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« on: February 04, 2017, 07:16:38 PM »
(Possible sticky? Also note i'm open to suggestions as to what to add to this!)

The basics:


This is a pretty basic rule. Advanced RP's require you to be keen on spelling, grammar, etc., but when it comes to spelling there's a pretty simple trick: when a word is misspelled, there will always be a red squiggly line underneath it, and you can right click on it. Once you right click, it will show you other spelling variations to the misspelled word.


This one is a little harder, especially for me. My main tips are...

- always make sure your sentences relate to each other, and that they're in a good order! (Bad example of this: She was a vampire. She was 14 years old. She was eating pizza. She was in europe walking around. She wanted food. She hadn't eaten in awhile. She was traveling with her husband. Cats are cute. Examples are hard to come up with.)

- make sure you use the correct variation of a word ! (Your vs. You're, their v.s they're vs. there)

- be sure to start sentences with capital letters, use quotation marks to surround dialogue, all of that fun jazz.

- If you ever think your grammar in a post is a little off, you can always ask the person you're RPing with  if it makes sense!

 Sentence length

Another huge part of being advanced is making sure your sentences 'flow' together, and that they aren't too choppy, nor too long. My general rule of thumb is that if a sentence is 6-7 words or less, it's too short. Now occasionally you can break this rule, but only if you're completely and utterly museless. As for run ons, I like to think that if I need to use more than 3 commas within one sentence, it's too long.

Some extra tips:

Always be interested in the RP!

Don't start RP's that you may lose interest in, doing this will just waste your time as well as your RP partner's time. If you ever feel like you're losing interest in the RP, you can always...

Shake things up!

If the role play ever seems a little bland, you can always add a twist, or throw your partner a metaphorical curveball! Always add twists, as long as they relate to the plot in some way.

Don't speed things up!

Ever heard the phrase 'slow and steady wins the race'? Well, that definitely applies to advanced roleplaying! If you speed up the role play, it could cause you and the other people involved to skip over key details in the role play. It can also cause the RP to be over quickly, which'll be no fun. Also please refrain from doing 'time skips', try and do everything in real time!

Do character development!

Definitely change your character as the RP goes on! Don't rush/force it, of course, but gradual change is always great! Always try new things out with your character and roleplaying style, because who knows? Maybe your character could change in an unexpected way, and it could even surprise you !

Don't force it!

If you aren't ready for advanced roleplaying, that's totally fine! Some people need to work on their basic roleplaying skills before moving onto the advanced board. Always make sure you're ready for advanced RPing before going on to do it!