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Re: [p]ut your hands in the air and don't make a sound
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luka fox
a can of cider lobbed at him. he should’ve seen that coming. it fell short by a ways, the blonde left to stare at it before looking over towards the dumbass stretched out across the sofa. there was that cocky grin and amusement tracing easily around his words. a perfect picture of what luka had had to put up with for the last couple of months. then there was the mention of deran benson. another thing he should’ve seen coming. he couldn’t help but roll his eyes in response to a wagging of brows, and for a moment, he was tempted to swat the tossed phone mid-air. perhaps watch it fall to the ground. instead, though, he lazily caught it, wandering closer towards the couch. it’d take too much effort to have to pick it up, and he’d never hear the end of it.

“move,” was the only real warning he gave before sitting on the couch, namely where silas’s legs had been - and probably still were. “i did it for like a whole hour yesterday, you lazy shit.” his mind flickered to the other day, contemplating if it had really been an entire hour. it was hard to believe silas about most things, but he had a fair point that now it was his turn. luka didn’t have much to say in his own defense, instead simply responding as he lazily played around on silas’s phone, “unlike you, i had better things to do.” most of that was nodding on and off on the sofa while silas texted away, fingertips just barely touching silas’s thigh for the smallest ounce of human connection.

they had been sitting there for a while, luka texting their song request over and over and over. it was only after his hand started to cramp a bit from it that he sighed, leaning his head back against the sofa to stare up at the ceiling. this was useless, he was never going to play the damn song--

“next up-- a song we’ve been requested many times these last few shows. might as well play it.”

he perked up slightly at the announcement, turning to stare over at the radio.

“here it is, by popular demand, twisted nerve.”

for a moment, luka couldn’t believe that it had actually worked. such a long time spent messaging this man to play this haunting melody, a melody luka had whistled many times in his life-- and the tune was playing on the radio. on deran benson’s show. he stared at the radio for a moment before looking over at silas, unsure how to even react. brows raised expectantly, he waited for a response from silas that would express enough about how to feel for the both of them.

 tonight was the night.

//wow sorry for this post wtf