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Flintlock Lodge / Re: EVERYBODY DIES / RETURN, o
« on: September 16, 2021, 01:59:28 PM »
It shouldn’t be a surprise for Edmund to have a target on his back. He’d been aware of where he stood in this world for his entire life, and it only progressed once he’d taken over in his father’s stead. There was bound to come a time where his loyalties were to be tested, where Edmund would truly understand what it meant to be betrayed by someone that he thought he could trust. Perhaps it was naive of him to believe that he was so distrusting in character that it would never happen to him. He never thought that someone like Colt could ever have such malicious intentions. If Edmund had been as aloof and cold as people made him out to be, then maybe he would have been dead by now. But, it was his brief lapse in malignance which had saved him for the time being.

Eddie’s lips twitched slightly as Colt spoke briefly about his childhood. He could ever pick out similarities between the both of them; sometimes, it felt as if Eddie was looking at himself five years ago whenever he set his gaze on Colt. Perhaps it was what drew Eddie towards Colt — the familiarity, yet also the desire to make sure Colt would not have to figure the world out on his own. Sitting back on his haunches, Eddie looked over towards Colt as he asked for an update on the Lodge. ❝ Apart from the issue regarding The Badlands? Been running as smooth as it can. Starting to prepare for the winter time. It’s already starting to get really icy again, so I anticipate this winter’ll be a cold one. Could do with some help with a couple of things, actually; whenever you have the time, of course. ❞

Flintlock Lodge / can you feel the sun — open, sunrise.
« on: September 09, 2021, 12:45:50 PM »
The peace was temporary, yet came about so indefinitely that its fleeting nature was a comfort. As if at least one thing was everlasting in his life. The cold and moonless sky blended effortlessly with the sunlight as it did every single morning, and Eddie could confidently say that the sunrises in these parts were nothing to sneer at. As he sat right on the highest peak of the world (the highest that he had experienced, anyways) the sky looked more like a canvas in its panoramic glory from way up above. It sure beat the views from a lower altitude.

He wasn’t much of a tender man, not outwardly anyway, and so it was hard to believe that he would take time to appreciate the colours of sunrise as he sat on the steps outside of the lodge to admire the view ahead. A cigarette in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, Eddie’s early starts were common. With a dog, two children and an unwillingness to sleep at all, the dark rings below his eyes were a sign of his abiding exhaustion. He took a long drag from his cigarette, raised protuberances emerging through a slight shudder at the morning breeze. Even with a sweater on, Eddie felt the cold, a tangible sign that winter was creeping in.

The deciduous trees were withering slowly and the sky began to appear perpetually cloudy, masking the sun’s full capacity away from the sky. Soon the snow would return and the lodge would be as cold as Edmund believed he was. His rosy cheeks, pink from the morning breeze, were proof of this fallacious belief. He was very much alive, surviving, being — that didn’t mean that one was living at all though. Only existing, if not for himself then at least for others. He exhaled a plume of cigarette smoke into the crisp air, and his eyes traced the clouds that lingered at the break of day.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: EVERYBODY DIES / RETURN, o
« on: August 25, 2021, 04:34:13 AM »
It had been no secret to Eddie that Colt’s appearance around the lodge had been more sparse as of late. He wanted to blame it on the fact that Colt was still young, and some youngsters wished for nothing more than to cling onto the very last strand of innocence before being shoved out into the big wide world. But, Colt wasn’t like most young people. Like Edmund, he never knew what it was like to enjoy a childhood and so knew not what he was missing out on. Ed knew that look very well. Shoulders sagging and discoloured bags below the eyes as if the world drained all life from all that had to witness it in its sinister entirety.

He was tired of having to carry all that the world amassed on his back. Eddie knew that feeling, too.

In this instance, Eddie favoured silence over confrontation. After all, at the end of the day Colt was just a kid; it would be wrong to expect him to put forth the weapon that he’d been crafted into when it had been Eddie’s pledge to protect the younger generation in the lodge. Instead, he allowed Colt to take a small step back, from all of the danger and fighting that Eddie was hatching tactically, and from Eddie himself.  This was only self-preservation in its finest form, Eddie believed. He never thought that these chain of events were because Colt wanted Eddie to stay around for longer, rather than avoiding all of his hundred flaws as he had initially assumed.

Eddie stepped into the lounge, quickly taking notice that Colt was the only person in the room at that moment. ❝ Taking good care of what’s yours, ‘ey? ❞ Nodding his head briefly towards the pocket knife, Eddie smoothed his hair back as he wandered further into the living room, picking up the lighter that he had placed at the corner of the coffee table earlier before crouching down to attempt to relight the fireplace that had dwindled since the last time he had checked up on it an hour ago.

❝ It’s always good practice. People like getting things but it’s pointless if you never nurture it… Knife’ll treat you well if you keep it in good condition. ❞ It'd been the most that Eddie had spoken in casual conversation for some time, ever since he'd been far more invested in the current affairs between Flintlock and The Badlands. But, for Colt, he liked to make the effort.

Private Threads / Re: fight for my survival — leonardo.
« on: August 22, 2021, 12:09:37 PM »
Edmund was relieved when Leonardo agreed to help Eddie with this task. It was a big thing to ask of someone but both Ed and Leo were part of crime families and understood the extent of loyalty. If Leonardo ever needed something from Eddie, he could always be rest assured that Ed would be there for him, and vice versa. And, in this instance, Eddie knew that he could trust Leonardo to get the job done. ❝ Good. ❞ He murmured softly, head nodding as he processed the information. ❝ That’s good. Thank you. ❞ Not only had this perpetrator damaged his reputation as well as his family recipe’s longstanding multigenerational reputation, many people were unwell now, including a young teenager. He knew he could rely on Leo, though; after all, sometimes the quietest of people were the deadliest. Take it from Eddie — he rarely spoke and yet he was widely feared.

❝ People are all right from what I can tell. Sick, but not dead. ❞ Eddie explained carefully as he sat back against his office desk, knuckles slowly turning white on the hand that clenched down on the edge of the desk. He couldn’t or wouldn’t be optimistic about the situation, at least not until he had unequivocal proof that this was a storm that would pass. Brows raised ever-so-slightly as Eddie’s eyes averted to the side of him, clearly deep in thought as he then thought of his next words carefully. ❝ My brother is ill from it at the moment y’know, ‘ey? The youngest one. I let him have his very first lager to appease that curiosity of his, and now he’s sick. ❞

Ed’s lips tightly formed a line, watching Leo’s face carefully as he then pointed out quite matter-of-factly, ❝ If he dies, I will stop at nothing to ensure I seek justice for him. If he lives, I’ll make sure they learn their lesson and not put innocent lives at risk again. I hope that you can understand why it’s imperative to me that this is done. ❞ Whilst Edmund’s requests often painted him in a sinister light, it was solely down to the fact that he was a stern and no nonsense Captain who refused to let any outsider tread on his toes. If one were to look past the blood and destruction that followed him in his path, they’d see that he was not a bad man — only a man who did whatever it took to protect those that he cared for.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: wonderful life — open.
« on: August 19, 2021, 06:14:30 AM »
Ida had been the first to take notice of Bernard as he peeked his head into the kitchen, Eddie not taking notice as he had his back turned away so that he could find something to place beneath the bowl to stop it from sliding around. ❝ Mister Bernard! ❞ She lifted a hand to wave back before eagerly pointing out, ❝ We’re making muffins! Eddie said that if they taste good he will make some with me every week! ❞ Eddie looked over his shoulder towards Bernard, huffing a small  breath through his nostrils before returning with a damp dishcloth to place beneath the mixing bowl.

❝ All right, Ida, I- ❞ Eddie was speechless, realising that perhaps Ida had just exposed his soft spot to the world: his family. Ida was blissfully unaware, smiling as she mixed the mixture before looking at Bernard again.  ❝ You can help put the mixture into the muffin tins. ❞ It was less a suggestion and more a command, earning a stern look from Edmund as he mumbled, ❝ Say please. ❞ ❝ Please! ❞ Ida held up the mixing spoon, then adding with certainty, ❝ And I can lick the spoon clean. ❞

Flintlock Lodge / Re: pedal pusher — hunting, open.
« on: August 17, 2021, 10:44:21 AM »
This mountain was no place to go misplacing weapons. Weapons were a man’s livelihood around here, sometimes their only means of survival. How many years ago had it been since Eddie lobbed his pistol into the snow following the death of his oldest brother? It had taken hours of scouring the area in order to come across the handgun again, in a time where it could have been used to try and defend the Lodge. Ever since, it remained attached to the hip, safe in its holster. The very same thing went for his rifle, so loyally near to him as he’d wander the mountain with it slung over his shoulder. After everything that he had experienced whilst being in Flintlock Lodge, Edmund was always seen with a weapon.

Call it paranoia, but there were seldom a moment where Edmund wasn’t on edge, perhaps sometimes too quick to clutch at a weapon as if it had become more a comfort blanket than a means to harm another life. It wasn’t healthy the way he relied upon danger as a means to comfort himself, but danger was all that he knew. And even when it came to butchering the carcass in front of him, he seemed too comfortable with the idea of using something made to harm another.

❝ Ed, can’t find my knife. ❞ Leo announced with a gesture towards the kill that he had managed to return back to the Lodge. Without his knife, he’d be unable to go any further with the rabbits  — there was no way he could butcher any of them without it. Henry and Ida said nothing, only quietly looking between where Leo stood and the game that Eddie was collecting meat from, until Eddie turned to face Leo, shoulders slumping slightly. ❝ Where’d you see it last, ‘ey? ❞ He enquired, hands open and palms facing up as he left the knife on a tree stump beside him. ❝ Could probably let you borrow somebody’s for the time being otherwise. ❞ 

Private Threads / fight for my survival — leonardo.
« on: August 16, 2021, 11:53:59 AM »
tw. mention of underage drinking

His jaw was clenched, so tight it was as if teeth had been welded together by the sheer horror. Just as business had picked up exponentially — just as he had planned — suddenly it felt as if the opposition were dying to get in the way. First came the death of his cousin which had been awfully convenient considering he was the man in charge of the bar enterprise itself, and next Edmund had found that their alcohol supply had been sabotaged. Everything. All of their hard work, destroyed. Even the Stirling’s family recipe for whiskey had quickly become frowned upon as something which, although it tasted delicious, had caused massive controversy around the lodge. The stomach upset had been intense, enough to have any man writhing in pain.

What had ignited his anger the most was that along with the rest of the guests who had tried that particular keg of lager, it had also been young Henry who had fallen ill . Luckily, Edmund favoured his whiskey that he decided to drink no more of after his suspicions had been raised, and so he hadn’t been personally affected. But, the horror still tormented him, especially since this was his reputation in ruins for the damage that he, as Captain, had allowed. And, perhaps it had been Edmund’s fault all along for sneaking a fourteen year old something to drink, but he felt that Henry would have been entirely fine with having a drink with this older brother if Eddie was accompanying him that evening. His guilt had been overwhelming. Nobody deserved the anguish.

The more Edmund had time to linger on his conversation with the Knope family when they visited their casino, the more Eddie began to realise that this had been a ploy all along. Frederick’s death, the casino night, the sabotage of Flintlock’s bar; all of it led back to the Knope family, and Eddie wouldn’t stand by and do nothing. Twitching his nose, Edmund fidgeted slightly as he welcomed Leonardo into his office. Gently shutting the door behind him, Ed then stepped carefully into the room, gaze darting across the immaculate conditions he’d leave his workspace in. ❝ Leo, I— ❞ With a sigh, he pressed his thumb and ring finger firmly against either side of his temples.

He was deep in thought. If anyone would be able to help Eddie deal with this situation promptly and with finality, it would be Leo. He understood Edmund in ways that many could not; they came from the same background, Leo knew Edmund’s position within his family, the dark jobs they had to perform in confidentially because no normal civilian could know the kind of monsters they’d brought into their lives. And, with what Eddie was planning on ordering next, he needed someone who would understand the importance of what he was about to ask. ❝ Remember when we discussed what would happen to The Badlands if they were to ever target us? I need you to get that job done for me. Arson, an explosive, I don’t care. I just need that casino gone because without it, those bastards are nothing without it. Only then can we have the upper hand and ensure they never interfere with our lives again. ❞

Flintlock Lodge / Re: Walking towards the sun - open
« on: August 10, 2021, 03:46:25 PM »
Edmund had been sitting at the bar with his brother, half-brother and half-sister as they observed the bar growing increasingly rowdy. In the corner sat a drunken man, strumming at a guitar as other Flintlockers and a couple of guests sang along to the tune, arms slung around each other’s shoulders. Whilst Eddie and Tommy were allowed to drink at the bar, Eddie had handed over one half pint of lager to young Henry. He was smart enough to not get stupid with alcohol, Eddie had decided — besides, at his age he had been sneaking off to alcohol-fuelled parties. If Eddie wasn’t offering Henry the drink, Henry would surely sneak off to try some his own way. Between his two older brothers, Henry sat looking down into the glass, taking one heavy breath before downing the last sip.

❝ That seemed to go down smoothly, ‘ey? ❞ Ed enquired, quirking a brow as Henry nodded his head shortly. Eyes narrowed ever-so-slightly; as Henry agreed, he wasn’t so convincing. ❝ One more, or have you had enough? ❞ ❝ No, I can have one more! ❞ Henry pointed out, Eddie watching his youngest brother warily for a moment before looking over to Ida who appeared bored of all of this rowdiness in the bar. ❝ Ida, how about you get your brother another drink from the back? ❞ Handing the glass over to her, the twelve year old nodded her head and slid off of her chair to make her way to the back room.

She gave the glass a sniff, scrunching her nose up with distaste as she pushed her way through the crowd and down the quieter hallway to the back room where the kegs were stored. She cracked the door open, wandered around the corner, before flinching at the sight of a woman standing nearby the window. Mouth gawking, Ida stilled as wide eyes stared across at her before—  ❝ I’m sorry! My brother sent me here, I’m not stealing, I promise! ❞ After all, it appeared suspicious that a child would sneak quietly into the back room, empty glass in hand with the intention of filling it up again. Sheepishly, Ida scampered closer, using the tap to fill the glass up with contaminated lager before quietly leaving the room again.

If she were anymore like her brothers, she would have been more suspicious of an unidentifiable woman in the back room. But she was only a child, unaware of the dangers of the world around her. Unaware of the danger she had just walked by. Sitting back down at the table, she quietly slid the glass over towards Henry before sheepish eyes darted towards Eddie. ❝ What was that? ❞ Eddie enquired, observing Ida as she stared at the freshly filled glass as Henry took a sip. ❝ It’s nothing. ❞ They were quiet for a couple of minutes, until Ida eventually piped up.

❝ Eddie? ❞ 

❝ Yes? ❞

❝ Are the guests okay if I go to the back room? ❞

❝ You live here, Ida. Of course they’ll be okay. Why’d you ask? ❞

❝ The lady in the back room looked shocked that I was there. ❞

Eddie began to frown sternly. ❝ What lady in the back room? ❞

❝ I don’t know! She was standing there when I walked in. ❞

With a moment of silence, Eddie turned his head to look around at the faces in the crowd before he quietly stood up and began to weave through the crowd towards the back room. As he entered the empty hallway, he slowly began to remove his pistol from its holster, loading the gun carefully as he made cautious steps down the hallway towards the back room.

Flintlock Lodge / pedal pusher — hunting, open.
« on: August 04, 2021, 03:41:25 PM »
The Stirling family were well-esteemed hunters, perhaps not in the way one would imagine. Growing up in the midst of Boston, there weren’t deer to hunt down or rabbits to shoot — oftentimes the privilege of his family’s wealth ran far deeper than what some would expect. For a long time, his area had maintained its pre-blackout status using generators to keep them unenlightened to the collapsing society around them. But, they were still hunters all the same, except disguised in sumptuous suits and protected by their unspeakable reputation. Nobody was safe if they chose to anger the Stirling family and yet remain somewhat within the Stirling's radar. As long as the Stirlings had their well formed networks, people could try to run but the hunter would always seek their prey.

On a sled, Eddie dragged back the carcass of a freshly hunted buck, rifle slung of his shoulder and hair very slightly dishevelled from his journey. Accompanying him was young Henry and Ida, the two youngsters plodding along beside Eddie as they returned from their lesson of survival in these perilous parts. Eddie gave the sled a sharp tug as it lumbered unsteadily over dirt where the very fine patches of snow provided minimal assistance. ❝ Once we get to the lodge, I can then teach you both how to butcher the carcass. Meat goes to the kitchen, offal and bone to the dogs, a’right? ❞ Irish brogue always sounded thicker in the presence of his family and, in this case, his two younger half-siblings nodded obediently before Ida spoke up.

❝ Do we get to do the cutting? ❞ She questioned with a squeak, pulling Eddie’s one flannel shirt that she ❛ borrowed ❜ permanently tighter around her lithe frame. The shirt was oversized, especially over her small shoulders, but Ida enjoyed the closeness she felt in looking up to her older brother. Henry, on the other hand, was more subtle in his admiration, but he wished for nothing more than to be like Edmund and to involve himself more and more in the family business. He simply wanted to prove his worth, show that even whilst they had once been considered bastard children by Eddie and his full brothers, Henry was still more than eager to play his part in the business. He bent over backwards to prove himself, to prove his worth and show that he was not the impure blood that his older half-brothers once spoke of. Nowadays he was lucky — following Frank’s departure and Alfie and Dominik’s deaths — he was left only with Edmund and Thomas to look up to. They were in the best hands, some would say, as at least Ed and Tommy were mature enough to put former differences aside.

It was hard to hold a grudge when they were family.

❝ Maybe if you’re good, Ida; yes. ❞ Eddie returned, showing the children how to hang the deer up by its legs to prepare it for butchering. Soon, Ed revealed a hunting knife from its sheath, slicing down the carcass without hesitation as he began to explain to the children what they should do. Blood was on his hands as he removed offal from the cavity, brows knitted sternly as eyes darted from the two children watching before looking back at his work.

Blood on his hands, many would say as if it stopped at the wrists. Perhaps for many, that was the true extent of their deeds. As for Eddie, it seldom made sense for him. It was the suggestion that every other part of his body and soul was not drenched in the blood of many, and that the damage remained only on his hands, only on his fingertips. But the blood tainted all of him; the extent of all he’d hunted would follow him throughout the entire course of his life. The blood was not on his hands. It was everywhere, and he'd come to accept that as fact.

The Badlands / Re: drop the game — casino party, open.
« on: July 31, 2021, 04:57:10 PM »
tw. mention of past character death

This felt wrong.

There had been no verbal dispute between The Badlands and Flintlock Lodge but, ever since the death of his cousin, something felt off. Edmund was suspicious, quite frankly, as he stepped into the casino, adjusting his tie and carefully slicking his hair back whilst he stood near the entrance to scan the interior carefully. Badlanders appeared gregarious as they began to socialise with Flintlockers, and at face value it appeared that their intentions were overtly clear. This was just a party between two allies. But something didn’t add up in Edmund’s clockwork mind. He carefully clenched his jaw, muscles in his cheek protruding somewhat as his eyes darted warily from one stranger to the next.

Frederick’s death had been no accident. Leandro Aguillard had been dealing with the Knope family for some time, Edmund would quickly come to learn. Why had they been so heavily armed, as if in anticipation of some trouble with the Stirlings? Edmund couldn’t get his head around any of it as of yet which was driving him insane; Eddie’s analytical brain ached at the thought of being unable to work this enigma out. The Knopes surely had something to do with Freddie’s death, but why? What could motivate them to do such a thing? And this party ought to have been more than just coincidental.

Eddie struggled to figure out what was happening here, but he already knew that these barbarians were up to no good. ❝ Drink? ❞ A waitress holding a tray of drinks approached, Eddie watching her stoically before she purposefully hovered her hand around until picking up a particular glass.  ❝ Sure. ❞ Eddie murmured softly, taking the drink that she held out before watching as she moved on. Eyes soon lowered into the glass, watching the way the colours of the alcohol and mixers began to merge as one. Her choosing of the glass felt purposeful. Too purposeful. Perhaps his paranoia was eating at him, but Eddie began to wander carefully through the casino before eventually lowering the glass at a nearby table, untouched.

Soon, Eddie raised his head, gaze wandering as he tried to locate The Administration. As of yet, he hadn’t spotted any of them — additional warning signs, or another observation to ignite his ever-growing paranoia. Perhaps it was all for good reason, or he was driving himself fucking insane. Who would have thought that the loss of Frederick could impact Eddie in such a way? Upon noticing a Badlander smoking a distance away, Eddie brought out a pack of rolled cigarettes and a lighter himself, hands barely shaking with the anticipation he felt as he brought a cigarette to his lips and lit it up. This was needed, he decided. Something to occupy himself in the anxious wait.

Flintlock Lodge / wonderful life — open.
« on: July 21, 2021, 02:50:40 PM »
❝ A’right then, there you go ‘n’ pour the mixture in right there. ❞ Sleeves to his flannel shirt rolled up to the elbows, Eddie rested both hands on the edge of the kitchen counter as he watched Ida messily dolloping a ladle full of a beige mixture into each concave section of a muffin tin. Whilst Eddie couldn’t say he was much of a baker — the last time he’d ever involved himself in such a thing was when he was only young and his mother was baking another loaf of her esteemed banana bread. One thing that he did know how to do, however, was follow instructions word for word.

And so he did just that, allowing Ida to do all the jobs such as pouring the flour in and mixing all the wetting ingredients whilst Eddie would precisely measure each ingredient with narrowed eyes and a concentrated gaze. This had been entirely Ida’s idea — Eddie would point out — as it had been her plan to bake muffins for when William and Frederick were due to return to the Lodge after heading downhill to take care of some business that would otherwise interfere with Eddie’s plans to start manufacturing the Stirling’s prized whiskey again.

❝ Oops. ❞ Ida squeaked as she knocked the bowl, Eddie catching it just before it could slide right off of the counter and onto the floor. Nudging it back into a place safe from the elbows of clumsy youngsters, Eddie murmured softly, ❝ Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine. ❞ There was a softness in his voice, often unheard of when surrounded by most. But, it was needless to say that he always had a soft spot for Henry and Ida, as well as his two children too. 

Flintlock Lodge / Re: grey morning — open .
« on: July 06, 2021, 05:56:26 PM »
Seeing Mia walk over towards Eddie brought about a feeling he was unable to describe. Invigorating, maybe. He always knew that a conversation with Mia would always leave him with a small smile lingering stupidly on his lips. A look he’d come to hide in front of others in favour of a more stoic, solemn appearance, but Mia often earned the satisfaction of knowing that she’d made Edmund Stirling crack a smile.

She wasn’t Maxine, but something about Mia’s mischievous allure made Eddie forget about the woman that he had been so hung up on, even if only for a short while. With her playful words, Eddie offered her a bashful smile as he raised his brows with slight surprise. Touché. He hadn’t seen it coming, but her joke was well received as Eddie huffed with a short breath of laughter before lifting the children’s book up slightly. ❝ I was just thinking that, but thought I’d borrow it anyways for all the pretty pictures. ❞ He returned in soft spoken jest, soon lowering his hand again.

❝ Lottie likes new stories for bedtime. Tommy likes to know that someone’s there sitting with them as they fall asleep. ❞ Eddie chose to elaborate, looking down at the title of the book before he looked back towards Mia again. ❝ I’m not much of a story teller, though. I don’t have the voice for it; not like you. ❞ Mia had a storytelling voice that anyone would be honoured to have read them to sleep. Lottie had already seemingly taken a liking to Mia, gazing towards her in awe whenever Mia was around. It was a sign that Eddie liked to see. If he wasn’t as pessimistic, he’d say that the feelings he had for Mia back when they were still teenagers was slowly returning.

But again, as always, he would tread lightly. Carefully. He knew better than to rush into love. Love was a blindness that a man like him should avoid. He had enough bad experiences to know that as fact.

Private Threads / Re: do i make you cringe? — maxine.
« on: July 06, 2021, 12:31:33 PM »
It was always the eyes. The eyes told a story of love, a story that no words could define. It was the way that Edmund looked at Maxine that conveyed the way that he loved her. His lips did not need to move when his eyes spoke volumes. It was the way that Maxine looked at Edmund that conveyed the way she wished she could love him. Things would have been easier that way, after all.

But something wasn't right.

Edmund could not quite put his finger on it, otherwise he would not have been bold enough to put all nerves aside to propose to his high school sweetheart. They had a supposed love that had been rekindled, but relighting an old flame was a futile attempt to repeat the past. It would never be the same as the last time, and so Eddie should never have expected that much. As he led Maxine into the woods for their own privacy in this crucial moment, a wavering breath passed Eddie's narrowly parted lips. Perhaps a part of him was preparing to be turned down, and doing so in the quietude of the woods at least provided him with less humiliation than if he was to do so in the public eye.

But he wanted this so badly. After his countless failed romances and even a failed marriage, Eddie could no longer bear the thought of having to go through the insecurity and heartbreak of starting again with someone new. If he and Maxine did not work out, then Eddie feared that he would have to accept the fact that he may have been destined to be alone. It was quickly becoming a possibility that he ought to consider. Maxine’s disheartened nature was scaring him — he was beginning to wonder whether it was just because of Seb’s passing or whether it was because of something that Eddie, himself, had done.

He would never have guessed that Aspen was involved.

❝ We spoke for some time about the future... and he gave me his blessing. ❞ Eddie explained carefully, his voice managing to tremble ever-so-slightly as he fumbled around in his trouser pocket. With a clear of his throat, Eddie revealed a ring, a family heirloom that he kept close to his heart. It had once been his mother’s, his grandmother’s, his great-grandmother’s. A ring so dainty and elegant, minimalistic and beautiful. Holding onto Maxine’s hand, Eddie held out the ring so that she could view it, eyes scanning over her face with anxious anticipation as his lips twitched into a hint of a hopeful smile. ❝ I love you, Maxine, and I want to spend the rest of my life by your side. So, um... Will you marry me? ❞

Flintlock Lodge / Re: DREAMERS — MEETING [06/17]
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:19:27 PM »
❝ Things have been quiet since the war ended, but I don’t want anyone to become complacent. ❞ Eddie explained with a soft yet firm tone. There were many things that they needed to do to prepare for the winter. Whilst it felt like it was a long way away, the months rolled by quickly and Eddie knew better than to not ensure they were thoroughly prepared for the heavy snowfall to return.

Straightening up, Eddie raised his brows somewhat as he scanned the group before he continued to speak. ❝ I need people to head down the mountain and scavenge around for supplies. I’m particularly interested in searching for any solar panels as I believe we can make great use of them down in the village. ❞ He paused momentarily, unwilling to elaborate unless questioned, before he ended the meeting with, ❝ Lastly, I’d like to finally welcome Mia to Flintlock Lodge. It’s good to have you… Uh- A’right, head to dinner. ❞

Flintlock Lodge / grey morning — open .
« on: June 26, 2021, 05:21:57 PM »
In the village, Eddie wandered down the grey brick streets where he approached the library at a silently determined pace. Upon arriving, he rubbed his hands together to warm them up — despite the summertime providing a sunshine intense enough to melt most of the snow away, the wind chill at high altitudes could sometimes be one to make itself known to even the most experienced of Flintlockers. Eddie wasn’t often seen taking a break from his duties to wander through the great expanse of the library but, if it wasn’t for himself, he’d gladly take on the job.

Today, he was in search of anything that could be used as a good enough bedtime story for the twins. They were coming to an age where they would no longer settle unless he or Blake waited around for them to drift off to sleep, and Eddie had exhausted the current small selection of bedtime stories he had back up in their bedroom.

Wandering slowly up and down the aisles, Eddie’s brows knitted together thoughtfully. In a library of this size, he was struggling to come across where any children’s books would be kept. He’d continue to search carefully regardless, taking his time to flick through books along the way whilst he made the most of his brief break in his working day.

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