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diplomat's son — open.
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tw. mention of past murder

Donovan wasn’t sure whether love was the cure or whether it was a deeper kind of wound that would someday be the death of him. First, his dear Hayden who betrayed his trust and left him no choice but to let her die in the same way she too had killed him. Whilst one was figurative, the other had been the most heart wrenching agony that Donovan had ever experienced as he knelt down with his hands around her neck. She had hurt him. She betrayed him. If she didn’t die, then he surely would have died from the grief. Her death was closure, in the way most tragedies should end. Closure. It paved the way to a new beginning. A new opportunity to find what it meant to be a happy man.

And then he met Winifred. She had been the first and last thing that had crossed his mind in his decision to follow her to the ends of the earth. Once she chose to settle in quaint Northstar District, Donovan thought that he should finally introduce himself to her. After that, his adoration had spiralled. He protected her from danger, even if it meant going to extremes to make sure she was safe from this harsh  world. Donovan could acknowledge that yes, he did bad things for Winnie in the name of love. It didn’t make his actions any more righteous, but it proved that love was more important than any moral confliction.

At the end of the day, people were disappointing.

Once Winnie was out of the picture, there was a vacancy in Don’s life. It was a time of deep reflection, the realisation that maybe love was inconsequential to the pursuit of happiness. But even without love, his life felt shallow and mediocre. It felt monotonous. Perhaps in his pursuit of happiness, he ought to anticipate the highs and lows that love had to offer. That was what life was all about, right? Riding out the highs and the lows — with this new philosophy, Donovan knew that it was time to try again.

And, as if fate had anticipated this realisation, Donovan returned to Northstar District to be met with the kind face of Amor Valdez. This was it — it felt so right. This was Donovan’s route to happiness. He would find it in beautiful Amor. It was as if it were a sign in flashing lights. He likened her to the word amore, which was the direct translation of the word love. Love was the path to happiness. Amor was the path to happiness.

This time, he’d not rush into things. After all, that was what happened with both Hayden and Winnie. Slow and steady would win the race, Don would remind himself. If he were to remain entirely nonchalant and casual, perhaps that would give Amor time to not mess up in the same way that Hayden and Winnie had. Don would make things easy for her. Stand in the street nearby her home, anticipating that he would casually bump right into her at some point. In the meantime, he’d make his appearance somewhat inconspicuous, because women liked it when a man was cool and aloof, right?

Scattering scraps of food on the street, the street cats yowled eagerly as they trotted over, piling into their meal of leftovers. ❝ As long as I’m around, you’ll never go hungry. ❞ Donovan assured, patting on of the cats on the head as it tried to avoid his touch.
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