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guide info © moony  |  guide code © winterbear
welcome to the amphiria , a sunken city off of the shoreline that is nestled within a magical bubble of air . step through the marble arch and into the sparkling lives of those who live below the surface of the sea , dwelling in the hidden depths of nature’s unknown . the members here live in harmony with the sea life around them , forming bonds with even the largest and meanest of animals . do not fear the magic that flows from every crevice of life , beckoning with the promise of mystics and mystery  . heed its call and descend into the lost kingdom , for you may find the answers you seek where most dare not tread .
amphiria is a neutral group . it's generally peaceful , never seeking unnecessary violence . though they may seem gentle , they are a fierce and tight - knit family . do not think that they will be easy targets . though , if they find themselves in a pinch , they are known to hold their own interests above even allies at times . there’s an unnamed feeling of entropy that drives this group and its decisions , so take your chances with them with care .
allies :
enemies :

the sunken city has been submerged in water for an unknown amount of time . it had been a part of the original landmass that makes up this world  . there hadn’t been any signs of rising waters , though ripples of concern ran through all who called the kingdom home . ‘prophets’ tried to warn the masses , crying out that the gods had told them to evacuate or meet their fate . unfortunately , the community had not come to fully accept the most mystical and  unexplainable aspects of the world . those speaking of a raging sea were silenced by the very waters they warned against , carrying their message back to the source .

only a few months after drownings began , the water devoured the kingdom . it gave no warning and left nothing behind . the kingdom , already being on the farthest coast , had no time to call for aid . their disappearance was noticed weeks later when an ambassador came to the border only to find a lone , marble , arch and deep waters , unable to see the air bubble that encased the kingdom beneath the sea .

they didn't have a clear way out for a long time , stuck within the bubble and too afraid to step out of the confines of their kingdom . their numbers dwindled , and many passed on before they could see the magic take root . the creatures still left here had been altered by the years spent beneath the surface , watching the water over head and getting used to seeing in the darkest of nights . many began to form mild fish mutations : baby fins , patches of scales , and useless gills . it was as if they were supposed to spend hundreds of years slowly adapting if they had never asked for .

in a time where many no longer remembered the empire , they were finally found . a young explorer looking for a new life , someone who carried magic in their veins . they took in the arch and stepped through without hesitation , immediately marvelling at the path that made itself known . they followed it as it descended into the sea and led them straight to the sunken kingdom . believed to be sent by the gods themselves , they were soon crowned as the new leviathan , the one that could return them to their former glory .

leadership has been said to be a cursed position , and nowhere is it more apparent than at the helm of a forgotten kingdom who’s guides are deities who demand blood in return for their survival . only those will the will of iron have been able to follow in the first leviathan’s footsteps . those who failed never did turn up again , and they are honored with tombs deep within the ghostly forest .
leviathan [ hp ] ― the leader of the group . they manage all political affairs and traditions . their word is law .
― goldentower penned by moony
kraken [ hp ] ― the deputy of the group . they help the leviathan and take over if they are away .
― tba
sunrays [ hp ] ― trusted and seasoned members of the group . they hold training sessions , lead raids ( with the leviathan's permission ) and help keep everything organized .
― tba
seadragon priest [ hp ] ― the religious head(s) heads of amphiria. they are charged with leading religious festivities and coronations, as well as marriages and are usually called upon to speak at funerals .
bloodbelly initiate [ shp ] ― the apprentice of the seadragon(s) .
sirens [ hp ] ― the healers of the group . they have a lot of knowledge on the local plant life and how to use their territory to their advantage .
― tba
selkie [ shp ] ― the apprentices to the sirens .
― tba
dawn diver [ shp ] ― a stepping stone rank . these members have shown potential . they mainly greet newcomers and make sure no one feels left out .
― tba
anemones ― the bulk of the clan .
guppies ― children that are not yet 6 months old .
fata morgana ― previous leviathans who have stepped down or returned to the clan .
barnacle ― prisoners and those otherwise not regarded as trusted members of ampiria

seagrass ― given to members who go above and beyond in welcoming new members to the empire , make sure everyone is included , and reach out to those within the community both icly and oocly
cabomba ― given to members who are particularly skilled in swimming and swimming - related work
mangrove ― given to members who have proved themselves in combat . they regularly hold combat sessions , participate in raids , and take the initiative in defensive measures
algae ― given to members who have proficiency in medicinal knowledge
caltrop ― given to members who are participating regularly in events, being involved with politics, and actively working to keep alliances strong above and beyond the typical amphirian’s actions
hyacinth ― given to members who are at the forefront of upholding the traditions of amphiria. they keep the culture of amphiria strong and are a part of spreading it to other groups
nymphaea nelumbo ― given to members who have spent one year in the amphiria ( can have gone inactive during this time period )
capricorn ― given to members who have shown their devotion to the religion of amphiria and all of its deities
anubias ― given to members who have earned every title that is available to a member of amphiria
to reach the main city , you must first pass through the water gate . it is the only opening in the barrier that does not leak water, with a winding path leading from the shore into the heart of the territory . it's a marble archway that marks the safest opening of the air bubble for access by those who can't shapeshift and traverse the waters . these boats will lead you the beginning of the territory , which is a few miles in from the edge of the air bubble . passing through the gate , you'll see the water vents . just like regular hydrothermal vents , these fissures release air . except the air comes in the form of bubbles that are filled with water . they float aimlessly around the kingdom , and can be popped or even entered if you hold your breath .

the main camp is a sunken kingdom . large , ivory , stone makes up a main castle and its surrounding ruins . there are spires , chains , and small homes that dot the area . these act as the camp , the homes going to anyone who wishes to live here . it's completely open to the sky , where you can see the water from below as the air bubble ends just a few miles from the surface .

towards the edges of the city is a large , inactive , volcano . it's sat dormant for years , and no one is particularly worried about it . smaller homes are built around it's base , and members enjoy climbing it for fun and practice . spreading out from there are rolling hills of grass , stone walkways , and beautiful gardens . throughout the open spaces are lanterns that hang from stone poles and pillars . they glow softly and steadily , offering a faint light whenever the ocean territory is plunged into darkness during the night .

on the outskirts of the main city is the kelp garden . the kelp here grows thick and up towards the sky , swaying magically despite the lack of an actual ocean current . wandering through it makes you feel as if you are , in fact , swimming or wading through water , though you remain entirely dry ( aside from the watered ground it's growing in ) as it is still within the confines of the air bubble . near this garden is the prophetic willow , a twisty and old tree that grows lavender , golden , and blue flowers . it , too , sways in an invisible current , and constantly emits a pale blue glow . it is here that the returned leaders were given their powers and grace of the gods  , chosen by unseen forces to bring the kingdom back to its former glory .

in the center of the main city is an ornate temple that serves as the main religious site of amphiria . there is a main room for religious ceremonies and gatherings and other events such as weddings and funerals, as well as the leviathan’s coronation . in the back are sets of doors that are generally blocked to the public . they lead to housing and private rooms for those members following the religious path . they can choose to sleep there , though they mainly carry out their studies and preparations there .

at the edges of the air bubble surrounding the entrance to the and going along the right side is a forest of towering trees . it starts within the bubble before extending out into the frigid waters beyond . outside , the trees are still intact , holding their ghostly shapes throughout the year . it is said that the spirits of those who disobey the deities find themselves caught within the forest , forced to forever wander as lost among the wildlife . lanterns hang within the forest that resides in the air bubble , lighting up the area in a ghostly , yet warm , glow throughout the darkest hours . they hang at various lengths and are sometimes scattered upon the ground , often found in bunches near scouting platforms and makeshift tents that offer refuge when needed .  there is a wide stream within that branches out into the territory like a spiderweb from a hole higher up in the bubble . it acts like a makeshift waterfall , though the water itself is salty and has to go through a purifying process before it’s drinkable . it looks similar to the kaindy lake that has recently formed in kazakhstan .

nautical banquet ― a feast held with allies to thank the god that saved the city with the air bubble . the camp is decorated with plant life and lanterns , and it doesn't start until the sun is low in the sky . larger fish are served , and they often dance and party well into the night .
dolphin races ― dolphins love to circle the bubble , peering in and making noises at the empire's members . those who can shapeshift often swim with them and chase them around , even racing . members enjoy watching , betting even on who they think will win . those who can't exit the bubble are still welcome to race , running along the worn down track that's just within the bubble's confines . the dolphins seem to know , too , and will often slow down for the land animals they go against .
bubble hopping ― it's become a quarterly game to see how many bubbles you can hop through , or how long you can keep up . the bubbles are prone to popping at the wrong move , making it quite the challenge to remain submerged within them . the higher you go , the more dangerous it gets , though precaution is always taken in the form of thick kelp beds laid on the floor to break anyone's fall .
erall’s coronation ― due to erall’s associations and the workings of religion within amphiria, it is traditional for new leaders to swear upon erall that they will watch over and protect the clan, even at the cost of their life. this includes the unspoken vow that they will make the needed blood sacrifices to keep the deities appeased and the air bubble intact.
seasonal festivities ― in the midst of each season, various kinds of celebrations are held to honor the deity that is associated with that season.  most often it is a feast or dance, but it ranges depending on what materials are available and what the leader(s) and religious heads think is best for the time.
river of the dead ― the river that stems from within the forest acts like a ‘river of the dead.’ though the cursed spirits remain within the forest, every few months they will be honoured by amphirians holding a parade-like boat ride on the waters . they take great care in decorating the boats and crafting prayers and offerings .
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