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Advanced Roleplay / pull out your heart // private + meg
« on: May 22, 2017, 12:16:21 AM »

And just like that, classes had ended. Hundreds of adolescents poured from too-small classrooms, chattering all at once, the voices melding together into a highly irritating cacophony. Izaac followed suit, picking up a single black binder and striding out into the hallway with a sense of purpose, although he had no idea where he intended to go. Someone spoke to him, perhaps a teacher or one of his many friends (hmph, more like leeches), but the platinum haired boy was paying them no mind. Snakes, all of them. Izaac could do absolutely nothing in a class all year and still end with an A, simply because the teachers feared his father's wrath. As for the main student body, everyone either wanted to sleep with him or use him for his money and connections, or a combination of both. People only treated him based on his family's wealth and his physical appearance - it was highly irritating.

Granted, the heir to the Taylor wealth presented very few opportunities for anyone to get to know him. While he criticized his peers and his educators for being fake, Izaac, too, rarely showed his true colors. Which was a shame, really, because then he might actually have real friends. What everyone saw was exactly what everyone expected to see: a handsome rich boy who sleep with a new person every night, slacked off in class, treated everyone with an icy disregard, and possessed the world at his fingertips. He attended parties, but those bored him. He hung with the populars, but he disliked every single one of them (including himself). He forced the nerds to let him copy off of their work, despite the fact that he did all of his own homework and was an excellent student, contrary to popular belief. Such was his life - maintaining appearances. It was a very lonely existence.

Cold blue eyes flickered across the crowd, looking but not truly seeing. People cleared the way for him as he walked, making way for the King of the school, cowering at his feet. Pathetic. He would much rather people openly show their distaste for him - at least life would be less boring, that way. Long limbs propelled the slender male down the wood-floored hallways with an almost feline sort of grace. Normally, at the end of the school day, Izaac would be lurking with the other Populars on the front steps - drinking vodka from water bottles and trash talking whatever little worms caused them even the slightest inconvenience earlier in the day - but today, he had other plans. Izaac was nearly at his limit for the toxic, self-absorbed pricks that populated his "friend" group, so he required a little escape so to recharge and prevent any cracks in his cold, disconnected facade. If people started to think that he had feelings, well, that would just ruin everything. It was better everyone just viewed him as some kind of minor god, because that way there was at least some sort of boundary between him and the rest of the student body.

Anyways, the boy slipped out of one of the side doors and made his way to his favorite spot: an old willow tree growing in one of the more deserted areas of the courtyard and a single bench resting beneath it. It was out of place for such a high class, industrial area; maybe that was why he loved it so much. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he sank down upon the bench. Izaac may have abandoned his usual crowd for the day, but that did not mean he had to forsake his habits, too. It was not long before the blond haired male raised a clear bottle to his lips, taking a hearty swig. Anyone that knew anything about Izaac Taylor would know that it was vodka and not water, but he put on a very convincing act. So habitual was this practice that he was not even fazed by the terrible taste of straight alcohol. Almost like he was trying to poison himself to death.

this is the storage for all things izaac taylor. he will be n the high school au with the batfam. feel free to track or pm me to plot

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