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beautiful lie ┊ joining
« on: May 07, 2021, 04:11:46 PM »
who was mia carlisle?

that was a question she didn't even think she could answer herself.

ever since she was a child she had been so fascinated with hearing about various characters in different movies and books. her family never really had much when she was young, so often times she would be forced to use her imagination to have fun around the house, discovering she was actually quite creative when it came to entertaining herself. soon enough, she decided to use it in her favor and make up characters to play for herself, if mia wasn't who she wanted to be, why limit herself when she can be whoever she wanted?

she could tell you all about poppy dayton or maggie halstead and all of their little quirks, but it had been so long since she took of the masks of who she wanted to be. what if it was too late to simply just be mia? did she even really want to be?

it had been so long of her creating these personas with no one catching her in the act. that was until bluestem prairie. she grew tired of being grace, so she decided to move to a new place and settled into the role of maggie. it was fine at first, until she ran into the face of someone who knew her as someone else. frank didn't give her away, only confronting her when it was the two of them. frank was one of the first people she was honest with, even if it had only been a ghost of the real truth.

it felt like a weird weight was lifted off of her shoulders, freeing her in a way she didn't know she needed. though, telling frank only led to her having one person stuck on her mind every day after - eddie.

she hadn't seen him since she was eighteen when she had left. if there was one person where she would actually tell the full truth to, it would have been him. even though they were just teenagers when they knew each other, there had always been a deep connection she felt with him, which was part of the reason she ran off without saying goodbye to their friend group in the first place. it wasn't long before she asked frank about the whereabouts of his brother, deciding shortly after to make the trip up toe flintlock lodge to see him. this was it. she was going to be mia.

stopping around the small little mountainside village, she held cheerio in her arms as she cleared her throat uncomfortably and looked around until she saw one of the flintlockers. "i'm looking for eddie." she said simply when she was asked what her business there was, brown eyes shifting around nervously.

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Re: beautiful lie ┊ joining
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2021, 05:34:28 PM »
Who was Mia Carlisle?

It was a good question because Eddie thought he knew the answer.

But she had always been quite the enigma. A mystery to him. Oh, but that was just Mia — Eddie would proclaim — but did he truly know her enough to be able to come to that conclusion? It began at an after party in New York when he was introduced to a girl with soft red hair and a personality just as fervid. Not long after that and she had been welcomed into Eddie’s male-dominated friendship circle with ease. Her personality was commanding the way in which people wanted to listen to her speak. Eddie always did; he liked the sound of her voice. And, like the teenagers they were, life was always thrilling and dangerous from the trouble that friendship group got into.

These days, the life in his eyes was listless.

Eddie’s teenage years had been the very peak of his life. He had it all; the family business, the reputation, the parties and drinking, the friendships and romance, all at his disposal. And, whilst he was still considered successful in principle — the Captain of Flintlock Lodge, the head of the Stirling family, a father, a mentor, a brother — there still remained a void that couldn’t be filled. A perpetual loneliness because everything in his life was temporary. People died because of him. People left because of him.

Perhaps that was the biggest difference between Eddie and Mia; her magnetism was irresistible whilst all he did was repel people away.

He’d long come to accept the emptiness in that vessel he called a heart. After Eddie found out that Maxine was pregnant with Aspen’s baby, all hope of a feeling of security in love had gone. Eddie was a closed off soul who could only take to another person slowly. Cautiously. The same way he took to his friendship with Mia. Slowly. Cautiously. As if he were urging himself not to catch feelings. All attempts had been futile back then. It was what teenagers did. Fall for each other. That was until Mia left without a trace one day. Like the mystery she was when she was with Eddie, she was as much a mystery when she was gone.

Years later, and she was a passing thought every once in a while. Eddie put her down as someone he’d never get the fortune of seeing again. Stood in the street of the quaint village, Eddie observed the way Flintlockers began to pack supplies onto the back of a horse-drawn sled to transport back up to the lodge. Arms were tight across his chest as he remained wordless before wandering over to pat his hand against the side of the sled. ❝ Right, I think that’s good to go. ❞ He uttered, soon lifting his head as another Flintlocker approached. ❝ Eddie, there’s a newcomer asking for you. ❞ Brows twitched together, Eddie glancing across the person’s face before he mumbled, ❝ ‘ey? ❞ Eddie followed beside the Flintlocker, turning the corner on the street before halting in his tracks.

❝ Mia. ❞ Eddie murmured softly. She looked different from the last time he’d seen her, but he could never forget a face like hers. He remained stoic despite the way his heart slammed against his chest, lips quivering before cracking into the smallest of smiles. ❝ Wow, I- ❞ He wandered somewhat closer, hesitating as he glanced off to the side before looking back towards her. ❝ It’s good to see you again. ❞

That was an absolute understatement.