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Him and me? Us? A thing? Never. (Pafp)
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Okay, so this is obviously a Hogwarts based roleplay, but instead of our usual group, there are two new character's. Mine and yours. I'll be playing a female and you may do whatever you wish as long as our characters are attracted to each other. Now, I will be playing the muggle born cousin of the Wesley's, something they didn't disgrace or the like from and all I ask from you is that your character be pure blood. Wesley's are, in fact, pure blood yes but my character is a distant cousin with knowledge of the magical world since she is sent to live with them. However you wish to start this may be discussed because I don't mind how it is started. An argument between them, a random quest, some boring potions test from Snape, whatever. All I ask from you is your character be pure blooded, of an opposite house (I'll probably go Gryffindor) and they be rivals and you use the form template provided. Thank you for joining!

We're the ones who take the beating

Get back up and we're still breathing

We are the ones

We'll take the hit straight to the face

And never look the other way

We are the ones

Still undefeated

With our backs against the ropes

We're still undefeated

We'll break these chains

To let them know

They cannot break our hope

name; "Carnaxa Landon Montgomery."

age; "Seventeen."

birthdate; 02/13/99

gender; "Female, obviously."

sexuality; "I am heterosexual."

parents; "Hahaha you're talking to an orphan!" She was young when her parents died, her father being a Wesley and mother being a normal human, she doesn't know them.
abilities; "I excel in Potions, Herbology and DADA."

personality; Carnaxa is a quiet and non sociable woman with a sweet and carefree side alone with a cold and heartless side. Her quietness and unsociable attitude drive people away, so, usually if you stumble upon her the woman is alone and that's how she likes it. Yes, she has other sides to her, but really nobody knows about them but her older brother Ron, whom is actually her older cousin, and the rest of their family, a side effect of growing up in foster homes before her family could find her. Though, with the few friends this woman has, she is highly sociable and lively, always laughing and having fun like any other person would when hanging out with friends, even in a time like this. Though, she can be sociable, being around others she doesn't know is a real bother and disturbing to her, so, she finds ways to stay away from people because people do nothing but annoy her. She'll be quick to answer you with sarcasm or stare at you like you're stupid, something she is seen doing often and has a violent sense of humor and love. She is easily tempered and quick to lash out with her wand or fist, these being the reason she is slightly feared but also loved because she'll use this to protect those she cares about.

history; I know people hate this, but she'll (I'll because I'll be doing this in first person point of view) reveal it in the roleplay. I like mystery, plus this makes things a bit more realistic.

likes; "Reading, writing, art, swimming, working out, sports."

dislikes; "You'll find that a lot actually bores me. I cannot give proper examples because I kind of don't really know myself."

strengths; "Herbology, Potions, DADA, my physical physique and the biggest bookworm out there."

weaknesses; "I'm a sarcastic jackass that tends to piss of even Hermione though she's like my sister and Snape is always watching me like a hawk more than Potter because of it. I also am a bookworm and will raise hell if you touch or ruin my books."

plot ideas; Will develop.

other; "I'm in the house of Gryffindor and are a distant cousin of Ron, Fred, George and Jeannie. I was raised with them, so they're my brothers and sister." She'll have a crush on your character since the beginning, but will show it by being a jackass to your character since she still has to keep up the rivalry.

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