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best first words -- open
« on: May 07, 2021, 03:22:55 PM »
She was sitting outside, letting the bigger four play outside with Xena slept. She had asked that if Cade heard her crying to come get her since he chose to stay in which was fine with her. Tommy and Lottie knew to stay where she could see them, so most of the time it was her having to go get their brothers who would crawl away. They had taken a few steps, though none on their own.

She looked up hearing someone fall, seeing it had been Lottie "Fuck" she muttered, getting up until she saw that she was fine. The tumble not seeming to phase the girl any. "'uck" Blake froze, that wasn't Lottie's voice. She looked over at the boys, they were the only other ones who could've said it. Which one she didn't know, though when it was repeated by not just one but both of them, she sat down and immediately put her face in her hands. This was Alfie's fault, she didn't know how but she felt that it was. That this was him continuing to be a pain in her ass even after death.

"Really? Both of you?" She asked, looking over at the twins again who were just smiling at her. They seemed fairly proud of themselves for saying their first word and though she was too, why did it have to be that?

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Re: best first words -- open
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2021, 01:26:47 PM »
Upon noticing Tommy and Lottie playing outside with their younger cousins, Eddie decided to take a short break from updating the inventory so that he could pay them a quick visit. Quietly, he stepped out onto the front porch, leaning against the bannister whilst watching them play. Gently chewing on his lip, he wanted to crack a small smile at Lottie’s lack of response as she tumbled over, quietly rising to her feet again before continuing to play.

He would have continued to focus on them if it weren’t for the fact that one of the younger boys had clearly said their first word. Brows raised with the slightest expression of surprise, Eddie turning his head to look over towards Blake before he opened his mouth. ❝ Did… ❞ He blinked as both the boys spoke, Eddie releasing a soft huff through his nostrils before he looked from Blake down to the boys. The apple truly never fell far from the tree, huh?

❝ I don’t believe it. ❞ He hummed, lips curling into the slightest of closed lip smiles. ❝ Are we surprised though? ❞ Eddie sure as hell wasn’t. Every day, he could see the resemblance to his brother more and more.