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SUCKERPUNCH — o, patrol
« on: May 07, 2021, 05:20:26 PM »
minsuh is happier than she's been in awhile.

finally she manages to break away from babysitter duties , to get into a patrol , although it isn't without close supervision. she isn't sure what they think she'd do. it'd be less than likely she'd stumble upon another cash. honestly, she isn't sure that there's anyone else like him. such a pretty boy exterior, a boy who could have any girl and yet he chose her. minsuh was still grappling with that, and now that he's here, she has more time to do so. except, she hasn't seen him for awhile and she's sure that isn't on accident. she wouldn't be surprised if they were being separated on purpose.

she's able to find her silver lining , though. she's happy to be outside the lodge , even if that took being in the cold. she was growing tired of her brother , eddie , and of the many children that scurried the area like rodents. the more she thought about it , the more she began to wonder on whether or not flintlock was right for her. sometimes , in the middle of the night , she'd think about finding cassius room and waking him— of dragging him away from this here. her brother could survive just fine without her. she'd be lifted from the burden of him , of having him supervise, be skeptical of every step she took. that little voice , the one whose gotten used to him , fears what may happen if she does that , though. so she stays for now.

minsuh is growing bored; whoever she knew in this patrol was distracted, so she decided to fall onto her next target:  gray. she sees him around the lodge , but their most notable interaction was in the library. he was restive, practically her favorite. minsuh jumps out in front of him , putting just enough distance between them to raise her bat up to him. . "boo!" she smiles facetiously at the look on his face , continuing to walk backwards as she presses him, . "do you have a cigarette?" she knows he doesn't; it's why she asks. to poke fun at the last time they interacted.

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Re: SUCKERPUNCH — o, patrol
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2021, 01:31:26 AM »
At least one of them was happy.

Gray had been keeping a low profile as of late, more or less staying out of trouble, just waiting for the day that Torrin gave them the Okay to go home. It hadn't come yet, but maybe soon. Hopefully soon. He couldn't believe how much he missed Johannes. Just one more day. He said that a few times a day, seven days a week. He couldn't ask Torrin to leave his little brother, but maybe they could take Ezekiel with.

He didn't flinch or jump back when Minsuh jumped out at him, but he'd like to think that his expression was capable of curdling milk. "Keep walking backwards, Four-Pack. I'm gonna laugh when you fall." As he said that, he tried to smack the bat out of the way. "And put that down before you get yourself hurt." No, he wasn't worried about getting hit with it. He'd take that as an invitation to fight. It had been a while since he'd been in a brawl. The tension under his skin from being stuck here was looking for a way out, and if Minsuh wanted to be annoying and/or reckless, she might just find out how close it was to breaking free.

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Re: SUCKERPUNCH — o, patrol
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2021, 11:48:18 AM »
As of late, Eddie was hell bent with focusing on his own work around the lodge. It certainly beat the ever-vacant feeling in his chest that he’d feel otherwise, the grim realisation that no success would be enough to soothe the mind that insisted he could always do more, that he could always be better. Perhaps the acute focus was helpful in most ways; he was wary yet diligent, and efficiency around the lodge was always sound when he was delegating responsibilities. But, it also made him miss out on the finer things in life. Like enjoyment and fun. Like his father, Eddie had a knack for leading the masses, even whilst his stern nature could ruffle feathers in the process.

He wasn’t here to be everybody’s friend, though. He was here to keep them alive.

Ahead of most of the group, Eddie trudged wordlessly through the woodland terrain as he carefully observed the surroundings for any signs of change in the environment. Anything that could possibly have been caused by an outsider. Hands resting in his pockets, he focused on the sounds of boots crunching against the ground below, the birds shrilling above head, the back-and-forth chatter between Minsuh and Grayson. Brows knitting together, Eddie slowed to a stop with a clear of his throat, then turning to look over towards the two younger members rigidly.

❝ You both need to focus, ❞ Eddie explained with an aloof stare, then tipping his head to the side briefly to add, ❝ patrols aren’t an opportunity for you to fuck around. ❞ Eddie was good at acting as the killjoy of Flintlock Lodge but when he asked for a chore to be completed, he wanted the chore to be done properly. After all, he wasn't here to make friends. He was here to protect everyone.

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Re: SUCKERPUNCH — o, patrol
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2021, 10:15:50 PM »
perfect. the kind of response she was expecting. some would put up much more of a fight.

"oh, c'mon you're no fun." minsuh whines derisively, throwing her head back dramatically. but oh, little did he know this was very fun for her. some individuals grew anxious at the very thought of troubling someone; allowed themselves to be constricted by morality— or was it manners?— before ever just doing what they wanted. frankly for minsuh, she experienced none of that. when she wanted to do something, she'll simply do it, no matter how the other person was feeling. she pushed buttons because she felt delight getting the reaction she wanted, and with gray this was no different. there was no consideration on what that may mean if he were to boil over.

"first you call me names and then you— what— threaten me? all in one interaction? that's cute." gray may have a weapon, but as far as she knew, it was concealed. she could easily have the upperhand before he even tried anything. if she were to see red— if anything were to happen as it always seemed to— it'll be self-defense. she could leave this stupid place. didn't seem like a problem to her. but she doubted that he would. it would be a mistake if he were to.

minsuh had no plans on deterring just because gray told her to, but that's until eddie arrives, attempting to assert authority. smile falls, the hand that holds the back falling limply to her side. the teenager looks mildly annoyed as she stares at the older man what seems like a minute far too long. it was unsatisfactory, really, being able to kill him in her head. but she knew attempting to do so would be too risky.

after feeling like she's stared him down enough, minsuh lets out an exasperated sigh, rolls her eyes, and turns away from gray. she hoped he knew that she only obeyed him because she wanted to get away from him, not because she respected him enough to care what he had to say. notably annoyed, and now only encompassed with thoughts of that, minsuh doesn't consider how far gray was behind her, so when she whips  the bat over her shoulder, she is briefly bewildered when the bat hits something— or someone.

minsuh whips around, hands reaching up to cover her mouth in surprise, although her eyes light up with what appears to be amusement. "oh, shit!" she exclaims. "I didn't realize you were so close."
it's alarming , honestly how charming she can be.