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ease my mind — birthday party , open .
« on: April 26, 2021, 05:36:42 PM »
No matter how much he’d tell himself otherwise, he wasn’t like his father. He could paint himself to be the monster all he wanted, but he was in fact only human. Alfred was rarely human at the best of times. Birthdays were seldom important to him, especially if they were his own sons’. The first time Eddie had ever celebrated his birthday was two years ago when a surprise party was organised for him. Before then, he barely knew what it meant to celebrate a day dedicated to him or why anyone could possibly want that.

But then, with his children, he saw the appeal.

Three years on and he’d gladly make a big deal about his children’s birthdays. They were still young and would perhaps forget this very day, but their birthdays were still something that Eddie felt was an event very much worth celebrating. They were his absolute pride and joys — that was for certain — and so it became ever-apparent what a good father should do to make their children feel valued. Eddie sure as hell never felt that way with his own father; the bitterness ran far deeper than missed out birthday celebrations.

Eddie sat cross legged on the floor of the lounge, young Tommy sat in the centre of his lap as he picked with messy hands at a slice of cake in front of him. Blake and Emery had worked so hard this morning to bake a cake for the twins and decorate the lounge for a humble celebration. The twins seemed to appreciate the gathering, thrilled that people were sitting around to celebrate their birthdays. Hand raised to gently smooth Thomas’ hair down as he was preoccupied with his cake, Eddie lifted his head to watch the way Charlotte wandered from person to person, giggling as she’d hand over random items that she had found in the lounge to thank them for coming today.

A huff of amusement passed Eddie’s lips despite all efforts to stifle a laugh as he watched his daughter hand a box of matches that she’d picked up off the coffee table to a Flintlocker. ❝ Thank you for coming to my party! ❞ She exclaimed, cackling mischievously before tearing around the lounge in search of something else to gift the next person. Eyes soon lifted to meet his brother’s, Tom shaking his head with hilarity before he pointed out matter-of-factly, ❝ The absolute star of the show today, don’t ya think? ❞   

The corners of Eddie’s lips curled upwards ever-so-slightly, leaning back a little to look back at his daughter before he mumbled, ❝ ‘Ey, but aren’t they always? ❞ Lowering his head slightly to rest his cheek against the side of baby Tommy’s head, Eddie listened closely to surrounding conversations. The happiest Eddie could ever be was when he saw his two children happy. Maybe he wasn’t as much like Alfred as he believed he was — he would do everything in his power to avoid his children being raised by a father who had failed them.

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Re: ease my mind — birthday party , open .
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 05:33:55 AM »
Torrin was carrying Ezekiel— he insisted on being carried — until he’d seen the birthday twins themselves and squirmed frantically in Torrin’s arm, forcing the small boy to set his brother down ever so gentle. almost immediately, Ezekiel stumbled over with clumsy little stomp. He let out a loud squeal when charlotte handed him a ‘gift’ which was none other than the aforementioned box of matches.

Torrin had only looked away for a few seconds, distracted by the fact that he had a birthday gift to set down with the others. In those few seconds, Ezekiel somehow managed to pull several matches out of the box and was following charlotte around with them clutched in his tiny fists. he looked so serious, like he was doing a very important job.

said very important job was to hand some of the matches back to charlotte. ah, yes. the wonderful service of regifting. not as insulting from a toddlers perspective, truly. the smaller boy hummed, offering her the matches one by one, mumbling a very quiet ”Yay, birthday.” each and every time he handed her a match. Torrin turned around to check on Ezekiel only to see him midway through this process.

oh jeez.

”E-ezekiel, cmere, bud, bring me those, pretty please? we already got them gifts, remember?”

Ezzie looked torrin in the eyes for about five full seconds before thrusting a fistful of matches to charlotte.
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Re: ease my mind — birthday party , open .
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2021, 03:06:58 PM »
She had helped set up the party of course, but now she was put back in the role of watching her three youngest. Xena of course was held while the other two sat on the ground each destroying a piece of cake. She watched Lottie run around with a matchbox thanking people for coming, which just made her smile though she was keeping an eye on her due to the matches.

Although with Blake, came that mom-voice that little kids always seemed to listen to whether it was their mom or not. Blake found it handy. "Ezekiel, give those to Torrin." she said it sternly as if to say she meant it and there would be consequences otherwise. What would they be? Nothing too bad, maybe just no cake or an early bedtime, whatever Torrin wanted. But she didn't want either of them walking around with matches.

"Lottie, love, walking feet please. I don't want you getting hurt" she added afterward, watching her daughter zoom around the lounge. Her eyes then looked to her twin boys, completely covered in their cake that just caused the Australian to sigh heavily...they were definitely going to need baths. She was just glad Xena was still small enough to just sleep, one less toddler to worry about.

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