Author Topic: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?  (Read 3937 times)

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did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:32:55 AM »

dollar dollar

— mess
and more mess
and rly just a lot of mess
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, 03:38:53 AM »

  • MUSIC GENRE k-pop
  • NAME
    Spoiler: im rly frickin bad at names • show
    - softlight(s)
    - newmorning
    - blossomed......
    - moonset
    - exoplanet
    - fairylights
    - stagefright
    - glasscastle
    - hearteyes
  • "qt poppy kpop boy kitty" -- bc um only the cutest ever.
  • kpop is ambiguous; 100 sides, 100 faces, bubblegum pop then the scrape of a nailed baseball bat sliding across the bloodstained floor, always changing, always just a touch different to what you'd thought you'd see, what you'd hear.
  • ppl always have more than one side is what im saying.
  • tiny and fluffy, roughly apprentice-sized but 28 moons young ok.
  • voice naturally sort of? light? high? p delicate?
  • gray/aromantic
  • think about........ what to do w 700 whole xiumin gif icons....... like......... I'm not playing what do i do with them other than love them w all my heart
even if the sun rises, without you i'm cold

  • a bit on the quieter, shyer scale when just observing - a consequence of being all 2 aware of his surroundings, all the bright, bursting personalities around him, the things they're hiding and the fear they're dismissing in the name of laughs & engagement.
  • ambitious, diligent - works on the dl to accomplish this abandonment of fear, too.
  • idk how to word this. has a playful and v mischievous flirty side that emerges when he has the mind for it, bc he knos he's cute so he Works It. mainly never out of tru interest bc he #aint no easy
  • all too easy to see him as cute, small, but he does not play. ___ never, ever, ever plays.
  • self-aware, witty, intelligent & v. perceptive
  • which is how he works it so well
  • allure!!!!!! pretty kitty. bc all idols in this awful world gotta b
  • incredibly mature. generally careful w what he says. its easy to forget he is as well, but he knows firsthand all the lies ppl make, all the things they hide and everything they think abt ppl that Just Don't Fit. so he plays along, but __ does not forget.
  • w/ the recognition of how bad ppl are, takes care of those that r also quieter. b/c normally they're the ones that keep things internal.
  • though he does venture out of his comfort zone, w/ a determination and fortitude coming from age + exp, remains easy 2 embarrass. bc he is just that qt.
  • dynamic? but just restrained. very good at using a gentle kindergarten teacher voice.
  • flaws. often falls prey to going overboard when trying to make a situation humorous w cutting words, can b dismissive of others, set in his ways, may lash out.

Spoiler: show
gratuitous xiumin pics. not 2 rly use later or anything he's just cute and i love him.

i didn't notice it before but look at his sweet smile right there . legends only.

if we're talking diff sides i want 2 draw ur attention to this.

i am weeping.

hes so cute im DYING!!

chanyeol voice l luv u baby baby

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2017, 04:20:23 AM »
Spoiler: uh huh listen boi my first love story • show

they call this the goddess of the wind gif and i agree

uhhhh excuse me... your majesty... um.. u look too good today? i love u? uh your majesty.... blease

Spoiler: show

oct 8
Spoiler: hit the jackpot bby • show

oct 28
Spoiler: luxury luxury • show

dec 28
- 2017
Spoiler: fall • show

19.8.2018 august its been 8 months jesus take the wheel

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2017, 05:33:26 AM »
gimme gimme some freaky freaky hell yeah your love your love don't take your love away you ain't heard nothing yet yet wake up make up bang bang predilection infatuation dedication addiction yolo mic drop bam man i spent it like some party yeah i'm on the mountain yeah i'm on the bay cruising like nemo i'm so firing firing

down like a gyro drop
it's all good alright no lie
blind to the love and the hate
spring flower boy
it's gonna be electric
slow down some
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2017, 08:49:57 PM »
Spoiler: ugh theyre so powerful • show

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2017, 02:04:46 AM »

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2017, 02:43:13 AM »
Min Wren



Spoiler: appearance. • show

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: Approximating average, or really a few inches under at 1.76 metres.
WEIGHT: Technically average as well, just a sufficient amount of meat on those bones and 58 kilograms.
BUILD: Almost diminutive, given he has essentially no muscle definition; fairly scrawny. He seems a bit disproportionate at times – short legs, larger head, unimpressive on the overall shoulder front.
HAIR: Hangs long enough almost to dip into his eyes, feathering over his brows but not long enough to cover his ears; dark, and it’s cropped more towards the back, and the front is generally strewn haphazardly from how carelessly he hangs his head. His hair is short overall, unkempt, easy to clean, and easily mussed – dyeing it isn’t an option he’s considered, given that he scarcely thinks about the state of his hair at all.
SKIN: Pale, and sensitive to the weather – near perpetually dry given he doesn’t know the definition of moisturiser, especially the backs of his hands and at his cheeks, and easily reddening in hot weather. It is soft for the most part, given the only physical activity he does needs his hands.
EYES: His eyes would be brown – dark, irises hardly distinguishable from pupil – if they weren’t a milky, unsettling white, only slightly darker at the edges, fringed by dark under-eye circles. Lidded, generally, from the little effort he expends into keeping them open, and unfocused, reflecting an aged, monumentally dispassionate reservation during the majority of discussions – they only widen with shock and unconsciously screw into a glower with spite, reactions he hasn’t accounted for others strictly seeing. Short lashes, ones hardly seen. Tends to blink irregularly: too hard, too quickly, too often or not enough to fully cover his entire eye.
MOUTH: He has thin lips, and they curve nicely at the edges in their neutral state – he smiles too wide, showing gums, wide enough it’s almost scary, and when he presses his mouth closed they vanish into a line of bitten red. His teeth aren’t anything spectacular; straight, but given that Wren is altogether too lazy to enunciate his syllables precisely he never opens his mouth enough for people to get a good look at his teeth either way. He has a nervous habit of licking his lips, and as a result they’re cracked, peeling, always a bit too red.
NOSE: He has only a slight nose bridge, and his nose is a smaller slope, the least of his features that stick out. Wren acts roughly, too rough for his comparatively delicate facial features, and rubs his nose like a demon when he gets a cold, casually brushes a finger across it in embarrassment; it reddens quickly. Wren has grown less than fond of this Rudolph the reindeer he’s told of so frequently.
HANDS: Wren has big hands and haphazardly clipped (Spring doesn't have a lot of patience) nails with the skin around them most often torn and red; he plays with his hands, and he can't help from picking at a hangnail, a source of immediate, private focus with a lack of other significant distractions. His knuckles dry fast from the cold, and the visibility of the blue veins that run evidently all the way up his arm is almost frightening. With little use for his hands, he tends to keep them in his pockets, else simply rubs them together to stay warm.
FEET: [Big or small? Bony or plump? Trimmed toenails? Claws?]
SCARS: [Any visible scars?]
CLOTHES: Anything that fits over his head, and anything he can shove his legs into. He feels for tags, and if they’ve been cut off then he just puts them on however they feel best.
OTHER FEATURES: [human characters with uncommon features]
OTHER NOTEABLE FEATURES: [Optional - anything you need to mention that isn’t covered by the above.]

Spoiler: speech. • show

ACCENT: [Do they have an accent?]
VERBAL TICKS: [Any verbal ticks? Such as a tendency to stutter, repeat themselves, stumble over their words, etc.]
LANGUAGE: [What language(s) do they speak? If more than one, are they fluent in all these languages?]
ARTICULATION: He speaks in straightforward ways, but too often peters off into a mumble halfway through [Do they tend to be good at explaining things, or can they be clumsy with words when trying to explain something?]
EDUCATION: [Do they tend to use a lot of long words? Do they ever show off about how many big words they use? Or do they prefer to use short, simple language?]
LAUGHTER: The last time someone heard Wren's soulless [What is their laugh like? Do they laugh a lot, or not very often?]
GRUMP: [Do they ever grumble, sneer, or grunt about things?]
BREATHING: [Do they tend to gasp, sigh, humph or sniff at things?]

Spoiler: mannerisms. • show

FACE: As much as he, emotionally, gives off the impression that his reactions would be shielded, [Do they have an expressive face? Do they show their emotions in their face? Or do they tend to have a poker face most of the time?]
HANDS: [Do they make a lot of hand gestures? What kind of gestures do they use?]
LEGS/FEET: [Do they tap their feet or jiggle their leg?]
EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS: [Are they prone to these? Do they tend to cry or yell when they’re upset, or laugh and jump about when they’re happy?]
HABITS: [Do they have any habits, like humming or singing or fidgeting or fiddling?]
POSTURE: [Do they usually stand straight and to attention, or do they tend to slump? Does their posture change with their mood? How does it change?]
WALKING POSTURE: [How do they walk? Do they skip gleefully along, do they march like a soldier, do they slump their shoulders and stomp around?]
SITTING POSTURE: [How do they like to sit? Cross legged? Slouched? Feet apart or together?]
PERSONAL SPACE: [Do they like to maintain a personal bubble, or does it bother them when people get in their personal space? Do they tend to be respecful of others’ personal space?]
SPACIAL AWARENESS: [Are they good at noticing what’s around their physical space? Or do they tend to be clumsy and bump into things?]
OTHER: [Optional - anything not covered by the above.]

Spoiler: health. • show
DIET: [What do they like to eat? Do they have a healthy, well-balanced diet? Do they eat a lot of junk food? Or do they sometimes forget to eat?]
SLEEP: [Do they sleep a lot? Or not a lot? Do they go to bed late, or do they sleep early and get up early? Are they prone to nightmares or strange dreams?]
EXERCISE: [Do they work out a lot? Too much, not enough, or just right?]
ACTIVITY: [Do they tend to work hard and exhaust themselves? Or are they pretty lazy? Or somewhere in between?]
CLEANLINESS: [Do they bathe regularly? Are they meticulous about washing?]
ODOUR: [Do they have any particular body odour (good or bad)?]
MEDICINAL DRUGS: [Any medicinal drugs taken?]
NARCOTICS: [Any recreational drugs taken?]
ADDICTIONS: [Any physical addictions?]
ILLNESS: [Any physical ailments?]
INJURIES: [Any injuries that never completely healed, and still cause trouble?]
PARASITES: [Do they have fleas or any other parasites?]
OTHER: [Optional - anything not covered by the above.]

Spoiler: personal. • show

INTROVERT/EXTROVERT?: [Is your character one of these? How does that manifest in their life?]
OPTIMIST/PESSIMIST: [Which of these are they? Or are they in between?]
GENDER: [What is the character’s gender, if any? Do they feel that their gender matches their anatomy?]
SEXUALITY: [What type of person do they feel sexual attraction for, if any? Do they have a preference for one sex/gender in particular? Do they prefer their own race/species, or another? Is their any type of person they absolutely would NOT want to get into bed with? Or do they have no preference?]
ROMANTIC: [Are they inclined towards romance? Do they enjoy lots of romance, a little, or do they prefer no romance at all? Do they see themselves married with kids one day, or would they prefer to be alone?]
MEMORY: [Do they have a good memory? Or are they forgetful? Are they good at remembering certain things and not others?]
PLANNING: [Are they good at planning? Do they spend a lot of time planning or do they tend to leap right into things?]
PENSIVE: [Do they spend a lot of time thinking over their actions, their life, their problems, etc?]
INTUITION: [Are they good at making the right decisions, or at figuring things out from minimal clues?]
PROBLEM SOLVING: [Are they good at dealing with puzzles and problems?]
GOALS: [What is their main goal in life? Do they have any short-term goals?]
INSECURITIES: [Is there anything they are insecure about? Do they hide their insecurities well? Do they affect the way they live their life?]
ACHIEVEMENTS: [Anything they’re especially proud of?]
ANXIETY: [What, if anything, causes the character to feel anxiety?]
OVERWHELMED: [Do they ever feel like things are just too much?]
SELF-HELP: [How do they deal with their life problems?]
COMFORTS: [What helps the character to feel comfortable and happy?]
BAD HABITS: [Do they have any bad habits?]
PHILOSOPHY: [Do they have any religious or philosophical beliefs? What are they?]
TRIGGERS: [Do they have any triggers?]
PARENTS/GUARDIANS: [Did they have a good relationship with their parents while they were growing up?]
SCHOOL: [Did they do well at school, or did they struggle?]
ADOLESCENCE: [How did puberty go? Was it a hard change? What was particularly hard (or easy) about it?]
LEAVING HOME: [What was it like for them leaving home for the first time? What prompted them to move out of the home they grew up in?]
FURTHER EDUCATION: [Did they go to college? University? What did they study, and how well did they do?]
FIRST JOB: [What was their first job? Did they enjoy it?]
LIFE EVENTS: [Did they have any important life events that affected the route their life took? This could be something traumatic or it could be something pleasant like graduating with good grades.]
WORST DAY OF THEIR LIFE: [What happened?]
BEST DAY OF THEIR LIFE: [What happened?]
LESSONS: [What are the most important things they have learned through experience?]
LOOKING BACK: [If they could re-play their life and do something differently, what would they do?]
FAMILY: [Who, if anyone, does the character consider their family? Are these blood relatives? And do they have a good relationship with their family?]
FRIENDSHIPS: [Do they have lots of friends, or just one or two close friends? What do they look for in a friend?]
FRIENDS IN NEED: [How do they help a friend who is going through hard times? Do they offer advice and support, or do they feel uncomfortable, not knowing what to say?]
NEEDING A FRIEND: [Do they tend to go to friends when they need help and support? Or do they deal with their problems on their own? Do their friends ever worry about them?]
ANNOYANCES: [How do they deal with arguments and disagreements with friends or partner?]
ROMANCE: [If applicable: how do they woo a potential partner? What do they look for in a potential partner?]
MARITAL PROBLEMS: [How do they deal with problems in their love life? Do they talk it through with their partner? Or do they bury their head in the sand?]
ADVERSARIES: [What would turn them off a friendship or romance?]
ENEMIES: [What would make them hate someone enough to call them an enemy?]
STRANGERS: [Do they tend to be respectful to strangers, or are they careless towards anyone who they don’t consider a friend?]
FUN STUFF: [What kind of things do they like doing with a friend?]
DATING: [What kind of things to they like doing with a romantic partner?]
BEST FRIEND: [If applicable - who do they consider their best friend?]
LOVE: [If applicable - who do they consider to be the love of their life?]
WORST ENEMY: [If applicable - who do they consider to be their worst enemy?]
RESPECT: [Do they respect their enemies, even if they don’t like them? Is there anyone they disrespect? Why?]
MINGLING: [Do they get along well with others, in general? Or are they bad at making new friends?]
COMFORT LEVELS: [Do they feel comfortable talking to people? What might others do that could make them uncomfortable?]
PHYSICAL: [Do they tend to be touchy-feely? Do they hug people or pat them on the back> Or do they prefer not to touch anyone?]
GROUPS: [Are the comfortable in a big group? Or do they prefer to spend time with just one or two people?]
OPENNESS: [Do they tend to open up easily? Or does it take them a while to open up to someone?]
GENEROSITY: [Do they like to buy gifts and treats for others? Would they be willing to lend money to a friend? How do they feel about people buying gifts for them?]
JEALOUSY: [What might make them feel jealous towards somebody else? Is there anyone they are jealous of, or have been jealous of in the past? How do they deal with jealousy?]
TEMPER: [Are they easily worked up or do they have a lot of patience?]
EMPATHY: [Are they able to empathise with another person’s feelings? Or do they tend to be clumsy and put their foot in it? Or do they just not care who they hurt?]
AFFECTION: [How do they show affection for others?]
DISTASTE: [How do they show that they dislike someone?]
ETIQUETTE: [Do they tend to stick to the polite norms of social situations, or can they sometimes be rude or inappropriate?]
RESPONSIBILITY: [Do they admit when they’re wrong? If they make a mistake, do they try to correct it?]
SELF ESTEEM: [Do they tend to stick up for themselves or do they let others push them around? Why?]
CONFIDENCE: [Do they care what others think of them?]
HONESTY: [Do they always speak their thoughts honestly? Or will they keep things private if they feel that it might upset someone?]
LEADER OR FOLLOWER: [Which one are they? Or are they neither?]
PARTY TRICKS: [Do they have any special skills or talents that impress other people and gain them praise?]
PRAISE: [Are they comfortable accepting compliments?]
FAILURES: [Is there anything they do that makes people annoyed or irritated?]
CRITICISM: [How do they take criticism?]
INSULTS: [How do they take insults?]
EMBARRASSMENT: [Are they easily embarrassed? How do they handle embarrassment?]
FLIRTING: [Are they flirtatious? Why?]
ATTENTION SPAN: [Are they able to concentrate on lots of things? Can they hold their concentration well? Or are they easily distracted?]
SITUATIONS: [Are they good at dealing with difficult social situations? Such as an argument or someone getting upset?]
CAREER: [Do they have a career? Are they good at it and do they like it?]
PROMOTION: [Are they hoping to advance their career?]
BOSS: [Do they have a good relationship with their boss?]
DUTY: [What kind of responsibilities do they have?]
TECH: [Are they good with modern technology or do they prefer not to tough a computer?]
POLITICS: [Do they have strong political opinions? How to they show their support/opposition for their leaders? Do they vote?]
COMBAT SKILLS: [Can they fight and defend themselves?]
HOME: [How do they like to keep their home and their personal space? Are they messy or organized?]
DAILY LIFE: [Do they cope well with day-to-day or do they tend to feel out of their depth?]
INDEPENDENCE: [Can they get on well by themselves? Or do they sometimes need help dealing with things like bills and bank accounts?]
COOKING: [Can they cook?]
BUILDING: [Can they put together an item of furniture or do basic DIY?]
CLEANING: [Do they keep their home clean and tidy? Do they always do their chores?]
SHOPPING: [Do they like to shop? Or do they prefer to only go to the store when absolutely necessary? Are they prone to impulsive buying or do they shop sensibly?]
DRIVING: [Can they drive, or operate any vehicle?]
FINANCES: [Are they in a good position financially? Are they good at taking care of their bank account? Do they usually pay their bills on time?]
MARRIAGE: [Are they married? Do they plan on getting married? If so, how do they plan on spending their life with their partner?]
KIDS: [Do they have or want kids?]
PETS: [Do they have or want pets?]
DEPENDANTS: [Do they have anyone to look after, such as an elderly relative or a sick friend?]
LAW: [Have they ever done anything illegal? What was it?]
COURT: [Have they ever been in court? Why? And what was the verdict?]
PRISON: [Have they ever been in prison?]
TRAVELLING: [Have they ever been on holiday, or would they like to?]
MEDICAL: [Do they go to the doctor/dentist when they need to? Or are they afraid of going to see the doctor?]
ILLNESS: [Do they have any mental illnesses that affect the way they live their life?]
WORRIES: [Is there anything that keeps them awake at night?]
PEACE: [Do they like peace and quiet? Or do they prefer always to listen to the radio or playing their favourite songs?]
PARTYING: [Do they go out partying a lot? Or do they prefer to stay in?]
HOBBIES: [Anything they enjoy doing in their spare time?]
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #7 on: October 30, 2017, 05:18:33 AM »
It begins with a tainted soul in an ivy-covered tower. This person meets a person who is not evil but misunderstood and together they encounter a lost civilization and extremes of weather. The story winds up in a library and features escapes. The overall narrative is one where nothing goes right unless it's accidental, and is not motivated out of boredom.

nov 14
Spoiler: show
Your story is a romance between someone who lives in the moment and a deaf person. The lovers experience thunderstorms in autumn and competent law enforcement officials while in a dark alley. One of them is motivated because though they know they'll never be the best or even all that good, they still love the art and want to try.

It starts in Meiji Japan, with a carny. The antagonist is a psychic and motivated because they are under a curse that forces their actions, and the plot involves elements like apocalypse and a marriage of convenience.

The plot starts because of a misunderstanding about dinosaurs. The protagonist, an evil being who discovers they're way too human who has knee-high boots, ends up in a sepulchre with a trickster.

The protagonist of this story is a person who lives on the edge of society who has an addiction to ice cream. On the way to the story's conclusion the protagonist encounters a darkly Byronic anti-hero. This person has an artificial limb. Plot elements include magic and quiet competence, and at least one character is motivated because they want to understand how the world works.

The story narrates a journey between an empty public place at night and neon-lit streets, during which a kick-ass woman and a fallen angel encounter a cat lover with prominent hipbones, as well as the undoing of many buttons and excessive politeness used to insult.

This narrative is about the ability of ordinary people to make and do and change things. It starts in a culture on the verge of collapse with a mentor who sacrifices all for their pupil. The antagonist is a caring mentor and the plot involves elements like messy pantheons and theologies that sometimes contradict themselves and many painful reincarnations.

This narrative is about triumph beating the odds. It starts in a sleeper car in a train with an angel. The antagonist is a tall man in a dark Armani suit and the plot involves elements like jumping off a tall thing without looking first and the question of grace vs. redemption.

22 jan
Spoiler: show
The uncreative bodyguard.
The frustrated, selfish prostitute.
The heir with an unexpected destiny.
The tireless musician with big dreams.
The humble, awkward pretender who is a complete fraud.
The unfriendly explorer.
The graceful priestess with unusual luck.
The graceful, confident, domineering bodyguard on the run from the law.
The unhealthy, bloodthirsty jailer on the run from the law.
The healthy, smart, immature hunter.
The tough, opportunistic, moral spy.
The striking, driven, lonely bodyguard.
The boring, gentle acrobat.
The fearsome, odd pedlar from an unusual family line.
The humble weapons master.
The nimble theologian from a big family.
The sickly, innocent, inhibited bartender.
The principled teacher searching for a lost friend.
The stupid sailor.
The young, social laborer who is a complete fraud.
The strong, noisy, alienated theologian on the run from the law.
The healthy, committed champion.
The broken-hearted trader haunted by flashbacks.
The dexterous, bullying thief.
The crippled, cowardly, sarcastic murderer.
The assassin who lost meaning in life.
The unathletic, tough, withdrawn official.
The cynical, intimidating laborer with a dark past.
The outgoing merchant.
The mature, lonely prostitute.
The cruel teacher who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The martial artist with no hope.
The striking boatman searching for a family member.
The apathetic soldier.
The ignored fence.
The aged, delusional, unfriendly bodyguard.
The awkward outlaw who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The burnt-out, corrupt mentor.
The pretender on the wrong side of the law.
The sleazy laborer.
The heroic midwife.
The unathletic, compassionate prospector.
The healthy, biased, selfless businessperson.
The poised, slovenly, tactful singer with little money.
The obsessive, striking pretender who belongs to a secret organization.
The sleazy spy searching for truth.
The hysterical comic with a heart of gold.
The prospector on the wrong side of the law.
The graceful priestess searching for truth.
The merchant who can't resist helping people.

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #8 on: November 05, 2017, 12:01:59 AM »
+ traits
+ dear god add some dimensionality to ur characters self

  • wren
ambivalent --> cooperative, introverted, disagreeable, withdrawn --> distant, forthright, moderate, rational, stoic, sober, circumspect, impassive --> noncommittal, irreverent, lethargic, charmless, self-critical, incurious, insular, adaptable, dubious

It's tiresome. Attempting to interpret people's meanings, thoughts, desires is tiresome. Wren is anything but empathetic, and not particularly discerning; if someone lies to his face, it's scarce that he'll notice, or care, given that at any rate he's hardly puts much stock in - or pays a significant amount of attention to - what others say.  but it's a given that people fall apart by their face. Wren doesn't know that - at least not explicitly.

  • name

wren — lethargic, ambivalent, isolated, grouchy

gyeon — non-idol, careful, wary, dedicated, watchful, sensitive, Old Man

fairypaw — idol, flirty, measured, empathetic, perceptive, calculative, deeply self-conscious

miyu — dum

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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
« Reply #9 on: November 05, 2017, 08:22:00 PM »
  kim gyeon.

FULL NAME & ORIGIN: kim gyeon - korean
NICKNAME: fossil
DO THEY LIKE THE NAME?: ambivalent towards it. kind of grits his teeth when he's asked for an english name but still smiles politely, repeats his name six times like an electronic mcdonald's toy. or a pokemon.

BIRTH DATE: march 26th 1990s
PLACE OF BIRTH: guri, gyeonggi province

RELIGION: buddhist ~ agnostic
DEGREE OF RELIGIOUS PRACTICE: his days aren't centred towards worship, or the contemplation of the existence of a god, or many of them. he operates on the basis of a self-sufficient drive to accomplish that which he can, but maybe to some extent he does believe that there are repercussions for negative actions; a karmic balance. influenced in some parts by his parents, who were always careful to lecture him about taking responsibility for his own actions, or they'll come back to bite him in the ass.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ROOM: even at first glance, gyeon is neat, a reflection of the certainty he likes things to have - clear, transparent. everything after use is tidied away, organised, immediately straightened; he maintains it with a methodical cleanliness, at this point almost absentminded habit, and keeps his belongings few, minimalistic. despite that, he has a relatively offensive taste in decor, with lurid red-blue captain america bedsheets he makes every day and a clashing miniso pillow case and a small shelf with periodically dusted figures that seem to contradict his personality but, really, complement him perfectly. his loyalty and faith. to captain america. and wolverine. he has a wolverine lamp on that shelf. and a small wolverine plushie on his bed to cuddle with. just wolverine. there's never any sign of mess, and even in his wardrobe everything is folded neatly. there's a small vacuum cleaner in the corner, a lint roller on his table, a desk lamp with a little inscribed i'm with you until the end of the line up the neck. a little pink cushion sits at the foot of his bed for tan.
LIVING WITH?: a little and damn expensive five month old norwegian kitty named tan, which is grey in korean. because his cat is gray.
HOME DECOR: aside from the assorted items he gets for convenience, trashy. conflicting, none matching, almost a total mess
IDEAL HOME: small, also clean, filled to the brim with avengers and x-men memorabilia (ofc mostly of his Main Men - he's loyal!!!), plenty of cat toys for tan and a good kitchen

SEXUALITY & MARITAL STATUS: graysexual; unmarried, and not exactly looking.
ROMANTIC INVOLVEMENT: n/a; he's been in a relationship before, and it was nice, but not big?

CHILDREN: alexis probably
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
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SHORT VOCAL DESCRIPTION: quiet, careful. his voice is gentle and light, thin, but nevertheless even. except when he screams or laughs. then u want noise cancelling headphones
VOICE TONE: relatively high
VOCABULARY: polite, measured; he deliberately constructs his sentences to be meaningful, impactful, least  confrontational, except it can get somewhat simple when he's caught off-guard. and flustered. yelling at someone to get off the chandelier, etc.
FAVORITE PHRASES: 'i'm too old for this.' 'i'm getting old ok???' 'you'll get it when you're older'
SWEARING: out of frustration, or pain, and only ever on accident.

MANNERISMS/DEMEANOUR: overall exudes patience and a moderated interest, raised brows, smile alight. holds himself very painstakingly still in tense moments or when attention shifts to him; furrows his eyebrows often and listens to dumb stuff with his mouth a little crooked open like am i hearing this right. fidgets when stressed, tapping his fingers or threading his fingers under the holes of any ratty jeans he's wearing at the time. listens wide-eyed and intently, makes hums of acknowledgement and appropriate little noises (disgust, surprise, pride, etc.) - mannerly without a doubt, and very hesitant to do things of his own accord, but gets more comfortable and freed with time. he's very bad at controlling himself from reacting and may accidentally laugh from behind you at a joke you make to someone else. attentive, but unassuming. tries at least to hide any disbelief when hearing people out. shakes hair out of his eyes frequently, or physically tries to correct its positioning with a hand.
TYPICAL POSTURE: straight and earnest, hands clasped in front of him or crossed with more weight on one leg staring you down like a disapproving or mildly resigned parent
GESTURES: very expressive; naturally kinaesthetic, not big for moving his arms/hands but emotes very obviously on his face. makes the same motions with both hands without realising it often.

COMMON GESTURES: pressing the tips of his fingers together, tilting his head
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
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HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5'6 & 145 lbs - 155 lbs. | the height faculty is a lost cause. gyeon learns from experience. he recognises the worth people put into appearance and how much levy that has over their perceptions of others because, the time he'd been grazing thirteen and obsessively involved with the soccer team in middle school, they'd called him little fatty. he can't look back at his school photos, flushed and smiling earnestly into the lens, because he saw what they saw - a boy, squat, harry potter glasses, little overbite, and round, round like the moon. people look at you, and they see meat. it becomes you. isn't that ridiculous? all people want to know are the numbers, and the cutting profiles, and the jawlines. the body is meat. gyeon, really, doesn't have words for that. and he doesn't ever want to revisit it. the thought gives him shivers. isn't that, too, ridiculous?
BODY TYPE: shorter than average, nowadays more stocky with muscle than thin

EYE COLOR & SHAPE: brown; wide but angular, a bit like a cat, and curve upwards at the ends.
SEEING AIDS?: often needs reading glasses, but primarily goes for contacts because he saw himself in the mirror once wearing those clunky black frames & he tore them off his face so fast he blurred. has a pair of glasses with thinner circular frames but they're cosmetic, not prescription.

PROMINENT FEATURES: the one thing (or one of the things - you know how it goes) he'll say that he hates about himself is - are - his tiny little fingers. they're very sensitive to cold and redden easily, as does his nose and ears and it's terrible. dry skin, delicate face, small everything. doesn't mean he couldn't try to suplex someone over his very small shoulder.

FACE SHAPE: he has a head like a strawberry and a small face like a pixie. blah blah.
FACECLAIM: kim minseok

DRESS STYLE & OUTFITS: comfortable and generally unadventurous except when he goes for the overlarge sweaters and dress shirts. very basic streetwear, white shirts or hoodies. kind of a brand hoe for nike. sports clothes and shoes for days.
JEWELRY: often a necklace that goes under his shirt, unseen
OTHER ACCESSORIES: highly dislikes accessorising; however, has a large penchant to scarves and beanies. he gets cold too easily.

GROOMING & HYGIENE: a bit reminiscent of a cat with his cleaning habits; borders excessive with how avidly he maintains his nails, personal hygiene, the positioning of clothes. he smooths it out a lot and clasps his hands tightly to avoid playing with the ends, and from habit conditioned from stays with his parents in his hometown brushes his teeth downright excessively after every meal. always immaculate, and he smells nice, too.

HAIR COLOR & STYLE & TEXTURE: constantly trimmed, black, kind of a bowl with an undercut at the back; often has either bangs or a centre part. he's never dyed it, so it's still alive relatively smooth, however he genuinely doesn't pay a lot of attention to it otherwise.

SCARS: superficial scars on his left cheek, some over his legs from a vested interest in footbol
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
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NEGATIVE PERSONAL HABITS: gyeon can't get anything to part, willingly, from his hands. it's best where he can see it, when he can see what's being done with it, that it's been put away properly or.... anything. so maybe he's a material boy. so what. he gets highly unsettled with people touching his things, and works himself up into the mightiest compressed storm of nerves upon seeing things out of order. he overthinks things, often, and questions everything he does the nanosecond after he's done it - he's deeply envious of others, the good fortune they have, their skill, the acknowledgement that pours onto him. like a stopper, gyeon has a problem of deeply compartmentalising, leaving things to fester - a product of not wishing to be a burden, to lose the innate sense of stability and calm people give him so much credit for. becomes extremely restless in times of stress, nibbling at his nails before he realises that he's doing it.

MORNING ROUTINE: you haven't seen anything until you've seen gyeon simply get up at dawn, the sun still waffling between wholehearted revelation and its old restfulness, and start moving. at first it's slow, mechanical, sitting up in bed and staring blankly into the distance; then a yawn, snapping out of it, and he gets up and makes his bed, perfectly tucks in the edges, uses a lint roller and a brush to sweep away any errant hairs and sprays fabric deodoriser - and that's just his bed. he turns on music while he brushes his teeth to the rhythm, hard enough to scrub his gums raw, then spits out the blood like it's nothing and pats his face down with a nicely folded face towel he got as a sample from a college open day. then he turns the music off, sifts everything back into place, then goes down to make himself a cup of tongue-burning soul-saving coffee.

DAILY ROUTINE: smile. listen. nod. rinse and repeat. look cute, maybe. wink a little in the mirror, and try a wider smile - maybe a more intimidating, cool gaze. oh, sexy. reward yourself with a coffee. nice.

TYPICAL EVENING: gyeon is active when there's a goal to reach, progress to be made, but he drinks in his downtime like a bottomless cup. tan curled up below the lift of his knee where he sits cross-legged, gyeon drinks it out, pops open a can of beer and sips long and slow like a connoisseur watching some trashy tv. now is typically time to charge his phone and not look at it more than three times over the next two days, and at any rate gyeon never needs to charge his phone more than once every two days; it comes with disuse, and a preoccupation with tickling tan's tiny stomach instead.

BEDTIME ROUTINE: washing his face, brushing his teeth again, making sure that everything in his room is as it should be spotless - often propped up reading until he falls asleep, or watching tv. fluffs up tan's cushion and writes himself a little checklist of all the errands or groceries he needs on a post-it for tomorrow that he sticks on the door. shaves.

TALENTS & SKILLS: being able to read the atmosphere; he can't cook, but is good at dicing things very nicely, all uniform. therefore doesn't mind being conscripted into helping with the preparation of ingredients. has a pretty big tolerance range, able to keep his head on long after anyone else would have snapped. not strictly able to pick things up quickly, but learns well from a trained and somewhat conditioned habit of diligent practise. capable, for the most part functions independently and adeptly; an excellent source of solidarity, an intent listener and sympathiser. impressively capable of holding his weight when drinking even though his tongue does get somewhat loose and he tends to cling, just a bit. just being a Cool D00d
THINGS THEY REALLY CAN'T DO: determine what to do upon reading the atmosphere. keeping his head on after he has snapped or when otherwise flustered/caught off guard. hiding his true emotions; it comes out like an incredulous puff of laughter, or wide-eyed stares, and he'll try to be nice about it but his face screams What U Doing Man?? adapting quickly to changes. cannot at all stand mess; even if it's not his, he'll feel The Compulsion to clean it himself.
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
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BIRTHPLACE & HOME TOWN: his foremost home is guri, in the gyeonggi province, in a modestly well-to-do family with pleasant neighbours that had their own kids.

CHILDHOOD: ever since birth, he had been placid; willingly having his limbs adjusted and staying still for photos, put into cute onesies and hats, staying still for five minutes and only rocking back and forth on his feet with his little mouth pursed during chuseok while his aunt was setting up the table and a video camera was catching him in his tiny red and gold hanbok, five years old and already getting over the stage of incessant crying. he and the neighbourhood kids were put together often to play while their parents chatted, laughed and shared recipes, important dates and firsts for their children, their first tooth lost -- he never came to speak much in the quiet times they spent dawdling in the sandbox, all the children looking away from one another and doing their own thing, or generate long-lasting friendships, but as years accumulated he did come to like soccer, running with the ball, aiming in the span of a few seconds and shooting it between two pairs of legs, hearing the bellows of other boys whenever he missed or scored or came onto the field, the whistles, the cheers.
EARLIEST MEMORY: his first day of school, holding his mother's hand by the pointer, eyes down as his kindergarten teacher smiled down at him, crouching down, asking his name.
SADDEST MEMORY: it's a strange, insidious thing, the blurring of time so fast it's psychedelic; no longer being under his mother and father's care because he didn't need it anymore, holding their hands as he prepared to leave into his own apartment and promising robotically to study hard and earn money, and registering the fact that time was passing, everything was changing. he and everyone else were getting older, his parents shifting somewhere further away as everything reshuffled, priorities and thoughts in his immediate vicinity rising to the surface. registering loss.
HAPPIEST MEMORY: playing soccer; floating, weightless, grounded only by the heat and desperation and the sudden spits of swear words at a fumble that invited the harsh shoe of the opposition knocking into his, knocking the ball away, turning the tables, the thrill of collective energy.

EDUCATION: any other school. a ten minute walk from home, tables in uniform rows, white fraying socks, chalkboards, the teacher's voice going in and out of focus behind the haze of infinitely more interesting things - a good, diligent student (because you won't hear the word 'diligent' used to define anyone else as much as him), emphasis on plain hard maths and physical education. any other school where you make memories transient and oddly sepia-touched after years and years; his classmates would say he had nothing on his mind but soccer. you won't hear anything about the sideways smiles and the shuffling of students away from him, holding their trays, hands over their mouths, the surreptitious glances at him and the murmured, hasty laughs. in p.e. he tried hard, but independently, and the teacher asked him once, 'what do you eat at home?' his university was catholic - not only catholic, but one of the biggest, hosting a hospital, the olympics, and a harried university student that learned the magic of coffee after an impulse buy at a cafe just outside the campus, thinning from the stress and the torment and stumbling over his words in a presentation, hands pressed tightly over the lectern as he spoke over his utterly shitty powerpoint. he learns, not fast, but steadily, and crunches out his assignments huddled at a cafe with a bun of oven-hot mocha bread halfway to his mouth.

FIRST CRUSH / ROMANTIC LOVES: it's not hard to believe that he met his first love through soccer. or not a first love exactly, but something a lot like it, competition rearing hard and steep and burning through the exchange of split-second looks, physically stopping someone from advancing by flitting right in front of them too late for them to slow down, the cocky grins shared during the preliminary, perfunctory handshake. gyeon knew his name - but there was never any use for it, because on the team they tended to call one another hey! and pass it already, not until they were in the tiny sweaty changing room and their striker laughed and knocked his elbow against gyeon's and said something like, "i saw you, loser, you tripped over your own feet." fleeting memories only of harsh breaths, slumping over the side once they were called off, wiping their sweat with a grey towel that grew nasty all too fast, tossing their water bottle at one another; his striker's eyes typically slid off him, always, back onto the field, and in the moments they were coincidentally both called to switch gyeon's eyes followed, and without saying a word they'd only watch the game - shoes barely touching, elbows folded, the light bouncing off that brunet's eyelashes like he was made of sun. nowadays it takes gyeon a lot to summon up anything remotely related to romantic interest; too insular, too unadventurous, too doubtful that any interest will be returned. simply content to watch, or look away.

FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: come university, many doors opened as some simultaneously closed. gyeon made a little group of friends easy; hung with them, went to movies and clubs and drank and maybe even danced, and because no one would expect it of him, unassuming quiet gyeon holding lightly onto someone's hand, they grilled him for every single gritty detail he was precisely unwilling to give. he'd laugh, grunt a little and shove them away when they got pushy, and that was all he'd say.
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Re: did you see my bag?  how you think bout that?
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MOTHER: kim minhee, 52, greying, indistinct smile faint as mist
RELATIONSHIP WITH: he plays the role of the polite, conscientious son, never needing to be reminded to tidy up, or to do his homework. he brings in the groceries in the times he visits and gives cursory answers concerning his life at university, and hums along to all the stories she has about what it's like at home. heartfelt cooking is always one of the best, and it's familiar, and every time he tells her that he still hasn't exactly learned how to cook yet she stuffs him to the gills with food until he can barely roll himself from the table and sends him home with box after box of side dishes to fill his fridge. she tells him to take care of himself, but he doesn't allow himself to forget that he isn't the only one that needs care; he calls her fortnightly, and sends her things like pots and pans, and never forgets her birthday.

FATHER: kim gyeonbin, 54, solemn, back bowing as the years stack
RELATIONSHIP WITH: a filial son; perfunctory distance, regulated subservience. neither of them were quiet people, and any words they have are ones most difficult to express between them. often they have the littlest to share to one another, but his father still regularly gives him money on the new year and his solidity was what gyeon modelled himself after to the end.

SIBLINGS: kim sujin, sister, 25, effervescent, a crack of light
RELATIONSHIP WITH: leaving the nest was hardest with the knowledge that they'd approached a fork in the road, a place where they would have to part and come to the recognition that neither of them were destined to walk the same path. times spent walking his sister to school, hands in his pockets, her bag jingling as they walked, belated morning sun laving sections on the sidewalk they hopped over in a game of whoever steps on it has to buy food. he raises his eyebrows at her not exactly subtle questions that go further and further from innocuous with age and he resigns himself to the role of a guinea pig while she brandishes red nail polish with the glint of determination frankly acting as a threat, her laugh, her poking her head past the doorway and asking for some pocket money. his friends have asked for him to introduce her to them and every time he's caught their heads under his arm and waited smilingly for them to splutter out an apology.

EXTENDED FAMILY: tiny kitten tan that rolls around and sheds fur which makes gyeon sheds tears but its ok bc he loves tan and tan loves him
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