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nikolai luciano
full name lachlan luciano
    — nicknames/aliases nikolai , "nik"
gender & pronouns cisgender male , he/him
age twenty-four
sexual orientation undecided
romantic orientation undecided

faceclaim matthew daddario
height 6'3"
hair color dark brown
eye color hazel
skin color fair
beauty marks / scars a thin scar going across his left shoulder and lower neck
other n/a

detailed appearance nikolai is a man of tall stature , standing at six feet and three inches . he is on the skinnier side , appearing rather lean , though he does have a fair amount of muscle . he certainly doesn't lack in looks , with a defined jawline , abs , biceps , and hazel eyes that appear to glow . his expression typically teeters between contempt and neutral , as he rarely sports his smile . he wears his short dark brown hair in a " swept " fashion . can have a small amount of stubble at times . nikolai usually wears neutral colors ; jackets , boots , plain tees , and dark pants . he smells of an earthy cologne , seemingly a combination of pine , amber , and wooden scents .

zodiac sign scorpio
positive traits resourceful / quick-witted / intelligent / driven
neutral traits ambitious / daring / introverted / distant / aloof / sarcastic
negative traits stubborn / temperamental / violent / unapologetic / reckless
habits text
mental disorders n/a
character tropes link , link , link , etc

likes nature , the ocean , being alone , independence , success , being right , winning a fight , meat
dislikes being wrong , being talked down to , cold and snow , being rained on , children , socializing

detailed personality introverted and calculating , nikolai is a born leader and is determined to succeed at anything he does . he is driven to work and complete tasks and missions , and often does so with ease . he doesn't mess around on the job and doesn't put up with bullshit . nik is a great strategist and is very loyal once it is earned . socially , he is pretty reserved and offers little words , keeping others at arm's length . rarely does he loosen up , especially around those he doesn't know well .

nikolai is highly ambitious and power-hungry , though tends to internalize his desires . since he tends to be so focused on his work , he comes off as cool and distant and usually takes some time to truly warm up to others . he will offer sarcastic and witty comments at anytime .

he has a bit of a short fuse and will lash out if provoked . he is often quick to violence in order to solve his problems . nik will argue with anyone and tends to need some time to calm down . he is rarely apologetic and is incredibly stubborn , though when he is sincere he tends to be uncomfortable and awkward simply because he's not used to it .

relatives list of family
    — father bartolomeo " bart " luciano
    — mother alice o'flannigan
    — siblings florence ( little sister )
    — relatives charlie luciano ( uncle )
    — partner n/a

crushes n/a
past relationships none
relationship status single
    — significant other/s n/a

interactions ( how they act around others )
    — strangers text
    — acquaintances text
    — friends text
    — significant other/s text
    — relatives text

important events list of impactful moments that shaped the character ( oneshots, wedding, promotions, etc )
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backstory nikolai was born lachlan luciano to his parents bart and alice . the first few years of his life were spent in his father's childhood home , as his family took care of his dying grandmother . he doesn't remember her much . once she passed away , the family moved to the suburbs outside of the big city and into an abandoned home . at five years old , he became a big brother to his newborn sister , florence .

when he was seventeen , his mother passed away from health complications . bitter and hurt and unsure of how to cope with his mother's death , he often lashed out at his father and got into countless arguments with him . lachlan started to hang around a bad crowd , the local gang who stole from and terrorized the community . in an attempt to deter his son from going down a dark path , bart revealed the truth about his uncle , explaining how he had run off to join the mafia and had eventually become the leader of one of the major groups , the badlands . however , this instead inspired lachlan to leave home with his gang so that they could find other cities to roam . he changed his name to nikolai , wanting to make a new name for himself and not wanting to associate with his past .

after many years of being with the ragtag gang , stealing and fighting with other gangs , he eventually decided that it would be for the best for him to part ways and seek his uncle out in the badlands . nikolai felt that he hadn't been living up to his true potential.

in july of 2041 , nik arrived in the badlands .

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