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KEEP ON MARCHING ON - vincent's intro
« on: April 07, 2021, 02:35:36 PM »
Vincent had found himself in the library, reading up on war strategies all day. He was still new to the group and was having a hard time fitting in, so he'd been hiding out in the less populated areas in an attempt to avoid any awkward interactions. He just wanted to fit in, make some friends. But he didn't know how to do that. He didn't even know where to start. Vinny reached in his pocket after he finished glancing over the last page of his book. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a drag and closing his eyes for a moment. He knew for a fact that he'd probably get into trouble for smoking in the library of all places, but that was okay. He really needed a cigarette.

/ awkward first post, i'm terrible at intros lol

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Re: KEEP ON MARCHING ON - vincent's intro
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//hey, i hope it's okay that wren pops in!!

wren was doing anything these days to curb her boredom. waiting for eddie's return was eating her alive. she was anxious to speak to him. she hadn't seen him since november, and he deserved an explanation, at the very least. she was tucked into an armchair, reading a worn-down copy of harry potter, when she heard the familiar sound of a cigarette being lit. weird, she wasn't aware that anyone else was in here. she put her book down and peered around a large bookcase, to see vincent sitting there, book in hand, cigarette poking out of his mouth. she took a step forward to approach him. "hey," she greeted, making her presence known. "got another one of those?" she asked, coming into the light a bit more.
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Re: KEEP ON MARCHING ON - vincent's intro
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2021, 12:57:48 AM »
If given a general summary of the absolute bare basics of Gray's personality - that he was a snarky provider for the Lodge - it might be easy to construct a profile on him. The boy that was seldom without a weapon, sharp word, or pit bull probably didn't have a lot of time or use for books. That was incorrect. He was actually a massive history nerd, and most of the time he had that wasn't outside or in his room was in the library.

When the unmistakable pungent odor curled his nose hairs, he flipped his book down and leveled a glare at Vinny (and Wren, as she stepped into view to bum a cigarette off of him). "Mind taking that outside?" It wouldn't take long for the smell to settle on the pages of the books, but it would take ages to air it out.

General — biograhpy
▪ Grayson Hanson | Gray | Formerly Aria Rivendare
▪ Masculine presenting | Identifies as male | He/Him | DFAB
— Almost impossible to tell his birth gender (get Pyre's permission before having y/c know)
▪ 19 years, 2 months | 2/6/22 | Ages primarily real time
▪ Ex-Ranger of the Flintlock Lodge | Ex-Member of Moorland Riders | Forager of Flintlock Lodge

Physical — reference
♦ HUMAN | Health: 100%
— Gray is about medium height at 5'6", and very thin and lanky. He has gray eyes, and off-black hair cropped into an undercut, which has recently been cut a bit closer to the scalp than normal. Under his left eye he has a beauty mark, and there are a few scars on his medium-brown skin, and there are more under the slate gray bandanna, hoodies and jeans the gangly teen tends to wear. There are three pierces in his right ear, two in his lobe and one in the cartilage.
minor injuries: n/a
major injuries: n/a

Important Info — roleplayer
▪ In no way shows that he was born female, does everything possible to hide it (such as binding) and wears clothes meant for men. Without him stripping, it's pretty much impossible to tell that he isn't biologically male.
▪ Low-key history nut.
▪ Nearsighted.
▪ Has a blue pit bull named Brianna.
▪ Opinions and motivations are Gray's and Gray's alone and are not shared by his roleplayer.

Personality — INTJ-T
— Articulate; contemplative; efficient; driven; incisive; intelligent; meticulous; orderly; perceptive; practical; rational; self-sufficient; shrewd; vigilant; witty, enigmatic; frank; neutral; placid; private; stoic, abrupt; aloof; assertive; blunt; calculating; coarse; critical; cynical; distrusting; judgmental; opinionated; pedantic; sarcastic; self-serving; unreliable; vindictive

Relationships — heartchart
▪ Val x Summer Rivendare | Adopted by Diana Hanson
▪ Pansexual | Panromantic | Monogamous
▪ Dating Torrin | One crush
▪ ½ Graytor | ½ Graux
▪ Generally puts on a friendly front and cares for those around him, but still holds them at arms' length and is very hard to get close to. Very awkward when flirted with and doesn't really like it, but becomes quite flirty when drunk

Interaction — plotting thread
— Medium Physically | Hard mentally
— Still in training
— Prefers to fight with a machete, but can go hand-to-hand
— No kill/capture/maim without permission
— To attack, @Gray and attack in underlined #708090

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Re: KEEP ON MARCHING ON - vincent's intro
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minsuh knows about not fitting in.

she's not much of a reader. but if she doesn't feel like being in her room , the living room is populated , or she wants to avoid responsibilities , she settles into a corner in the library for a nap. although some are curious , most people of them leave her alone and continue to do whatever they're doing. today is no different. minsuh slumbers with her head propelled against the wall. if someone from were to would ask her where she was later , she'd say she was roped into another task. most times , and depending on who it was , they never bothered to ask.

it's the tiny exchange that wakes her — well , kinda. she plans on waking up anyway , and honestly , it's probably best that she heads back to check in on haneul before he checks for her. she's been on close supervision since the cash incident. it's something that had gotten her babysitting duties , much to her opposition. wasn't it just like eddie to do something of the sort  ? place her with children , and she bets it's because she was a woman. she wonders if he'd done the same if she were a man.

the reek of cigarette smoke is unmistakable , motivating minsuh to stand. it's been awhile since she had a smoke; her brother hadn't , and in fact despised it. if anything , it only made her want to do it more. she stretches before stuffing her hands in her jacket pockets, before making her way over to wren and vincent just as gray spoke. "there's plenty of other rooms you can go to," she points out, before glancing at vinny. "i'll take one , too" maybe she should be a little more polite if she expected to get anywhere. her being young already had it's downfalls. "please."
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it's alarming , honestly how charming she can be.