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What To Look Forward To • BLOODCLAN PLANS
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:41:15 PM »
I've got a lot of stuff going through my head, so here's a list of stuff I want to do with BC! And what you can look forward to!

Development plots with Alley Cats and Rouges creating a civil problem.
          - Whether winning or losing battles, they will attempt to integrate the feral cats into their clan, or run them out -

There's trouble brewing with the Stea!

          - The Stea have declared a slow war! Either bloodclan needs to discover this and prepare, or someone's gotta convince Bane to fix it!

Bane wants to get inside the other clan's systems!
          - Bane wants to know what's going on in other clans; which souls hurt most, who's leader, what issues are going on. He needs spies, and ways to blackmail people into doing what he wants ; like offing someone else or finding something Bloodclan needs.

Release the sooouls!

          - Bane's end goal is mass murder; he wants to release the souls of other people entirely; during this, Bloodclan could gain land, gain power, gain supplies, and just generally take control of everything they want; and assure they themselves live well.


A Mass Adoption
I'd like to hold a mass adoption to try and get in members DURING THE PROGRESS of making our way through the above and other plots; that way they can look at the board and see what's going on!

Update the Guide
Concidering Bane's ideals are far different than any other leader, the religion may change, though will still remain optional, and I would like to redo the territory and update it in general with more information.

Possibly we can advertise a plot, the adoptions, or both or something!
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Re: What To Look Forward To • BLOODCLAN PLANS
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Re: What To Look Forward To • BLOODCLAN PLANS
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Re: What To Look Forward To • BLOODCLAN PLANS
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