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Flintlock Lodge / wonderful life — open.
« on: July 21, 2021, 02:50:40 PM »
❝ A’right then, there you go ‘n’ pour the mixture in right there. ❞ Sleeves to his flannel shirt rolled up to the elbows, Eddie rested both hands on the edge of the kitchen counter as he watched Ida messily dolloping a ladle full of a beige mixture into each concave section of a muffin tin. Whilst Eddie couldn’t say he was much of a baker — the last time he’d ever involved himself in such a thing was when he was only young and his mother was baking another loaf of her esteemed banana bread. One thing that he did know how to do, however, was follow instructions word for word.

And so he did just that, allowing Ida to do all the jobs such as pouring the flour in and mixing all the wetting ingredients whilst Eddie would precisely measure each ingredient with narrowed eyes and a concentrated gaze. This had been entirely Ida’s idea — Eddie would point out — as it had been her plan to bake muffins for when William and Frederick were due to return to the Lodge after heading downhill to take care of some business that would otherwise interfere with Eddie’s plans to start manufacturing the Stirling’s prized whiskey again.

❝ Oops. ❞ Ida squeaked as she knocked the bowl, Eddie catching it just before it could slide right off of the counter and onto the floor. Nudging it back into a place safe from the elbows of clumsy youngsters, Eddie murmured softly, ❝ Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine. ❞ There was a softness in his voice, often unheard of when surrounded by most. But, it was needless to say that he always had a soft spot for Henry and Ida, as well as his two children too. 

Flintlock Lodge / Re: grey morning — open .
« on: July 06, 2021, 05:56:26 PM »
Seeing Mia walk over towards Eddie brought about a feeling he was unable to describe. Invigorating, maybe. He always knew that a conversation with Mia would always leave him with a small smile lingering stupidly on his lips. A look he’d come to hide in front of others in favour of a more stoic, solemn appearance, but Mia often earned the satisfaction of knowing that she’d made Edmund Stirling crack a smile.

She wasn’t Maxine, but something about Mia’s mischievous allure made Eddie forget about the woman that he had been so hung up on, even if only for a short while. With her playful words, Eddie offered her a bashful smile as he raised his brows with slight surprise. Touché. He hadn’t seen it coming, but her joke was well received as Eddie huffed with a short breath of laughter before lifting the children’s book up slightly. ❝ I was just thinking that, but thought I’d borrow it anyways for all the pretty pictures. ❞ He returned in soft spoken jest, soon lowering his hand again.

❝ Lottie likes new stories for bedtime. Tommy likes to know that someone’s there sitting with them as they fall asleep. ❞ Eddie chose to elaborate, looking down at the title of the book before he looked back towards Mia again. ❝ I’m not much of a story teller, though. I don’t have the voice for it; not like you. ❞ Mia had a storytelling voice that anyone would be honoured to have read them to sleep. Lottie had already seemingly taken a liking to Mia, gazing towards her in awe whenever Mia was around. It was a sign that Eddie liked to see. If he wasn’t as pessimistic, he’d say that the feelings he had for Mia back when they were still teenagers was slowly returning.

But again, as always, he would tread lightly. Carefully. He knew better than to rush into love. Love was a blindness that a man like him should avoid. He had enough bad experiences to know that as fact.

Private Threads / Re: do i make you cringe? — maxine.
« on: July 06, 2021, 12:31:33 PM »
It was always the eyes. The eyes told a story of love, a story that no words could define. It was the way that Edmund looked at Maxine that conveyed the way that he loved her. His lips did not need to move when his eyes spoke volumes. It was the way that Maxine looked at Edmund that conveyed the way she wished she could love him. Things would have been easier that way, after all.

But something wasn't right.

Edmund could not quite put his finger on it, otherwise he would not have been bold enough to put all nerves aside to propose to his high school sweetheart. They had a supposed love that had been rekindled, but relighting an old flame was a futile attempt to repeat the past. It would never be the same as the last time, and so Eddie should never have expected that much. As he led Maxine into the woods for their own privacy in this crucial moment, a wavering breath passed Eddie's narrowly parted lips. Perhaps a part of him was preparing to be turned down, and doing so in the quietude of the woods at least provided him with less humiliation than if he was to do so in the public eye.

But he wanted this so badly. After his countless failed romances and even a failed marriage, Eddie could no longer bear the thought of having to go through the insecurity and heartbreak of starting again with someone new. If he and Maxine did not work out, then Eddie feared that he would have to accept the fact that he may have been destined to be alone. It was quickly becoming a possibility that he ought to consider. Maxine’s disheartened nature was scaring him — he was beginning to wonder whether it was just because of Seb’s passing or whether it was because of something that Eddie, himself, had done.

He would never have guessed that Aspen was involved.

❝ We spoke for some time about the future... and he gave me his blessing. ❞ Eddie explained carefully, his voice managing to tremble ever-so-slightly as he fumbled around in his trouser pocket. With a clear of his throat, Eddie revealed a ring, a family heirloom that he kept close to his heart. It had once been his mother’s, his grandmother’s, his great-grandmother’s. A ring so dainty and elegant, minimalistic and beautiful. Holding onto Maxine’s hand, Eddie held out the ring so that she could view it, eyes scanning over her face with anxious anticipation as his lips twitched into a hint of a hopeful smile. ❝ I love you, Maxine, and I want to spend the rest of my life by your side. So, um... Will you marry me? ❞

Flintlock Lodge / Re: DREAMERS — MEETING [06/17]
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:19:27 PM »
❝ Things have been quiet since the war ended, but I don’t want anyone to become complacent. ❞ Eddie explained with a soft yet firm tone. There were many things that they needed to do to prepare for the winter. Whilst it felt like it was a long way away, the months rolled by quickly and Eddie knew better than to not ensure they were thoroughly prepared for the heavy snowfall to return.

Straightening up, Eddie raised his brows somewhat as he scanned the group before he continued to speak. ❝ I need people to head down the mountain and scavenge around for supplies. I’m particularly interested in searching for any solar panels as I believe we can make great use of them down in the village. ❞ He paused momentarily, unwilling to elaborate unless questioned, before he ended the meeting with, ❝ Lastly, I’d like to finally welcome Mia to Flintlock Lodge. It’s good to have you… Uh- A’right, head to dinner. ❞

Flintlock Lodge / grey morning — open .
« on: June 26, 2021, 05:21:57 PM »
In the village, Eddie wandered down the grey brick streets where he approached the library at a silently determined pace. Upon arriving, he rubbed his hands together to warm them up — despite the summertime providing a sunshine intense enough to melt most of the snow away, the wind chill at high altitudes could sometimes be one to make itself known to even the most experienced of Flintlockers. Eddie wasn’t often seen taking a break from his duties to wander through the great expanse of the library but, if it wasn’t for himself, he’d gladly take on the job.

Today, he was in search of anything that could be used as a good enough bedtime story for the twins. They were coming to an age where they would no longer settle unless he or Blake waited around for them to drift off to sleep, and Eddie had exhausted the current small selection of bedtime stories he had back up in their bedroom.

Wandering slowly up and down the aisles, Eddie’s brows knitted together thoughtfully. In a library of this size, he was struggling to come across where any children’s books would be kept. He’d continue to search carefully regardless, taking his time to flick through books along the way whilst he made the most of his brief break in his working day.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: st jude — tasks , open .
« on: June 20, 2021, 05:50:12 PM »
Freddie soon approached with the desire to take on a job. It was the one thing Eddie could commend his cousin for, and that was his work ethics. He always knew how to work hard and play harder, and perhaps that was exactly the balance that Eddie needed back in his life again. With an expectant rise of his brows, Eddie peered across at his cousin as he knew exactly what he needed Freddie to do for him.

❝ What I need you to do is to take a group down the mountain to go scavenge around that abandoned village to the east of us. I heard that there’s a group of raiders in the area and I want to know what they’re after in that village. If it’d be of use to them, then it’ll be of use to us. ❞

Eddie commanded with stoic features. He hoped that Freddie could pick up on the Captain’s implication, especially being so closely associated with the Stirling enterprise; he wanted Freddie to make sure the raiders would not cause trouble for Flintlock Lodge, and collecting some supplies along the way wouldn’t hurt either.

Flintlock Lodge / DREAMERS — MEETING [06/17]
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:51:58 AM »
Eddie trudged into the lounge for today's meeting, his head hanging low and gaze stern as he glanced around the room. ❝ A'right. Meeting. ❞ Pointer finger gesticulated towards the couches for people to begin taking their seats, the corner of his lip twitching ever-so-slightly once he made eye contact with people.

Flintlock Lodge / st jude — tasks , open .
« on: June 13, 2021, 05:10:18 PM »
❝ A’right. ❞ With a soft clear of his throat, Eddie wandered into the lounge as he’d called for several Flintlockers to meet him there. Several important tasks needed doing and these people had been specially selected to take on those very duties for Eddie whilst he continued to manage and oversee the workings of the lodge.

With Chance the large mastiff following close behind before clambering onto a space on the couch, Eddie stood nearby with a slight frown permanently etched on his features before clasping his hands together. ❝ I need tasks completed — they’re pretty important ones — so who’d be willing to offer their time to help? ❞

// this thread is ofc open to everyone so throw your character in if you want any thread prompts for your character hehe

Flintlock Lodge / Re: PLAY MY GAME / HUNTING, o
« on: May 21, 2021, 06:19:09 PM »
Eddie favoured the fallacy that he was good. That he was loved. But suddenly, he felt older. Colder. He’d run away from all the little warmth that this world had to offer, and he’d linger on the very thought that so often plagued his mind: he wasn’t actually that good a person. He wanted to feel something more than the darkness that he was born into — he wanted to feel so badly — but there felt to be a gaping space between what he could feel and what he wanted to feel, a vacant crevice which was as if it’d been carved out from his soul. And slowly, that space grew, and it grew relentlessly.

Perhaps he deserved a dishonourable death. He had granted many men that same fate in his lifetime, it was about time that the man who fought by the sword would soon die by it. If he were to die now, who would miss him? Really — who could weep at the death of a tragedy like him? Death was a lingering thought in Eddie’s mind. Death was a consolation.

He was unaware of his nearing fate as he wandered into the lounge just in time to hear Xavier insisting that Colt join him on a hunting trip. Eddie could do with a chance to get out of the lodge; he’d spent a large portion of his day cooped up in his office wasting the day away, so some means of work would perhaps brighten him up somewhat. ❝ I’ll come with. ❞ Eddie offered as he stood with his hands in his pockets, glancing between Colt and Xavier before nearing the front door to pull on his coat and collect his rifle.

Little did he know, he was unwittingly playing right into Xavier’s motives.

Flintlock Lodge / The Lodge prison is home — open .
« on: May 16, 2021, 10:31:43 AM »
The ghosts of the past would talk to those who’d listen. And, for Edmund, he dwelled on the past far more than he ever would the future — the undemanding finality of his past was more comforting than the dread of what was to come next. Perhaps the only way he knew how to manage the apprehension was to recreate everything that he knew, everything that brought him peace. After all, history tended to repeat itself, Alfonso would once tell Edmund. It was likely one of the only words of wisdom that his brother had ever reflected upon, but the truth of his words remained ever-ingrained in Eddie’s mind, even to this day.

History tended to repeat itself, Alfie had noted in jest when Dominik would begin to take those on edge steps in their father’s shoes. Learning the ropes of the Stirling enterprise was a bitter pill to swallow, but a life that the boys had grown so accustomed to that there was no normality to them in trying to live a normal life. History of the Stirling enterprise would consume all normal, from start to finish. History was a man in a pristine suit and tie, trying his best to define a home that was never his. It was a boy who’d follow in the footsteps of a man he could never recall to be his father, and yet he’d attempt to fit his tiny feet into oversized brogues regardless in order to desperately relive a childhood that he never really did get to experience.

Edmund sympathised with young Henry; he felt as if he barely got to know their father, either.

❝ Try it again. You’re almost there. ❞ Eddie sat on the couch in the lounge beside the young teenage boy, Henry grimacing ever-so-slightly with concentration as he stared down at the disassembled parts of a handgun on the coffee table. There had come a day where Edmund would have to begin to teach Henry the ways of the Stirling family, not only for prestige of the family name but also for safety. Henry would always be a Stirling, whether or not he enjoyed his involvement in the enterprise, and so he had to learn how to survive with the reputation he was bred into.

❝ Why can’t I just learn how to shoot? ❞ Henry protested softly, slumping back against the couch as he gazed towards his older brother. Instead of caving, though, Eddie looked back with a frown before he uttered with authority, ❝ No. You need to know what you’re handling before you start to use it. Until you perfect assembling one, I’m not letting you run around with a gun. ❞ The last thing he’d want was for Henry to get carried away and get somebody hurt because he was being irresponsible with a firearm.

The teenager quickly gave up on trying to defy Eddie, instead sighing gently before edging forwards on the couch once more to practice assembling the handgun once more. Once Henry completed it, Eddie leaned forward to take the gun, disassembling it before lowering the pieces back down onto the table. ❝ Now, do it again. ❞ He commanded gently, staring over at his youngest brother who gawked at Eddie with shock before huffing a sigh and reaching out to start assembling the gun once more.

The Stirling family was well acquainted with history. Henry would learn the very same thing that Edmund learned, where Edmund had learned the very same thing from Alfred, where Alfred had learned the very same thing from Frederick Sr. There were many names in their history, but at the end of the day their names meant nothing in the past nor the future. They were solely there to recreate the curse of the Stirling empire from generation to generation, and there would forever be no chance of bringing this curse to an end. After all, this was all that the Stirlings knew.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: best first words -- open
« on: May 12, 2021, 01:26:47 PM »
Upon noticing Tommy and Lottie playing outside with their younger cousins, Eddie decided to take a short break from updating the inventory so that he could pay them a quick visit. Quietly, he stepped out onto the front porch, leaning against the bannister whilst watching them play. Gently chewing on his lip, he wanted to crack a small smile at Lottie’s lack of response as she tumbled over, quietly rising to her feet again before continuing to play.

He would have continued to focus on them if it weren’t for the fact that one of the younger boys had clearly said their first word. Brows raised with the slightest expression of surprise, Eddie turning his head to look over towards Blake before he opened his mouth. ❝ Did… ❞ He blinked as both the boys spoke, Eddie releasing a soft huff through his nostrils before he looked from Blake down to the boys. The apple truly never fell far from the tree, huh?

❝ I don’t believe it. ❞ He hummed, lips curling into the slightest of closed lip smiles. ❝ Are we surprised though? ❞ Eddie sure as hell wasn’t. Every day, he could see the resemblance to his brother more and more.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: SUCKERPUNCH — o, patrol
« on: May 11, 2021, 11:48:18 AM »
As of late, Eddie was hell bent with focusing on his own work around the lodge. It certainly beat the ever-vacant feeling in his chest that he’d feel otherwise, the grim realisation that no success would be enough to soothe the mind that insisted he could always do more, that he could always be better. Perhaps the acute focus was helpful in most ways; he was wary yet diligent, and efficiency around the lodge was always sound when he was delegating responsibilities. But, it also made him miss out on the finer things in life. Like enjoyment and fun. Like his father, Eddie had a knack for leading the masses, even whilst his stern nature could ruffle feathers in the process.

He wasn’t here to be everybody’s friend, though. He was here to keep them alive.

Ahead of most of the group, Eddie trudged wordlessly through the woodland terrain as he carefully observed the surroundings for any signs of change in the environment. Anything that could possibly have been caused by an outsider. Hands resting in his pockets, he focused on the sounds of boots crunching against the ground below, the birds shrilling above head, the back-and-forth chatter between Minsuh and Grayson. Brows knitting together, Eddie slowed to a stop with a clear of his throat, then turning to look over towards the two younger members rigidly.

❝ You both need to focus, ❞ Eddie explained with an aloof stare, then tipping his head to the side briefly to add, ❝ patrols aren’t an opportunity for you to fuck around. ❞ Eddie was good at acting as the killjoy of Flintlock Lodge but when he asked for a chore to be completed, he wanted the chore to be done properly. After all, he wasn't here to make friends. He was here to protect everyone.

Flintlock Lodge / Re: beautiful lie ┊ joining
« on: May 08, 2021, 05:34:28 PM »
Who was Mia Carlisle?

It was a good question because Eddie thought he knew the answer.

But she had always been quite the enigma. A mystery to him. Oh, but that was just Mia — Eddie would proclaim — but did he truly know her enough to be able to come to that conclusion? It began at an after party in New York when he was introduced to a girl with soft red hair and a personality just as fervid. Not long after that and she had been welcomed into Eddie’s male-dominated friendship circle with ease. Her personality was commanding the way in which people wanted to listen to her speak. Eddie always did; he liked the sound of her voice. And, like the teenagers they were, life was always thrilling and dangerous from the trouble that friendship group got into.

These days, the life in his eyes was listless.

Eddie’s teenage years had been the very peak of his life. He had it all; the family business, the reputation, the parties and drinking, the friendships and romance, all at his disposal. And, whilst he was still considered successful in principle — the Captain of Flintlock Lodge, the head of the Stirling family, a father, a mentor, a brother — there still remained a void that couldn’t be filled. A perpetual loneliness because everything in his life was temporary. People died because of him. People left because of him.

Perhaps that was the biggest difference between Eddie and Mia; her magnetism was irresistible whilst all he did was repel people away.

He’d long come to accept the emptiness in that vessel he called a heart. After Eddie found out that Maxine was pregnant with Aspen’s baby, all hope of a feeling of security in love had gone. Eddie was a closed off soul who could only take to another person slowly. Cautiously. The same way he took to his friendship with Mia. Slowly. Cautiously. As if he were urging himself not to catch feelings. All attempts had been futile back then. It was what teenagers did. Fall for each other. That was until Mia left without a trace one day. Like the mystery she was when she was with Eddie, she was as much a mystery when she was gone.

Years later, and she was a passing thought every once in a while. Eddie put her down as someone he’d never get the fortune of seeing again. Stood in the street of the quaint village, Eddie observed the way Flintlockers began to pack supplies onto the back of a horse-drawn sled to transport back up to the lodge. Arms were tight across his chest as he remained wordless before wandering over to pat his hand against the side of the sled. ❝ Right, I think that’s good to go. ❞ He uttered, soon lifting his head as another Flintlocker approached. ❝ Eddie, there’s a newcomer asking for you. ❞ Brows twitched together, Eddie glancing across the person’s face before he mumbled, ❝ ‘ey? ❞ Eddie followed beside the Flintlocker, turning the corner on the street before halting in his tracks.

❝ Mia. ❞ Eddie murmured softly. She looked different from the last time he’d seen her, but he could never forget a face like hers. He remained stoic despite the way his heart slammed against his chest, lips quivering before cracking into the smallest of smiles. ❝ Wow, I- ❞ He wandered somewhat closer, hesitating as he glanced off to the side before looking back towards her. ❝ It’s good to see you again. ❞

That was an absolute understatement.   

Flintlock Lodge / Re: 'til the night runs away — picnic, open.
« on: May 03, 2021, 05:55:03 PM »
Following the awkward reunion with Torrin, Eddie had chosen not to attempt to pour salt in the wounds by initiating any more conversation. If words had to be said, then it would solely be in a professional manner. Jobs around the lodge, news that Eddie had heard of, questions about the infirmary. That was the extent of conversation, mostly because Eddie wasn’t someone who was very good with small talk as it was, especially after so much tension between him and another. And, as Torrin walked passed with an civil smile, Eddie nodded back as he quietly greeted, ❝ Torrin. ❞ And, he would leave it at that.

Afterwards, Eddie stood observing the festivities with a tight jaw, hands clasped in front of him with interlaced fingers as if he had no idea what to do with his hands otherwise. Whilst he was quick to set up a cheerful event to boost morale, Eddie was barely the type to actually join in. That required far too much use of his social battery. Besides, who would want to socialise with their boss anyways?

Torrin was approaching Eddie again all of a sudden, Eddie turning to await more sharp words from him. Instead, an apology and a statement. Eddie blinked with mild surprise, sucking in a small breath before allowing his arms to fall to his side. ❝ That sounds like fun. ❞ He explained with a soft utterance. He hesitated for a moment before following Torrin to a blanket. ❝ Is this yours?  ❞ He asked, gesturing to the chess set. Observing the board, he slowly nodded until he finally concluded, ❝ It’s really nice. Looks expensive. ❞ Eddie would be nice. After all, he had always liked Torrin, even though the feelings were no longer mutual.

Flintlock Lodge / ease my mind — birthday party , open .
« on: April 26, 2021, 05:36:42 PM »
No matter how much he’d tell himself otherwise, he wasn’t like his father. He could paint himself to be the monster all he wanted, but he was in fact only human. Alfred was rarely human at the best of times. Birthdays were seldom important to him, especially if they were his own sons’. The first time Eddie had ever celebrated his birthday was two years ago when a surprise party was organised for him. Before then, he barely knew what it meant to celebrate a day dedicated to him or why anyone could possibly want that.

But then, with his children, he saw the appeal.

Three years on and he’d gladly make a big deal about his children’s birthdays. They were still young and would perhaps forget this very day, but their birthdays were still something that Eddie felt was an event very much worth celebrating. They were his absolute pride and joys — that was for certain — and so it became ever-apparent what a good father should do to make their children feel valued. Eddie sure as hell never felt that way with his own father; the bitterness ran far deeper than missed out birthday celebrations.

Eddie sat cross legged on the floor of the lounge, young Tommy sat in the centre of his lap as he picked with messy hands at a slice of cake in front of him. Blake and Emery had worked so hard this morning to bake a cake for the twins and decorate the lounge for a humble celebration. The twins seemed to appreciate the gathering, thrilled that people were sitting around to celebrate their birthdays. Hand raised to gently smooth Thomas’ hair down as he was preoccupied with his cake, Eddie lifted his head to watch the way Charlotte wandered from person to person, giggling as she’d hand over random items that she had found in the lounge to thank them for coming today.

A huff of amusement passed Eddie’s lips despite all efforts to stifle a laugh as he watched his daughter hand a box of matches that she’d picked up off the coffee table to a Flintlocker. ❝ Thank you for coming to my party! ❞ She exclaimed, cackling mischievously before tearing around the lounge in search of something else to gift the next person. Eyes soon lifted to meet his brother’s, Tom shaking his head with hilarity before he pointed out matter-of-factly, ❝ The absolute star of the show today, don’t ya think? ❞   

The corners of Eddie’s lips curled upwards ever-so-slightly, leaning back a little to look back at his daughter before he mumbled, ❝ ‘Ey, but aren’t they always? ❞ Lowering his head slightly to rest his cheek against the side of baby Tommy’s head, Eddie listened closely to surrounding conversations. The happiest Eddie could ever be was when he saw his two children happy. Maybe he wasn’t as much like Alfred as he believed he was — he would do everything in his power to avoid his children being raised by a father who had failed them.

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