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fishy kisses ∞ dump
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:56:27 PM »
hi, welcome to the third or fourth installation of "twistie's trashcans"

i wasn't able to find like anything in my last dump so below there will be either some of my more muse character bios reposted and a link list for all my characters in that dump or one or the other i don't know yet. again, this is basically one giant shitpost so be aware of ranting, character aesthetics, bios, etc. also, like, post however much you want for plotting and whatever like, post about your dog or your day i don't fucking care but have fun!!!!
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 07:56:43 PM »

       notes on ketsiyah;;

- meet ketsiyah opal mercier, commonly known as ketty or mercier, who was born in mexico but raised in the united states
- since she was a little kid, ketsiyah was always told there was a right way and a wrong way for everything. this would include stuff as miniscule as buttering toast or sitting in a chair. her parents made it very clear early on that they didn't approve of anything that was "out of the ordinary" and were very strict
- of course, ketsiyah was a rebellious child growing up and it resulted in many screaming matches over little things and there is no trust between her and her parents. they think the worst of her and she has isolated herself from them and now intentionally breaks the rules and gets herself in trouble at school, just to test her parents'
- honestly doesn't know why they haven't kicked her out yet, she deserves to be
- when she was twelve, she started questioning her sexuality which really made her turn in on herself because her parents were strictly against that and found it "unnatural". in turn, this made ketsiyah believe that, due to these questioning feelings, she was also unnatural and that something about her was very wrong
- her parents found out when she was fourteen after catching her kissing a girl and hell broke loose in ketsiyah's life and they moved the first of many times
- this all deepened the distrust between her and her parents because they were, quite literally, disgusted at the thought that ketsiyah wasn't heterosexual. she was never allowed to stay out late and had to tell them where she was going and if she was late, there were sometimes serious consequences
- as a result of this all, ketsiyah is still very much in the closet and sneaks out a lot and causes problems at school. in the current school year, alone, she's been to three different schools because of all the trouble she has been causing at school
- hates that she isn't straight and wants to be straight not really so that her parents won't hate her and will actually show some semblance of caring. it wasn't even after they found out that it started. when she was twelve, she used to pray that she would wake up straight and write to santa and say that all she wanted for christmas was to be straight
- "dates" guys in hopes of convincing people around her that she's straight
- doesn't really have friends and doesn't openly go up and talk to people because she's an overall loner and doesn't really crave social interactions or recognition
- ran away less than six months ago but was found by the police and forcibly returned back to her parents' custody and now things are a lot worse in the house and she wants to die
- even if you did get to know her, you wouldn't really find a bright or cheery girl underneath, just more repressed sadness and pain and drama
- looks really good in yellow
- will get anxious in confined spaces and will most likely have a panic attack
- if you can make her smile for real, not the stupid fake smiles or sarcastic ones, that's when you know that she's starting to trust you to some extent
- ummmmmmmmm she is about 89% fake smiles, 8% sarcastic comments, 3% hatred of the world, and 100% pain and self-hatred
- totally not the yellow ranger, that would be crazy. nahhhhhhhhhhh
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 07:57:00 PM »

       notes on declyn;;

- this is declyn zeke dubois. he doesn't really have nicknames, which he's kinda sad about, because his first name is so short. one time, someone called him lyn (or lynie) and he hated that because he thought it sounded really girlie
- he is the son of a preacher, abraham dubois, and a second grade teacher, maisie dubois
- declyn has one little sister who he loves so much. her name is hailee and they are such cute siblings, look at these babies. even as smols they were cute. just look at them
- this boy used to be a brace face in middle school and he hated it so much. braces are so annoying and he wanted people to like him but he always talked funny because of them
- alright this babe was born on december twenty-third and was born in juno, alaska. right after his little sister was born, the family moved to idk california or smth? but they go back every year around christmas to visit family
- since a young age, declyn has been very involved in music. he learned how to play piano at age seven and taught himself how to play guitar during his middle school years (and has gotten a lot better). when it comes to him singing, declyn didn't really start singing until tenth grade but LET ME TELL YOU, this boy has a wonderful voice. it has a raspiness to it and it's wonderful okay? like girls were all over him
- sadly for the girls, declyn isn't interested. he identifies as homosexual, homoromantic but just isn't out of the closet. so people assume he's straight and that he is attracted to girls and yadda yadda. the reason he hides it is because his parents are very anti-lgbt+ and declyn knows that if they found out, hell would break loose in the house and he'd probably be kicked out. his father is very religious so he believes that lgbt+ people are going to hell and he's horrible and declyn hates hiding it but knows it's for his own safety
- trust me when i say this, declyn wants to come out more than anything else because he hates the fact that he's lying to everyone. he's lying to a girl that he might be dating to try and hide everything but he can't
- he knows how to ice skate and has been skating since he was a child and plays hockey
- did you know that declyn here has a doppleganger? his name is rosie and they actually became like good friends and it was weird at first but now it's hilarious
- like you can't tell them apart unless they are standing next to each other because rosie is a few inches taller than declyn (which declyn hates more than anything)
- this boy is the sweetest person you will ever meet. he's an angel, his smile is like so great and wonderful and he will do anything to make people happy even if it hurts him
- some key traists: kind, loving, affectionate, naive, doesn't stand up for himself, passive, a bit cheeky, insecure, passionate, driven, talented, dreamer, heart over head, sweetheart, sometimes flirty, lowkey anxious
- for a while, declyn was kinda self-conscious about his voice because he thought he wasn't that good but then, there was a boy hayden who said he liked his voice and deCLYN GOT SO RED IN THE FACE oops, he caught feelings
- one time, a guy was harrassing his sister and, no joke, declyn punched the dude but it kind of backfired because one, he got suspended, and two, he might have broken his hand because he was noodle boy™ at the time. all you need to know is that nobody is gonna disrespect his sister and get away with it ever

Spoiler: some later hcs • show
these are all either right before or after he was outted

- for some time before anyone knew declyn was gay, he was in a relationship with hayden and besides the obvious struggles of not being able to say anything, things were good and happy and declyn had someone he didn't have to lie to about who he was
- of course, his parents found out. they already didn't like hayden. well, when they did find out, hell breaks loose and declyn actually ends getting hurt and somehow the two manage to like get out of the house before anything too drastic happens
- well, now declyn is out to everyone and it's such a relief for him and he actually gets to not hide his relationship and it's actually the best thing (but also not because he got kicked out of the house, well not actually. he kinda just left)
- but hey, how he actually like comes out to the school is hella great okay, literally got in front of everyone and serenaded hayden. it was romantic af
- if you thought you were done with angst, you were wrong because have you met me? so, about two months after running away, declyn's dad wrecks havoc on declyn's life by reporting declyn as a runaway to the police. what this meant for declyn is that once the police found him, he'd be returned home because he wasn't legally an adult yet and was a minor. anyways, life got bad. there was a lot of verbal abuse and it sometimes escalated to physical abuse but not that often
- after this, declyn started avoiding hayden partially because his parents made him block hayden on social media and delete his number and all that but also because declyn was embarrassed. nobody really knew what was going on and when they'd ask declyn if they had broken up, he would say yes and it broke him to have to say that
- i don't know if it was ever decided how things actually get better for declyn or declyn and hayden whoops, who knows what will happen
- oh yeah, one time declyn showed up to school with a black eye after this incident and when someone probably hayden tried to help him and ask what was wrong, declyn just didn't say anything and kept walking
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2017, 07:57:30 PM »

       notes on wallace;;

- this is wallace brett deveraux but he prefers to be called wally and he is a flower child, look at him. he is the flower king and sidney his flower queen
- wally was born in toronto, canada on the eighteenth of july
- his birth parents were teenagers when he was born and his mother abandoned him at the hospital and the police were never able to find her and wallace was put up for adoption
- just a little over a year after he was born, wallace was adopted by the chantel and david deveraux and became the youngest of three children, and the only son in the family
- his three older sisters, michelle, dorothea, and bethany, babied him well into his teenage years because he was the baby of the family and he got so annoyed with them like "guys, i'm not a little kid, i'm sixteen" but then them like "you're still a little kid to us"
- wally is a really outgoing and charismatic dude who loves everyone and wants everyone to see the good in the world and just love the life they have
- speaks fluent french and english and never says 'i love you' but instead says 'je t'aime'
- weed is great but don't tell his mum or sisters because they will get hella pissed if they find out he smokes and be hella overprotective
- identifies as pansexual, homoromantic
- wow he was actually concerned about coming out to his parents but they were surprisingly accepting and it was great. his sisters knew before their parents and they were encouraging him to because they knew it wouldn't be a problem and that they would love him regardless and it was just very relieving to finally officially come out
- one time, he was making out with this dude and, no joke, the dude went like "no homo though" and at the time wally was fifteen and didn't really get it and thought they were a thing but got his bubble bursted and he was sad and it was his first heartbreak
- tries to keep his instagram aesthetically pleasing
- immigrated to america when he was sixteen along with his parents but his three older sisters still live in canada but he visits and they visit a lot
- yes he has a canadian accent, yes he does say eh a lot, please don't mock him because he'll be hella salty and probably not talk to you
- is really super duper nice and if someone looks sad, he always asks if they are okay or if he can help. he stands up for the little guy/girl and doesn't like bullies
- despite being really nice and such, wally has gotten into some fights (mostly over defending someone) which has gotten him in a lot of trouble and his parents aren't so happy about it and he hates disappointing them
- looks hella serious a lot of the time but he isn't, honestly he's like the least serious person you'll ever meet. wally is always cracking jokes and pulling pranks and shit and it's great
- loves horses and actually knows how to ride and really wants to own a horse of his own one day because horses are fucking awesome
- he has a septum piercing that he's almost always wearing but sometimes he takes it out if there's like a really formal occasion or not, he loves his piercing
- so wally has this gap between his front teeth and it isn't like a huge gap or whatever but he's a bit self-conscious about it but people always say it's adorable and that they think he'd look a bit weird without it because it makes him unique
- he has an azurian husky, lovey, that he found as a stray and the dog is like either at wally's side or laying on wally's bed. lovey doesn't really like anybody else except sid, sometimes. he also has a cat, rocky, who loves everyone and is always curling up in your lap
- wally likes making other people flower crowns cuz he's such a pure and loving boy and flower crowns are basically his life don't judge
- he's seen wall-e more times than he can possibly count
- a sucker for small romantic gestures because they are more intimate and personal. don't get me wrong, grand romantic gestures are great but the small ones that no one else knows about just mean more because it's between two people instead of everyone knowing
- this boy has some pipes, like he's got a pretty decent singing voice but he never really shows it off or tells people about it except sid
- he's like 5'10"ish and dude is not a noodle. he's got muscly arms and abs for days. no one is surprised his hella muscly but everyone is hella shooketh when the see the abs and muscles because like damn son

Spoiler: devertino stuff • show
- devertino is sidney florentino and wallace deveraux
- so they both came to america in sophomore/junior year and were kinda the "foreigner new kids" or whatever. well, the counsellors kinda paired them up and they were in a lot of the same classes and bonded over the fact that they were from different places. people used to make fun of sid because he didn't have the best time after moving to america and wally kinda became protective a bit? he was always looking out for him and trying to help him gain his confidence and they just became friends
- you see this picture here? well this basically summed up devertino for the longest time. always touching in some way whether it was holding hands or being really close. sometimes, sid would just stroke wally's arm while wally had his head resting on the desk or table. there were times where wally would actually doze off and the teachers like wouldn't get mad or upset and lots of people whould like post about it on snapchat because it was so cute and they were basically goals before even dating
- literally everyone shipped them (teachers and students) and asked them if they were dating and like wally would get real blushy and start stammering a bit, just real nervous and unsure, but sid would look at him and smile and vice versa
- the jist of how they got together: "so what is this relationship" "uh, i don't know, i never thought about it" "do you want to be together" "i kinda thought we already were" and then they officially started dating and just real cute
- everybody's reaction to them getting together was one of the following: "about damn time" "finally" "thank god" "i thought i'd have to knock some sense into you two"
- sid is wally's flower queen and wally is sid's flower king
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2017, 07:57:50 PM »

       notes on jules;;

- his full name is jules maurice wayward. as a kid he had a plethora of nicknames ranging from juju to bean sprout (why, he'll never know). nowadays people either call him jule or jules, with the occasional juju which bothers him to no end
- he is the only child to maryanne and hudson wayward. the couple met in freshman year of college and got married a year after graduating. two years later, along came jules and he was a literal jewel and his parents showered him in endless love and affection
- things were good for a while. jules exceeded all expections academically and athletically. he became involved with his high school's track team and cross-country team as a freshman. he played soccer for many years
- for the longest time he had a 4.0 gpa and was a straight a student
- before things went bad, jules was a well-liked person at his school. he was popular, he had a lot of friends, he felt like people actually cared about him. jules was kind to everyone even if they weren't kind to him. he tutored kids who were struggling outside of school and was a perfect son in his parents' eyes
- he was very protective of those he cared about and wasn't ever afraid to throw punches when it came to defending someone, even if he didn't know who he was defending. he was quick to help those who needed help and he hates bullies
- identifies as homosexual, homoromantic but only a handful of people know
- was on his way to being a valedictorian but things took a turn for the worse
- when jules was sixteen, his dad found out jules was gay and his dad is very homophobic and kicked jules out of the house because he couldn't bear to have a gay son
- after this, jules went to a maybe-more-than friend's house and stayed there for a few days until his friends dad walked in one morning to his son and jules asleep in bed together. while he didn't yell or scream, jules knew he was no longer welcome and quickly got dressed and left without argument or saying goodbye to the friend
- soon after, jules started falling behind in school work and was sleeping wherever he could. he was also starting to get bullied by the same kids who were his friends before finding out that jules was gay. they were cruel and relentless and what they did combined with not having a place to live and having no one who cared about him all contributed to his depression and his feelings of hopelessness and later his suicidal thoughts
- for a few months he was actually sleeping in the boys' locker room at school because he didn't know wherelse to go and he wasn't eating a lot because he didn't have money and he quit the track team and became a shell of who he once was
- it was actually the track coach that caught on and tried to help him as best as he could but jules was already suicidal by this point that he didn't even think the coach actually cared about him or what happened to him
- the coach contacted jules' dad and told him everything and jules returned home
- tw (suicide attempt) a week after returning home, jules found his father's gun and had decided that he didn't want to live anymore. both his parents were gone at work and jules completely broke down and just cried in his room and was shaking and there were many times he almost pulled the trigger. in those moments, he felt more alone than ever and like nobody cared yet he couldn't find the ability to pull the trigger
- the following day, jules went to school and had another break down in the boys' locker room. this time, instead of trying to bring himself physical harm, he called the suicide hotline and, for once, he felt like someone actually cared if he lived or died
- currently in therapy and actually talking about how he feels instead of keeping it inside
- his relationship with his father has gotten a lot better since his father found out that jules was gay. in fact, his father apologised for what he said and for how he reacted and feels guilty that jules thought the only was to feel better was to die, that jules almost pulled the trigger, and that jules felt as if no one actually cared about him
- since everything happened, jules still struggles with depression and has since developed anxiety. he's always worried about people not actually caring him and he fears being alone with his thoughts and demons
- his therapist suggested he get a psychiatric service dog to help him deal with his feelings of depression, anxiety, and to help him with stress. about a month after this discussion, jules' parents brought a service dog into the home to help jules. the dog is an american eskimo dog with the name of harriet
- it took a while, but jules is slowly letting people back into his life but he is hesitant at times for fear of the people he does let in abandoning him or not caring about him
- though he won't ever be that happy boy he was before his dad discovered he was gay, jules is slowly rebuilding himself and trying to better himself and trying to pick up the pieces of his broken life. perhaps one day he'll have that light in his eyes again
- okay, some fun and nice and not-angsty headcanons
- jules loves avocados but hates guacamole which is strange but he just prefers to eat avocados without all the other things like peppers
- allergic to cilantro, peaches, and matcha
- wants to get back into running but instead of on a team, just for himself. he kinda wants to run a marathon someday and running helps him destress and it relaxes him
- listens to classical music which surprises a lot of people but the soft lull of a piano or violin has a way of putting him in a better mindset
- doesn't really talk about his depression with anyone with the exception of his therapist
- learned how to play the violin when he was in elementary school and still continues to play it though not in an orchestra because he just prefers to play on his own
- he has a septum piercing and plans on getting a few tattoos once he turns eighteen
- obviously based of the song 1-800-273-8255 by logic
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2017, 07:58:03 PM »

       notes on presleigh;;

- this is presleigh newton jacobs, named after (you guessed it) elvis presley. the thing is, they changed the spelling because they wanted to be "original" and honestly, presleigh would prefer you just call him pj
- he is the younest son of ashton and peridot jacobs, who are both san diego, california natives and met during college and fell in love and that's about all there is to it
- presleigh has two older brothers, thomas and liam, and one older sister, jennifer. while thomas is nine years older and jennifer are almost seven years old, liam is only three years than him and they tended to get along a lot better than he does with his oldest siblings
- grew up not in a horrible neighborhood but not in a super amazing neighbornood either. his family is right smack dab in the middle of the socio-economic scale
- the biggest loner nerd you will ever meet
- sexuality and romantic orientation has never been something he's actually given a serious thought to. he's attracted to those who present as masculine but keeps telling himself that he also is attracted to those who present as feminine just so people don't think he's weirder than they already think he is
- if you are lucky enough to actually find yourself a part of his life, you will see someone who is as innocent and pure as they come. like, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body
- hella smart. smartest kid you'll ever meet. top of the class. gpa higher than 4.0
- being a nerd has garnered a lot of people picking on him and he definitely has done homework for other people because he doesn't know how to say know and he tends to get nervous around other people
- kinda on the smaller side, he's only 5'8" and he's got a little bit of like bulk muscle on his upper arms but he isn't that athletic and you can't really tell
- fun fact: presleigh has a speech impediment, specifically a stutter, that developed after a car accident when he was seven. he suffered moderate brain trauma and the stutter became noticeable about two weeks after the accident and has had it ever since. because of the stutter, presleigh tends not to talk that often because he found that people will make fun of him for it and he's embarrassed and ashamed of his stutter
- after the backlash that kind of happened when people discovered he had a stutter and how he just doesn't talk very much, presleigh developed serious anxiety towards speaking more than just brief conversations. he's always worried how people will react and he's been mocked and taunted so much that he just does whatever possible not to talk
- one time, he was a freshman in high school and the teacher (who either didn't know or didn't care about presleigh's stutter) made everybody stand up and tell everybody their name and a few other stupid things about themselves. when a few kids tried to opt out, she refused. so, presleigh did and he could hear people laughing and after that class he could hear them mocking him and he wanted to die
- yes, he's tried speech therapy and no, it did not work
- prettier than most girls or so he has been told
- the curls are soft and fluffy and natural and it's wonderful
- wears a lot of sweaters and he's kinda of on the thinner side so they always tend to be a bit big on him and he looks so fucking cute okay? so cute
- sex is a taboo thing in his house, like his older sister got pregnant when she was sixteen and his parents flipped and have since always preached that sex is bad and something that you should wait until marriage to do. presleigh doesn't really believe that bullshit
- he has an australian shepherd name tina whom he loves more than food
- presleigh knows perfect sign language (as does his older brother liam) because he used it to communicate with his parents for a while because he was too embarrassed to speak
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2017, 07:58:31 PM »
alright i'll make a list later with all the ones i didn't post in here but hello everyone welcome and enjoy this shit hole
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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i have arrived
she/her hub thingyhere i love ya
Spoiler:  ・゚✦ love! • show
pyre patted this person
you are my bro-in-law
you're my bro-in-law
boogie woogie woogie
hoot basked in the sunlight
joey loves you <3

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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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welcome to hell, enjoy your stay c:
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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launches self in here

how is it so easy for you to be kind to people he asked
milk and honey dripped from my lips as i answered
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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who do you work for, baby?
and does it work for you lately?

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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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/throws glitter
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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track (-:

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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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" i myself am strange and unusual. "
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Re: fishy kisses ∞ dump
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they say you're a little much for me
you're a liability