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Flintlock Lodge / The Lodge prison is home — open .
« Last post by EDMUND. on Today at 10:31:43 AM »
The ghosts of the past would talk to those who’d listen. And, for Edmund, he dwelled on the past far more than he ever would the future — the undemanding finality of his past was more comforting than the dread of what was to come next. Perhaps the only way he knew how to manage the apprehension was to recreate everything that he knew, everything that brought him peace. After all, history tended to repeat itself, Alfonso would once tell Edmund. It was likely one of the only words of wisdom that his brother had ever reflected upon, but the truth of his words remained ever-ingrained in Eddie’s mind, even to this day.

History tended to repeat itself, Alfie had noted in jest when Dominik would begin to take those on edge steps in their father’s shoes. Learning the ropes of the Stirling enterprise was a bitter pill to swallow, but a life that the boys had grown so accustomed to that there was no normality to them in trying to live a normal life. History of the Stirling enterprise would consume all normal, from start to finish. History was a man in a pristine suit and tie, trying his best to define a home that was never his. It was a boy who’d follow in the footsteps of a man he could never recall to be his father, and yet he’d attempt to fit his tiny feet into oversized brogues regardless in order to desperately relive a childhood that he never really did get to experience.

Edmund sympathised with young Henry; he felt as if he barely got to know their father, either.

❝ Try it again. You’re almost there. ❞ Eddie sat on the couch in the lounge beside the young teenage boy, Henry grimacing ever-so-slightly with concentration as he stared down at the disassembled parts of a handgun on the coffee table. There had come a day where Edmund would have to begin to teach Henry the ways of the Stirling family, not only for prestige of the family name but also for safety. Henry would always be a Stirling, whether or not he enjoyed his involvement in the enterprise, and so he had to learn how to survive with the reputation he was bred into.

❝ Why can’t I just learn how to shoot? ❞ Henry protested softly, slumping back against the couch as he gazed towards his older brother. Instead of caving, though, Eddie looked back with a frown before he uttered with authority, ❝ No. You need to know what you’re handling before you start to use it. Until you perfect assembling one, I’m not letting you run around with a gun. ❞ The last thing he’d want was for Henry to get carried away and get somebody hurt because he was being irresponsible with a firearm.

The teenager quickly gave up on trying to defy Eddie, instead sighing gently before edging forwards on the couch once more to practice assembling the handgun once more. Once Henry completed it, Eddie leaned forward to take the gun, disassembling it before lowering the pieces back down onto the table. ❝ Now, do it again. ❞ He commanded gently, staring over at his youngest brother who gawked at Eddie with shock before huffing a sigh and reaching out to start assembling the gun once more.

The Stirling family was well acquainted with history. Henry would learn the very same thing that Edmund learned, where Edmund had learned the very same thing from Alfred, where Alfred had learned the very same thing from Frederick Sr. There were many names in their history, but at the end of the day their names meant nothing in the past nor the future. They were solely there to recreate the curse of the Stirling empire from generation to generation, and there would forever be no chance of bringing this curse to an end. After all, this was all that the Stirlings knew.
Northstar District / Re: i couldn't stop it if i wanted ┊ DOUBLE JOINING
« Last post by CHARLIE. on Yesterday at 11:02:08 PM »
What the hell had he gotten himself into?

He's asked himself this question a lot these days.

It was too late to go back to their settlement now. He knows that Aunt Hopps is probably worried sick, assumes the worst in the same way she had his father. He don't need to hear it to know it's true. At first, Charlie refused to believe it. Even if didn't always necessarily see eye to eye once Charlie, everyone kinda wants to believe that their parents are invincible. Not vulnerable. Not de- No. Even if it was true, he had his own to worry about. And for better or for worse, his own wasn't the only thing.

Traveling with Maverick has been, well, a rollercoaster. When he failed to talk her out of tagging along, he hoped that eventually, he could dump her somewhere and call it a day. Of course, when it came to the other, it was never that way. She was persistent. Loyal to him . . . for some reason, and so goddamn annoying. Except, he isn't dumb, he knows why. And maybe he's gotten used to her. When Charlie looks at her , there's this undeniable force. His heart palpitates. And he feels things eugh.. Maybe some bought into the idea of love, played at that game like the bunch of fools they are but it obviously ain't work for his dad. Why would he be any different for him?

It couldn't be anything other than a case of stockholm syndrome. He hasn't seen much more than her, after all.

As they push forward, Charlie sheds his jean jacket, making no rush to catch up with his two companions. When it was play time, it was the best time— aka him time. Time to himself. The weather is warmer with a slight breeze to follow, indicating that there could be water nearby. Good. Charlie was on his last drops; if he was dehydrated any longer he fears that Simba's ball might to turn into something else. He's never hallucinated, of course, but he's heard it's a side effect.

"Hey, Skip. Think we may have to start lookin' for water soon it's-" He's not even able to finish when Simba and Maverick bound off towards oblivion. "Aaaand she's gone. Sure, leave without me." He calls, heaving a sigh. His pace quickens slightly to observe what drew them away so quickly, only to see it: endless water far as the eye could see. He's heard about the ocean, but he's never been. All he knows is that dangerous creatures lurk it's waters, and could easily make Mav and Simba their victims. He watches the two, joyous and happy. Charlie's lips quirk briefly upwards but dissipates quickly. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he wanders closer, but not enough for the waves to reach them. "I've seen better views," he shrugs, face seemingly growing concerned. "It's probably not a good idea to stay in there too long. I read this book that said there's blood-thirsty fish whose favorite snacks are pint sized humans." He gives that infamous Charlie smirk; one Man knows all too well.
The Badlands / Re: no church in the wild — tasks , open .
« Last post by Salem on Yesterday at 01:22:20 PM »
Tracking for now !!!
The Badlands / no church in the wild — tasks , open .
« Last post by TEDDY. on Yesterday at 07:57:26 AM »
❝ Okay, get over ‘ere! ❞ Teddy exclaimed as he gathered members of The Badlands around in the hotel lobby. Once he was pleased with the size of the group being formed, he raised his brows and revealed a notebook. ❝ Gotta list ‘a’ chores here for y’all. I need these things done in the next few weeks so... ❞ With pursed lips, Teddy placed the opened notebook down on a nearby table for people to look through, then resigning to sit on the nearby couch so that he could take a sip of his herbal tea.

Spoiler: show
∙ Gather a group of people to scavenge in a nearby mall for any clothes, jewelry or fabrics for the boutique.
∙ Set up a new target practice and practice shooting a gun.
∙ Look after the horses in the city’s stables.
∙ Perform an act in the casino one evening, whether that be music, singing, dance, comedy etc.
∙ Make and serve dinner for the inmates in the prison.
∙ Renovate an abandoned house for new recruits.
∙ Serve a brunch for The Badlanders to eat one afternoon.
∙ Punish an imprudent Prospective.
∙ Spend the day taking care of an injured member of the group.
∙ Sell drugs, alcohol or cigarettes/cigars to a visitor.
∙ Host a water sports competition.
« Last post by truce. on Yesterday at 07:25:32 AM »
so bones seems to be the general consensus?

one thing i think is fun about it, considering it was established in the badlands, is that there's an idiom "making one's bones" which is related to criminal empires and having to prove yourself to solidify your reputation in an organisation. so perhaps that could be where the term is stemmed from: people who have bones/money are worthy to the badlands to be able to use the casino, buy from the boutique, purchase drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons from them etc. which was essentially their motivation to create a currency in the first place.
« Last post by truce. on Yesterday at 07:14:48 AM »

I'd love to personally thank both Wynter and Cygnus for all their work on the site, and I will miss having them on the team!

Also, I'm very excited to share with you guys the new skins once they are ready for use. We are hoping to provide a more uniform aesthetic to the site, whilst still providing different choices for members to use!
Creative Center / Re: <3
« Last post by honey on Yesterday at 03:02:36 AM »

- playing with the rabbits or dogs
- shopping at the village
- training
- winter sports
Character Creation / moonlight (&. calypso)
« Last post by calypso. on May 14, 2021, 09:05:18 PM »
name calypso pierce
nickname caly
age 22
date of birth june 23
zodiac cancer sun
sexuality bisexual
alliance member of flintlock lodge
previous alliance member of the coven

height 5'7"
weight 135 lbs
hair dirty blonde
eyes blue
body modifications earrings
bodily expression good posture, generally pretty unexpressive facially, doesn't gesture often.
vocal expression soft smooth voice, slight european accent.
fashion thrifts, usually 90s fashion or something custom-made

infp "the mediator", type nine "the peacemaker", neutral good
+ sweet, airy, dignified, carefree, disciplined, environmentally-conscious
- sensitive, frivolous, naive, inflexible
archetype the caregiver
negative emotion management through healthy coping mechanisms, journalling, etc.
philosophy in life
greatest fear loss and separation
greatest dream unknown
misconceptions of the world text
what makes their heart feel alive?
what makes them feel loved?
who was the last person to make them feel loved?
nature vs nurture nurture
developmental paths best, worst, most likely? what causes them to pass, what consequences are there.
three things valued most
pet peeves

family and friends
parents cassiopeia lark and sirius pierce
siblings an older sister, andromeda.
pets yakutian laika named luna and a hotblooded horse named prestige

past and future
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
nurtured or neglected? nurtured
greatest achievement
advice to younger self

combat ability
medical ability

« Last post by finny. on May 14, 2021, 03:49:54 PM »
hey guys! staff has a few updates and announcements to make about various things so we decided to sum it all up into one post!

firstly, both wynter and cygnus have decided to take a step back from the staff team due to personal reasons. we appreciate all of the help you contributed throughout your times on the team!

next on the list, some aesthetic updates and announcements about the site! as you may or may not have noticed, all of the icons are officially updated and matching! this is our first step towards making the site look a bit nicer and to just change it up in general since it's been the same since the start. we also started the process of deleting most to all of the old skins to clear up space and clutter to make new ones, so keep your eyes open for those in the near future! going off of that, we also have plans on moving around various categories and sub-categories to make it more cohesive and easy to navigate. this will be happening as we update with new skins.

to finish things up, we wanted to bring notice to the small drought bearbones is in right now, which almost always happens around this time of year. we hope that finals are going well / went well for those in school and hope to see activity pick up soon!

we will keep everyone updated as we work on these exciting new changes!
Northstar District / Re: outrunning karma — open, cleaning
« Last post by roman. on May 14, 2021, 09:55:10 AM »

when green had initially offered up the idea that northstar district could be a second home for roman, he had momentarily hesitated. the offer had been nearly overwhelming for him to comprehend; having not only one place to call home, but two. he used his dual alliance sparingly it seemed, but with the dual-alliance also came many twists and turns and memories. getting to spend time with the person he considered family, not having to worry about shifty characters whenever he arrived… clocking mateo suarez in the jaw had also been a dreadful moment at the time, yet he looked back on it with amusement.

no matter what happened at each stay, ro felt incredibly fond of the district and everything it had offered him. eyes tracked green as the man slowed to a stop and observed the half-finished cleaning job. ro’s shoulders visibly slumped, as if he was already waiting for green to make some comment or another on the state of the house. ”ooh, i got a cleaning tip for you. the more often you come to visit me, the less dusty your house will be. try it out, you’ll see it works!” the remarks, followed by his friend’s warm laughter, was enough for him to roll his eyes. called it. he shook his head as he absently turned his gaze away. “i never would have thought of that, green.” he said dryly, sighing before he sobered and uttered, ”i’ll have to try it out sometime.”

he could act annoyed by green all he wanted, though it was hardly ever genuine. he squinted at the other man’s fumble for words, pushing himself away from the wall. this guy really was something else. “you can help. but-” he bent over to pick up a broom, pointing the stick for green to take, but also pointing at him with an almost accusatory tone as he said, “don’t turn this into some karaoke session, green. you always do that.” he could only handle all of green’s songs and music taste in small doses.

Spoiler: tags ― updated 02/27. • show
‣  ❝ roman lee darrow ❞ | rome, ro | male [he/him] .
27 years old . | december 27th; capricorn.
‣  currently second in command of bluestem prairie
↳ has a dual-alliance between bluestem prairie and northstar district

‣ clever . observant . “people smart” . witty . quick-thinking . intelligent . determined . sneaky . argumentative . selfish . judgmental . blunt . stoic . distrustful . distant . detached . cunning .
↳ hobbies include: pushing peoples’ buttons, pickpocketing, conning, making the odds stack up in his favor, and making everyone else’s lives ten times harder
↳ currently stressed about the imminent war between flintlock lodge and bluestem prairie

five foot seven & one hundred and sixty five pounds ; reference .
↳ brown hair, short and messy
↳ has overall muscle tone - a little on the slimmer side
↳ pale blue eyes , an unimpressed look , judging

‣  john darrow x mary darrow | whereabouts unknown
↳ abandoned roman a few years ago after roman explained disinterest in the family’s way of life
‣ two brothers named cassius (“cas”) and august (“gus”)
↳ cassius and roman were extremely close growing up. inseparable.
‣ two sisters named livia (“livvy”) and julia (“ju")
↳ livvy and roman had a love-hate relationship . roman adored julia
‣ owns three dogs with frank: coca cola (cola), pookie number 2 (pooks), and angus
↳ more-so considered children than pets

‣  homosexual ; monogamous | grew up disinterested in pursuing relationships
‣ ex-lover to killian crowley
↳ short-lived . ended after killian explained he’d already met (and lost) his soulmate
‣ husband to franklin darrow
↳ considers him his other half .

‣   [ 10/10 ] physically  |  [ 6/10 ] psychologically .
↳ difficulty w/ guns [ very easy ] | difficulty w/ melees [ moderate ] | difficulty w/ hand-to-hand [ moderate ]
@elysian. | dm for any major plots .
‣  friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .
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