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Bryce had really taken a leap this time. His trusty skateboard was strapped to his travel-backpack full of his possessions (mostly snacks and plant seeds, and whatever clothes he could fit). This was the first time he had permanently left his family's farm and journeyed out into the world, looking to find new experiences and create a better life. After all, how could he as a free-spirit stay cooped up forever? Bryce was like lightning in a bottle; he would not allow himself to be held down by any negative events that happened in his past. His folks were gone, but this was only the beginning of a new chapter. This could be his chance to start his farming business over again in a new location with new customers. Perhaps he would be able to grow goods that he hadn't ever experimented with before!

The dark-haired boy lightly shook his head. He felt like such a nerd as he hyped himself up about the business. Hell, he sounded like his dad. There was something fulfilling about participating in a trade, though; it wasn't like there was much else to do in this world besides bartering. Growing and selling made Bryce feel like he was something other than a total deadbeat. Had he not grown up on a farm, he probably would have never thought of growing his own food.

As the young adult strayed further into the territory, he found himself surrounded by greenery and grassy land. This placed looked great! There seemed to be plenty of wide open spaces... surely there was some land around here that was healthy enough to sustain a garden. Of course, he would have to deal with the residents ( he wasn't stupid; he knew that people had taken run of the place ). From what he had heard, these folk were peaceful. Hopefully they would allow him to settle here easy-peasy. There was only one way to find out — "Hey! Anybody out here?"
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