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Welcome Board / Hullo hullo (returning)
« on: May 26, 2021, 08:34:18 PM »
Hey guys!

I was on BB for a little while around 2017/2018 and went by monochrome sunshine at the time. I don't know how much actual roleplay I got done lmao, but anyone else around from RPA? It's definitely been a whole while. I'm thinking of getting into the TNW roleplay, and I'm excited to see y'all around!

Ahh, its perfectly fine if you guys aren't interested in this anymore, but I thought I'd ask cx

//whispers marsy we need to roleplay my friend

Advanced Roleplay / Re: OUR EYES HAVE YET TO OPEN | plotting
« on: March 12, 2017, 06:43:40 PM »
and I completely respect that because I do the same thing sometimes cx

(A passionate, artistic man, who will stubbornly fight for what he believes in. Though things may become heated in such a case, he loves to debate, and will argue his case for hours on end if allowed. He may be quick to form an opinion, and slow to change his mind, but he is nothing if not loyal. A social soul, who does appreciate bits of alone time, here, all the same, would be the person who would devote hours to attempt to support and comfort those he calls friend)

NAME roman avias desmond - the name roman is typically after the roman empire, or with the meaning "from rome" ; avias, itself, has an unknown meaning, and was chosen by roman's parents for its sound alone ; desmond is an older irish surname, meant for someone from south munster ; row-mahn ahv-i-us dez-mohnd ; on occasion, roman may be shortened by a single letter to rome.
AGE thirty-four - though he may act a bit like a young college student sometimes, roman is, actually, already in his thirties. his spiritual age, however, ranges a decent ten years, based on the world about him. on most days, you can find him as a man in his mid to young twenties, full of zeal, and, of course, determination to pick his own seat, regardless of what the older, wiser teacher may say. with the right situation, however, he may offer the advice of a man who has seen more years than him, himself. roman gives wonderful advice, he simply chooses not to follow it a good portion of the time.
GENDER male - roman was born, biologically, male, and identifies as male as well. this said, he doesn't give a flying cadoodle about gender norms, and will wear a dress every now and then when he feels like doing so. if a passerby seems to be unaccustomed to the sight of the facial hair and dress combo, then they are going to be presented with a very long, passionate speech on why they should be.
RANK one of the bones - roman is eager to help the cause in any way he can, though he may be aggravated on occasion by his lack of rank, if he doesn't believe that he's being listened to. truth be told, this is probably for the best.

APPEARANCE while some may say that roman looks to be his age, if not much younger, many will recall a man with a more ageless face, with skin that could be anywhere from twenty to forty years old. after all, its even harder to tell with most of his expressions. he smiles and smirks like a teenager; his frown is that of a comical child; and his concerned brow, it can seem of a wise man within his fifties. regardless, there are a few things that remain constant: his cream colored skin, for example. roman has always been pale, but, with his hair, his red undertones have become more noticeable. now, his hair isn't perfectly red. he's almost a sort of strawberry blonde, if a label is necessary. contrary to this, however, his eyes are a greenish blue. they may look more of a light blue, depending on the lighting, but their green tint is almost always there, comparable to that of a tide pool.

KEY PERSONALITY TRAITS passionate, artistic, stubborn, loyal, argumentative, kindhearted, honest, diligent, exuberant, resourceful, intelligent, impulsive, decisive

STRENGTHS though he won't blindly follow, nothing is more important to him than the cause he is fighting for. he is loyal, however, and will not leave those he has bonded with, not, at least, without an incredible reason. when things are looking low, while quite the realist, he is able to do his best to pull the group together.
WEAKNESSES he is always one to argue, and challenge others. he may not leave the group, or ever become violent, but sometimes his argumentative nature isn't exactly what they need. he may be intelligent, but he tends to be impulsive, making decisions quickly, and sticking

SEXUALITY roman is pansexual.
ROMANTIC PREFERENCE he is panromantic as well, but has a slight preference for males. to them.

NOTE Shhh, I barely did anything to convert this form, but Roman needs to be brought here, because I love him oops. Also, please excuse my crappy old writing.

Advanced Roleplay / Re: OUR EYES HAVE YET TO OPEN | plotting
« on: March 12, 2017, 03:29:30 PM »
Eyy, thanks for the track!
I'm not sure if either of you guys would be interested enough in this, or if my posts even make any sense lmao, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask?

I just wanted to remind you + I'm still in love with this thread, haha :3

c'mon phantom cx

ahh, thank you I'm glad <3

General OOC / Re: TE IUBESC *:・゚✧ PRIVATE
« on: March 11, 2017, 07:32:34 PM »
oops I should probably reply in full to this,,,
but ana & dee thread, man, ana & dee


[NICKNAMES] Connie, Con, or Conman | Constantine doesn't quite care what you call him, and will respond to anything from 'hey you!', to kiddo, to that little *.
[GENDER] Cis male; he/him | He has never questioned his gender.

[APPEARANCE] Connie is a pale brown short haired tabby with a portion of white covering his muzzle and chest. He may be considered to have a more 'feminine' appearance, with dark markings bordering his large green eyes, and a slim, smaller, figure. He can usually be found wearing a flower crown.

[TRAITS] Kind, kleptomaniac, he loves shiny things ok, will wear your jewelry better than you, on box he comes with: social approval required but not included, insecure, nature-fanatic, little ball of fluffy anxiety, give him alcohol when he's older: "but is this organic??", loves socializing but isn't always good at it, dreamer, curious, a secret vegan, enjoys alone time, and gets anxious when he's in a group setting, but needs lots of love, imaginative

- idolizes one of his siblings, and refuses to leave their side
- he will ligit create his own one-person nature club if no one joins him, to which he will be his own president
- oops he steals something important and makes an enemy
- he will also make his own flower crown shop in exchange for hugs because he is that child

[NOTE] this is a crap form, and I was rushing, but yeah <3

//whispers would you mind a last minute form from me??
Its okay if its too late

Advanced Roleplay / Re: OUR EYES HAVE YET TO OPEN | plotting
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:31:27 PM »
mini boop just in case~

WNG OOC Archive / Re: "When you hate the world." - Ruby's opinions
« on: March 09, 2017, 04:58:24 PM »
Eyy, of course! //finger guns

ah, I just wanted to wait for phantom to get in his first post, but I'm not sure

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