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« on: July 01, 2020, 09:16:21 PM »
Updated 7/1/20 in Leader Inactivity
Updated 7/10/20 Group Discords, adding previously made rules that were announced on this thread.

« on: January 01, 2019, 11:07:30 PM »
These rules do not reply to the OOC boards, but rather the main game, The New World (TNW). As stated earlier, breaking any of these rules will result in a pm and, if you continue to break these rules, eventually a warning. After multiple warnings, you may be banned from the site.

Spoiler: show
The realism rules governing each section of the site are detailed in their respective guides and are updated as new outlines are discussed. Realism rules for TNW (The New World) can be found here. In the event of changes to these rules, announcements will be made to keep everyone informed.

Spoiler: show
Godmodding and Powerplaying are not allowed. Powerplaying means to make your character overly/unfairly powerful. Godmodding means to have your character control another character or characters within roleplay. These two may be allowed only if you're given permission from the other writer(s).

Spoiler: show
— In TNW (The New World), leaders are permitted four days of inactivity before recieving a warning via PM. If the leader remains inactive for another week and/or their group's activity suffers due to their absence, they will be demoted. Leaders that are aware they will be absent for more than four days must appoint a temporary leader until they return. If there is no second in command in the event of a leader's demotion/stepping down, there will be an IC vote monitored by staff to decide who will be the next leader. Posting meetings and OOC posts do not count toward activity, as the leader must interact with the community. Further, leader activity is not strictly measured by the leader’s writer. Activity is counted when the specific leader character is active in open IC scenarios.

Spoiler: show
— Backboards in TNW must have an established guide and at least three or four people that intend in actually posting and remaining active in the group, including the leader(s). IC threads with three to four people in them can work in place of interest checks (which can be made in the Helping Hub). Once a board is provided, they're given a month's grace period to build activity and a member base; if they're struggling, but there are attempts to revive it, they're given a notice after two weeks of inactivity. Then, if things remain stagnant, the board is removed. To actually get the boards up, we will need a link to the guide and the interest check.

Spoiler: show
— Boarded groups' guides should be updated within one week of any changes going into affect, such as promotions and demotions, changes in territory or ranks or traditions or politics, or anything else listed in the guide.

Spoiler: show
— Any IC actions taken against a TNW group as a whole must have permission from the RPer of the current leader. These actions include raids, takeovers, poisoning of food/water supplies, or anything that negatively effects most or the entirety of a group. This does not apply to single kidnappings, in which case you only need permission from the individual character's RPer.

Spoiler: show
Sexually explicit images—whether drawings or actual photos—are completely forbidden.

— In images, shirtless men are fine. However, shirtless women must have their nipples covered due to the United States' nudity laws.

— In roleplay, nudity mustn’t be roleplayed out sexually. It’s fine to roleplay a shirtless man or woman, however it cannot be sexualized or in a sexual way.

Writing smut of any kind is forbidden, which also includes borderline smut. Fade in/out MUST be used but cannot be used excessively.

— In response to several laws, the minimum IC age of consent is 16. However, that does not mean you are allowed to rp sex—as stated earlier, use fade in/fade out. Consent must be given by both characters.

Rapist characters are forbidden. Rapist-like acts are also forbidden, such as drugging a character to have sex with them, having non-consented sex, an adult having sex with a minor, etcetera.

Sexual abuse is not allowed to be roleplayed. Characters can have it in their past of course, however it cannot be roleplayed in the present, in a one-shot, or as a flashback. Characters are allowed to refer to it, or have the information written in it about in their bio, so long as it isn’t explicit and detailed.

« on: January 01, 2019, 11:05:49 PM »
Keep in mind that breaking any of these rules will result in a pm and, if you continue to break these rules, eventually a warning. After multiple warnings, you may be banned from the site.

Spoiler: show
Bearbones is a pg-13 site, meaning any form of 18+ media is not allowed, including advertising and/or sexual roleplay. If necessary, use fade-to-black for sexual roleplay, however do not roleplay any form of smut. This is so any minors on the site aren't exposed to something they shouldn't be exposed to in the first place. Cuss words and sexual jokes are fine, so long as they aren't offensive or overly-explicit.

Spoiler: show
— Rudeness is not tolerated on Bearbones; rudeness includes (but is not limited to): bad-mouthing, bashing/degrading, using slurs offensively (reclaimed or not), and causing drama. While this rule certainly applies to members on this site, bashing other roleplay sites is highly discouraged. If you see a member being rude to another, then please report it to staff.

Keep in mind that Bearbones is not a place to start/engage in drama. It's understandable that people may be upset by warnings or others, but Bearbones is not a site to release such stress.

Not only that, but mixing IC and OOC opinions is prohibited. Mixing IC and OOC opinions may include not promoting a character due to you having a distaste for someone, even if the character is perfectly capable of being in a high position. To put it simply, if you're using IC actions to bully a roleplayer out of playing somewhere/limiting them ICly, or in any way harassing a member via IC actions, you will be warned.

Guilt-tripping is also not allowed on Bearbones. Guilt-tripping is the act of making someone feel guilty in order for them to react or feel a certain way (usually for your own gain). This is unfair to other members, and puts them in an uncomfortable situation where they may be possibly forced to do something they don't want to do. Therefore, it isn't allowed.

Spoiler: show
— Mini-modding is also not allowed. Mini-modding is when you handle a member breaking the rules by themselves, such as telling a member that they aren't allowed to powerplay and that they should fix their post. While the staff team is appreciative of people looking out for the community, all rule-breaks should be reported to staff so they can be handled accordingly.

Spoiler: show
— As of now, staff only put slurs into the site censor that are deemed especially offensive. While people are allowed to use those slurs (so long as they don't break any other rules, for example no ooc rudeness or unwarned ic slurs), slurs must have all or all but one letter starred out. The censor will automatically star out any slurs that are presented as normal words, though any attempts to evade the censor will result in a warning. If anyone would like to know what the full list of slurs is, pm a moderator or admin.

Note that certain slurs that, due to normalization or reclamation, are not censored (such as queer, ho, bitch, etc) and regular cursewords are also uncensored. If there are any words that you don't want to see, you can use your own personal censor by going to profile > modify profile > personal censor.

Spoiler: show
— As per our host's requirements, members are not allowed to oocly state that they take illegal drugs or promote illegal drugs (according to Indiana's drug laws). You are allowed to talk about your medication and make jokes about drugs (provided that's all they are), and this rule does not apply to IC.

Spoiler: show
— In order to maintain a positive atmosphere on Bearbones, vents and rants are not allowed, e.g. discussing negativity in your life without asking for suggestions/discussing how to resolve the problem. These create a toxic environment and are potentially triggering. As always, any "vague" posts that allude to issues with another person on the site will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or other staff action.

Spoiler: show
— Content/trigger warnings are required for any post pertaining to certain subjects (such as abuse of any kind, drug or alcohol use, gore or blood, murder or general death, torture, suicide or suicidal thoughts, self harm/mutilation, disordered eating, mentions of rape or sexual assault [our rules on this remain the same], homophobia/transphobia/sexism/racism/ablism, and rants about politics or religion). They should be bolded at the top of the post, giving a clear warning but not too much or too little detail.

There are certain circumstances when this isn't necessary in every single post, only the first. For example, a raid wouldn't require a warning for violence in every single post, or a bar au would only need the alcohol notice in the first post. Any new triggers (even similar ones) that are introduced later would require a new warning. One example would be that if someone started murdering others in the bar au, that would need a fresh warning. However, posts reacting to the murder wouldn't need a warning.

Spoiler: show
— All staff information is to be kept private. Any staff member who leaks info (such as who's breaking what rule, new bans, ectetera) will be demoted from the team and warned. Should this continue, they'll eventually be banned. Members who leak staff information will be asked to stop, but if they continue, they may eventually be banned as well. Staff members are allowed to hint at new concepts coming to Bearbones, but anything other than that is considered leaking private information.

Spoiler: show
— There are a few things that staff will and will not remove if a member asked us to.

Staff will remove any personal information (where you live, where you were born, etc.; we'll always remove addresses) and anything that breaches a member's trust/confidentiality (such as if a member told another about a difficult time they were going through and the other person posted openly about it), especially if it causes anxiety.

Staff won't remove any quotes of jokes or non-serious things (eg you said something to your friend privately in a joking manner and they posted it) or things that the member can remove themselves (such as if you posted a picture of yourself that you then want taken down).

Spoiler: show
— Any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated. This includes claiming photos/templates as your own when they aren't, stealing others' writing or art, ectetera. When reporting plagiarism, please provide a link to the original source.

Spoiler: show
— Basic spamming rules apply: excessive and purposeless posting is not allowed. Double- and triple-posting is allowed of course, but spamming just to spam is not, especially in order to earn bones.

Spoiler: show
— All advertisements must be in the correct board, and PG-13. If you're going to advertise a site, please post it in either first time or link back; any on-site advertisement may be paid for (via bones) in the header advertisement shop. Any faulty advertisement may be removed, and possibly result in a warning.

Spoiler: show
Staff cannot give out concrete information about voting progress, and it's up to individual staff members whether or not they are personally comfortable discussing voting. There's no issue with saying that it's close, but we can't say "you need three more votes to be ahead" before voting is closed.

Staff members are allowed to precisely discuss after voting is closed, and the same guidelines on comfort apply. If a staff member is uncomfortable discussing voting, they can direct you to someone who is! Exact results will be shared privately if you PM a staff member.

If we find that someone has cheated, their vote will be removed and they will be warned, but the person they voted for will not be penalized unless there's evidence that they asked the member to do this, or had prior knowledge.

Begging or asking for votes should be reported by members, as this is not allowed. Proof of begging counts as a skewed vote, and may result in staff redoing the vote if necessary. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

In the event of a tie, staff members will PM those involved and ask if there's any way they would prefer to break the tie. They can decide for themselves OOC through discussion, or staff could hold a tiebreaker vote. If you would prefer another option, that can be discussed!

Most votes held by staff will require your BB username or email. This is so staff can ensure that everyone only votes once.

Spoiler: show

1) People have to announce who they are, either in an intro channel or their display name has to be their user. Anyone not announcing who they are will be kicked.
2) As they're connected to bb, no nsfw content can be posted or linked, the chats abide by bearbones rules.
3) There has to be a staff member in the discord (they will not be required to moderate, but as an easy access way of reaching a staffer, and for the staff to monitor what happens). The staff member must have an administrator role that can at least kick/delete messages.
4) Discords that are breaking rules will be deleted. Members who are breaking minor rules on discord will be given a three-strike system: 1st strike is a warning, 2nd is a ban from the discord for a week, 3rd will be an on-site cooldown ban for two weeks (if the member hasn’t already had issues with rules in the past). Anyone breaking bigger rules (for example, posting nsfw content) will be immediately kicked from the discord and banned on-site.
5) Discords must be approved by the leader and run by the leader. The discord must have the link set to not expire, and it must be easily accessed on the first post of the group's chat thread.
6) Discords are not a replacement for a chat thread. Discords are an easy way to cause cliques and leave those who cannot stay active off-site out. If we have complaints or notice a distinct clique problem, we reserve the right to remove or delete a discord.

Staff Request Board / Ideas Idea Thread
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:16:18 PM »
Hey guys! You all know we try to hear everyone's ideas and viewpoints, and so today we're adding this thread. What is it? Well it's a thread for you all to throw your ideas at us, and if it is theoretically possible, (like there's nothing that might preventing us from doing it, examples will be provided below) you can make new threads with the same prefix used here so everyone can discuss it further without any ideas getting buried in one big thread. A few things to note are that: one, while staff may say something is theoretically possible, that doesn't mean it will get implemented, just that we'd like to see more discussion around that thing. Two, keep everything civil and follow all of our rules. Three, try to run any ideas you might have past us here before making a separate thread with the prefix. Four, this was actually suggested by @firebird and if anyone has any suggestions, they can post them here or pm myself or any staffer!

Examples of things that aren't theoretically possible or otherwise shouldn't be suggested are:
— Changing our age rating. Per our host's requirements, this will not be happening and we will remain pg-13.
— Adding a mod for posting templates; trust us, we're looking and we're doing our best to find one compatible with our version of smf, but it's not easy to find.
— A new maingame. Okay, while this is theoretically possible, it won't be happening without seeing a large amount of activity to support it.

« on: September 06, 2018, 12:32:37 PM »
Hey guys! There's quite a few things that can be requested when it comes to boards; from name changes to a request for boards. Each thing will have certain criteria for being able to request it, which will be detailed along with the form to request it. As of now, everything is free!

As noted here, you can request prefixes for your group, either location ones if your group has a board (for example, the City in Northstar or the Casino in the Badlands) or just request prefixes for your unboarded group (such as Oasis Springs) so people can find them in the Loner Lands. You have to be the leader of the group to request this, or acting on their behalf (with proof). Also, please don't pick any pale colors, as the text color is white and we want people to be able to read the group/location easily.
Code: [Select]
[b]Prefix/es to add:[/b]
[b]Prefix Color:[/b]

You can now request backboards for TNW, as well as request boards for WNR, though there are a few requirements to be able to. For TNW, there must be an established (completed) guide, and an interest check or ic thread with at least three or four people who intend to actively participate in the group. The requirements for WNR are the same, but new boards cannot be requested if there are already four backboards. Once there's four WNR boards, if any of them fall inactive (two weeks with no posts from the leader, no new posts in a month), members can pm staff and request permission to takeover.
Code: [Select]
[b]TNW or WNR:[/b] answer
[b]Group Guide:[/b] link
[b]Interest Check/IC Thread:[/b] link

[b]Board Name:[/b] answer
[b]Board Description:[/b] answer
[b]Board Moderator/s:[/b] answer

The two main requirements for requesting this is that you either be the leader of the group or acting on their behalf (with proof), and that the new description that you're requesting fit within the board display. Usually about one sentence fits, but if it's too long we'll ask you to cut it down before we edit it.
Code: [Select]
[b]Board Name:[/b] answer
[b]New Description:[/b] answer

The two main requirements for requesting this is that you either be the leader of the group or acting on their behalf (with proof), and that the image be 66x66 pixels large and limited to black, white and gray colors.
Code: [Select]
[b]Board Name:[/b] answer
[b]New Image:[/b] link or direct image

If you're the leader or deputy of a boarded group (deputy's should get permission from the leader first), you can request moderation privileges over the ic and ooc boards. Group accounts can also be given the powers, if the leader wishes. If someone wants their privileges removed or a new leader would like to have the old leader taken off, just say so, no form needed.
Code: [Select]
[b]Board Name:[/b]
[b]Profile Link/s:[/b]

This can only be requested for TNW and WNR by the group's leader (or a proxy with proof). There's no limits as to how many times this can be done, however you should be sure of your decision before you request it and don't ask us to change it every month.
Code: [Select]
[b]Current Board Name:[/b] answer
[b]New Board Name:[/b] answer

Any group in TNW, TWC and WNR is free to request a custom header for their board, but it must be requested by the leader or someone acting on their behalf. Be sure to know what fonts, colors and images you'll want before requesting.
Code: [Select]
[b]Current Board Name:[/b] answer
[b]Contents of New Custom Board Header:[/b] answer

Additionally, new leaders can PM @crows or @Hootowls if they'd like access to their group's official accounts.

Staff Request Board / STORE REFUNDS
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:50:28 AM »
Have an item you just can't use anymore? Have a inventory filled with ~stuff~? Look no further than this thread!

Fill out this form, and you'll be reimbursed for your items! An admin will post here after refunding your items! For organizational purposes, here's a little form.

Code: [Select]
[b]Items refunded:[/b]
[b]Total cost:[/b]

« on: August 12, 2018, 01:14:30 PM »
For the sake of organization, we decided to redo our previous thread for editing threads.

Here, you can request that a staff member moves, locks/unlocks, or stickies/unstickies any of your threads. If it's for a group that you're not the leader of, please make sure you have permission from the person in charge! Moderators, Senior Moderators, and Admins are all able to edit threads like this, as are board mods, but only in the board that they moderate.

Code: [Select]
[b]ACTION:[/b] (un)lock, (un)sticky, move?
[b]THREAD LINK:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]Here![/url]

« on: August 06, 2018, 11:35:19 PM »
Since the connected world breathed its last breath in 2017, the land has changed. Once great cities have been left abandoned, networks of roads now crumbling. As groups fractured and rearranged, what was left of society withdrew. The groups that remained isolated themselves, distinct territories with boundaries and borders. The gaps between, while unclaimed, are not entirely unexplored. While wandering the world, there are plenty of sights to see.

THE SCRAPYARD is a perilous place, even discounting the piles of metal and derelict electronics. Stacks of metal, some rusted and others well-preserved, creak in the wind, so watch your step. Dogs that had at one point been used to protect the now-broken chain link fence have continued to breed, and with the absence of human contact, they can be quite feral. Whether or not broken equipment is worth the risk may be up to you, but who knows, really. There could be all sorts of treasures underneath rusted cars.
CLOSEST TO: The Badlands

THE CITY is certainly not the most pleasant place to be at night. Walking through the skeleton of a place that had at one point thrived is spooky, to say the least. Some sections are in worse condition than others, with crumbling floors and holes in the walls, with plant life struggling to grow through the cement. Others look almost perfect, aside from some moth-eaten furniture and carpeting. Although it has plenty of places to sleep for the night and you may find some much-needed supplies, you should still be careful. The city never really sleeps, even now.
CLOSEST TO: Northstar District

THE SUBURBS, on the other hand, are almost as peaceful as you can get in the apocalypse. Lawns that had once been short-cropped and well-maintained are now overgrown and wild, bright paint cracked and peeling. The security gates are useless now, with holes in privacy fences and unkempt hedges. The homes that had once housed the dreams of many are now little more than pretty kindling. Still, the suburbs have always housed all manner of secrets, and many families left in a hurry when the lights stopped flickering.
CLOSEST TO: No particular group.

THE GROTTO is a strange place indeed. If one wanders far enough into a dense forest, they may find themselves at the mouth of a massive cave. Though the entrance is dark, it lightens quickly within a few minutes of walking alongside a gently trickling stream. Then comes the sight that is capable of taking breath away: the cave's ceiling suddenly stops, and light floods a section of forest cut off from the rest. One particularly massive oak grows in the center, reaching towards the sky. Who knows what mysteries could hide under those branches?
CLOSEST TO: Flintlock Lodge

« on: July 10, 2018, 09:00:10 PM »
Welcome to Bearbones! This guide is here to help you get started with some general information and links to some of our more in depth guides. If you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member or post in the Helping Hub.

— The most important thing to go over is our list of site rules. You should read these in full before posting, but as a quick overview, Bearbones is a PG-13 site, meaning that we don't allow sexual content on our site. If you see anyone breaking any of our rules, please report them using the "report to moderator" button at the bottom right of the post. This will bring it to staff's attention.

— This site, while meant for roleplay, also has sections for chatting, support, art, and a bit more! Bearbones also has one "main game", TNW (The New World), however if that doesn't interest you, we have another part of our site, called Other Roleplay, dedicated to any roleplay that doesn't fall into those games. You're free to write almost anything, as long as it falls within site rules!

— A lot of people on this site make subaccounts for their characters, mainly as a way to organize their activities. Though it may seem confusing if you haven't done it before, feel free to PM staff or ask in our Helping Hub if you have any questions! We'll do our best to help.

Though this guide doesn't explain everything about Bearbones, we have many other resources, if you need them!

If you haven't already, we highly suggest you pop in and say hi in our Welcome Board (we'd all love to hear from you!) and check out the Plotting Hub. You're also free to just jump into roleplay, no need to wait for a bio to be approved or anything!

( This thread is an updated remake of Felix's wonderful previous guide to getting started! )

« on: June 17, 2018, 04:54:11 PM »
This is a basic guide to The New World and how to play in it; most of the information contained here was originally in this guide. If you'd like more information on any of the two main groups specifically, here's a link to their guides: Flintlock Lodge, Badlands. If none of those catch your interest, check out the Unboarded group guides and backboards.

The new world is a post-apocalyptic but otherwise realistic roleplay for those who want the style of a main game, but who'd rather play humans. There are no powers, nothing that you wouldn't find in our world and shortages of some things that would. Characters are welcome to have animals as pets, but you cannot roleplay from the perspective of an animal in TNW (though there are plenty of other places on the site where you can).

People had been told for years that technology (more specifically robots and AI) would be the thing to end humanity, and that is very nearly what happened. An advanced, nearly sentient computer virus overloaded the systems with so much data that it caused the Blackout. Shortly after the day the virus began its work, the electrical systems shut down due to lack of computerized control. The date was November 27th, 2017, and it wasn't long before most of the world went black. It didn't all go out at once, there were still a few power plants and other sources that still worked, and the electricity produced went towards the wealthy and influential, leaving the poorest places on earth without power. By 2032 (fifteen years after the initial attacks), the remaining plants and generators were destroyed — not by viruses but by humans, either envious, angry or perhaps even just finishing the job. Because Governments were unable to restore power, they lost the control they had over the masses. People were disillusioned by the poor handling of the crises, and anarchy became the new rule of law. Old countries disbanded, and new groups formed in the rubble.

It's been twenty-two years since that fateful data assault, and now the only source of power comes from batteries — almost nonexistent, highly coveted. Generally speaking, the currency system is barter. There are three main groups, but others that may or may not grow to be a large power over time. Between the groups there are plenty of loners and bandits, not to mention the wildlife, which has become a much greater threat without advanced weaponry being readily available. Guns and especially ammo and gunpowder are incredibly rare, as are many other tools that would otherwise put humans at the top of the food chain.

There are, of course, alternative sources of power such as solar panels and water wheels, that can be used to some extent. These things are technically allowed to be used in character, however if what is being powered is too much of a stretch or a group gets too close to having widespread power, staff may step in to force IC natural disasters to do some damage, and any plots involving electricity should be discussed with staff.

The environment of the planet is still as varied as ever, and due to liquid space, any changes in temperature for certain places would be up to leaders. There are areas that are fairly irradiated, which can be quite dangerous to venture into.

  • All overarching Bearbones rules apply.
  • No passive aggression or rudeness. Take care as tone can sometimes be hard to gauge over text.
  • You may not play a high position without being appointed to it ICly.
  • You may not give your characters any kind of supernatural powers or abilities, and anything to the effect of 'mutations' must be actual mutations that humans have. No X-men, there's a board for that.
  • TNW is governed by realism rules, which will be explained in-depth below. Anything you're unsure of, please ask any staffer.
  • No powerplaying or godmodding, unless you've been given permission by your rp partner.
  • As this is not an 18+ forum, you must keep your writing at PG-13 level. This means fading in/out when it comes to sex.
  • If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report the rule break, however aside from governing your own threads it's best not to get involved with staff's work aside from reporting.
  • HPs should give a reason oocly as to why someone was demoted so the RPer knows what to do to improve in the future.

Realism Specifics
— It's important to think about weapons, tools and supplies. Remember, the only source of power is from batteries, and it has been years since there was more than that, so batteries, weapons, food and other supplies are very rare.
— When this first happened some people hoarded guns and ammo but generally speaking, those are still hard to come by and any one character with a full arsenal would be pushing it.
— Many non-necessities are scattered about and fairly easy to scavenge, as most people focus on things that lend to survival like weapons, ammo, food, water, medicine and shelter.
— This is completely realistic in human and animal capabilities. No special mutations that don't actually exist in the real world.
— While characters are allowed to have pets, animals cannot be written in TNW with conscious/acknowledged thoughts.
— Characters can tame wild animals, however it must be done realistically, such as taming while they're young/injured, and have real consequences, such as a food drain or turning on the character. Also, when the animal is fully grown it must be released unless it would be unable to survive on its own in the wild.
— More may be added at any time, but rest assured we'll let you know in the header and announcements.

« on: August 14, 2017, 07:41:38 PM »
hey guys! the staff team is ever growing and changing, and to organize things as best as possible and ensure no member is looked over, the staff applications board was created! if you'd like to be apart of the staff team, please, keep reading!

being promoted to staff means you start off as a community assistant. this rank comes with no powers/abilities and is a stepping stone into the staff ranks. you will be included in most all staff decisions, will be responsible for welcoming new members and answering questions in the helping hub, as well as overall lending a helping and friendly hand around bearbones! continue to work hard, and promotions are in your future!

to be a part of staff, please understand you need to have certain key traits to be an effective member of the team. such traits include the following: an ability to step back from any bias and view a situation as a neutral third party, patience, a level head and open mind, an ability to be welcoming/friendly, a good attitude, and insensitivity are just a few. it is also strongly recommended that if you have a sensitive issue that flares up frequently, such as bad anxiety/frequent attacks, you shouldn't apply if you know it'll negatively effect you in some way as a staff member. as staff, you deal with a many stressful issues and drama, so please understand you have to be able to handle such situations.

if you'd like to apply, just make a thread entitled "___'s staff application" and include the below form in your thread. please, do not bump threads- as all are being considered when we search for new staff members regardless of their position on the board! if you'd no longer like to be a candidate for the staff team, please lock your thread!

Code: [Select]
[b]screen name[/b]
[b]activity level[/b] ?/10. offer some more info on your usual schedule
[b]experience?[/b] have you handled any site projects before? been a staff member on a site? etc.! anything you think would help prepare you for a staff position!
[b]time spent on rp sites[/b] not just on bb, but any other rp site!
[b]why do you think you'd be a good fit?[/b] probably what we'll be looking at the most!

good luck to all the applicants! if there are any questions, please message any staff member.

« on: August 12, 2017, 12:10:39 PM »
Hey guys, and welcome to the new unofficial group guides board for TNW!

This board was created due to the increase of new, unofficial groups around the TNW universe. To make your groups easier to advertise and find, the staff team has decided to have this board serve as your own personal guide storage! Feel free to post your group's guide here for all to see!

The staff team recommends using this board to your advertising advantage if wished, and I have a few tips for y'all to take full advantage of this. Feel welcome to use a title that displays your group's key pull factors, perhaps by naming the thread 'The Neighborhood: A sly lawful evil democracy inspired by The Twilight Zone!' Another tip is to use the guide as a thread hub as well, as we've seen other members doing, so it's even easier for new members to jump right into your group!

Good luck, and please enjoy! <3

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Wilderness Rising is the animal game here on Bearbones alongside the human game, The New World. This game strays from realism where your imagination is free to run wild. Explore vast territories, cultures and beliefs deeply rooted in the heart of Wilderness Rising, a world where humans no longer exist and animals can thrive. Creatures are all unique to one another; different species, sizes, abilities and more. Many creatures even possess powers which evolved following the nuclear fallout. Some of these animals have chosen to work together in groups, inhabiting unique territories across the map, and there has been disarray between groups and their difference in opinions.

Will your character pick a group to side with or will they explore the expansive loner lands and take in all that this fantasy world has to offer?

It was the year 2921 when the world as humankind knew it perished. Their greed had spiralled out of control and inspired anarchy, a state of mass disorder until, one day, a nuclear war devastated the world. This exchange wiped out the human race, reshaping the land and leaving a highly irradiated but colourful environment for the remaining species to survive in.

One hundred years on, survivors of the initial collapse have since passed on, but not without passing on their stories for future generations. Their legacy left behind deeply rooted customs and beliefs that are reflected in groups today, but it is quickly becoming apparent that some of these beliefs across groups seem to contradict one another, causing dissent and quarrels between groups.

Wilderness Rising (WNR) is made up of four main groups. The groups are Amphiria, Sequoia Springs, Neptune's Ridge and The Black Dog Motel. All of these groups are unique and unlike one another. There are also the Loner Lands, an extensive world where characters are not tied to any one allegiance. These groups have their own separate sub-boards whilst this main board reflects the Loner Lands.

There are no rules on how to make your characters, but there are helpful things that you should keep in mind. Names do not have to follow certain guidelines; you can name your character whatever you want, so long as it follows site rules and is PG-13. If giving your character powers is something you want to do, check out this list here!

Your character can also be whatever animal you want it to be, as long as it exists in real life or can be made via mutations. Also bear in mind that characters should not be human or any semblance of a humanoid creature; that species became extinct one hundred years ago!

Firstly, think of some character ideas that inspire creative freedom and muse for you! If you wish, you may even use this board to develop character concepts. Afterwards, create a subaccount for your character before making your first thread — it’s as simple as that! All groups auto-accept new members so, once you make your first post, feel free to post around the board! There are two main ways to bring your character into a group in Wilderness Rising.

Joining thread: By making a joining thread, your character is a newcomer to a particular group, whether your character purposefully approached a group’s territory in order to join their ranks or they were wandering through the territory, aware that it was inhabited. The story of why they are joining the group is up to you to decide!

Introduction thread: By making an introduction thread, it will be assumed that your character is already a member of a particular group and they are only now making themselves known IC!

In Wilderness Rising, official ranks are held by those who were promoted ICly or given a position via HP tryouts. Things to remember when trying to earn a HP: being friendly OOCly can help, and often high ranks should be available to help newer members get into the game! Being helpful to new members OOCly and ICly is a good quality for future high ranks.

Since this section of the site doesn't have staff influence, it is up to the members to step up when a leader falls inactive. Generally, inactivity consists of two weeks without posting in threads — OOC posts do not count towards activity.

Like all of the site, the WNR category follows the main rules stated here.

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Hey everyone! So, it had been suggested to put up a bug report and suggestion thread for everyone and the staff team listened and thought it was a great idea to be able to hear all of your suggestions and bug you've found all in one thread. Below is a short form to fill out if you have either a bug to report or a suggestion to add.

Code: (bug report) [Select]
what's the bug:
Code: (suggestion) [Select]
suggestion name:

Any known bugs will be stored in a spoiler below. Please check here before reporting a bug as it may be a known bug and the staff are probably trying to fix it!
Spoiler: known bugs • show

what's the bug: muddied "reply" button
screenshots: yoink

what's the bug: spoilers won't open if there's an apostrophe in the spoiler title
screenshots: boop. it's a video to highlight my clicking so that you know i'm actually trying to click the spoilers- ignore the background noise, as the rats are chewing on their edible log and my laptop is very noisy xp
EDIT: hold on let me figure out how to upload this video w/o youtube because no thanks

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