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Bluestem Prairie / Re: crossfire — open
« on: April 28, 2021, 06:42:49 AM »
He still remembered when the night came one blustery day in Flintlock Lodge when he came face to face with the tragedy that was Roman. They were not married or engaged, barely together as Roman had made it clear he had no intention to see Frank again. But, there he stood, broken following the arson attack that claimed too many lives in Bluestem Prairie. Tainted with soot and dirt, Frank cleaned Roman off carefully as he was numbed by his own trauma. Ever since that night, Roman had not touched a cigarette since.

Frank couldn’t blame him; it was one thing inhaling smoke into the lungs to relax after a long day, but it was another to choke on it as he woke from his slumber to find his home in flames. Even to this day, Frank was mindful of Roman’s decision to stop smoking. It meant refusing to smoke outside of their home so that the smoke would not waft inside — Roman deserved to feel secure in his own home — and Frank did all he could to cut down to only one or two a day. Anything so that he wouldn’t always return home smelling like cigarette smoke.

Exiting the general store with a couple of rations of canned foods in his hands, Frank stopped at the sight of his husband sitting on the porch with another rancher before wandering over. ❝ How’s… kidney beans for dinner? ❞ Frank lowered a can of beans down with a jesting twitch of his lips before straightening up and looking to see what Roman and the other rancher were looking at. ❝ Hey, Frank. You got a pack of cigarettes? ❞ The man then tried in his attempt to nab a cigarette off of someone.

Brows raising, Frank lowered his eyes as he searched through his pockets before holding out an open pack for the man to take one. ❝ Cheers. ❞ ❝ You’re okay. ❞ He returned the pack of cigarettes in his pockets, raising his head to watch a flag fluttering in the breeze on top of the saloon. Soon, he began to choose where to sit, uttering to the rancher, ❝ Budge up. ❞ He made the man move aside so that he could sit beside him. More importantly, he did so with the wind direction in mind. If Roman were to get a face full of smoke, he certainly wouldn’t enjoy himself here. Being mindful of his husband was the least Frank could do. ❝ So what are y’all even looking at? How sloppy ranchers can get around here before it begins to trigger Brock? ❞ Frank had a point; most people barely looked to practice any self-care when they were so busy on the ranch.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: watch the days pass || open
« on: March 22, 2021, 05:27:32 PM »
The general population of Bluestem reminded Franklin of his family, except a hell of a lot more slow-witted. Working together to achieve a particular goal, despite the evident blindness towards whatever goal that was. Some would say it was for survival, others would mechanically repeat one of Brock’s eloquent speeches with the vocabulary of a child. Honestly, Franklin began to wonder whether these goals were all lost in translation, or they’d chosen to pull the wool over their eyes for the simple life they hoped to achieve here. After all, they all supposedly lived for one thing, but could never quite pinpoint it.

Franklin, on the other hand, had some idea of what he lived for. It was one simple answer: family.

And, he by no means meant the Stirlings; at this point, their relations felt no more than business transactions, no emotional connection there when his trust had been shattered a long, long time ago. He saw family as the ramshackle home he had here in the heart of Alexandra, waking up alongside Roman and their three hideous looking dogs as they’d live each and every day for each other. Frank liked it this way; the simplicity of a life that was strangely far greater than all the years he’d spent as a Stirling. These people around here were almost all so brain dead, but Frank prefered their simplicity to the complex minds of evil any day.

Taking a swig of alcohol from a flask, Franklin cleared his throat as he sat down near JP, close enough to listen into the conversation but not too close that he felt obliged to join in. With a slow nod of his head, Frank watched the men cook over the campfire until he eventually tipped his head to the side to comment, ❝ You get used to it eventually. ❞

He was quiet for a moment, lip curling in thought before he then said, ❝ They’re great at the whole ❛ sharing is caring ❜ spiel, especially when they’ve got nothing to bring to the table themselves. ❞ He was quiet for a moment, watching the men bellow laughter over the fire, before he added in a softer tone, ❝ What I tend to do is hand over the smaller fish I catch and sneak home the ones worth eating for my husband and I. These guys are still none the wiser. ❞

« on: December 15, 2020, 04:24:33 PM »
Frank! Well, he lives with Roman and it’s exactly how Inny described it. It’s unassuming, it’s actually in dire need of a makeover, but Frank and Roman love it exactly as it is. I imagine it to be almost ugly in how none of the decor nor furniture is too exciting, but the guys try to add little decorations like plants around the home or cushions on the couch just so that it feels more homely. With all of this being said, I don’t think the guys could be any happier with their home; it’s their happy place! As for keeping the place tidy? Frank is definitely tidier than Roman. He will make his side of the bed and not Roman’s out of spite, but that's just the kind of person he is.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: LONELY SOUL // OPEN
« on: November 29, 2020, 04:15:04 PM »
Amid the tensions which were rising between Flintlock Lodge and Bluestem Prairie, Franklin could only do his very best to try and ease his mind somehow. After all, this imminent war felt nearly personal to him. It was a fight between his home and his family. He’d be destined to lose regardless of the outcome. His most important priority was to ensure Roman was safe and content. He could only imagine the stress that Roman was feeling; these Flintlockers were the very same people who attempted to take his life earlier this year — still, the trauma would linger on for a lifetime.

It took a lot to get Frank’s mind off of the current stress in his life, in everyone’s life, and as his gaze landed on Jerome in one of the fields, Frank saw an opportunity to allow his ever-anxious heart to settle, even for just a moment. ❝ I think the scarecrow needs to be upright. ❞ Frank teased with an impassive hum, nodding towards the stake which looked close to falling to the ground. ❝ No rest for the wicked. ❞ He added in light jest, then looking back towards Jerome. ❝ You need any help? ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: ( . ALL OVER ― MEETING [09/20] )
« on: September 26, 2020, 08:48:41 AM »
With Brock away on business, it left Roman in charge of the day-to-day running of the group. Sometimes it left Franklin suspicious when Brock would so happily hand the reins over to Roman; the last time Brock did so, he only returned with the troubling news that he'd unnerved a couple of surrounding groups.

Sitting comfortably at one of the tables, chewing absently at his thumbnail, Frank glanced up when his husband announced that it was just about time for the meeting to begin.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: NEED YOU HERE // OPEN
« on: September 08, 2020, 01:14:43 PM »
Roman wouldn’t ever have to compete for Frank’s affection, unless his competitors came in the form of four little scampering paws and a wagging tail. Truth be told, Frank’s adoration for his dogs was somewhat excessive and, whilst at first Roman seemed to be more of a ❛ no pets ❜ kind of guy, Frank was swiftly teaching him his ways. And, rightfully so. It was quite an unspoken fact when Frank were to admit that he craved the opportunity to express his nurturing side. There’d never been much opportunity for that in a household teeming with toxic masculinity. He was a gruff and aloof man, but he had a heart of gold.

It seemed impossible that he and Roman would ever have a family of their own, and so Frank would gladly settle for the next best alternative. These dogs were not pets, but they were a part of the family. So, at the prospect of expanding their family, Frank wouldn’t hesitate to take ❛ Greg ❜ on.

❝ What’s this, Pooks? Looks like you’ve met your match. ❞ Frank hummed as the two small dogs whizzed around on the street. ❝ At least they’ll both sleep well tonight. ❞ Glancing over towards Roman, gazing over towards his husband fondly before huffing. ❝ Oh, Killian said that now, did he? ❞ He wagged his brows before looking back to the hyperactive dogs, a smug look sat on otherwise dull features. Teasing Roman on his last relationship - something which had once hurt Frank so terribly - felt so casual, but it was something that he found so much amusement from nowadays. The cringing glimmer in Roman’s eyes, the attempt to move the conversation on… Frank thought of it as nothing more than the past which they could laugh about now.

❝ I like it. Suits the bubbly personality, huh? Should’ve called Pooks ❛ Mentos ❜; the two of them together, and they’re everywhere. ❞ With that, Frank patted his thigh, making kissy noises to capture the dog’s attention. ❝ Coco. Coco. You like that name? ❞ The dog ignored him entirely, darting around after Pookie.

Private Threads / Re: ❝ first day of my life — roman . ❞
« on: August 06, 2020, 12:32:35 PM »
This was love.

And even after everything they had endured together as a couple, nothing felt as right to Frank as vowing to spend the rest of his days with Roman, for better or for worse. The tiny gleam of a small smile was ever-present on his lips as Frank gazed over to Roman. Their wedding wasn’t ostentatious or bold, but it was enough. More than enough for Frank. In fact, the sheer simplicity of today’s celebration was perfect in Frank’s eyes. The thought of an over-the-top wedding was enough to make Frank cringe. Like his brother’s wedding - it all felt so superficial, as if he had someone that he wanted to impress. All Frank cared about, on the other hand, was showing his ever-lasting commitment to Roman. He was ready for this lifetime with him.

As he stood beside his husband-to-be, a flutter in his chest had him shift with anticipation. In the next few minutes, it would be the start of a new era for Frank, a new chapter. Out with the torment of a life full of heartache; today would be the day where he would no longer be known as a Stirling. He could be the bastard brother for all he cared, but a life where he could build a new family with the man he loved sounded far more genuine and hopeful than a life trapped in the terror and bloodshed of a family who did all of their talking with a gun.

A light gaze searched each and every part of Roman’s face. The happiness that was undeniable, the way his eyes looked so full of life and love. Frank mirrored the expression with a knowing ease, proudly looking at the man that would soon be his husband. This was their day. After all of the dread and horror that they had faced together, Frank was almost beginning to lose hope that this day would ever come. He’d get so close to the end, fingertips barely hovering over, before that happy ending would be snatched away from him all over again. First had been the heartbreak, second had been the near-death experience. Every time Frank got too close, he’d almost lose Roman all over again.

Until now.

The officiant began to speak and, whilst Frank held onto each and every word, cherishing this special moment, he did so with fond eyes watching Roman. He squeezed Roman’s hands gently - a perfect couple, the officiant said. The corner of his lip twitched; it did feel like they were perfect for each other.

❝ Now, without further ado- ❞ It was the moment he’d been waiting for for what felt like forever. Eyes refused to tear away from the man he loved as Roman said ❝ I do. ❞ Frank trusted Roman without a doubt, and yet there'd always be the slightest niggling worry that perhaps he simply would never be good enough for Roman. That Roman would take off again. After all that Frank had shared about himself, he wouldn’t blame Roman.

But he said it. He said ❝ I do. ❞, granting the both of them the start of forever.

With a joyous expression, the officiant looked to Frank. ❝ And Franklin, do you take Roman to be your husband? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect him, forsaking all others, and holding unto him forevermore? ❞

Frank was unable to repress the smile which tugged at his lips, squeezing Roman’s hands gently before he said, Yeah. I do. ❞ The officiant chuckled heartily at the somewhat unorthodox response, then rounding the ceremony up with enthusiasm.

❝ Well… It has been an absolute honor to officiate your ceremony this afternoon. Now, I can say something that I’m sure you have been looking forward to hearing for a long time. By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you married. You may kiss your husband! ❞ As the guests began to clap and cheer, Frank searched Roman’s face with pure adoration before leaning in and pressing a tender kiss to Roman's lips.

This was the start of a beautiful life.

❝ C’mon, dance with me. ❞ With eyes narrowed determinedly, Frank wrapped his arms around his husband as the saloon was bustling with people celebrating the wedding. He tried to drag Roman to where people were dancing and mingling, chuckling a short huff of laughter below his breath as he gave Roman a playful look. ❝ Who cares who’s here to see; they all know we both can’t dance. ❞ That was only partly true; Roman could dance, at least far better than Frank ever could, but he knew just how to egg Roman on.

Eventually, he slowed to a stop, pausing just to take in the perfection of his husband for a moment, before he pulled Roman into a long embrace. Frank pressed his face to the side of his neck, cherishing the moment for a few long seconds. Never did he believe that one day he’d find himself living a life he loved with a man he could gladly spend the rest of his life with. After growing up to be a man so aloof and detached from the world, because he had to prepare for the day he’d inevitably have his life robbed from him at a woefully young age, finally he got to start a life in which he finally felt safe.

In control.

In love.

❝ Thank you, ❞ Drunken words were muffled against Roman’s neck, pressing a small kiss against his skin before he said, ❝ for loving me. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: the golden afternoon // open
« on: July 30, 2020, 04:58:53 AM »
Frank was rough around the edges in many ways, scarred from his past and shaped by a life where there was no beauty to appreciate. Despite an aloof and snarky front, he had a good heart, one in which he cared more about the people around him than he would ever care to admit. In his family, he was the nice guy. Probably the closest the family line would ever get to normality.

He was kind to Paisley; he knew firsthand that the kindest, most unassuming people were the ones who would always be overlooked. In that way, he and Paisley were very much the same. When he noticed his husband stood with Paisley, Frank didn’t take long to wander over, arms folded comfortably across his chest. ❝ What’s all this? ❞ He asked, glancing down at the flower crown in Roman’s hand before taking it from him. ❝ Is it a necklace? A crown? ❞ He turned the crown around to take a good look before placing it on his head. ❝ How do I look? ❞

Private Threads / Re: THE END OF ALL THINGS // FRANK
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:47:31 AM »
Life had started to mimic normality, this time with much more force.

Normality was a subjective term, however, defined by what ought to be expected. What was typical, but to who? To most people, a life of normality would refer to that slow and steady cycle of living to one’s fullest. The idea of growing up into a world you adored; finding yourself through passion and hobbies; finding love, settling down, having a family; being happy.

Franklin almost had it all, but that normality wasn’t typical of his life.

Lulled into that sense of security, it was only time until his core would be shaken back into the reality of what was normal to him. His life was not one of routine but one which had been tainted from the very beginning. Life, to Frank, was loss - it was amazing to see what humans could do, staggering on despite all of the trepidation along the way. His life was not one to live, but one to fear the worst because he’d already seen what the worst looked like. Despite a privileged life, it was one that had come with copious amounts of risk and grief to get where they had eventually gotten.

Frank had experienced more loss in his life than he would be willing to admit. Not even the loss of people who he had loved dearly, but the loss of his home, all things sentimental to him. The loss of his innocence, the loss of his childhood, the loss of what made him Franklin Stirling-Moray. Stripped of his own identity, thrust into a world where death superseded morality. In a world where he was the bearer of death to many, he had to have expected that in this circle of life, the same fate would eventually be granted to him, too.

Roman would save Frank, and then Frank would kill him.

How cruel was it to unwittingly seal his lover's fate when Roman had been the one to grant Frank a life worth living?

The room was static and dark as Frank watched his lover rest with a heavy, deathly heart. Who could be there to soothe him as he fought for his life? No one; only Frank. The man, himself,  who had led him closer to his death was now the man with the salty eyes as he cried at his side. Roman didn’t deserve to die.

When, at last, he woke up, Frank held onto Roman and didn’t let go. Lips pressed to his neck were little affirmations that Roman was alive and that Frank would always be here for him. That was the promise he made ever since he chose to commit himself to Roman Darrow. Had he done enough, though? Had he done enough to be there for Roman? Perhaps he hadn’t; Roman was admittedly an irretrievable mess, something which could have been prevented if Franklin had only realized that this life of his was permanent. He could try to run away from his normality all he could; but ultimately Life followed him wherever he went.

As did Death on most days.

With dawn swiftly approaching, the orange sky filtered a warm hue across the lovers’ faces, Frank’s cold eyes darting across Roman’s tear-stained skin apprehensively. His nerves tore through him as he urged those words out. Would Roman still love him upon learning about the monster he had let into his heart? Frank hoped that Roman would not despise him; he was not his family. He wasn't a monster like they were, was he?

Did they not all have blood on their hands somehow, where something somewhere within them and those around them had to die for them to live on? Frank was barely the person he was a year ago - he’d killed who he used to be - but being a killer did not make him a bad person.

He never meant to hurt Roman.

Roman shimmied himself up into a seated position, as if poised and prepared to run if Frank’s words spoke nothing but the harsh truth. That Frank was the reason for his suffering, and would forever be the reason that he had nearly died that day. ❝ What do you mean? ❞ Roman urged softly, but instead of retreating as Frank would have expected someone to flinch away from their killer, Roman embraced the touch of death as he rested a hand of reassurance on Frank’s knee. Frank sighed, though with a quivering breath, as he broke his gaze away from Roman’s beautiful blues so that he could instead focus on the warmth of his gentle touch.

Some people clung to life for longer than expected. Frank was grateful for that fact.

❝ What I mean is- ❞ His throat felt tight as taut brows bunched together in thought. Head shook from side to side, like a gentle flutter. Bewilderment. He’d finally have to shine a light upon the darkest crevices of his life. A sliver of the morning light caught onto perturbed features, lips parted ever-so-slightly. The thin line of light traveled down his chest as if, if it were powerful enough, it could open up his chest and reveal the two hearts that were beating. The man he wanted to be, and the man he was born to be.

❝ Well- ❞ It felt impossible to speak when his thoughts were drowned out by the painful thud, thud, thud of his heart. Face twitched with a grimace, shuffling uncomfortably. ❝ I didn’t know how, or when, to tell you… But my family? Dammit. Basically, they lead one of the- the most notorious crime families out there in this day and age. They're dangerous. I'm dangerous. ❞

Jaw trembled, Frank exhaling a controlled breath through rounded lips before glancing over at Roman with shame. ❝ My brother, Eddie, took over the family business after our dad died. After everything I’d seen leading up to that moment, I knew that I couldn’t be part of any of it anymore. That family, they’re just all levels of fucked up. My dad killed my older brother, my younger brother killed my dad. My dad killed my mom, and I think my brother tried to kill… you. ❞

Slowly, Frank lowered his head, leaning closer to press his shoulder against Roman’s. A silent plea for reassurance. They would be all right, right? Frank swallowed hard, ❝ I thought that I had finally gotten away from that life, and I don’t know why they’d want to hurt you, but I have some ideas. I’m sorry, Ro. I should have told you sooner. I shouldn’t have left you in the dark. I’m a liability, and it- it felt too hard to tell you, but it's even harder telling you now under these circumstances… when it’s already too late. You almost died because of me - of who I am - and I understand if you never want to see me again after this is over. Hell, I'd never want to see me again. ❞

He chose straighten up again, allowing Roman that opportunity to run whilst he still could. ❝ I'm so, so sorry. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to hurt you, Ro. I don't want to hurt you, I promise. I'm not like my family. I'm sorry. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: LOST THROUGH TIME // OPEN
« on: July 23, 2020, 02:11:18 PM »
In less than twenty four hours, Frank would be known as Franklin Darrow. He couldn’t deny the way his heart began to beat quicker with anticipation, or the way butterflies twisted and turned inside. He wasn’t afraid - no, he trusted that Roman would never throw any heartbreaking curve balls his way anymore - but excited. Even whilst the couple already acted like lifelong partners, tomorrow would celebrate the official start of their forever.

Whilst tradition insisted they remained apart from one another before the ceremony, Frank couldn’t remember when he last followed any tradition. Tradition was tainted by the habits of the Stirling family - Frank no longer believed in it. And so, whilst he knew that Roman would likely be in the saloon in the evening as he so often was, Frank wouldn’t avoid the area. Instead, he’d simply ❛ gate crash ❜. Wandering into the saloon, Frank quietly observed the hushed conversation in a saloon which was less busy as usual. Wait an hour and the place would be brimming with people.

❝ Shit shot. ❞ Frank pointed out as he neared Roman and the man behind the bar, entirely unaware of the fond conversation spoken about him moments prior. Frank truly wasn’t the best at proving all that Roman made him out to be. With a keen glimmer in his eyes, Frank exchanged a silent look with Roman, lip twitching, before going to sit at the bar. ❝ You know it’s bad luck to see your partner before the wedding. ❞ Frank pointed out, before shifting his gaze over towards Roman. ❝ But I think your run of bad luck started when you decided to pop the question in the first place. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: TAKE YOUR TIME // OPEN
« on: July 23, 2020, 01:33:43 PM »
Whilst Frank had lost all that he’d grown up to know, he’d never felt so at peace with the life he currently had. As if he had truly found where he belonged, not by gaining but by losing what he had been so accustomed to his whole life. His family had once been where his loyalty lay, with a sense of duty and honor, but even whilst he was born and raised into that life, it never quite felt right. That life wasn’t for Frank to lead but one which felt better to walk away from. Life in Bluestem wasn’t much, but it was enough. More than enough for him to feel safe.

Upon noticing Jerome sat beneath a tree, a leather-bound journal sat on his lap, Frank was intrigued. Whilst he did take Jerome to be the more reflective lover of literature, Frank had never actually seen Jerome doing anything of the sorts to justify that belief. And so, with curiosity, Frank neared Jerome. ❝ It’s a nice place to sit and- ❞ He pointed out, hands deep in his pockets as he admired the view. ❝ Write? Draw? ❞ He turned back to glance to Jerome, silently urging him to elaborate on what he was up to.

❝ I'm good at drawing. ❞ Frank pointed out with a quirked brow. It wasn't clear whether he was only kidding or not, but in reality he was dreadful at any of the arts. Drawing was no exception. Choosing to settle down beside Jerome, Frank narrowed his eyes slightly before glancing at him, hand held out. ❝ Here. Lemme draw you. You won't regret it. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: CHANGE IT ALL // OPEN
« on: July 14, 2020, 01:01:50 PM »
After Roman’s near death experience, Frank did admittedly show a somewhat excessive concern towards his recovery. But, who could blame him? When Roman proposed, Frank had reveled in the prospect of this being the start of a new, beautiful life; that was supposed to be a life with Roman, not without. And so, of course Frank was worried. There was so much that they were yet to do and achieve as a couple that the very thought of losing Roman so prematurely broke his heart. Loss was inevitable, but Frank had hoped to grow old with Roman first.

Popping sounds grabbed his attention, Frank quietly strolling over with his hands in his pockets as he gently kicked up dust with every slow and casual step. ❝ What’s that you got there? ❞ Frank questioned, glancing towards the kid Roman was standing with before quirking a brow. The kid finally opened the box in his arms, taking a snapper out before throwing it at the ground near Frank. ❝ Good answer. ❞ Frank decided to utter, a small glint of mischief in his eyes as he glanced at the kid, the kid cackling before throwing more towards Roman. ❝ Watch out Ro, he’s after the both of us. ❞ Frank commented as he looked towards Roman, prompting Roman to ❛ fight ❜ back for the both of them.

He couldn’t help but crack a ghost of a smile, teeth barely showing, at the joy in the child’s laughter.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: ❝ soaked — open . ❞
« on: July 09, 2020, 02:42:29 PM »
Frank had his talents in all the wrong places, it seemed. Whilst his aim was fantastic when shooting, the same couldn’t be said when trying to balance clothing on the washing line to hang dry. He felt useless as he fumbled over the clothing, brows knitted together sternly and eyes fixated on the work in front of him as if hanging up laundry was really quite the challenge for most. God damn - now he knew why he so often left the laundry for Roman to hang up.

The familiar voice of his fiance caught Frank’s attention, Frank looking over his shoulder before taking a small step back to examine the clothing pegs. He looked at them questionably before sighing; that was where he was going wrong, he’d completely forgotten to use pegs. ❝ Oh yeah- ❞ He mumbled, taking a couple from Roman before watching him hang up the clothes the right way.

He contemplated explaining himself - perhaps out of sheer humiliation - but he remained silent. Roman wasn’t here to judge, but to help; something which Frank was grateful for. Instead, he began to help alongside Roman, huffing a small breath of amusement at Roman’s next words. He looked to Roman. ❝ That’s not true. You also make a mean cup of coffee. ❞ He teased lightly, finishing the article of clothing that he was hanging up before nudging Roman gently. ❝ You’re great… at a lot of things. Except for horseshoe pitching, of course. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: PURSUIT // OPEN
« on: July 07, 2020, 12:00:44 PM »
Of course Frank would worry about Roman; it was what any loving partner would do. And, especially when it came to Roman, Frank knew all too well that he was definitely trying to put on a brave face for the people of Bluestem Prairie. He’d given himself little time to recover from his injury - hell, Frank wondered whether Roman had truly acknowledged the extent of his injury at all - as he tried to get back to everyday living. Roman nearly died and it scared Frank to realize just how fragile life itself was. Even someone so permanent in his life as Roman would never live forever.

As long as Roman was keeping himself safe and sound, then Frank didn’t have the right to complain.

Instead, he’d stay nearby, just in case Roman needed him. It wasn’t Frank’s place to coddle Roman and nag him to lay down and rest up, so the next best thing would be to just keep an eye on him. Be there for him. ❝ A warm-up throw. Right. ❞ Frank commented, flitting his gaze over to look at Roman before an amused look glimmered in his eyes. Roman handed the horseshoe over to Frank, Frank narrowing his eyes as he focused on the stake before he tossed the horseshoe. It missed the stake narrowly, landing just in front of it. ❝ You jinxed it. ❞ Frank pointed out, looking at Roman before gently shoving his shoulder and walking over to pick the shoe up. He handed it over to Roman. ❝ Go on. Show me how it’s done then. ❞

Bluestem Prairie / Re: SOMETHING GOOD // OPEN
« on: July 07, 2020, 09:14:44 AM »
Roman was a tough man, yet somewhat more sensitive than he’d ever care to let on. Frank could simply tell from spending time around him that he had a good heart, and also that he was stubborn as hell, too. He wouldn’t dare to admit when he felt afraid, but the way eyes shifted around as he walked made it clear to Frank that Roman was anxiously anticipating another attack. His family did this to his beautiful husband-to-be; what a sickening way to be introduced to the family. Whilst Roman was away, all Frank could think about was how it was his job to ensure that no Stirling would lay a hand on Roman again.

Frank had to say that he was somewhat surprised to hear that Roman had brought something back from Northstar District for him. Admittedly, Frank was generally too humble to expect anything from anyone, but this gesture was kind. It made Frank want to smile at the very thought, instead opting to straighten up and shift his weight with curiosity. It made him realize just how much he must’ve been on Roman’s mind whilst they were apart; the feeling was mutual. ❝ Uh huh? ❞ He commented as Roman neared him, reaching into the bag to reveal a shirt as he then pressed the fabric against his chest.

Looking down and quietly admiring the shirt, Frank huffed a short breath. Approval. ❝ You know me too well. ❞ Frank decided to point out, the closest he would get to thanking Roman for a moment before he took a hold of the shirt, turning it around to have a good look at it. ❝ So, when’s our vacation? ❞ He glanced back, quirking a playful brow at Roman before folding the shirt up. It wasn’t much, but the gift was perfect to him. The idea that he was on Roman’s mind whilst he was away, plus the fact that Roman picked out exactly the kind of clothing that Frank adored, it was nothing more than further confirmation that Roman was truly his soulmate.

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