rides as possible.

    - nixon showed signs of schizophrenia very early on, at the age of three. the first red flag was when he was found in his mother's bed, seemingly talking to himself, and when asked who he was talking to, simply replying with "gingerbread." coincidentally, this was the name of their old family dog, who had died when he was two.
    - it kept going on for a while, and his father insisted on taking him to a mental health specialist. even though nixon was very young and he knew that imaginary friends were a thing with younger children, nixon seemed to be disturbed by objects and sounds that weren't really there a lot more often than just with gingerbread. he was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia right after he turned four years old, the winter before he started going to school.
    - he started attending counselling sessions, under the worry and anxiety of his mother, to help him fight the schizophrenia back/lessen it somehow. being so young, he didn't really understand exactly what he was there for, but he had known he didn't like it. the counsellor had been very forceful and harsh, and after begging and pleading and crying with his mother about it, he was taken out of the counselling sessions before school even started.
    - he started kindergarten at his local public school, and it was no lie that he wasn't exactly the best student in the class. even in such a young grade, where most of the work was made up of play, it was hard for him to focus on anything. his teachers didn't really know what to do with him. he was always complaining about bees and bugs in the classroom that weren't there or the loud music that no one was actually playing. it took him a while to actually start learning how to read and write, as he was so preoccupied by other things that weren't there.
    - his parents thought he had dyslexia for a while, because nixon just couldn't figure out how to read. it wasn't actually that he had a learning disability; he just never really understood it when other people tried to show it to him. he didn't start reading until his older brother, who was a very advanced reader, started sitting him down every day and teaching it to him when he was in senior kindergarten.
    - by the time he was six years old and starting first grade, his schizophrenia was getting really bad. he just couldn't figure out how to control it, which frustrated him, and the frustration just made everything worse. he was troublesome in school, and his first grade teacher really didn't like him. he was more than relieved when that teacher left on maternity leave, and his mother, who had graduated from teacher's college two years previous, took her spot. she had been working towards teaching for a while, but she had made it her goal to somehow get nixon in her class so she could keep an eye on him at school and make sure he didn't act out.
    - he met his best friend to date, evan, when he was seven or eight years old, at their shared elementary school in seattle. his mom immediately took a liking to the boy and he couldn't exactly say no when she told him to hang out with he kid more. he met his other best friend, jordan, not too long after, and they all became a tight-knit group for the first time at a birthday party when they were eight or nine. nixon has adored both of them ever since, and would probably die for both of them.
    - trigger warning: milo died when nixon was ten years old, in a car crash when their father was taking both of them to school one morning. the person behind them was drunk and driving very irrationally, and crashed into the side where milo was sitting, the passenger's seat. nixon and his father were bashed up a bit, but not too much, and milo died that evening in the hospital. nixon didn't go to school for a week, and just huddled up in bed all day long until his mother forced him to continue going.
    - nixon's schizophrenia started getting even worse than before after milo died. he started seeing and hearing things that were a lot less harmless and more disturbing, often things that made him a lot more quiet and unwilling to talk. one day, about two months after milo's death, when his father had gone out to get nixon's meds, he had decided that he had just had enough and couldn't handle it anymore. nixon's father never came home that day, or any day afterwards. he had just up and left, and nixon still hates him for it because of how hard it impacted his mother.
    - his schizophrenia was at its peak from this time to when he was fifteen. it was around this time that he started getting stronger medication, and finally tried out therapy and counselling again. the schizophrenia was still there, but there were ways of dimming it now, which he was immensely glad for.

    - he's had this weird obsession with dying his hair ever since he was seventeen. he decided to ditch his original brown hair and try out something new in his junior year of high school, and he's been obsessed with dying it crazy colours ever since. he's been through blonde, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and probably more, but his favourite has been the pink, as it's his favourite colour, along with yellow. plus, it looks like cotton candy, and he loves cotton candy.
    - he was diagnosed with anxiety when he was fourteen years old, but that was a lot easier to deal with than the schizophrenia, at least for him. he definitely didn't enjoy either, but he felt like people were a lot more accepting of anxiety than the schizophrenia, which, of course, just added to his anxiety. it was unpleasant, yes, but he had the anxiety under control with medicine by the time he was fifteen, once he sat down and talked with his doctor about both of the mental illnesses.
    - for some reason, he absolutely hates the dark. he just can't stand it. perhaps it's because his schizophrenia caused him to see weird things in the dark when he was younger, but being in a dark room just scares him a lot. only a few people who are really close to him know this fact, and the fact that he can't fall asleep unless he has some source of light in the room, whether it be a lamp, nightlight, or even just leaving the lights on. he also makes someone go with him every time he has to enter a dark room or basement, he's just always on edge when he can't see anything around him.
    - he loves snapbacks and hoodies way too much for his own good, honestly. he wears them too much for it to be healthy. he's always either wearing a snapback or a sweater, unless he's wearing both. it's partly because he actually likes how he looks in them, and partly because they're the lazy person's way out of getting dressed.
    - he will always call himself the og jorvan shipper. he will never give up that title to anyone, he will literally fight a punk for his title.
    - he's really tall, six foot ones and loves using his shorter friends as arm rests and the occasional taller friend as a pillow. he's a very touchy-feely affectionate person in general, and it's not uncommon to see him giving out hugs or wrapping his arms around someone's shoulder when in casual conversation. he often has to restrain himself when not with his friends because most of the time, he's with his friends, which is a place where he knows he's welcome to be his usual, extremely affectionate self.
    - he absolutely hate hate hates tomatoes and mayonnaise. he doesn't know why, but those two foods are the bane of his existence. don't let them anywhere near him, ever. he loves oreos, though.
    - he gives everyone nicknames. he's obsessed with dishing out nicknames like free samples at costco. literally anyone he meets ever gets a nickname (or, as finny has geniusly named them, nixnames). no one is safe from the nixnames. some of his most iconic nixnames to dates are freckles, sunshine, starburst, evanescence, lactose, etc.
    - his two most iconic lines are "i think she works out" and "look at his sad emo eyes"
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
    « Reply #3 on: July 16, 2017, 11:33:38 PM »

    andromeda belle delgado - i'm just a girl, take a good look at me: just your typical prototype

    - was adopted by ella and langdon delgado, has a half-brother named simba ellis
    - born in crescent city, california, on april 3rd
    - 17-24
    - a mild form of panic disorder
    - bisexual panromantic

    - she's extremely intelligent. she's always been one of the top students in the class, and it just comes naturally. she studies very hard for it, though, often so hard that she goes into sometimes hours, days, or even weeks on end of withdrawal where she just huddles up in her room, surrounded by her textbooks, and doesn't engage in too much human interaction at all, to the point where she simply starts ignoring all of her family and friends who try to help and/or get to her, and snaps very easily.
    - she has a very explosive personality. shes very argumentative, aggressive, and assertive, and her hot head gets her into trouble quite a bit. she doesn't really see herself as too stubborn, but she does know that she's very opinionated and doesn't care about speaking her mind. she stands up for whatever she feels the need to stand up for, and isn't afraid of it. she's a very bold and reckless person, and she should probably learn to control herself a bit better.
    - andy's a hardcore feminist. she stands up for equal rights all the freaking time, and even started speaking at lgbtq+, women's rights, and multiple other conventions when she was fifteen years old.
    - she's kind of oblivious, honestly. she really isn't too observant and doesn't notice too many things, mostly when communicating with others. she doesn't catch on too quickly, even when dealing with her emotions.
    - she is so damn loyal. once she gets close to you, she will never leave your side, and defend you in every scenario possible. her protective nature just brings this out of her, and underneath all of her tough and competitive facade, there really is a caring person underneath.
    - she's so ambitious and has a really quick wit and great sense of humour. you'll always see her cracking a joke or playing a small prank, just for the heck of it. she also has a sarcasm level through the roof, and often jokes around with that, too.
    - she's a bit of a nerd. she's obsessed with anything comic related, whether it be dc or marvel, and will 100% dress up in costume to go see a movie based off of a comic series. she also loves loves loves cartoons, and will literally cuddle up in a onesie with a bunch of snacks and watch cartoons all day long. if you watch cartoons or discuss comics with her, she will love you forever. also, she is freaking obsessed with horror movies. they're her favourite thing ever.

    - she was adopted by a white couple by the names of landon and ella delgado when she was one year old, and she's always been asked why she's black and all of her family member's aren't throughout her entire life.
    - her father was a famous wwe wrestler, and was often out of the house training or at a match, or even occasionally having his wounds treated from a match. it never bothered her too much that she didn't have a solid father figure, but she was always bothered by the kids at her school, picking on her and teasing her about her dad's loss or how much he had been pummeled or something of the like, whenever it had happened. she quickly put them straight, when she punched a kid in her eighth grade class for teasing her about her dad.
    - her father became a famous, world-renowned actor after he retired from wrestling when andy was a freshman in high school. it was a bit tiring, getting so many questions about her dad and if she could sneak free movie tickets for the movies that he was in, but she put up with it, because she was happy for him.
    - her biological half-brother is actually simba ellis, but she didn't find out until later on because she was put up for adoption when she was born.

    - she never, ever goes by andromeda. she has a few different nicknames that she much prefers, like meda, roma, and drummer, but the most common is andy.
    - her parents were obsessed with greek mythology, and you can kind of tell. her older brother is named perseus, obviously named after the hero from the greek myth, and she's named after andromeda, perseus's wife in the myth.
    - she plays drums really freaking well?? she was taught by her mum when she was thirteen, and took a liking to them, prompting the "drummer" nickname.
    - she's so sporty, oh my god. she will freaking slay you every time in soccer especially, which is her ultimate favourite sport. she trained for a while to be on the national women's team, but in the end, she ended up being too scared to try out for it. she still trains for it, in case one day, she might end up getting the confidence to try out. she also plays a multitude of other sports, like basketball, swimming, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, and track. she's always grown up around other sporty people, so it just ended up rubbing off on her.
    - she has anxiety, and was diagnosed with it at thirteen. it was why her mother taught her drums, to see if it would help her get all of her nervous energy out.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
    « Reply #4 on: July 17, 2017, 03:35:22 PM »

    georgia eleanor chase - we are the kids that you never loved, we are the ones that will never grow up

    - born to multi-millionaires janelle and oliver chase
    - born in copenhagen, denmark, on august 1st, now resides in san francisco, california
    - 16-22
    - the most bi to ever bi

    - she doesn't really trust people anymore. sure, she has friends, and yeah, she hooks up with people every so often, but the idea of romance is all new to her. some part of her really wants it, to hold hands and kiss instead of just having sex and then seeing each other more than once only to pick up clothes that were left in the other's bedroom the night before. almost all of her crushes were never pursued, though, as she has always been scared of the prospect of love, perhaps for the reason that the only idea of love she's ever had is that of the artificial bond between her mother and father.
    - she's pretty much a ball of fire. she's got a red-hot temper, but she doesn't have a short fuse. she's patient with people, but every stick of dynamite eventually blows up, as does she. when she's angry, she's angry.
    - georgie is the kind of spontaneous that excites others. she's the person who takes you to the skate park and invites you over to her place for a sleepover on a tuesday afternoon after having just met you, and she's the one who you can always count on to accompany you on an impromptu roadtrip.
    - georgie is like a candle, in which she burns with passion and excitement for an extended period of time, until something snaps and she's all out of fire and light and warmth to provide to everyone else. she's a ray of light and helps out everyone else, but she doesn't save any of that warmth for herself and completely ignores all of her own problems until they are blown completely out of proportion.
    - she is the most over-enthusiastic and bubbly person you will ever meet?? she's so excitable and gets super excited over the smallest of things, and over things she wishes would happen, too.
    - she's very exuberant and outwards in showing her emotions, at least the ones she wants shown. while she exudes glee and adventurousness, she bottled up all of her negative emotions so as not to worry anyone around her.
    - she's like something out of a rom-com movie, but at the same time, she sleeps in every sunday because there's no soccer practice and is often too lazy to do the chores and spends all day lying in bed crying because she just doesn't want to be here, in this life.

    - she wasn't exactly born in the hardest conditions. in fact, her parents are both very wealthy people, both being born into the riches and their families having arranged their marriage in a joining of their two families. georgie's parents didn't have her because they wanted a child, but rather because they wanted an heir to their legacy and a daughter to marry off so that they could connect with another prestigious and wealthy family and share the money.
    - georgie wasn't exactly babied as a child. in fact, it was far from. she was borderline neglected after she finished breastfeeding, until her parents finally decided to hire a nanny—they didn't want to lose the only heir to the chase family.
    - georgie knew she disliked her parents from quite a young age. they were mean and they talked to peopl rudely, and even as a child, this upset her quite a bit. it was evident that georgie was quite a boisterous child, too, and she was always yelling at her parents to be nicer while they screamed at some poor soul over the phone.
    - she was homeschooled in copenhagen by various tutors who would visit her throughout the day from kindergarten up until the second grade. it sounded a bit harsh at the time, but her parents honestly didn't really want anything to do with her. she was loud and reckless and stubborn, and she just got in the way of all of their work and errands. it was halfway through second grade when her parents decided to send her off to live with her paternal grandfather in america.
    - she took a while to learn english, which was the main reason why her grandfather allowed her to continue being homeschooled for the rest of elementary school and for half of middle school. she finally joined a public school in eighth grade, and it was honestly a lot better than what the movies depicted. she wasn't bullied for her accent, nor was she made fun of because she was ginger or anything like that. in fact, the people she met in middle school were actually kind of nice. she enjoyed the peace and intimacy of their small school.
    - georgie went to high school, and nothing really changed. her entire social persona was the exact same, in fact—she was likable, for once. spontaneous and funny and persuasive. she not-so-subtly joined the ranks of the "used" of the school. she was taken advantage of and screwed over by girls and boys who knew her for her impulse and recklessness, and just wanted a night stand.
    - she was actually betrothed to a man who was older than her by five years without her knowledge when she was sixteen years old, and didn't find out until she was seventeen and set to be wed at eighteen. it completely crushed her, and she cried for a week straight. she tried to simply not show up at the wedding and sever ties with her immediate family, but they were stubborn, and the whole ordeal gave her a lot of anxiety.

    - she barely ever goes by georgia. she only ever goes by georgie.
    - she loves her grandfather more than anyone. he was the first person to truly care for her when she was so little, and she appreciates him for loving her so unconditionally, the way every child deserves to be loved.
    - beware, if you're close to her and significantly larger than her, your hoodies are at risk of being stolen. she practically lives off of oversized hoodies, especially if they smell like someone she enjoys being around.
    - she loves her freckles more than anything else on her body. her freckles give her life, and she loves them. she often doesn't wear makeup just so she can still show off her freckles, like tiny stars on her skin.
    - she's a stellar athlete, but specifically when it comes to soccer. she's been playing ever since she moved to america, and she still plays every single day.
    - she plays soccer with her grandfather, because he is actually the most fit and in-shape and coolest sixty year old man she has ever met. he's a boss at gymnastic, and way better than she will ever be. she looks up to him a lot.
    - she makes way too many cupcakes and then just has sixty-three cupcakes that she has no clue what to do with.
    - georgie has a weirdly dark sense of humour, and no one would expect it from her, since she's seemingly a ray of sunshine. this only heightened after she developed depression, whic was when she found out she was to be married to some guy she had never even met.
    - she started getting suicidal thoughts once she found out about the wedding, too. it seemed like the only way out of this fate, and she hated herself for thinking like that, as it seemed cowardly to her, but it seemed like the only option for a long time.
    - she often curses in danish, just as a force of habit. lots of people find it hilarious.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    simba harrison ellis - we been up, we been own, we got over it, everywhere we go, we're the kings and queens and we run this city

    - born to nylah and kenneth ellis, has a half-sister named andromeda delgado
    - born on august 11th in crescent city, california
    - 11-14
    - has never really thought about sexual orientation, thinks kissing in general is kind of gross

    - - loyal, reckless, spontaneous, impulsive, excitble, hyperactive, strategic, quick thinker, planner, talkative, stubborn, athletic, confused, jumpy, fidgety, loud, bold, extroverted, eccentric, grudging, intelligent, hardworking, selfless, free spirited, nerdy, annoyed half the time, sarcastic, witty, humourous, adventurous, restless, reluctant, uninhibited, helpful, lively, obnoxious, impatient, rebellious, sensible, organized, experimental, indecisive, independent

    - simba was born in crescent city, california, to nylah and kenneth ellis. he's been in crescent city for a good portion of his life, but he does take vacations and unattended trips frequently, which i will get back to.
    - his parents were there and with him a lot until he was about five and a half. they were great parents, and he honestly loved them a lot, but they just started getting very... irresponsible as time went on. they started leaving him home alone a lot and going on business trips. eventually, they started to think he would be fine on his own and just kind of left for longer periods of time.
    - they eventually started coming back home, but they were always at work. they still aren't at home at all, and he's home alone for probably weeks at a time. he doesn't mind it at all, honestly. he likes the peace ad quiet, and besides, he gets a lot of freedom.
    - he has no sense of rules and discipline at all because of it. when he noticed his parents stopped coming back home, he started journeying outside by himself. he was five at the time, so it wasn't too hardcore, but by the time he was eight, simba was crossing the border into oregon and taking his passport with him everywhere he went in case he felt a sudden need to leave. he didn't ever leave during school or anything; education was important to him. he did so on the weekends and whenever he had the time and needed to think.
    - it was definitely unsafe and posed a risk, but with no one there to tell him not to, simba never really thought of the fact that it could harm him. luckily, it never did, so he never really thought twice about it.
    - it was probably the way he met sammy, honestly, by exploring out on his own.
    - he's never been able to get attached to people too easily, but most of his good friends (read: two) he made when he was younger: nemo, a family friend, and sammy, whom he honestly has no idea how he met, honestly. they're just kind of blood brothers now, it's super weird. he's also super close with angel, but he met her later on through nemo.
    - he started playing sports when he was probably four years old and continued his entire life. he's a really big sorts fanatic, and he's the type to force all of his friends to watch the basketball games with him and scream at the top f his lungs while watching them. he also plays wickedly, and has been practicing a multitude of different sports since he was little.
    - he doesn't think his parents will ever really be home for good. they're pretty well off and are able to support everyone just well, and as long as he can see his friends and watch the sporting events, he's happy.

    - he plays so many different sports. soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, cricket, tennis, blah blah blah. he's literally that one kid who tries out any sport and is immediately good at it. he enjoys sports, too, so he's glad he's at least good, if not stellar, at a whole bunch of them. his favourite, though, would by far have to be basketball. he will legitimately cry while watching basketball games and bond over the sport with anyone, no matter who it is.
    - he has a blood pact with sammy. they can't get married unless they do it at the exact same time. no one really knows what will happen if they break the pact, but they stick to it, so it must be something bad.
    - he is way too obsessed with puns. he uses a ridiculously excessive amount of them. honestly, he thinks he's funny most of the time, when really, he's only funny like a tenth of a time. he gets brownie points for trying, though, i guess. his humour is that of a typical twelve year-old's, so it's probably a good thing that he's around that age.
    - his parents were obviously HUGE disney fans and wanted to honour that with his name. he kind of wishes they had chosen something cooler or more normal, like eric or phillip or something, but instead they had chosen the name of an animated lion. he kind of hates his name, but at the same time, he loves it, because of all the possible jokes that can come with it.
    - he's so freaking amazing at monopoly. never, ever play this kid in monopoly because he will beat you to a pulp and eat you for dinner, he is so good. it's literally the best board game for him because he's so good at it.
    - he does a lot of dancing and he sure as heck enjoys it, but most of the time, he looks like an animorph halfway through transformation doing the chicken dance while having a seizure. at least he's having fun, right?
    - he honestly swears a lot more than a kid his age should.
    - he will steal your pet, be warned.
    - honestly, he needs a leash. he's such a wild kid and he's always so energetic and hyped up, he just needs to calm the heck down and stop eating so much sugar (even though he probably is naturally like that) for everyone's sake.
    - one of the two biggest shippers of ss fish try to break them up and he will actually come for yOU
    - his biological half-sister is andromeda delgado, which he found out later on, because she was put up for adoption right when she was born.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    samuel riley kingston - i wanna dig this tinsel town 'till it's six feet underground, it's safe to say that timing is everything

    - born to marissa and jackson kingston, but was orphaned at a young age
    - born on march 29th in montpelier, vermont, resides in an orphanage in maine
    - 15-19
    - asexual demiromantic

    - sam is quiet. he's not too much of an extrovert, but he understands people in ways that many don't. he's very perceptive and observant, and he tends to simply watch whatever is going on, rather than joining in on it. he can get a good sense of a person easily, and depending on the person, this makes it either easier or harder for him to talk to them.
    - he is very skillful and he always plans ahead. even if it's something very small, he has a strategy forming in his mind almost immediately as to how he'll get it done, how long it'll take, etc. he's very strategic in this way. sam isn't really that organized, though, on the flip side of things. he'll have a full-fledged plan already formulated in his mind, but he won't be able to put it into words and into paper. he always has crumpled up pieces of paper lying around his bed or stuffed under it.
    - sam has always wanted an older sibling, just because he's so indecisive and bad at decision making, and he always feels like he just needs some advice when it comes to choosing what course his life will take. he depends on the support of other people a lot more than he likes to admit.
    - sam is extremely intelligent. he has a very high brain capacity and he knows that he's clever, but it just doesn't get put into work often enough. he memorized quickly and calculates very precisely, but the things he does at school just don't really test his limits at all and he fears losing his abilities that he's actually proud of.
    - while he may look like a porcelain doll, sam surely does not act like one; particularly, he isn't nearly as fragile. he can hold his own, and it's one of his more valuable traits, as he is tough. not tough on the exterior, but rather having a strong sense of himself and who he is.
    - he has a heart of gold, and is truly a man of his word. if he makes a promise, you can sure as hell know that he means it, because he always keeps a promise. because of this, and the inevitable guilt he feels whenever he feels like he might have to break a promise, sam chooses his words very carefully. unless speaking with friends or someone he's close to, his speech is always very calculated and manipulated, being filtered and processed before it comes out of his mouth.

    - his life was incredibly quiet and peaceful with his parents. nothing too exciting besides the usual suburban lifestyle happened up until when he turned four years old, and his parents decided that they wanted a change of scenery. they didn't want to stay in vermont, having seen enough of it in the past ten or so years. with a promising new job waiting for his mother in maine, they packed up their belongings and left for the state.
    - unfortunately, the flight there was disastrous. it wasn't very long of a flight, but nonetheless, tragedy struck when the turbulence got out of hand and the plane crashed on the outskirts of maine.
    - both of sam's parents died, and he was bashed up. he was sent to the emergency room and allowed to stick around long enough to attend the funeral/memorial service for the passengers who died on the plane, but he was sent to an orphanage somewhere in maine the day after the service.
    - he was very skeptic at first, shy and unsure even at such a young age, after having lost the only two people he had ever really known. sam wasn't sure to make of it, especially since there was a lot of moving around people in rooms once he arrived. he slept with different people every day for a week and a half, until everything finally settled down. the boys and girls ended up being uneven, and he was put in a room which he only shared with one other person: someone who would one day become his best friend, a girl named ellie.

    - he and ellie are the closest of friends, and while he always insists otherwise, he has had the biggest crush on her since he was twelve years old. it wasn't a pining crush, but it was still obvious that he liked her (to everyone except her, of course).
    - he loves wind. windy days are his favourite, and oftentimes he'll just sit outside when it's windy and enjoy the feeling of the wind in his hair and face. it feels like freedom, in a sense.
    - he's so pale, he literally jokes about being a vampire all the time. if not for the clear blue eyes and innocent features, most people would probably assume him to be some sort of dracula reincarnation, just because his skin is so unbelievably light. he's like a porcelain doll.
    - he wears glasses, and honestly, he breaks them about every two months. the woman who runs the orphanage hates his little habit, but a lot of people find it hilarious and even hide his glasses constantly. he doesn't mind, because he doesn't always need them; they just help.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
    « Reply #7 on: July 17, 2017, 11:42:05 PM »

    zohair ishan hashmi - should i believe in the rules, mama? tell me if i should run or learn to shoot a gun

    - born to ishan and noorul hashmi
    - born on april 9th in cairo, egypt, now resides in los angeles, california
    - 18-24
    - suffers from dyslexia and anxiety
    - asexual aromantic

    - he can be kind of hotheaded at times and speaks and acts on impulse. he's a very "go with your instict" kind of guy, and whether it's a good or a bad thing can vary.
    - he hates upsetting people so much. whenever he makes someone sad or angry, he will literally brood over it for hours on end and then apologize even after they have forgiven him.
    - he's a social guy, and gets along with people, but he just can't initiate conversations very well. he can keep them going, but initiating them is something he cannot do.
    - he's really affectionate with his friends and is always giving them hugs or ruffling their hair or nudging them or linking arms with them or something like that. he just loves people a lot, even if they give him anxiety sometimes.
    - zohair has dyslexia, which made it hard for him to maintain his high marks in school. he really had to work hard to achieve what he wanted, as it's not easy with dyslexia.

    - he lived in cairo with his parents until a few weeks before his third birthday, when he moved to los angeles.
    - zohair started playing soccer when he was four years old. his parents came to america in hopes of giving him a good life there, and they put him in all the activities they could that they couldn't do when they were younger. he started playing soccer, swimming, and even taking dance and art lessons when he started kindergarten.
    - interestingly enough, he ended up sticking with all four of these throughout his life. he made it onto his community's rep soccer team when he was nine years old, and when he was sixteen, he became a lifeguard at an indoor pool. he continued taking art classes throughout his life, only stopping once in ninth grade when his grandmother died, then resuming them. he also still does dance, and dances with his studio at local shows and festivals.
    - zohair always had high marks in school, starting from when he was very young. his parents always drilled the importance of education into him, making sure he knew how important it was. it eventually turned into less encouragement and more pressure on him, and he developed anxiety due to all the stress on him when he was in eighth grade. he didn't get diagnosed until his junior year of high school, due to him not telling his parents about his suspicions about having the mental illness until then (he was afraid that they would react negatively and/or not believe him).
    - his father taught him how to wield a gun when he was in senior year, just in case. he's actually pretty good with it, but it's not something that he's ever had to use (thankfully).

    - he's a muslim, and he's never felt like it's oppressed him in any way. sure, he's had people yell vlgar things at him in public, but it's not as if it's happened often. he's muslim and proud.
    - when he was younger, he thought he was heterosexual for a long time, mostly because his parents pushed it on him that one day he would be married and be a family man. he came to realize in high school that he doesn't identify with heterosexuality at all. he's asexual and aromantic, and has never had any longing for romance or sex.
    - he's a huge feminist. he will literally beat up someone if they make a sexist remark towards anyone, and he isn't afraid to use the label 'feminist' to describe himself. he probably went to the women's march in his city with a few friends and made posters and everything.
    - speaking of, he's probably a huge fan of peaceful protests. every time there's a protest that has something to do with his beliefs, he's planning his sign two weeks in advance and is dragging along everyone he knows to join the rally.
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    reiji yamashita - it's all coming back now, like the feeling isn't over, hey, i know i was lost, but i miss those days

    - born into a family of four: his mother, father, and older brother satoshi.
    - born in tokyo, japan, on may 9th, now lives in san francisco, california
    - 15-19
    - asexual aromantic

    - he's really ambitious, but he usually needs a push to get the ambition even started, otherwise nothing will happen and none of his resourcefulness and determination will shine through.
    - he's really adventurous and too daring for his own good, and gets himself in the worst situations ever because he's a nosy kid. he's a brave lil boi though.
    - "whoa you're so smart" "i know"
    - he is such a stubborn kid?? oh my goD he will stand his ground and argue for days even if he knows he's wrong because he prides himself on winning arguments that's how much of a loser this kid is
    - he has this huge superhero complex when it comes to satoshi. he sees his older brother as a literal perfect person who can do no harm, and seems to think he's some cool superhero who's always doing the riht thing and can do no wrong and is the strongest person out there.
    - he's really impulsive and never thinks things through before speaking or acting, and it doesn't help that he's a cocky little bastard.
    - he thinks he's so cool but honestly he's just a little kid who loves his family more than he loves himself
    - he has this strong aversion to being caged in any way, either mentally or physically. one, he hates small spaces. can't stand them. two, he despises the idea of limiting his mind to something trivial, like what they have him do at school. he may be kind of uptight and awkward at times, but he's a hecking free spirit if i've ever seen one
    - he probably could and should go to university, but a) he's honestly kind of lazy, and b) he has this horrible fear of rejection and failure, and he manages to tell himself that it just won't happen, even if he makes an effort to do so.

    - reiji only has very vague memories of his parents. he lived with them and satoshi in tokyo until the tragic deaths of their mother and father when reiji was five. reiji still feels kind of angry at himself and almost guilty for not remembering them properly. he feels like he should, as they were important parts of his life, but he seems to forget that he was too young to possibly remember them vividly.
    - the brothers were sent off to live in san francisco with their aunt adter their parents' deaths. their aunt is also someone whom reiji holds near and dear to his heart, and he truly does love her like he loves his parents.
    - he's always been a very advanced and gifted student. reiji was always way ahead of his grade and took part in classes with older kids, proceeding to graduate from high school when he was thirteen years old. he still takes a great interest in science and robotics and building things in general.
    - he started selling his inventions to anyone who was up for buying them, since he's wAY too socially awkward to maintain an actual job that pays money, and occasionally gets himself caught up in unpleasant situations with local gangs and people who are unhappy with what he's selling.

    - he has an older brother named satoshi whom he loves very much and would probably do anything for, even if he fights with him sometimes. reiji and satoshi have been extremely close ever since they were very little, even with the five year age gap standing between them, and satoshi is probably the person who reiji trusts the most in the entire world.
    - he barely ever sleeps?? like, he's always up at night fiddling or tinkering with some new invention or reading a book or just laying there and keeping to himself. the only time he ever sleeps is when his brother or aunt forcibly take away his things and make him sleep. he probably has the most hardcore eyebags ever, honestly.
    - he lives off of coffee and tea and literally anything with caffeine in it
    - his older brother and aunt call him rei, but he literally only likes it if it's those two. if it's anyone else, he just won't answer unless they call him by his actual name. he isn't huge on nicknames, unless he's really close to the person.
    - probably won all the spelling bees he ever took part in when he was in elementary and middle school, let's be real here
    - fluently speaks english and japanese, although he wants to learn how to speak french and asl.
    - he's really good at sketching. like, he'll stay up at night sketching random doodles of things he sees around him: a desk, a lamp, a stranger walking by outside, things like that. he has ripped out sketchbook papers filled with doodles just piling on his side of the bedroom he shares with his brother.
    - is probably wasting his life selling his inventions but hey someone's gonna knock some sense into him one day right
    - he reads way too many comics for his own good. specifically dc comics?? his favourite character in any comic book to ever exist is tim drake, because i am trash and couldn't help myself.
    - he wears way too many sweaters and hats please take them away from him it's so obnoxious
    - he took martial arts classes growing up, but he's always afraid to ever have to use them in any real life situations.
    - if he could, he would only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. he has some sort of weird obsession with those things, although he hates peanut butter and jelly seperately.
    - he was probably still under four feet until he turned thirteen tbh
    - based off of hiro hamada and tim drake hahhahahhhh i'm even more of a loser than he is smh
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    meh just fucin post already u losers we all know it's gonna take me years to update all my characters anyways
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    cough first
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    cough second
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    mcheck off arrow
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    Re: MISS JACKSON — gallery v.5
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    cough fifth
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