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Welcome Board / Re: another new person !!
« on: May 27, 2019, 03:25:07 PM »
thank you, aj ! it's nice to meet you.

percy jackson and animal crossing are very good !

i'll have to look it up - i've never heard of it before ! if it's greek-related, i'll love it - if it's roman, i'll love it even more. in school, i had to write a paper once called scipio africanus: il più grande soldato and it was very fun to write.

thank you again ! i hope we get to interact with each other as well.

Welcome Board / Re: another new person !!
« on: May 27, 2019, 08:47:36 AM »
one of us
our avatars are very similar : ^ )

it's nice to meet you, hoot ! i'll definitely come to you if i need any help understanding things. (i'm not sure how you would shorten milano, but feel free to try if you'd like !)

except eurovision bc i'm american that's fair, the "euro" kind of gives away its demographic.

the httyd movies are very good (so are the shows, and the books) ! i'm guessing you saw the latest one ? i think my favourite will always be the first, but the others didn't disappoint. i really enjoyed them ! any night (and now light) fury content is very good.

somebody else who loves hoenn ! hoot, you are... an owl after my own heart. would it be boring of me to say that my favourite pokémon is charizard ? i have a soft spot for fire types, and even though it has a lot of weaknesses, something about charizard appeals to me because i loved dragons and dragon-like animals as a child. who's your favourite pokémon ?

wind waker is also very good ! i like everything the legend of zelda franchise has given me. breath of the wild is just fresh in my memory because it's the one i played most recently !

new leaf is very fun ! i'm definitely going to buy it again when i get the chance, and the same for harvest moon. i remember playing harvest moon for hours when i was really young and i miss how peaceful it was.

greek and roman mythology is really interesting to me ! especially roman, but again, i'm biased. historically, my favourite thing to study is the roman republic (the roman empire ? what's that ?) so i like seeing anything roman in media.

Other Plotting / Re: im the best joke my mom ever made ba dum tssss
« on: May 27, 2019, 08:37:15 AM »
if you have room for anybody else, i'd love to plot too !

Welcome Board / another new person !!
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:41:36 AM »
hey guys !

i'm milano, nice to meet you all. i was recommended this site on a discord server i'm in with another new joiner, whose username is orange, since they said that this place was really nice and anyone who enjoyed writing (especially to polish their english) should join.

if my avatar doesn't give it away, i'm a big fan of how to train your dragon (that's how i know orange, through the discord server). but i have a lot of other interests:

     → pokémon - i've loved it since i was a child! my favourite regions are hoenn, kalos and alola, and i really like the 6th generation (xy & oras) as well as the 4th (dppt & hgss)
     → legend of zelda - another series i've loved since i was a child. i recently replayed breath of the wild and it's still one of my favourites because of how i can get lost in it.
     → eurovision - but this is a yearly thing, and a big deal for a lot of europeans, i think. i obviously support italy every year, but other entries catch my eye too! (portogallo è stato derubato)
     → animal crossing - they're comfort games for me, but i sadly lost new leaf a while ago... i should probably buy it again,, (the same for harvest moon)
     → percy jackson - i haven't read the books in a long time but i enjoyed them a lot !! i was a little more biased to the romans, but i was a roman kid when i was younger.

... and some other stuff, but i can't really remember off the top of my head. i'm looking forward to meeting everybody and hopefully getting to write with you all !

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