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little whispers (storage)
« on: April 09, 2021, 01:10:29 PM »
u rock !
claire loves u!
You there peeking in, welcome to my storage thread. This here is where I draft stuff, coding, characters and whatever else I decide to put here. I like to keep things as neat as I can though it will likely be messy, so please no posting. If you see something or wanna ask, talk about anything, you can message me <3.
little whispers.
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Re: little whispers (storage)
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u rock !
*:・゚coyote ugly*:・゚
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Name; Angel Seong - pronounced Sung
- nicknames; currently none besides my personal nickname/alias for this character. I feel nicknames should come from others' characters.

Age; 25 - can appear younger than he is.
- Birthdate; 03/28

Sex; male
Gender; male
- pronouns; like the honey badger, he doesn't give a shit

"BLACKOUT," 2017, age 3. Through some struggle his family found sanctuary in one of the surviving plants that held onto electricity and the ideal of preserving a civil, humanitarian society. They lived like refugees and life was still very different compared to having screens at your fingertips and smart appliances, but more than bearable.

"TRACES," 2032, age 18. Comfort could not last, and despite having military personnel, the plant was overran by those who did not have the rarer resources and sought to take them. In the sea of violence infiltrating forth, his mother was trampled to death. In trying to get them away from the scene of conflict, his father was shot by one of the personnel. There was no side that was protecting anyone anymore. His father pushed through grabbing what he could for their escape, but due to his wound and lack of medical attention his father died before making it out of the plant. NAME had to leave him before being apprehended by one of the men of the mob. The plant itself was rendered useless in the attack.

"SIDEWINDER," 2032-present, age up to 25. NAME had been brought up with morals, to be good-natured, and repress himself to push onward. And genuinely he had been a guy who believed in these things and been a kind, loving soul. After witnessing the violence and death of his parents however he started understanding truly how vicious the world had turned and he had been in more ways than one been living in a bubble. Forced by circumstances he grew into the people who robbed, beat, and threatened his life. He learned to survive and his views changed into today what they were not seven years ago.

- Morals;
*:・゚"What's right is what's smart."
- Life;
*:・゚"As precious as a weapon."
- Religion
*:・゚"I'll know when I'm dead."
- Other
*:・゚Groups; given the disaster of the plant and other problems he's seen and even exploited in other groups or bands of people, he does not trust groups nor would voluntarily take the time to relearn that way of living.

•   Learned dancing from his mother, particularly ballet and styles of hip hop.
•   He doesn't dance in front of others usually, but will at nights around a campfire by himself (he has been alone up to this point), and after drinking enough, (yeah, he's good at dancing).
•   Did not start out as a fighter, but here after he is forced by circumstances to turn into a rogue, thief, & you get the idea.
•   Hates guns. Will use them. Knows the idea of guns, how to properly use them, probably not.
•   Does he like being a trash bag human, no, but he's will and keeps doing it.
•   Weapons, whatever is around him, his shovel, and his legs.
•   Perhaps he must stay with someone after ascending form prisoner to member in order for him to be properly watched.
•   Uses broken glass as a make-shift mirror
•   Captured by BL, to get out of imprisonment, joins the group despite his philosophy against groups.
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Re: little whispers (storage)
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2021, 10:02:13 AM »
_______KIM ROSA


Mar. 23' 2014" — present
full name; Angel Seong

age; 25, can appear younger than he is.
zodiac; Pisces-Aries cusp

sex; male
gender; male
pronouns; like the honey badger, he doesn't give a shit.
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Re: little whispers (storage)
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u rock !
*:・゚coyote ugly*:・゚
claire loves u!
TW; none

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Re: little whispers (storage)
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bio temp by tea

full name first middle lastname
nicknames any nicknames
alliance alliance goes here!
d. o. b. dd/mm/yy
sex/gender sex / gender
pronouns put their pronouns here
orientation —romantic / —sexual
zodiac zodiac sign goes here!
hp house harry potter house goes here!
mbti mbti goes here!

your character needs a personality! write it down here. be sure to leave the spaces between each new title otherwise everything will look too cramped.


what does your character look like? are they short? tall? an animal or a human? put that here!


characters history goes here!


here you can put things such as a bucket list, headcannons or a character playlist! you can even do all of them or create separate sections for each it's up to you.