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i believe that we can fix this over time. | noi.
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the fundamentals of his character.

full name: chanchai "noi" saenpong
     chanchai is a thai name meaning "skilled winner."
     noi is his chue len, or thai play name, and means "little."
     saenpong is a thai surname that is from saenchai, a famous muay thai fighter.

referred to as: noi

gender & pronouns: male; he/him

age: fourteen

date of birth: june twentieth, 2025

ethnicity: thai

role: cartographer & trader of miscellaneous goods; medicinal herb seller & medic (if you find him in a good mood)

current residence: anywhere that his sister decides on. he just lives there man idk

romantic & sexual orientation: biromantic bisexual (but he isn't so keen on commitment)

what he looks like. image courtesy of the makowka ii picrew.

          noi stands at five foot seven with room to grow (not a complete injustice, he argues. he's not even that tall; his sister's just tiny), with a limber, lithe physique, though he is more solid-seeming than his sister since he isn't always on the run and eats slightly better. he has sepia-hued skin with warm undertones and a similar flush on his cheeks to his sister's. he, himself, has many freckles and beauty marks, if slightly less scars, and many of the dark dots span the apples of his cheeks and flat, straight nose. a small, pale scar slices up the right side of his mouth, cutting past his lips, while a thinner scar carves out a path at his left cheekbone. to note, there are a few tiny scars on his hands and fingers that he accidentally gives himself, since he tends to bite and chew on things when he's lost in thought. he has two defined, dark brows, matching the wavy black of his hair. while it's certainly not prim and proper and pristine; it's substantially less choppy than his sister's and a little shorter, too, being cropped at the very upper nape of the neck and flaring out at the sides. his bangs end slightly above his brows; if they grow past the so-dark-it's-black brown of his eyes, it's time for a trim.

          noi likes to wear comfortable and simple clothing: black t-shirts beneath solid-colored zip-up hoodies, along with plain joggers and the single pair of flip-flops that he owns tend to make up his wardrobe when he's not expecting anyone. when meeting with others, though, he's a bit more dressed-up: shared-pocket hoodies or simple sweatshirts with button-down shirts underneath, along with more proper pants and shoes are what he calls his "business outfit." he'll usually put on a face mask or pull a bandana over his mouth and nose when conducting that business, along with gloves, because you never know what germs visitors might be bringing into his personal space! when out and about, he'll wear something more practical, similar to what his sister tends to wear, except the hood comes from (again) a hoodie and the jacket he wears just has a cool collar that he sometimes fiddles with. he's a bit more high-maintenance than his sister and looks more put-together in the sense that he bothers to comb his hair and bathe more frequently.

how he's doing.

eyesight: a little bit worse than his sister's, but certainly not to the point that he'd need glasses.

allergies, intolerances, or ailments: he's a bit lactose intolerant, but it's not like he trusts most dairy in general, anyway.

overall physical health: he's athletic and quite strong as well, but not as quick or flexible as his sister; he's let his physical skills deteriorate in comparison to nin so that he could spend more time foraging and working on maps and testing out herbs. however, he's definitely still in good condition.

physical health notes: none.

distinguishing mannerisms or habits: noi tends to chew on things: his bottom lip, his hands, the inside of his cheek, pens, pencils; if it's small enough to fit into his hand and you see it in his tent, chances are, he's chewed on it. it's more of a nervous habit and something that he does when in deep thought than anything, though.

ailments, effects, or disorders: none.

mental health notes: ...he's a bit two-faced. it's unknown if it stems from anything particularly mental health related, but his acting capability, tendency to flip-flop between being kind and being cruel, and overall deception have exacerbated since he and his sister started staking out the wasteland alone, so it might be something like that.

handwriting: neat and tidy print for ease of reading. his quick notes that no one reads are in cursive and slightly messier.

walking: deceptively carefree and relaxed, with an openness that is suspiciously shown. long strides, with one hand in his pocket and the other arm swinging freely. it's almost as if he wants you to attack him.

how he communicates with others.

capability of verbal speech: perfectly capable, and uses this ability liberally.

speech style: smooth, silver-tongued, and flowery. he's a flatterer and likes using new words that he finds in the books he reads. each word flows easily from one to the next, slick as duck fat, with a mesmerizing cadence that seems almost practiced (it is).

accent: shaped by the other wanderers he's met and his family both, it's got a bit of a thai touch to it in addition to the rounded vowels of the northern united states. in general, it seems like the standard idea of what one would imagine an american east coast accent would be, along with the previously-mentioned notes, though it's slightly more americanized than his sister's and he can force on other accents and colloquialisms if need be.

eye contact: enough to come off as trusting, but not enough to seem creepy. very goldilocks—just right.

body language: like his sister, he uses many eyebrow movements to convey his emotions, though he is a bit of a fidgeter as well. when talking to others, he'll tend to play with his hair (which skews its neatness and leaves it tousled as always), any gadgets or whatsits that are around, his clothes, or his fingers. these movements come off as quite natural, though, and are rarely "nervous."

resting face: also :| but with a bit more life in his eyes, and possibly murmuring to himself. he's quick to put on a smile that shows through his face covering whenever someone finds him, though.

his roots.


          born a good way into the post-apocalypse, noi and his sister nin were raised until the age of ten by their parents, who tried their best to teach them how to live in the wasteland. they brought them along on their travels, living a nomadic nuclear family life. noi, in particular, was both booksmart and streetsmart, though he lacked in the incredible physical talent that his sister held. their parents had made sure that noi used his gifts well and wasn't too open or naïve with strangers, especially when they were away without bringing their children with them. after all, they had to make these lessons stick.

          of course, one day, one of their trips went wrong.

          noi's parents fell into a deep pit full of sharpened sticks—a trap laid out by some malicious group that noi had tried to search for many times. they spent the entire night trying to extract their dying parents to no avail and eventually were forced to hide and subsequently run away when the trap-makers returned.

          after this, noi's more genuine moments started drying up bit by bit, being replaced by a more fictitious version of himself to help his sister in the ways he could, and they braved the wasteland on their own. they continued a nomadic life, moving around from place to place doing odd jobs to barter for the goods that they couldn't get while scavenging or foraging. they made maps, selling the ones that they didn't have use for, and using their extensive knowledge of the places around them, started delivering messages and packages for weapons, food, water, and other such supplies.

          it's been four years since they were left to fend for themselves, and over that course of time... well, a lot of things happened, both good and bad. here's to hoping that the next four years are better.

his affiliates, allies, and acquaintances.

     ❁ naiyana "nin" saenpong: his older twin sister. would definitely kill someone for her if she needed a kidney, but draws the line at getting surgery, himself. the brawn to his brains.



who he is on the inside.

          at first glance? noi is a very pleasant young man. he's friendly, expressive, open-minded, genuine, and honest—the complete opposite of his robotic sister, right? here's the thing: he's not nearly as charming and kind as he comes off. he's gotten it drilled into his head that everything comes with a price, and that he needs to extract those goodies by any means necessary, even if he's got to play the long game. while he knows that his days as a cute little boy all alone in the wasteland are gone, he can capitalize on other qualities, and reels others in with his good-natured persona and disarming smile only to scam them out of their best goods and send them on their way with a half-accurate map. he's even more ruthless than his sister is, and is usually the one to make their most selfish—and most survival-important—decisions. he's a fan of making others think that he's helpless. however, if you can crack into him like the tough nut that he is, then you've got someone who will face an army to keep you happy.

music that evokes the thought of noi, or music that he would listen to.

     ❁ hit the road, jack | 2wei cover | "hit the road, jack, and don't you come back no more."

     ❁ achilles come down | gang of youths | "you crazy-assed cosmonaut, remember your virtue. redemption lies plainly in truth."

     ❁ it will come back | hozier | "don't let it in with no intention to keep it, jesus christ; don't be kind to it. honey, don't feed it. it will come back."

     ❁ twin size mattress | the front bottoms | "this is for the snakes and the people they bite."

     ❁ dirty | grandson | "do you have enough love in your own heart to go and get your hands dirty?"

additional tidbits.

     ❁ his favorite color is a smooth olive green.

     ❁ he's got a fantastic memory in general, and oftentimes knows the way to a location after going there once with a map.
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