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Flintlock Lodge / Re: A Night's Dreaming ~Joining~
« on: April 28, 2022, 06:10:57 PM »
Cecelia had been focusing on keeping herself warm when she heard other voices. Looking at the two males that were near her, especially looking at Edmund. "I mean no harm, I was just looking for a home." Cecelia said knowing that her old home was gone. Especially since she was on her own. Cecelia nodded when she was asked if she was hurt. "I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and hurt my ankle." She said.

Cecelia looked at both men still. She hadn't even said her name yet, but she hadn't even thought about it, since she was still deciding whether if it was a good idea to trust these two. "Who are you?" She asked not sure what kind of reaction that would get from them. She just hoped to have a home.

When Frank offered her his coat it took her by surprise. She didn't except that either one of them would be that nice. "Thanks." She said now having a source of being warm. That's when she decided that it was probably safe now. "I'm Cecelia Mac." Cecelia said now telling the two her name. Cecelia nodded to what Edmund said. No one brought her here, she came on her own free will. She had no family or home.

Flintlock Lodge / A Night's Dreaming ~Joining~
« on: April 16, 2022, 01:23:49 AM »
What was she thinking going up a mountian while it still was cold in nothing but a thin, holey, black jacket over a dark grey tank top, with ripped, black, skinny jeans, and plain black, steel toe boots. She was obviously not perpared for the cold, but that didn't stop her from continuing on. She reached up and pulled out the rubberband that she had in her blonde her, letting her hair fall to about mid back. "Now my neck won't be cold." She said to herself since no one was around. She kept her whole body moving so she wouldn't get cold, but she knew sooner or later, probably sooner, she would freeze to death if she didn't find a place to stay.

The young girl looked at the sky as she walked and didn't pay any attention to the ground around her. All it took was one wrong step and the girl went down. As the girl sat up she frowned. "Way to go Cecelia." She complained to herself as she looked at her right ankle, it had already swollen. She didn't dare to try and push forward for the time been and hope that there was others near by. Cecelia looked at the sky again, but using her hands and her left foot to move next to a tree. She decided to wait and just hoped to be found.

Cecelia looked at the sky again as time past slowly to her and since she wasn't moving around she started to get cold. This only made her ankle hurt more, plus she was getting sleepy since, she liked to sleep when it was cold to her. She knew that she couldn't sleep right now and so she started moving here hands and arms to keep herself warm enough, but she still hoped that help would arrive soon, rather than later.

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