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episode tropes for the show's episodes

("cat got your tail?" contains a tw for blood/gore/mutilation)

Spoiler: Pilot • show
Mandy: [gasps] Now that you told me about yourself, let me tell you about myself!
Peaches: Oh cattails…
Mandy: Agent 57, at your service! Nice to meetcha! The name’s Agent Mandy, and I’m the funnest, most happiest agent you’ll ever meet! [bounces up and down] I love fighting odd, eating, sleeping, and making friends! [hugging Peaches and whispering] I also bite. [giggles]

Written by Seren Dipity

Mandy and Peaches reconnect for the first time in years. Having been former rivals in the past, the two vow to set aside their differences and reconcile. Mandy teaches her cousin about life in Odd Squad, and the two spend some time bonding.


All of the Other Reindeer: Peaches is an outcast in her hometown of Vallea, having thought that King Ashero, the leader of her town, had sent her on a mission to find who burned it down as part of something bigger. However, she soon realized that the king had actually sent her away because she was a nuisance, and Odd Squad's kindness and acceptance was the first time anyone had been nice to her.

And Here He Comes Now: When asking about the hierarchy of Odd Squad, Peaches wonders how, if Mandy is Oprah's second-in-command and yet is an Investigation agent, she isn't equal in rank to Olive and Otto. Olive explains that Mandy can take her to Oprah's precinct and ask her directly. Cue Mandy teleporting right into the office.

- At the end of the episode, when Peaches says that Mandy's happiness is rubbing off on her, the hybrid ends up walking right into Oprah's glass door.

Because You Were Nice to Me: Mandy, Oprah, Olive, Otto and the ponies all being nice to Peaches spurs her to befriend them.

Bloodless Carnage: Averted with Mandy being attacked by Peaches, as she begins bleeding from the scratch wounds. However, the blood dries up quickly, and Olive doesn't notice until after Mandy returns from a case--and on that note, neither does Mandy herself.

*Crack!* "Oh, My Back!": Mandy's back cracks at one point after she wakes up. While Pinkie reacts in disgust, Mandy treats it as though it's a regular occurrence.

The Cuckoolander Was Right: Mandy is right on the money about Peaches being a lonely outcast.

Comically Missing the Point: Mandy slips into this at times.

Peaches: Don’t act innocent with me! I recognize that body shape clear as day!
Mandy: Aww, did I gain weight again? I thought the flying was s’posed to make me lose weight!

Continuity Nod: Mandy greets Oprah with the same singsong "knockity-knockity" that Olympia used to greet the X's in "Xs and Os".

Cosplay: Invoked by Mandy when she suggests that she show Peaches around Toronto. Peaches declines since no one is used to the sight of a Cat Girl. Mandy points out that she could say she's cosplaying as one.

Cry Cute: Peaches is so moved by Mandy's note to her offering her friendship that she starts to cry and has to leave her room. When she bumps into Ms. O, she cries even harder to the point where she becomes a blubbering mess.

Doomed Hometown: Peaches explains how someone came into her hometown of Vallea and began burning houses down, which killed some and left others wounded (and which she wasn't present for). King Ashero, the ruler of the town, tried to find the victim using witnesses' accounts of the incident, but when he failed, he sent Peaches out to find the culprit under threat of being banished from the town forever.

Dude, Where's My Respect?: Otto outright agrees with Peaches that Mandy is loud and annoying, despite the fact that Mandy is renowned throughout Odd Squad as an organization and happens to be his friend.

Peaches: How can you two stand her? She’s really...annoying, and loud, and...the complete opposite of what us catgirls are!
Otto: Well, you’re not wrong!
Olive: Otto! Have some consideration!

Establishing Character Moment: Mandy is initially introduced as a high-energy Genki Girl who is more than excited to meet Peaches, whom she considers to be a new friend. On the flip side of the coin, Peaches is introduced as aloof and being a little Hot-Blooded at first, seeking Revenge on Mandy.

Establishing Series Moment: The very first scene of the episode involves Ms. O giving Mandy a case of people being turned into giant acorns, with her going to the town park to solve it.

For Happiness: In her letter to Peaches, Mandy states that one of the things that one of her goals in life is to make others happy.

Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: Averted for the most part. Mandy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, being a Genius Ditz, but instead of overstating her intelligence, she happily accepts that she's dimwitted, even when Peaches tells her so.

Peaches: You’re as much of an idiot as I thought.
Mandy: Yeah, I get that a lot! But what I lack in smarts, I make up for in style and power!

Impossibly Tacky Clothes: Peaches regards Mandy's Odd Squad uniform as tacky. However, she finds some tolerance with Olive and Otto's Director outfits.

Involuntary Shapeshifting: Peaches shapeshifts from her cat form to her human form while sleeping.

Long-Lost Relative: After attempting to threaten Mandy with little success, Peaches has a realization and recognizes her as the child of Aunt Kimi and Uncle Derek. Mandy doesn't recall either of them, which serves as Foreshadowing for how she and Peaches are actually related.

Mama Bear: Olive spots the scratches on Mandy's body, and immediately goes into a state of shock, asking Otto to get some antiseptic to treat the hybrid's wounds.

Meaningful Background Event: A catboy can be seen hiding behind a tree when Mandy meets Peaches for the first time.

Minor Injury Overreaction: Inverted. Mandy gets scratched up by Peaches and is in visible pain initially, but her high energy and ditziness causes her to brush off the injuries like they're nothing. It's played straight for Olive, however, once she sees Mandy injured.

Mistaken Identity: Peaches mistakes Mandy for the culprit who burned the homes of innocent people in Vallea and killed them. Mandy tells her that she has no idea what Vallea is.

No-Sell: Downplayed -- Mandy does feel Peaches' attacks and briefly remarks on how she's bleeding, but then brushes it aside.

No Sense of Personal Space: Par for the course for Mandy, as she gets up in Peaches' personal space often.

Oh, Crap!: Olive has a moment just before Mandy glomps Peaches.

[Olive sighs in relief]
Otto: Why are you so relieved?
Olive: I’ve been tackled by Mandy 5 times this week alone. I take no risks.
Otto: Eh, fair point.

Running into the Window: Mandy does this when walking into Oprah's office.

Sacred Hospitality: Since Peaches is part of Mandy's family and an acquaintance of hers, Oprah allows her to stay in Headquarters while she searches for whomever burned Vallea down. In return, Peaches befriends Mandy.

Sarcasm-Blind: Mandy completely misses Peaches' sarcastic remark on where she comes from.

Mandy: Ohhhh, so you’re the odd one outta the bunch! [giggles]
Peaches: I was being sarcastic.

Shout-Out: When Peaches tells Mandy that she's from Vallea, Mandy asks what they have there. Peaches sarcastically remarks, "Apes, but they're not so big."

Stock Animal Diet: When Mandy offers to make Peaches something to eat after settling in her new room, she asks her for some tuna, and at the end of the episode, she asks her to make some more. Later episodes would establish fish as Peaches' Trademark Favorite Food.

Teleportation Sickness: Mandy teleporting her and Peaches to Olive and Otto's office gives the latter a headache.

There Is Only One Bed: Invoked by Mandy, who sleeps with Peaches in her room in order to befriend her despite the catgirl's objections. When she sees Mandy in her bed, she is startled and falls to the floor.

Welcome Episode: Peaches, and by extension the audience, is introduced to the rest of the main cast. Odd Squad as an organization, as well as its hierarchy, is also explained by Olive and Otto.

Spoiler: The Edge of the Rainbow • show
Olive: What’d you find, Mandy?
Mandy: [giddy laughter] This is it. I’m gonna get in the history books! I gotta take notes!

Written by Seren Dipity

Mandy discovers an Odd Squad legend that tells of a rainbow that stretches through Toronto once every year, with a secret surprise at its edge. She abandons her duties for the day and travels across the city to prove the legend is true.


Bear Hug: Though Mandy is prone to giving these out, she ends up on the receiving end of one from Olive upon returning from finding the rainbow. Due to the Director's strength, however, she begins to choke.

- Mandy also gives these to Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash when they manage to find her.

Cats Are Lazy: Defied by Peaches, who mentions that she is adjusting her sleep schedule in order to partake in adventures so that she doesn't sleep all day.

Children Are Innocent: Rocky Road, the unicorn colt whom Mandy befriends, is very polite, and refers to her as "miss" until she tells him to stop calling her such.

Comical Nap Drool: The episode opens up with Mandy asleep at her desk with a stream of drool coming out of her mouth.

Crowded Cast Shot: The treasure that Mandy buries is a photo of the entire main cast at a beach.

Delayed Reaction: Olive is so concerned about where Mandy is that it takes her a few seconds to process that she's standing right behind her.

Otto: Mandy can hold her own in battle. Don’t think she’s-
Olive: Killed?! Otto, Mandy may be powerful, but she can’t “hold her own” for long! For all we know, she could be in the hospital, or-
Mandy: Right behind you!
Olive: Or right behind me, or dead, or-
Olive: [gasps] Mandy!

Everything's Better with Rainbows: The episode revolves around Mandy finding the Toronto Rainbow, a rainbow that extends throughout the entire town of Toronto once a year that has a surprise at its edge, after being told about it by Olive. She eventually does find it with the help of a young colt named Rocky Road.

Fatal Flaw: Mandy's love of sleeping and tendency to fall into deep slumber nearly makes her miss seeing the Toronto Rainbow.

Great Big Book of Everything: Mayor Mackelmore has a book with details on the Toronto Rainbow. When Mandy asks Ice Song (his secretary) why he has such a book, she tells her that Odd Squad shared their findings on the phenomenon with him a long time ago, which was recorded for future reference.

- Precinct 13579 also has a book on the rainbow that's quite thick, but it's a different book than the Mayor's.

Hammerspace Hair: Mandy's ability to store things in her hair is discussed by Olive and Otto when she produces a pencil from it.

Otto: But how’d she get the pencil from inside of her hair?
Olive: [deadpan] I can’t answer your every question about Mandy, Otto.

Jumped at the Call: Mandy reads about the Toronto Rainbow and immediately becomes dead-set on finding it to the point where she neglects to tell Ms. O where she's going. It's implied that it takes quite a few hours for Mandy to find the rainbow, since Ms. O ends up sending out a search group of Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash to find her.

Mama Bear: Both Olive and Oprah become increasingly stressed about Mandy not telling them where she went.

Overworked Sleep: Mandy pulls an all-nighter while repairing gadgets and doing paperwork, and falls asleep at her desk as a result.

The Power of Friendship: Mandy buries a group photo of the main cast at a beach in place of the treasure, citing that if someone finds it, they'll be inspired by friendship and make some friends of their own.

Mandy: Friendship’s the greatest treasure of all! Twi taught me that.

Prehensile Hair: When looking for the Toronto Rainbow's treasure, Mandy turns her curly forelock into a drill in order to dig underground.

Stealth Hi/Bye: Mandy does this to Peaches at one point, causing her to attack her and nearly slice off her forelock.

You Did the Right Thing: A non-sacrificial example. The treasure at the end of the rainbow contains money that was stolen as part of a Bank Robbery many years ago, and Mandy is forced to choose between keeping the money for herself or giving it to the Mayor's office. However, Mandy is fine with the latter option, as she feels she doesn't need money to be happy and that keeping it wouldn't be right. As a reward, she gets special recognition at the festival held the next day in honor of the rainbow, is offered a job at the credit union where the money was stolen from (which she refuses), and is allowed to bury a group photo in place of the treasure.

Spoiler: The Missing Dreams • show
Dr. O: If my predictions are correct, however...this year, Mandy will have to be the one to solve it.
Mandy: M-me?! Why me?!
Dr. O: You have the most control over your sleep and dreams. Your brain is controlled by a central...hub, of sorts. It primarily controls your magic usage while asleep, as well as your sleep cycle. According to reports, the transformation you received while battling the Hydraclops may have altered your brain in numerous different ways, including how it handles your sleep. Which is why I entrust the task of curing everyone to you, Mandy.
Mandy: B-b-curing everyone?! That seems like such a huge responsibility!
Ms. O: Well, if my agents don’t get enough rest, I don’t see productivity rates rising around here. [beat] No pressure.
Mandy: [hyperventilates]
Peaches: Great, now you’ve made her even more panicked. Nice going.

Written by Kate Carter

Odd Squad gets a widespread case of a disease called sleep-transfer-itis, where dreams are switched around. Mandy wakes up and finds that she has the disease, and she must be the one to cure everyone.


Adaptation Inspiration: The episode's plot is taken from My Dream is Yours, an Odd Squad fanfic. However, it's expanded on in order to include Mandy, Peaches, and others.

Catapult Nightmare: Mandy wakes up this way from both nightmares.

The Chosen One: Dr. O tells Mandy that she is the only one able to cure Precinct 13579's agents of sleep-transfer-itis due to having the ability to control her dreams. While future episodes would reveal that he, nor anyone else, knows exactly how her transformation affected her sleep and dreams, he holds enough trust in Mandy to let her handle the outbreak on her own. As a result, she becomes anxiety-ridden over carrying the weight of the responsibility on her shoulders.

Cordon Bleugh Chef: According to Olive, Otto puts a lot of odd foods into his macaroni and cheese, which is why she asks Mandy to help her make some homemade mac and cheese for her to try.

Crashing Dreams: In Mandy's first nightmare, she runs to a window in the hospital she works at and screams "Let me out!" as a cry for help. She then keeps repeating "let me out" as she tosses and turns until Peaches comes into the Bedroom and attempts to wake her up, at which point it becomes a Catapult Nightmare.

Cry into Chest: Mandy becomes terrified enough from her first nightmare to break down crying into Oprah's chest as the Director comforts her.

Dream Episode: A few of Precinct 13579's become victims of an outbreak of sleep-transfer-itis, where dreams between those affected are swapped. Mandy, who is knowledgeable about her own sleep and dreams, is tasked by Dr. O to cure everyone of the disease, while also dealing with it herself.

Dream Intro: The episode opens on Mandy having a nightmare involving her and a group of other doctors and nurses preparing to remove a patient's liver. It's later revealed that Mandy is having Dr. O's dream as a result of the sleep-transfer-itis outbreak.

Drop the Hammer: Defied in Mandy's second nightmare when she goes to defend herself against Dr. Price and his staff by reaching behind her back, only to come up with nothing. However, she is still able to defend herself using her flight and magic abilities.

Earn Your Happy Ending: After being tormented with nightmares for the past couple nights and curing the second round of sleep-transfer-itis among Precinct 13579's agents, Mandy finally gets some well-earned rest with her original dream of running through a spacious meadow.

Eureka Moment: As Mandy teleports to just outside of the hospital to escape her former co-workers, she begins to beg her brain to wake her up. She then wonders if, since the previous Dr. O of Precinct 13579 had sleep-transfer-itis, the current Dr. O has it, and once she wakes up, she teleports to Dr. O's house to cure him as well as herself.

Go-to-Sleep Ending: The episode ends on Mandy, still asleep on Oprah's couch, dreaming about running through a luscious meadow.

Heavy Sleeper: Olive manages to sleep through Mandy's second Catapult Nightmare, wherein she wakes up and takes in a huge gasp of air in fright.

- Downplayed with Dr. O, who also manages to mostly sleep through Mandy's exchanging of dreams with him -- while he does wake up, he is in a dazed state and has no idea what's going on.

The Insomniac: While watching a movie with Olive, Mandy invokes this in order to prevent herself from having another nightmare. However, it fails, and she eventually tells her about the nightmares she's been having.

Instantly Proven Wrong: Oprah tells Olive and Otto that she'll allow Mandy to rest up from the events of the last couple days. Not even a second after she says that, Mandy wakes up and asks the trio to keep down the noise.

Million Mook March: The doctors and nurses at the hospital in Mandy's second nightmare come after her while marching in unison.

Nightmare Sequence: Mandy goes through two of these as a result of her dreams being swapped with Dr. O's. Both of them involving her being forced to work as a surgeon and operate on a patient, unable to quit her job.

Noodle Incident: Whatever happened last year with the sleep-transfer-itis outbreak is left mostly unexplained, apart from the fact that Oprah, Oscar, Olive and Otto were all affected.

No Sense of Personal Space: Mandy teleports to Dr. O's house in the middle of the night while he's sleeping. Not only that, but she teleports directly on top of his bed and gets right up in his face.

OOC is Serious Business: Olive points out how staying up during a movie and not falling asleep is unlike Mandy, since she is Really Fond of Sleeping.

Resignations Not Accepted: In Mandy's first nightmare, she attempts to quit her job as a surgeon due to her incompetency at her job, only to be told that it's difficult to get fired. The next nightmare she has (which continues from the first one) has Dr. Price, the head of the hospital, tell her that resigning will cause the downfall of general healthcare and refuses to let her do so. When she keeps insisting she quit in order to save the lives of other patients, he orders her to be sedated.

Sacred Hospitality: To help relieve stress from being tasked to cure everyone of sleep-transfer-itis and from her nightmare, Mandy asks Olive if she can stay at her house for the night. Being her adoptive mother, Olive is happy to let her stay, stating that she was about to invite Mandy over herself so she can make her homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Ship Tease: There's a bit of it to be found with Mandy and Otto near the end of the episode.

Mandy: [attempting to get up from Oprah's couch] Olive, you have one heck of a sticky sleepin’ bag…
Otto: You’re, uh, in Ms. O’s office.
Mandy: Otto?! J-jeez, Olive, I thought it was just gonna be the two of us…

- When Rainbow Dash tells Mandy about the odd dream she's been having, this exchange ensues, making it seem like Mandy is intentionally invoking the trope.

Mandy: Ah! So you must have Peaches’ dream then, and she has yours! [clears throat] Touch foreheads.
Rainbow Dash: What?
Mandy: You heard me.
[beat as Rainbow stares at Mandy bewildered and confused]

Take a Third Option: Instead of letting herself be surrounded by doctors and nurses on both sides, Mandy decides to fly upwards and fire a widespread energy blast that stuns everyone and leaves them in considerable pain.

Talking in Your Sleep: Dr. O does this when Mandy teleports to his room to exchange dreams with him, which further confirms her theory that she has his dream, and vice versa.

Tempting Fate: When Olive and Otto bring Mandy back to Oprah's Headquarters and apologize for bringing her in a sleeping state, Oprah forgoes the apology, stating that if she's cured, Dr. O will tell them. Cue him walking into her office and telling the group that Mandy is cured.

Spoiler: Cat Got Your Tail? • show
Mandy: Peach...I’m going to find who did this to you. I’ll make them suffer dearly at my hammer’s behest. But first...I want to make sure you’re okay. I want to know more about you, and I want to help you find the person who burnt your town down. I wanna go up to your King, and tell him how great you are! [crying] I want you to see the wonders of Odd Squad with me, to help the agents here thrive! We have so many more adventures we hafta go on!

Written by Alexander Parry

When Peaches is attacked by a villain who puts her under hypnosis and erases most of her memories, she becomes aggressive, attacking anything in sight. Ocean and Fluttershy vow to “re-train” Peaches to make her affectionate, but they soon become in over their heads.


Affectionate Nickname: Mandy develops one for Peaches, calling her "Peach". She later calls her "cuz" after Peaches had called her by the nickname earlier.

Agony of the Feet: Peaches sinks her claws into Olive's legs as Otto yanks her towards him, causing her legs to develop deep gashes. The wounds are bad enough to leave her needing a wheelchair to get around, and when Mandy goes to see them after defeating Cherry Moriarty, blood is shown still seeping into the bandages that Otto places on her.

Attack the Mouth: During their one-on-one battle, Mandy rams her hammer into Cherry Moriarty's mouth, causing her to choke. Later episodes would establish that this is Mandy's Finishing Move, with the intent to teach her opponent a lesson and make them concede rather than straight-out defeat them.

Bandage Wince: Olive winces when Otto and Mandy change the bandages on her legs. Since the pain from her injuries is to an extent that she apparently hasn't felt in a long time, it's perfectly justified.

Beware the Nice Ones: When Mandy finds out that Cherry Moriarty is the villainess that hypnotized Peaches, she becomes absolutely enraged to such a point where she wishes for her to die and has no problem facing her one-on-one in a fight. Even the ponies know not to intervene.

Big Damn Heroes: Just as Cherry Moriarty begins to attach a golden ring to Fluttershy, Mandy flies in and grabs her partner.

Bloodless Carnage: Averted -- blood is shown seeping out of wounds on various characters at various points. Mandy's battle with Cherry Moriarty has the latter bleeding from being beaten by the former's hammer, as well as from a tooth being ripped out, and when Peaches attacks Olive, it leaves bloody gashes in her legs that leave her unable to walk.

Broken Heel: As Olive and Otto flee from the Creature Room, the former trips and falls. However, before she can get back up, Peaches begins attacking her legs by sinking her claws into them, and Otto attempts to pull Olive towards him so Ocean can close the door. He does so successfully, but at the cost of Olive's legs developing deep, bleeding gashes in them.

Burning with Anger: Mandy does this during her showdown with Cherry Moriarty when the villainess attacks Fluttershy. It's enough for the ponies to stay on the sidelines, not wanting to risk making her angrier.

Cats Are Mean: When Peaches becomes put under a trance by Cherry Moriarty, she becomes aggressive and attacks those like Twilight and Olive. The latter's injuries are severe enough that she is left unable to walk and has to get around in a wheelchair. Mandy later theorizes that her aggressiveness is being caused by the ring Cherry placed around her, which in turn caused an adverse effect due to her being a catgirl and not completely human.

Caught Monologuing: During her brief tussle with Peaches, Mandy begins to boast about her fighting ability, but stops herself midway.

Mandy: [scoffs] Mandy, Mandy, you have got to stop monologuing. That, is how you get the villains to catch you.

Choke Holds: Played with. Mandy rams her hammer into Cherry's mouth and down her throat, something that would be established as her "finishing move" in future episodes. However, with the move, she doesn't have any intent to choke her opponent -- she does it to make them give up and admit defeat.

Continuity Nod: When attempting to snap Peaches out of her hypnosis, Mandy reminds her of when they first met, back in "Pilot".

Cry Cute: Mandy breaks down in tears when trying to free Peaches from her hypnotic state, as she explains about all of the adventures that the pair have to go on.

Curb-Stomp Battle: Mandy ultimately decimates Cherry Moriarty and manages to defeat her pretty quickly. When Cherry does get a chance to attack Mandy, she misses nearly every time.

Ear Ache: Peaches' yelling while riding on Mandy's back (believing that she wouldn't hear her up in the air unless she yelled) causes the hybrid to wince and clean out her ear briefly.

Enemy Rising Behind: Olive and Otto spot a ring that is clasped tightly around Peaches' waist, and decide that they have to inform Mandy. However, as soon as they turn their back on the aggressive catgirl, she slowly and ominously rises behind them, and they make a break for it.

Fashion Hurts: Cherry Moriarty puts a ring around Peaches' waist in order to hypnotize her. It's very tight, and neither Ocean nor Fluttershy can get it off. Mandy eventually manages to pry it off using a great deal of magic, and destroys it with her hammer.

The Fashionista: Cherry Moriarty is a villainous Fashion Designer whose ultimate goal is to create servants to assist her with her work. She does this by creating golden rings and attaching them to people's bodies so they'll be hypnotized.

Floating in a Bubble: When confronting Peaches at the park, Mandy uses her magic to create a bubble in order to trap her inside of it, holding onto it in order to tote her around instead of having her float away. While it's sturdy enough that it can't be popped with claws, it's implied that the feat takes a great deal of concentration and power, as Mandy is unable to teleport a woman in need of medical care to a local hospital to get help while magically holding the bubble.

Foreshadowing: This episode provides a little insight into Mandy's backstory -- she was apparently abandoned by her biological parents, and Odd Squad helped to raise her. However, what actually happened to her isn't explored until the "Mother's Little Hybrid" two-parter.

Go-to-Sleep Ending: The episode ends with Mandy checking up on Peach before taking a well-deserved rest.

Heroic Resolve: Mandy manages to stop Olive and Otto -- two powerful Directors -- from falling to the ground by catching them with her magic, despite the fact that she is nowhere near as powerful as other alicorns like Twilight and the feat is something she has been trying to do for years. Upon doing so, her horn begins to spark and she becomes briefly winded.

- Directly before that, Otto manages to stop himself and Olive from falling by wrapping his legs around a guardrail bar, holding on for a fair while before he loses his grip.

"I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Mandy does this with Peaches in order to help her calm down and break free of Cherry's hypnosis. It ends up working. According to Oona, another Odd Squad agent did the same thing with his partner when he fell victim to one of the villainess' rings.

It's Personal: Once Mandy finds out that it was Cherry Moriarty who hurt Peaches, she takes the helm in finding and beating up the villainess herself, despite the fact that she had recruited all of the Mane Six agents to help.

Let's Split Up, Gang!: Since the park is a big area, Mandy has the six ponies split up to try and find Cherry Moriarty.

Motor Mouth: While Mandy does this often when excited, this episode reveals that she also has a tendency to do it when she's nervous, as she does so when explaining the situation with Peaches to Olive and Otto.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast: Ocean manages to calm Peaches down temporarily and lull her to sleep by playing his ukulele.

Nervous Wreck: Mandy becomes one after managing to capture and deliver Peaches to Fluttershy and Ocean for them to take care of. It gets to such an extent where Olive walks up to her and casually says her name, and her hair and tail stick straight up in shock as she lets out a continuous scream before she cuts herself off and begins stumbling over her words.

Otto: Is...that the most volatile I’ve ever seen her? ‘Cuz it looks like if she even feels a slight breeze she’s going to explode.

Never Say "Die": Played straight with Mandy referring to Peaches "destroying" someone while in her aggressive state.

Noblewoman's Laugh: Mandy does one when Peaches asks her what she's going to do with Cherry Moriarty while she rests up from the ordeal of being hypnotized.

Omniscient Database: It's revealed that Oona keeps a database of villains in the Lab, stating that Oscar suggested Precinct 13579 have one just in case.

- Ocean also has a creature database in the Creature Room, which he is shown updating at one point.

Reality Ensues: When turning to Olive and Otto for advice, Mandy reminisces about the previous night, where Peaches attempted to teach her how to fish by hooking them with claws. While Mandy is a relative of Peaches and has some feline blood in her, she is a pony-human hybrid and has no claws. As a result, she is unable to fish the same way Peaches does, even when improvising using her hands.

- It's revealed that Mandy is unable to perform large feats of magic such as lifting other beings, and doing so in a short period of time leaves her winded. While she is classified as an alicorn, her magical strength pales in comparison to those like Twilight's, which is likely why she prefers to use her hammer in battle over her magic.

Sleepwalking: Mandy tells Peaches about a time where she flew in her sleep and ended up two towns away. "Under a Rest" would later imply that her sleep-flying isn't a one-time occurrence.

Stepford Smiler: Olive and Otto wonder if a villain turned Peaches aggressive, and suggest that Mandy look for one that could have attacked her. When the partner pair also suggest that she not become stressed over the situation, she responds in her usually cheery manner before walking away, putting a frown on her face.

Sword Over Head: Double-subverted when Mandy is about to kill Cherry Moriarty with her hammer. The camera cuts to the ponies as a distant bang is heard, and they believe that she killed her...that is, until Fluttershy sees that she intentionally missed, and the camera cuts back to Mandy granting Cherry mercy with her hammer rammed into the villainess' mouth.

Teeth Flying: Mandy ends her fight against Cherry Moriarty by yanking her hammer out of the villainess' mouth, causing some of her teeth to come out.

Mandy: [as she stops Burning with Anger] Get that checked out by your dentist. And don’t put it on my tab.

You Just Had to Say It: Upon Mandy returning to Precinct 13579 and updating Oprah on what happened, the Director remarks that she looks like she could fall asleep standing upright, leading her to speak the trope name verbatim as she heads off to bed.

Spoiler: Pinkie Party • show
Olive: It’s just...going against the Big O...goes against everything you have been taught as a Director. It’s like a moral code.
Mandy: Why?
Olive: Huh?
Mandy: Why do you have to follow what the Big O says? Just because he’s your higher-up? [chuckling] Sometimes, leaders aren’t always right. They make mistakes just like any human being does! And sometimes, they do things that are immoral. But that doesn’t mean ya hafta go through with it! It’s up to you to figure out what’s immoral, and what’s right. Like for example, I know that you know you don’t think what the Big O is doing is right. And I don’t either! Somethin’ fishy’s goin’ on, and it’s not ‘cuz I’m cooking fish for Peaches again!

Written by Seren Dipity

Agent Pinkie Pie is elected as the official party planner of Odd Squad by the Big O. However, against his wishes, she enlists Agents Fluttershy and Rarity to help, while they, along with Ms. O, Peaches, Olive and Otto, attempt to hide the news from Mandy.


Absurdly Long Wait: Rarity tells Mandy to come to her boutique in Headquarters and try out a suit she made. When Mandy arrives, Rarity tells her to take a seat on the couch while she heads to the back room for a bit. The wait for the suit ends up being so long that Mandy falls asleep, and doesn't wake up until Rarity and Fluttershy have spoken with Ms. O about the situation and the former returns to the boutique.

Adaptational Villainy: The Big O in Odd Squad, while quite incompetent, is heroic and sometimes helps the organization out. In this series, he's a more intelligent Jerkass who ultimately turns out to be a Disc-One Final Boss.

Aesop Enforcer: Mandy makes sure Oprah learns the lesson that she taught Olive earlier: that leaders aren't always right.

Beyond the Impossible: This is shockingly averted for both Mandy and Pinkie --they both play the trope straight often, but this episode has Pinkie unable to solve every party-related case in Canada, which both she and Mandy cite as impossible to do despite the Big O's insistence that it is possible. This is due to the fact that Pinkie has both her party-planner duties and her agent work to do.

Big "WHAT?!": Mandy shouts one when Olive tells her about Pinkie's promotion. She later gives another one when she looks over the Big O's report and finds that the increase in party-planning cases is in Zambia, not Canada, to such an extent that it shakes the screen and sends a flock of birds flying.

Blatant Lies: Rarity attempts to divert Mandy's attention away from Pinkie's promotion by asking her to come to her boutique at Precinct 13579 and try on a new suit for O'Q, the precinct's tailor. Mandy immediately grows suspicious, but doesn't call Rarity out until she realizes that she's been waiting for hours for the suit and drags Olive into the boutique so she can help her finish it.

Cliffhanger: The episode ends on Oprah sitting on Mandy's words and wondering if the Big O is really incompetent and if he should remain in charge of Odd Squad. This is a lead-in to "The Boss's Assistant" four episodes later, where Twilight is promoted to the position of the Big O's assistant and his true colors begin to show.

The Cloudcuckoolander Was Right: At the end of the episode, Mandy calls the Big O incompetent. When Oprah takes the insult to heart and says that he isn't, Mandy asks her about the country mix-up. All the Director can do is remain silent and slack-jawed.

Comical Overreacting: Most everyone believes that Mandy always reacts to news in an over-the-top way, and a flashback shows her doing a Spit Take at Pinkie's (presumed) pregnancy announcement, fall off a ladder after Rainbow Dash announces she got into the Wonderbolts Academy, and nearly destroy a gadget when Olive announces that she's going to basketball camp.

Continuity Nod: Underwater Ulanda, who hasn't been seen since Odd Squad's "Undercover Olive", returns in this episode as the villainess that Olive, Otto and Mandy are interrogating.

- In one of the second flashbacks, Rainbow Dash's news is that she got into the Wonderbolts reserves.

Crippling Overspecialization: It's implied, though not directly stated, that many agents at Precinct 13579 have a hard time with, if not completely incapable of, solving birthday-party-related cases compared to Mandy and Pinkie, who can solve such cases with ease. The trope is averted with the partner pair, however -- they can solve other cases just as well as party-related ones.

Delayed Reaction: Mandy is so focused on fixing a gadget that it takes her a couple seconds to process Olive's news of her entering basketball summer camp.

Disapproving Look: Rarity gives Mandy one of these as she arrives in Headquarters with Pinkie and Fluttershy. It manages to completely unnerve her, and she later calls her out on it.

Flat Scare: Mandy is distracted enough by Pinkie that a simple "boo" from Olive causes her hair and tail to stick up in fright.

Heroic RRoD: Pinkie Pie is wiped out by the time she arrives at the boutique so she and Mandy can confront the Big O, and once things are resolved, she gives in to her exhaustion and falls asleep on Mandy's back on the way back to Headquarters.

Hypocritical Humor: One of the flashbacks shows Mandy offering to monitor Otto, a Big Eater, at his and Olive's precinct while the latter attends basketball camp for the summer. This is despite the fact that Mandy eats quite a lot herself, scarfing down entire Thanksgiving feasts without flinching, and gets excited over food the same way Otto does.

Implied Death Threat: Mandy gives one to Underwater Ulanda during her interrogation.

Mandy: Now tell them what they want to know!!
Ulanda: Or else what?
[Mandy levitates her hammer with her magic]
Mandy: Or let’s just say...there will be a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean. And it will not be mine.

I Work Alone: Invoked by the Big O, who tells Pinkie that any help she receives as Odd Squad's party planner will only slow her down, and encourages her to go at it alone. However, the job proves to be too much for the pink pony, and she enlists help from Rarity and Fluttershy.

Jumped at the Call: Pinkie volunteered for the position of Odd Squad's official party planner, believing the job to be easy. However, she soon comes to regret her decision when she realizes how stressful working without help is.

Keeping Secrets Sucks: Both Rarity and Fluttershy become increasingly stressed while attempting to keep the secret of Pinkie's promotion from Mandy. Once Olive and Otto become involved at the behest of Oprah, things get more complicated as Olive runs off to get her thoughts together only to bump into Mandy herself, and accidentally lets the beans spill. Needless to say, the hybrid is definitely not happy about having something hidden from her.

Locked Out of the Loop: Mandy is unaware that her partner has been promoted to Odd Squad's sole party planner. According to her, it was a "family matter" that she had to resolve that caused her to miss the Big O making the announcement.

Mistaken for Pregnant: Two flashbacks show Pinkie entering Ms. O's office and announcing that she's having a baby. While the first flashback has Mandy perform a Spit Take in shock, the second one shows her congratulating her partner up until she reveals that it's the Cakes -- the ponies she works for -- who are having kids, not her. Mandy does a Facepalm and tells Pinkie to work on her phrasing.

My Master, Right or Wrong: Whatever the Big O says is accepted by all Directors, no matter how irrational it sounds, due to the fact that he is their higher-up and he knows what is best for Odd Squad. Going against the Big O is considered immoral and can potentially land a Director in trouble, if not outright fired. This is treated as a moral code of sorts by Olive, Otto, and Ms. O, and because of it, they go along with his observations of there being an influx of party-related cases in Canada without question. However, Olive becomes doubtful about the Big O's words and confides in Mandy that she doesn't think that what he's doing is right, and Mandy discusses the trope as she gives her some Simple-Minded Wisdom before going to confront the Big O herself with Pinkie Pie in tow.

Olive: It’s just...going against the Big O...goes against everything you have been taught as a Director. It’s like a moral code.
Mandy: Why?
Olive: Huh?
Mandy: Why do you have to follow what the Big O says? Just because he’s your higher-up? [chuckling] Sometimes, leaders aren’t always right. They make mistakes just like any human being does! And sometimes, they do things that are immoral. But that doesn’t mean ya hafta go through with it! It’s up to you to figure out what’s immoral, and what’s right. Like for example, I know that you know you don’t think what the Big O is doing is right. And I don’t either! Somethin’ fishy’s goin’ on, and it’s not ‘cuz I’m cooking fish for Peaches again!

Noodle Incident: Subverted. The beginning of the episode has Peaches and Mandy discussing "everything but the bagel", right before it's revealed that Peaches was attempting to catch a bagel with legs and teeth.

- It's played straight with the reason why Mandy missed the Big O's meeting -- she states that she had a "family matter" to take care of and couldn't attend, but no other details are revealed beyond that.

Ocular Gushers: Pinkie begins to cry these when the stress of being Odd Squad's party planner gets to her. The Big O responds by begrudgingly asking one of his assistants to get a mop and bucket to clean them up.

Once More, with Clarity!: When Rarity is discussing with Fluttershy how to handle the news of Pinkie's promotion concerning Mandy, flashbacks show the hybrid overreacting to news from Pinkie, Rainbow Dash and Olive, with fears that the news of Pinkie's promotion will also cause her to overreact. Later on, when Olive spills the beans about the promotion, more flashbacks show the same three agents announcing their news, with Mandy reacting how one would normally react -- she gives her congratulations to her three friends and isn't shocked or mad in the slightest.

Perp Sweating: Olive, Otto and Mandy do this with Underwater Ulanda in order to find out where a (presumably) stolen item is hidden. However, Mandy takes front and center stage in the interrogation, and threatens the villainess with an Implied Death Threat until she cracks and tells her the item's location. It's implied that Olive and Otto frequently employ Mandy for assistance in getting those who are unflappable to cooperate due to their different interrogation styles.

Poor Communication Kills: Mandy eventually realizes that the Big O mixed up Canada and Zambia, and that party-related cases are surging in the latter place rather than the former. She promptly calls him out on his mistake before he apologizes.

Rank Up: Pinkie is promoted from Investigation agent of Precinct 13579 to being a party planner for the entirety of the precinct by the Big O so she can handle all party-related cases in Canada after a recent surge. She later is demoted back to Investigation agent by him when he realizes that Zambia is the country with the surge in such cases, not Canada.

Stealth Hi/Bye: Make no mistake: Oprah's still got the skill to do this with ease -- she startles Mandy as she and Olive are discussing Pinkie Pie near the end of the episode.

Strong as They Need to Be: Mandy is able to use her magic to drag Rarity into the front room of the boutique with ease, whereas last episode had her struggling to hold Olive and Otto. Justified since all three of them have differences in weight and Rarity is much lighter than both Olive and Otto, meaning that Mandy has more ease in moving her.

We Are Not Going Through That Again: Mandy invokes this with the Big O preparing to resolve the issue of Zambia's surge in party-planning cases by suggesting he promote multiple agents to the position, and not just one. The Big O responds by saying that he'll take the idea into consideration.

Wrong Assumption: Most everyone believes that Mandy always reacts to news in an over-the-top way, and various flashbacks show her doing a Spit Take at Pinkie's (presumed) pregnancy announcement, fall off a ladder after Rainbow Dash announces she got into the Wonderbolts Academy, and nearly destroy a gadget when Olive announces that she's going to basketball camp. They could not be more wrong, as Mandy points out, while more flashbacks show that she doesn't over-react to news at all and instead takes most of her friends' announcements in stride -- up to and including Pinkie's promotion. It's justified by the fact that, according to Oprah, Mandy is known to have unpredictable reactions to various things, and everyone was afraid that she would go and kill the Big O.

Your Costume Needs Work: Implied to be the case with one of the Big O's assistants, who doesn't believe Mandy is who she says she is when she tells him that she's Oprah's second-in-command at Precinct 13579. She shows him her badge to prove her legitimacy, and he allows her to see the Big O.

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: Mandy warns the Big O of this about her, and to cement it, she turns into her Burning with Anger state.

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more show episode trope things

Spoiler: The Kir-bees • show
Ms. O: Something wrong, Olive?
Olive: I don't know, I just feel like something bad's gonna happen with that creature.
Ms. O: Like what?
Olive: Like maybe it'll turn on Mandy or something. It can't be completely cute and innocent.

Written by Seren Dipity

Agent Ocean and Agent Fluttershy discover a new creature in the Creature Room. They decide to keep the creature, known as a "Kir-Bee", in the care of Mandy. As she slowly develops a budding relationship with "Natsu", she soon realizes that Kir-bees are not as innocent as they seem...


A Boy and His X: Once Mandy takes the Kir-bee off Fluttershy's hooves, she forms a bond with it, naming it Natsu and toting it around with her everywhere she goes. However, Natsu turns out to be manipulative, and it frames her for destroying the bullpen and the Bedroom.

All There in the Script: The episode's credits and script list the Earth pony stallion Mandy is attacking at the beginning of the episode as "Astral Thunder".

Ambiguous Gender: Played with in the case of Natsu, as it is referred to with male pronouns, but most of the time everyone refers to it as just that, "it". In addition, it also speaks with a feminine voice.

Apology Gift: Olive gives Mandy some fried chicken and some cake as a way to make up for wrongfully accusing her. While she eats the chicken out of hunger, she doesn't fully accept Olive's apology until she is given the cake.

Babysitting Episode: The episode revolves around Mandy being tasked with babysitting a creature known as a Kir-bee while Fluttershy helps Ocean with research on it.

Bear Hug: Mandy gives one to Peaches when she wakes up in Oprah's office. She later gives one to Otto, Oprah and Olive after she helps them lock the doors to the Dinosaur Room.

Berserk Button: It's mentioned that Olive gets extremely angry when being interrupted while busy with something important. When Natsu escapes from Mandy and approaches the Director, Mandy tells it to come back to her, only for it to screech loudly, causing Olive to become startled just as Mandy teleports Natsu and Otto out of the office.

-- If you don't want to make Mandy angry, let her at least have one nap a day. Oprah found this out the hard way.

Big Damn Heroes: Mandy saves Oprah, Olive and Otto from the threat of the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Room escaping by magically placing a temporary seal on the doors to hold them closed.

Break the Cutie: After she learns that Natsu framed her, Mandy blows up at it, as well as the ponies, Olive, Otto and Oprah, before running away crying. Olive only manages to break her further when she reminds her that Natsu has to be returned back to its native habitat eventually, which causes her to cry more -- and even after that, she gives everyone the silent treatment until the next morning. It's explained that hurting Mandy is a common way to break her.

Burning with Anger: While this is a common trait of Mandy's, this episode implies that the flames surrounding her are as real as they appear to be -- Oprah remarks about getting burns from them, and the hammer Mandy uses to threaten the ponies, Oprah, Olive and Otto becomes hot to the touch.

Calling the Old Man Out: Mandy snaps at Olive when she tries to give a more heartfelt apology to her.

Mandy: [through tears] If you’re tryna get me to come back, forget it. I don’t wanna work for people who think that I’m a culprit of something I didn’t do. You’ve lived with me for years. You raised me, Olive! And yet you think I destroyed the bullpen and the Bedroom on purpose, without even checking for evidence?! A real Odd Squad agent would think about the facts first and not make assumptions! [short, anguished cry]

Cassandra Truth: Mandy attempts to convince her friends that she didn't wreck the bullpen and the Bedroom. Her attempts fall flat, however, and she is forced to accept responsibility for the incidents despite being asleep at the time they occurred.

Cathartic Scream: Shortly after she calls out Olive for failing to check for evidence as to whether she destroyed the Bedroom and bullpen on purpose or not, Mandy lets out an anguished scream.

- Peaches lets out a frustrated scream when her attempts to wake Mandy up to see the wrecked bullpen fall flat.

Chekhov's Volcano: The volcano in the Volcano Room ends up erupting when it wasn't planned to do so for 4 more months. Oprah, Twilight and Peaches go to wake Mandy up to enlist her help in handling the situation, only to be unsuccessful due to Mandy's Heavy Sleeper tendencies, leaving the trio to deal with the volcano themselves.

Delayed Reaction: It takes Mandy a few moments to realize that she has mushed cake in her hand.

Mandy: [yawns] Hmm…? [beat] Oh, I have cake in my hand.
[teleports a Chocolate Moo-Moo Surprise drink into existence and drinks it]
Mandy: I HAVE CAKE IN MY HAND! [licks her hand clean] Mmm, chocolate, my favorite!

Disapproving Look: The ponies, as well as Oprah, Olive, Otto and Peaches, all shoot Mandy these when she tells them that she was asleep when the incidents occurred.

Mandy: W-why are you looking at me like that? T-t-turn those off, guys! [nervously chuckling] Y-you’re scaring me!

Dramatic Shattering: Oprah and Peaches arrive at Headquarters to find the bullpen in near-shambles, with the floor cracked, desks broken, and beams laying on the floor. Later on, they find the Bedroom in a similar state, and pinpoint Mandy as the culprit. Eventually it's revealed that Natsu destroyed both areas and framed her for the misdeeds.

Evil Laugh: Natsu chuckles in a rather sinister manner after Oprah, Peaches and Twilight fail to wake up Mandy.

- It chuckles again in the same manner when going with Oprah to be interrogated after the bullpen becomes destroyed.

Exposition Beam: To prove her innocence, Mandy uses the Memory Reflector, which is a helmet which publicly displays the wearer's memories, to show the others what actually happened to the bullpen and the Bedroom.

First Pet Story: The Kir-bee that Mandy looks after is her first time having a pet, and the episode revolves around her caring for it in place of Fluttershy. Olive and Ms. O allow her to keep it so she can learn about how much of a responsibility owning a pet is, but it backfires when the Kir-bee turns out to be mischievous and manipulative.

Flat Scare: Peaches knocking on the glass door of Oprah's office manages to startle Mandy and angrily tell her not to scare her in Japanese before she realizes exactly who scared her.

Forgets to Eat: Olive becomes so absorbed in her work that she misses dinner at her own precinct. As a result, she goes to Precinct 13579 to have Mandy make something for her.

Forgot to Mind Their Head: Oprah asks Mandy about feeding Natsu, which causes her to bump her head on the underside of the cabinet as she searches for a bowl.

Frame-Up: Natsu destroys the Bedroom and the bullpen while disguised as Mandy, framing her as the culprit. No one believes her when she tells the truth up until she shows her memories to them, which detail what happened and what Natsu did.

Free-Range Children: It's revealed that Olive, and by extension other Odd Squad agents, do their own grocery shopping, as she laments about how she has no energy to do so.

Get Out!: Mandy gives an out to the Earth pony stallion she's attacking and tells him to get out of her sight. He beats a hasty retreat and stumbles away.

Growling Gut: Happens to Olive a few times after she misses dinner in her precinct due to being too busy filling out paperwork.

- It happens to Mandy a few times throughout the episode as well.

Guinness Episode: Heavily downplayed and played for laughs -- according to Olive, there's more than one record in place for how long Mandy can cry, with her longest streak being an hour.

Hammerspace Hair: Mandy apparently keeps things not just in her hair, but her tail as well -- she asks Olive to get a mixing spoon from it at one point.

The Heart: Olive refers to Mandy as "the heart of the precinct" when attempting to improve her mood.

Heroic BSoD: Seeing her memory of when the destruction of the Bedroom happened manages to leave Mandy in a wordless shock as she begins to cry before letting all of her rage out on Natsu and the agents.

Hidden Depths: Peaches is a good cook, something that manages to surprise Olive when the two team up to make fried chicken.

I Have a Family: Lampshaded by Mandy, who asks the Earth pony stallion she's attacking if he has a wife and kids. Not that she cares.

I'll Kill You!: Mandy tells Fluttershy that she's going to give her five seconds to set Natsu down so she can kill the creature with her hammer. She never does, however, as she becomes sidetracked by Olive telling her to calm down and sets her sights on her and the rest of the agents.

Lost Pet Grievance: Downplayed. Natsu doesn't die, but must be taken back to its own habitat in another town. Despite it framing Mandy for destroying the bullpen and the Bedroom, she's still heartbroken over it leaving and cries into Olive's chest as she consoles her.

Luminiscent Blush: Mandy gets one when Olive and Otto tell her that she continues to surprise them, but warns them that if a person's face gets too red, they can turn into a beet. Luckily, in her case, it doesn't happen.

Mama Didn't Raise No Criminal: Played with. Olive believes that Mandy is the cause of the destruction, but isn't angry at her and instead asks her why she did it, saying that she didn't raise her to destroy Headquarters.

Manipulative Bastard: Natsu manages to fool everyone into believing that it's nothing more than a cute and innocent pet, despite Olive's suspicions. Even when Mandy is being accused of destroying the bullpen and the Bedroom, it puts on a concerned act before Mandy's memories reveal the truth behind what it's done.

Mood Whiplash: Everyone in the Breakroom goes from being joyful and upbeat to sour and upset when Mandy approaches them. And things only get worse from there.

Must Make Amends: Olive, being Mandy's adopted mother, takes it upon herself to reconcile and apologize to her for wrongfully accusing her of something she didn't do -- first by verbally apologizing, then by making her fried chicken and cake and writing her a note on behalf of her and the rest of the agents.

Noodle Incident: If Mandy's Motor Mouth plea to Fluttershy is any indication, she has apparently killed many plants in her lifetime. While it's implied that she forgot to water them, those are all the details we get.

Not Worth Killing: After threatening to kill Natsu during her bout of Unstoppable Rage, Mandy comes to the conclusion that actually doing so won't bring her satisfaction and is too cruel for her to do.

Oh No...Not Again!: A variant occurs when Oprah brings up Natsu needing to be fed, causing Mandy to panic as she begins speeding all over Headquarters in a frantic attempt to find Fluttershy. Oprah and Olive are completely nonplussed, only reacting with "Off she goes again."

Perp Sweating: Oprah does this with all six ponies and Peaches in order to find out who destroyed the bullpen. She attempts to do this with Mandy, but doesn't get a chance to before the Bedroom is also found to be destroyed.

P.O.V. Cam: Mandy's memories of what happened to the Bedroom and the bullpen are shown directly from her viewpoint.

Properly Paranoid: Olive is suspicious about Natsu, believing that it can't be entirely innocent and worrying about how Mandy will react if it turns on her. She turns out to be right on the money when the Kir-bee wrecks part of Headquarters and blames Mandy for it, and she flies into a rage as a result when she finds out that it betrayed her.

Puppy-Dog Eyes: Natsu gives Mandy these when she scolds it for running away from her to bother Olive. It doesn't work, and Mandy counters by telling it that only she can do that, as she uses the trick to get Olive to make her signature strawberry pie.

Rejected Apology: Olive stutters out an apology to Mandy, who threatens to hurt her shoulder if she doesn't admit that she was wrong about her causing the destruction. The hybrid agent refuses to accept the apology and smashes the table instead, knocking everyone to the floor. It takes another more heartfelt apology as well as a note to get Mandy to forgive her, and everyone else.

Rhymes on a Dime: Oprah indulges in this at one point after Peaches fails to wake Mandy up, and lampshades it.

Ms. O: Let me guess, it wasn’t a success? No rhyme intended.

Series Continuity Error: Oprah mentions that Mandy doesn't sleepwalk. However, it was revealed that Mandy flew in her sleep at one point in "Cat Got Your Tail?".

Shout-Out: The Kir-bees look identical to the character they're named after, but have a few unique traits, such as screeching loudly when they're angry and being manipulative towards people.

Silent Treatment: Mandy gives this to Olive.

Strong as They Need to Be: Mandy uses her magic to pull Olive closer to her, despite having trouble holding her in "Pinkie Party". May be justified by the fact that she isn't holding Olive in mid-air, but rather, she's sliding her across the floor, which would be of less difficulty.

Suddenly Voiced: Natsu, who frequently speaks in chirps, screeches, and growls, is revealed to be able to speak when Mandy shows her friends what happened with the Bedroom and the bullpen being destroyed.

Supering in Your Sleep: Oprah explains how Mandy used to fire magic beams in her sleep after she first transformed into a pony-human hybrid, and how she and other agents helped her to stop doing so.

Take This Job and Shove It: During her fury-filled outburst, Mandy quits due to being mistreated by everyone, which is punctuated by her ripping her badge off of her suit.

This is Unforgivable!: The beginning of the episode shows Mandy having beaten up a stallion for hurting Pinkie Pie. If her explanation to Fluttershy about him being villainous is to be believed, she had every right to beat him up.

The Trickster: Kir-bees are known to be mischievous and manipulative, and don't get along well with other creatures. Mandy experiences this firsthand when Natsu, the Kir-bee she's tasked with caring for, shapeshifts into her and frames her for destruction of the Bedroom and the bullpen.

Unishment: Oprah's punishment for Mandy is to have her stay in her office for a week. However, due to the fact that Mandy is Really Fond of Sleeping, and the bullpen is in shambles anyway, the punishment is lessened slightly.

Unstoppable Rage: Mandy flies off the handle when she finds out what Natsu did. She doesn't just take it out on the creature, though -- she also takes it out on Olive, Otto, Ms. O and the ponies, even going so far as to split the Breakroom table in two before running off in tears.

Unsuccessful Pet Adoption: Fluttershy asks Mandy to take care of a Kir-bee she finds while she and Ocean do more research on it. Throughout the episode, Mandy falls in love with the creature and names it Natsu as she attempts to prevent it from causing much trouble. However, Natsu ends up framing Mandy for destruction she didn't cause, and as a result, she begins hating it as well as her friends, who all believe she wrecked the bullpen and the Bedroom. By the time the Kir-bee is returned to its native habitat, she feels little remorse for it and fully grasps what it's done to her.

Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Mandy's zooming around Headquarters every which way looking for Fluttershy? Olive and Oprah are completely nonplussed. Justified, since it's Odd Squad, and this sort of thing isn't uncommon when it comes to how Mandy acts.

Unwanted Assistance: Averted. Oprah, Peaches and Twilight all attempt to try and get Mandy to help them in stopping the eruption of the volcano in the Volcano Room, but can't wake her up from her nap. By the time Mandy does wake up and is cooking dinner for Olive, the trio have already solved the issue themselves.

Voluntary Shapeshifting: While it's not explained if this is a shared trait among its species, Natsu is shown to have the ability to do this, and turns into Mandy to destroy the bullpen and the Bedroom.

Spoiler: An Odd Squad Gala • show
Rarity: All I wanted was to make this gala special for Ms. O. [sniff] I never meant to steal the show for myself with my outfits, but...part of what I love, being a fashion designer, is having creative freedom. Perhaps go overboard with my outfits, but I do it out of love and passion for what I do. [beat] I’m terribly sorry if you feel the way you do, but...please, do try to understand.

Written by Kate Carter

In honor of her leadership, Ms. O decides to host a gala for others to attend. While it garners many mixed reactions and stirs up old tension and drama, Agent Rarity is delighted and invites ponies from Equestria to join in, while overtaking the gala for herself.


All There in the Script: The first agent whom Mandy, Olive and Otto eavesdrop on, and who apologizes to Rarity later on, isn't named in the episode proper. However, the credits list her as "Omaria".

Apologizes a Lot: Downplayed. Oprah and Rarity don't just feel the need to apologize to each other, they also apologize to Mandy because the Gala was meant to be special to her as well, as Oprah's second-in-command. Naturally, Mandy forgives both of them.

Apology Gift: At Mandy's suggestion, Otto and Peaches bake a cake for Oprah to help cheer her up from the events of the Gala. Since she isn't a fan of cake, she only eats about a quarter of it, and gives the rest to Mandy at the end of the episode.

Ballroom Blitz: Oprah hosts a Jackalope Gala to honor her many years of leading Precinct 13579. However, things quickly turn sour when Rarity shows up with Canterlot elites, which Oprah didn't formally invite.

Berserk Button: It's implied that Rarity becomes a nightmare when going through a fashion crisis, although how she becomes a nightmare exactly isn't touched upon.

Brief Accent Imitation: In addition to changing her hair and tail, Mandy also adopts Rarity's accent when asking Olive about her dress. Olive also imitates the unicorn mare's accent, but only to get Mandy to stop her imitation.

Continuity Nod: Just like in the last episode, someone brings a cake in order to apologize for something. In this case, Otto and Peaches bring Oprah a cake to apologize for the disastrous Gala.

- Mandy brings up the time-travel adventure Otis, Olympia and Oona had when reminding Oprah of the last time an event was held in honor of her leadership. She then recites Twilight's comment about time-travel from "What About Discord?".

- Olive's proficiency at sewing Burly Bears uniforms, which was displayed in "Bad Luck Bears", is brought up by Olive herself when asking Mandy to make a dress for her.

- Mandy changes her hairstyle to that of Rarity's curls by using her wings, the same way Rainbow Dash styles her mane in "Newbie Dash".

- During the Gala, Oprah becomes worried for Mandy when she tries to speak and is unable to, stating that she doesn't want another odd outbreak occurring.

"Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: The agent whom apologizes to Rarity for her actions acknowledges that if she had told her about her concerns from the start and not talked ill about her behind her back, the tension would have been lifted.

Delayed Reaction: It takes a few moments for Mandy to wake up from her nap before she realizes that Peaches can sew.

Dope Slap: Mandy gives one to Peaches when she tells Oprah about Rarity inviting the Canterlot ponies to the Gala. She promptly returns it to sender by slapping her in the face to snap her out of her Nervous Wreck state.

Everybody Laughs Ending: The last shot is Mandy and Oprah sharing a laugh over the latter swallowing the former's cake.

Exact Eavesdropping: Olive, Otto and Mandy overhear a conversation between two agents about the Jackalope Gala as they compare it to previous events that Odd Squad has held and go up to Oprah's office to try and convince her to ban Rarity from the Gala due to her tendency to show off with her outfits. This is how the trio are clued in to what Rarity is supposedly doing at these events.

Expressive Hair: Mandy changes her hairstyle from her usual Pinkie Pie-like curls to Rarity's curls with just a sweep of her wings through her hair, while she uses magic to change her tail.

Foreshadowing: When addressing the attendees of the Jackalope Gala, Oprah brings up a "past stint" she had as an Odd Squad Director before losing the position, then becoming one for the second time in 1983. The full story of what happened during her first time being a Director isn't explored until "The War of Oddness".

Get a Hold of Yourself Man: Peaches slaps Mandy in the face when she begins freaking out over agents turning on her because Rarity invited other ponies.

Get Out!: One of the agents at the Gala tells Rarity to go with the Canterlot elites when they take their leave from the Gala, and others soon join in. Oprah, on the other hand, orders her to stay, leaving her conflicted on what to do.

Hair Reboot: All it takes for Mandy to restore her hair and tail back to its normal style after imitating someone is for her to inhale deeply and let it inflate with a loud pop.

Here We Go Again!: At the end of the episode, Mandy suggests that another Jackalope be held with just Odd Squad agents being invited and Rarity handling the outfits. Oprah and Rarity agree to the suggestion, and the episode ends with everyone having a good time at the second Gala.

Hidden Depths: Mandy isn't just able to imitate Rarity with a simple sweep of her wings and a few magical adjustments, but she's also a very competent Fashion Designer who can rival Rarity herself at the art. It's implied that she often helps out in Rarity's boutique located in Precinct 13579 on her off time.

- Similarly, Peaches is also revealed to design clothes as a hobby, and states that she made her trademark yellow dress herself. It's implied that she made clothes for the people of Vallea often, but no one cared for her designs since catgirls aren't into making themselves look fashionable.

Idiot Ball: When meeting Fancy Pants for the first time, Mandy becomes nervous and believes that everyone will blame her for Rarity bringing other ponies to the Gala and believes that if everyone hates Oprah, they will hate her as well since she is the precinct's second-in-command. Both Olive and Peaches call her out on her nonsensical logic.

It's All My Fault: Played with. While Oprah states that both she and Rarity are at fault for how disastrous the Gala turned out to be, her words to Otto and Peaches make it seem very much like she's placing the blame on herself for not clarifying who was invited and who was not in the first place.

I Will Find You: Olive, Otto, Mandy and Oprah all attempt to find Rarity when she goes missing. None of them manage to do so, and don't see her until after the Gala begins.

Jumped at the Call: Being a party planner by nature, Pinkie immediately jumps at the opportunity to help plan the Jackalope Gala. According to Oprah, she made it known by outright demanding that she take the job.

Pinkie: Aww, don’t worry! You made the right choice hiring me for the party planning committee!
Ms. O: [deadpan] I didn’t hire you. You came up to me and demanded you help me.
Pinkie: Eh, same thing!

Laser Hallway: Downplayed. Mandy has her dress protected by invisible lasers and says that she "takes no chances" when Peaches is dubious.

Nervous Wreck: Mandy becomes one shortly after meeting Fancy Pants for the first time, to the point where she becomes completely tongue-tied when Oprah approaches her and the others and can only speak in strangled choking noises and inarticulate yells.

OOC is Serious Business: Numerous characters comment on how Rarity being away from Odd Squad for a long time is unlike her.

- Mandy, known for being an upbeat Genki Girl, becomes serious and authoritative when the Gala is brought to a standstill, and starts giving out orders to other agents in a melancholy tone of voice.

- A more positive example occurs with Oprah offering Rarity a juice box near the end of the episode, with Rarity commenting in surprise that she's never offered her one before (since she tends to hog them for herself).

Overworked Sleep: Mandy manages to fall asleep at her sewing machine after finishing dresses for Oprah and Rarity, leading Peaches to work on Olive's and team up with her to work on the other ponies' dresses.

Present Absence: Following Oprah's announcement about the Jackalope Gala, Rarity disappears, and a majority of the plot consists of everyone attempting to find her while simultaneously worrying about what she'll do during the gala. It's eventually revealed that she had been busy spread the word to various Canterlot elites, who come to the event, much to Oprah's chagrin as she kicks them out shortly after they arrive.

Shaming the Mob: When Rarity and Oprah both leave the Gala upset, Mandy calls out everyone for their mistreatment of the former, saying that if they had an issue with Rarity, they should have talked about it with her. She also orders the agent who complained about Rarity and the Gala earlier to apologize to the mare.

She Cleans Up Nicely: Mandy arrives at the Gala, and every head turns to look at her. One agent even comments that she looks like a princess, and Olive and Otto both address her as such before she tells them there's no need for formalities.

- Peaches' outfit for the Gala also manages to turn some heads. She admits that she and Mandy had a fashion challenge with making the ponies' dresses, with the latter coming out on top.

- The Mane 6 themselves look quite stunning in their own dresses, with Olive calling them "regal".

Shoddy Shindig: The Jackalope Gala is this from the start, as agents have mixed reactions about it when Oprah announces it. This is due to Rarity constantly stealing the show with her clothing designs at every party Odd Squad hosts, which puts many on edge and spurs Mandy, Olive and Otto to take action when she suddenly goes missing following the announcement.

Simple, yet Opulent: Olive's outfit is relatively simple, with only a waist ribbon and a flower hair dec for accessories, but she still manages to look regal for an Odd Squad Director.

- Otto's tuxedo also qualifies, as the only outstanding feature on it is a purple bowtie, but the outfit perfectly befits someone of his rank.

Suddenly SHOUTING!: Olive goes from mimicking Rarity's accent as she confides in Mandy to her normal voice as she shouts for her to stop imitating Rarity.

Team Spirit: When talking to Rarity, Olive suggests that she work together with Mandy if an outfit doesn't seem right for an event, since the two of them are Fashion Designers.

Olive: Believe in your friends, Rarity.

Terrible Artist: Oprah asks Mandy to make a dress for her, and gives her a list of things she wishes to have on it. The sketch she makes leaves the Director squinting in confusion before bluntly telling her that it's illegible. As she leaves, she asks Oprah to recite the features she wants on her dress.

Theme Tune Cameo: At the beginning of the episode, Mandy is humming the Odd Squad theme song while sewing.

There is No Kill Like Overkill: Rarity has this approach when it comes to fashion, as she goes overboard with designing her clothes for every single Odd Squad gathering. It becomes a flaw for her when other agents express hesitance about the Gala and view her party outfits as her trying to outshine others and be a show-off, and later call her out on ruining the event when Oprah kicks out the Canterlot elite ponies and declares it to be over.

Twisted Ankle: Played with in the literal sense -- Mandy ends up twisting her ankle when the agents at the Gala begin to riot against Rarity. As she has wings, however, she flies to avoid aggravating the injury.

Uninvited to the Party: While Oprah initially doesn't say anything about Canterlot elite ponies being uninvited to the Gala, when they actually arrive, she makes it clear that they are unwelcome and kicks them out.

Well-Intentioned Extremist: Rarity invited ponies from Canterlot to attend the Jackalope Gala in order to make it one of the most historic events in Odd Squad history, and to make it special for Oprah. Unfortunately, this backfires on her due to the fact that the other ponies weren't explicitly invited in the first place, as Oprah wants nothing to do with befriending other ponies apart from the Mane Six. It's implied that with other events supposedly ruined by Rarity, she had good intentions, but her tendency to go overboard on things made everyone dislike her instead.

Spoiler: Pretty Fly for a Hybrid • show
Mandy: Can you teach me?!
Peaches: Teach.
Mandy: Yes!
Peaches: You.
Mandy: Yes!
Peaches: How to fly with a tail?
Mandy: Ye-e-eesss!
Peaches: [sighs] You’re going to keep asking until I say yes, aren’t you?
Mandy: [giggles]

Written by Tom Walker

When Mandy notices Peaches flying using her tail as a propeller, she inquires about using her own tail to fly. Peaches gives Mandy lessons but constantly criticizes her, with Pinkie Pie also attempting to teach her later on but failing, leaving her wondering if she'll ever have a unique way of flying.


All Animals Are Dogs: When Mandy sees Peaches flying for the first time, her tail furiously wags back and forth like an excited puppy.

Amusing Injuries: Downplayed. After trying and failing to learn with Peaches as her teacher, Mandy comes back to Headquarters in a state of disrepair, with her tail kinked, bruises and dirt all over her body, and an inability to walk normally. For the cherry on top, she breaks down and cries from Peaches' stressful teaching.

Ask a Stupid Question...: When Olive and Otto bring Mandy's stir-fry dinner to her and find her talking in her sleep, this exchange happens.

Otto: Is she dreaming about flying with her tail?
Olive: Nah, she’s probably dreaming of sending a villain far far away by spinning their tail and flinging ‘em.
Otto: Okay, well, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that sarcasm, thank you.

Bear Hug: A relieved Olive gives Mandy one of these after she breaks her fall and prevents her death.

Brick Joke: While falling, Mandy takes the time to write out a will and testament. When she saves herself and is told by Dr. O that her wingbone simply popped, she teleports the will and testament into existence and tosses it out the same way.

Butt-Monkey: Poor Mandy just can't catch a break in her quest to fly with her tail. She even lampshades it at one point.

Calling Your Nausea: While flying on her own without the use of the hoop, Mandy lifts herself up to the height of a tree branch that Peaches points out just before her tail gets caught on the branch and she gets tangled up. While she says she's going to be sick, it cuts to the next scene before she vomits.

Chekhov's Skill: Mandy learning how to fly using her tail pays off when a last-minute attempt to do so due to her wing popping ends up breaking her fall.

Comically Missing the Point: Mandy does this often during Peaches' and Pinkie's lessons due to her tendency to get sidetracked.

Continuity Nod: Oprah recites her "It's important that we do nice things for ourselves" message from "Reindeer Games" at one point.

*Crack!* "Oh, My Back!": When Mandy wakes up from her impromptu nap in Oprah's office, her spine cracks, and she winces before she remarks on how she's not elderly.

Delayed Reaction: In Mandy's nightmare, she doesn't initially realize she's falling and has no wings until a couple seconds later.

- Pinkie comes up to Mandy and greets her, talking about how she tried to wake her but was unable to. Mandy's response is a rather apathetic "Hey, Pinkie" before she realizes who she's talking to.

Determinator: Mandy is absolutely dead-set on learning to fly with her tail. When Peaches explains the situation to Olive, Otto, Ms. O and Twilight, a Flashback shows a battered and bruised Mandy still raring to try again in spite of her current state and Peaches telling her it's foolish to do so. Ms. O even tells Twilight later on that if Mandy truly can't fly with her tail, then the Big O himself would have to try and convince her.

Dreaming of Things to Come: Played with. Due to her obsession over flying with her tail, Mandy has a nightmare where she is falling to the ground and has no wings to stop her fall, instead having to rely on flying with her tail to save her. She does so successfully, using her tail to float off of the ground briefly. The climax of the episode has Mandy experiencing the same thing, only with a lack of ability to fly using her wings due to her wingbone popping rather than simply not having them. However, Pinkie doesn't berate her like she does in her nightmare, and is absent when the disaster occurs.

Easily Forgiven: Peaches apologizes to Mandy for being too hard on her and not giving her a second chance to try flying differently. Mandy's response is that unless Peaches is getting her Chocolate Moo-Moo Surprise drink, she wants to go to bed and get some sleep, which Peaches takes as an acceptance of her apology.

Failure Montage: One occurs as Pinkie attempts to teach Mandy how to fly with her tail spinning downwards rather than upwards.

Famous Last Words: "Momma...gomen'nasai...koreha sayōnaradesu…" or "I'm sorry, this is goodbye" -- spoken by Mandy as she plummets to her death. Luckily, she doesn't die, and her attempt to fly using her tail ends up saving her from hitting the ground.

Go-to-Sleep Ending: The episode ends with Peaches and Mandy going to their rooms to get some sleep.

Hammerspace: While Mandy has this ability due to being an Odd Squad agent, Peaches does not since she doesn't work for the organization. As a result, she is unable to use gadgets to pull Mandy back down to the ground when she spins a hula hoop around her tail fast enough to lift her off the ground and into the air.

Heli-Critter: Peaches is able to fly short distances using her tail in this fashion. When Mandy sees her doing so, she inquires about using her own tail to fly and asks her cousin to teach her how to, but her style of teaching proves to be too rough for the hybrid and she breaks down in tears when she returns to Headquarters. She then goes to Pinkie, who has the same ability as Peaches, for assistance, but that also has disastrous results. Eventually Mandy learns to fly by using her tail as a propeller to float a little ways off the ground, which breaks her fall from the sky after her wingbone pops.

I Just Want to Be Special: One of Mandy's motivations for wanting to fly with her tail is that she wants a skill that's unique to her and her alone. While she can fly with her wings (which Peaches and Pinkie don't have), she also wants to use her tail so she can impress others.

Injured Limb Episode: Downplayed. At the climax of the episode, when Mandy flies away from Pinkie Pie crying, her wing pops with a Sickening "Crunch!" which sends her plummeting to the ground. Olive and Otto, who are walking by, see her falling and attempt to rescue her using a tarp, but soon realize that they can't get to her in time. Mandy is eventually saved in a last-ditch effort to fly in an alternative manner by using her tail as a propeller to float off of the ground, and Dr. O instructs her to keep off the wing for a few days to let it heal.

Ironic Fear: Mandy, a pony-human hybrid who is classified as an alicorn, used to be afraid of heights. She remarks that falling from the sky without any way to keep herself afloat may reignite that fear. It's justified by the fact that Mandy isn't a biological alicorn.

Literal Metaphor: Lampshaded by Mandy when helping a woman who is half-lobster.

Mandy: And, uh, might I suggest you eat less lobster? “You are what you eat” has a few more… [clears throat] ...literal connotations in this world.

Mistaken for Dying: Dr. O examines Mandy's wing and tells her that it's just as he expected. She responds in kind by worriedly asking him if she's dying.

Nightmare Sequence: Mandy has one in the form of a Catapult Nightmare where she is plummeting to the ground and can't use her wings to save herself since she doesn't have any. While she manages to save herself with a last-ditch effort in using her tail to fly and realizes that she's dreaming, Pinkie Pie criticizes the feat and berates her for not listening to Peaches. Before Mandy can explain herself, the ground underneath her crumbles and she begins falling, but doesn't have her wings nor her tail to break her fall. She then bolts upright in bed and wakes up, remarking on how her suspicions were right and the entire ordeal was a nightmare.

Not the Fall That Kills You: Mandy falls from the sky at quite a high distance, but is ultimately saved by using her tail as a downwards propeller. Neither her nor her tail suffer from any injury. apart from her wingbone popping.

Ocular Gushers: Mandy cries two huge waterfalls of tears upon returning to Headquarters after her disastrous learning session with Peaches. It gets to such a point where Twilight conjures up an umbrella for her, Olive, Otto and Ms. O to share as they rush out of the latter's office, and it's mentioned that Mandy once flooded an entire interrogation room by crying.

Phrase Catcher: "You/she just continues to surprise us" is starting to become a popular phrase when referring to Mandy and her unpredictability -- not only does Otto say it to Olive, but Peaches says it to Mandy herself at the end of the episode.

Reality Ensues: Peaches vents about Mandy being a terrible student and how she is unable to fly with her tail due to the fact that her tail is too large. Oprah fires back by telling her that it was only a mere day of training -- of course Mandy isn't magically skilled at flying with her tail yet. Her words fall on deaf ears, however, as Peaches storms off in a huff.

- Mandy realizes that she can't fly with her tail like Pinkie can despite the tails being the same shape due to the fact that Mandy is heavier than Pinkie. This is subverted at the climax of the episode when she finally becomes able to.

Running Away to Cry: After her learning session with Pinkie falls through, Mandy snaps at her and flies away in tears (using her wings, not her tail).

Shout-Out: When Olive asks what Mandy wants for dinner and she responds by saying she wants stir-fry, Olive remarks, "Daring today, aren't we?"

Sickening "Crunch!": One is heard when Mandy attempts to fly using her tail, only for a bone in her tail to crack and for her to stop spinning it, which causes her to fall to the ground.

- When Mandy is flying and berating herself for lacking the ability to fly with her tail, her wingbone pops hard enough for her to start falling before she attempts to keep herself afloat with her other wing.

Spit Take: Olive sees Mandy falling from the sky, and promptly spits out her soda in pure shock.

Stern Teacher: Peaches falls under this for the most part. While she doesn't go easy on Mandy and isn't afraid to rant to others about the hybrid's inability to focus, it's clear that she loves her and even apologizes to her at the end when she does manage to fly with her tail.

The Tell: Otto can easily tell that Olive is bothered with thoughts of Mandy just by looking at her.

Otto: All right, dish.
Olive: Huh?
Otto: Something about Mandy is bothering you, isn’t it?
Olive: N-no! [scoffs] What makes you think that?
Otto: I know my partner well enough. It’s about her flying, isn’t it?
Olive: [sighs] Yeah.

"Well Done, Son!" Guy: Played with. Since Precinct 13579's agents serve the role as Mandy's family, her wanting to fly with her tail so she can impress them can fall under this trope. However, Olive, her adoptive mother, explains to her that she's already proud of her as it is and she doesn't need to impress her or anyone else.

Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?: After Peaches leaves the group to give herself a bath, everyone turns to look at Olive.

Olive: Why are you all looking at me like that?
Ms. O: You’re Mandy’s mother.
Olive: Adoptive mother.
Otto: Surely you can help calm her down!
Olive: [groans] Fine…if I must.

Spoiler: The Boss`s Assistant • show
Mandy: Even if I have pony blood in me, that doesn’t mean that I’m just a pony, or just a human! It’s possible to be both! And Peaches...she’s a catgirl. A mix of a cat, and a human. And she’s human-like just like me! [spits] You have such a black-and-white viewpoint that you refuse to have any sort of moral standards! You want a regime where humans thrive, and ponies are their subordinates. [takes her hammer out and bangs it on the ground] Well I refuse to let that happen! As long as I’m alive, I’ll never let you go through with your stupid plan.

Written by Seren Dipity

The Big O comes to visit, and decides to take Agent Twilight Sparkle with him to help him out in his office promoting her to the role of "Big O's Assistant". However, it's soon made clear that there is more to him than meets the eye, and soon, Twilight is caught in the midst of change -- a world where humans rule and ponies drool. Can Odd Squad stop him before it's too late?
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