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THE CORPS | the navy of the new world, guide (wip)
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Introduction ☸☸

Territory ☸☸

The Corps rests in a large city that rests next to a large body of water that connects directly to the ocean and multiple other lakes rivers and ponds. On the edge of the shore rests an abandoned military base and an old shipyard. The Corps is based in both.

The military base is where the Corps host meetings, ceremonies, feasts and other events. In the middle of the military base is a large area that serves as a gym and a cafeteria. Every meal the members of the Corps set up tables to eat at, they put them away afterwards so the room can once again serve as a gym. Down the hall there is a staircase that leads up to a long hall of bunkers.

Next door to the military base is a large shipyard. It holds hundreds of small, medium and large boats. A majority of the boats are broken or under repair so the Corps are only able to use a handful of sailboats. The shipyard is where most of the supplies are kept and where the Corps actually spends most of their work time despite being a military based group.

Outside of both bases is a large dock. In the water rests the boats that are too large to keep in the base or the ships that the Corps were unable to get out of the water or get rid of post-outage. The Corps hosts some of their parties on the deck and hosts daily sailing sessions out on the water.

Rules & FAQ ☸☸

• Disobeying the Admiral and any HPs is prohibited.
• Physically or Verbally attacking an ally or member of the Corps is prohibited.
• Robbery of supplies, medicine, ships or any item is prohibited.
• Causing any negative political issue is prohibited.
• Sexism, racism, and homophobia are all prohibited.
• Breaking any of these laws will result in a minor or severe punishment.


Q: May I join the Corps?

A: Of course! Everyone and anyone is allowed to join with characters young and old! There is no application required, just hop in with a thread with "THE CORPS" in the title and be on your way!

Q: Why doesn't this group have a board?

A: This group isn't considered official enough to have a board. Yet! If we as a team work hard and stay active, we will gain ourselves a board! Don't let the lac of one be a turn off, this fact won't make us any less fun of a group to be in!

Q: I have some questions... Who do I ask?

A: You can ask our current leader via their sub or main account!

History ☸☸

Before the outage, the city that the Corps now lives in was a bustling busy sea port. Ships were constantly moving through the city and there was never a moment where wake from a cargo ship wouldn't hit the shore of the city.

Until the outage.

When the outage occurred, people were rioting, going crazy and worrying. People lost trust of large engine powered boats due to the outage and slowly but surely the port became quieter and quieter. People began to leave the city, and those who didn't were too nervous to live in large apartment and office buildings. So they moved into the local military base due to its hard walls and mountains of food and supplies.

Those who already rested in the base decided to teach the newcomers their ways, helping them adapt to military and sea life. Due to those newcomers not being members of the military and the military in the area practically disappearing after the outage, the group dubbed themselves the Corps.

Other ☸☸

The Corps still based their lifestyle off of the military, so all members at all times must be wearing their uniforms. On casual days, they wear a blue postman uniform and a black ball cap. On ceremonial days and meeting days they must wear a full dress naval uniform. These uniforms must be kept clean and washed daily in clean water.

On days where the Corps are hosting a casual event or a party, they are permitted to wear their civilian clothes. They may also wear these when sailing.

Weekly missions are handed out every week to any member who is willing to take them. These missions can be important and can relate to foreign relations and attacks on enemies, or can be as simple as taking some of the members on a relaxing cruise or hosting a nice game for all to participate in.

Politics ☸☸

The Corps does not have any allies at the moment.

The Corps is neutral with the Flintlock Lodge, the Northstar District and the Badlands.

The Corps does not have any enemies as of yet.

Ranks ☸☸


The Admiral is the leader of the Corps. They are to be addressed by Sir/Ma'am or Admiral (Last name). Their orders are not to be disobeyed without a clear reasonable reason and they have complete control over all food, supplies and ships in the Corps. They host meetings, ceremonies and most events that occur in the Corps.
Current Admiral: Admiral Linda Steele played by Trout


The Vice-Admiral is the Second in Command in the Corps. They have a large amount of power and control over all members in the Corps. They have the ability to take large yacht class ships on cruises and missions and are permitted to go alone of said missions. They can do almost anything in the Corps as long as they have permission from the Admiral.
Current Vice-Admiral: No one


These are the healers of the group. They have access to all medical supplies and are expected to heal all injuries the members of the Corps may receive. They are also expected to have check-ups every month and teach the Field Medics how to heal.
Current Medics: No one.


The Lieutenants are very trusted members of the Corps. They are able to command anyone below their rank with permission and can use racing ships and larger vessels on missions and cruises. They are trusted to teach the Sub-Lieutenant all that they need to know and can teach younger members how to control larger vessels.
Current Lieutenants: No one


These members are considered the Medics in training. They are to go into battle to help members of the Corps who may get injured during battle. They are to keep these members stable until the Corps return to base where the Medic can properly heal these members.
Current Field Medics: No one


Sub-Lieutenant is the first rank you can earn in the Corps. These people have showcased strong knowledge of the sea and the ability to listen to and carry out important tasks. Sub-Lieutenants are considered teachers and welcoming committees. They are trusted to be welcoming and greet all new members and teach Cadets and Naval Cadets how to operate small vessels.
Current Sub-Lieutenants: No one

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Re: THE CORPS | the navy of the new world, guide (wip)
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Re: THE CORPS | the navy of the new world, guide (wip)
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track! i love this idea!!!!
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Re: THE CORPS | the navy of the new world, guide (wip)
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