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honeypie ┊ ASPEN (P)
« on: April 07, 2021, 02:08:38 AM »
ever since they had gotten back from northstar, max had been persistent with trying to avoid both eddie and aspen. she had suspicions of being pregnant for awhile now, but as months passed and she started having a small bump, it she had those doubts for good reason. had it been any other situation, max would have been excited to become a mother, she had always wanted to have kids since she was one. there was always a nurturing and motherly side to her, it was clear ever since she started helping out with josephine and seb when they were younger. she liked the feeling of being able to help other people, she felt better about herself once she did. it was a comforting feeling.

she stood in her room, holding her shirt up above her tummy to look at it in the mirror, moving around to get different angles of how much it had grown in the last few months. one of her hand reached down to hold it for a moment, a ghost of a smile on her face before it turned downwards. with a sigh, max pulled back down the shirt and straightened it out. she paused for a moment, eyeing the hoodie laying on her bed before she decided to pull it on over her head.

after she stalled for a few minutes, she finally opened the door and left her room, quietly shutting it before she began to look around the lodge for aspen. she really wasn't looking forward to this conversation, but she decided that it was better to get it out of the way now before she would start to show more. as she walked towards the living room, she spotted him outside smoking.

max took a deep breath, bouncing on her legs nervously before exiting the lodge to start and walk over to him. garble ran over to greet her, which made max laugh lightly. she bent down to pet the young dog some before eventually making the rest of her way over to him. "hey." her said quietly, forcing up a small smile to him as she slowed down once she was near. "i need to, uh, talk to you about something?" she didn't mean to phrase it as if it were a question, scrunching her nose up at the mistake, but didn't acknowledge it. a cold chill went up her spine, so max wrapped her arms and hugged herself, which also helped her calm down some.
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Re: honeypie ┊ ASPEN (P)
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he takes a long drag from the cigarette, holding the hit in as he watches garble play in the snow; she likes it, luckily, but gets cold relatively quickly from her thin coat. they take a lot of short outdoor breaks. it wasn’t too bad, until the outings started just feeding his smoking habit. he’s leaning against the railing of the stairs, tapping some ash off his smoke when the doors open behind him. slowly, bowie turns his head to look at whoever’s leaving the lodge. max. in an instant, a warm smile is on his lips, ” hey, baby doll, “ he greets sweetly, turning to face her as his dog rushes for her, ” hey, garble, down, “ he scolds, earning a small talk back from the pup, ” her dad should really teach her some manners. “ bowie jokes, at his own expense.

” i need to, uh, talk to you about something? “

aspen nods quickly, his bottom lip jutting out some, ” yeah, of course, what’s up? “ he asks, observing her reaction. her shiver makes him want to warm her up, ” you want one? “ he asks, reaching into his coat pocket to grab his pack of cigarettes, opening and holding it out to max for her to take.

being in northstar really changed everything between the two of them. bowie went from the funny guy crushing on the intelligent and captivating woman to actually being her lover. maxine always left him feeling over the moon, he hangs on to her every word and would cross oceans for her all in a few short months. while he enjoys their time together, treasures it even, aspen still isn’t a huge future thinker. he lives and thinks in the moment, so he just takes as much time as he can get with max. he never expects the curve ball of a kid, the thought doesn’t cross his mind. not even now, when a lot of people would be panicking by the haunting ” we need to talk, “ does that pop into his head.

his bubble’s about to burst.
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