Author Topic: The Lodge you'll see how it's faded -- waking up ; open ; infirmary  (Read 105 times)

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you'll see how it's faded -- waking up ; open ; infirmary
« on: April 11, 2021, 11:09:46 PM »
trigger warnings mentions of alcohol, blood, injuries, trauma, .

tags  29 years old, medium opponent, nonviolent interactions are open, pm or ask for violent interactions.
"speech" 'thought' text

The man's eyes fluttered open, the light of two oil lamps flickering around him and casting disorienting shadows around him. He shivered and pushed himself further down into the blankets, he was cold, but sweating. He didn't want to move, the light was hurting his eyes, he quickly shut them tightly, and groaned.

His side felt terrible, it was like a million pins and needles were running down his stomach... had he been stabbed? Had he been impaled by an object on the mountain? He had been in the mountains right? Yes, because this was the lodge... where was Torrin? Where was... Gray. He slowly open his eyes squinting against the relative brightness compared to the darkness of his closed eyes.

There was a shape on the cot next to him... had there been-something? Had something happened? Was everyone okay? His head ached and as he tried to lift himself, that pain shot through his side once again, and he laid back with a grunt, his hand resting on the afflicted area to find it neatly bandaged... so someone had bandaged him... but who?

Why did he feel so... tired? Groggy? What was the word his poor mind was looking for. "Urghhhhhh." Was the only word that he was able to utter, before he rested his head back against the pillow. He was dead, that was it... just dead.

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Re: you'll see how it's faded -- waking up ; open ; infirmary
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2021, 12:10:36 PM »
Soft little snored rose intermittently from the office chair torrin had dragged next to benji’s bedside. there were dark bags under the man’s eyes, and a small beaten up stuffed tigers was clutched in his arms like a lifeline. he grunted, shifting at the noise Benji began making. he wrinkled is nose, slowly opening one spirit blue eye to look over at benji. Andor, no. Lie back.” he mumbled blearily, setting ralph down and walking over to crouch beside benji. Would you like me to turn one of the lights out? I don’t want it to be dark in here but if your eyes hurt then i can put the one next to you out.” He offered, gently taking Benji’s hand and moving it from his injury. ”I have some water for you. please try to drink it for me, andy?” He gave a worried little grin, pressing a ceramic glass into benji’s hand with his own small but sure ones.
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