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greenfields scorched by the sun — "cue"
« on: July 23, 2021, 02:31:08 PM »
big wip

"cue" (pronounced how it's spelled, like the letter Q)
> mid to late 20s
> agender [it/its]
> 5'10", lean build
> shaved head
> brown eyes, tan skin, black hair
> has ... issues.
> speaks in very short sentences. definitely not in proper english lol
> very physically adept, quick reflexes. (will beat you into the ground if you touch it at all)

> traveller with amnesia due to a brain injury. it doesnt remember anything past 3 years ago. it's been living off the kindness (or scraps) of strangers, moving from place to place. unless hindered by injury, it doesn't tend to stay in the same place for more than a week.
> pre-injury, it had been a member of a small nomadic group, and went by the name yulia.
> the injury was caused by a particularly bad tumble off the side of a cliff. the group moved on, assuming it had died, but by some miracle cue survived. it suffered a small TBI, but was later found by a woman and taken care of until it was able to walk and talk again. however, once it had recovered, it moved on, continuing to travel by itself despite its new struggles.
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