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moonlight (&. calypso)
« on: May 14, 2021, 09:05:18 PM »
name calypso pierce
nickname caly
age 22
date of birth june 23
zodiac cancer sun
sexuality bisexual
alliance member of flintlock lodge
previous alliance member of the coven

height 5'7"
weight 135 lbs
hair dirty blonde
eyes blue
body modifications earrings
bodily expression good posture, generally pretty unexpressive facially, doesn't gesture often. a soft, tender, feline inaudibility to her movements
vocal expression soft smooth voice, slight european accent.
fashion thrifts, usually 90s fashion or something custom-made

infp "the mediator", type nine "the peacemaker", neutral good
+ sweet, airy, dignified, carefree, disciplined, environmentally-conscious
- sensitive, frivolous, naive, inflexible
archetype the caregiver
negative emotion management through healthy coping mechanisms, journalling, etc.
philosophy in life to do no harm, be mindful
greatest fear loss and separation
greatest dream unknown
motivations her older sister
misconceptions of the world
love language words of affirmation, quality time
who was the last person to make them feel loved? her sister
nature vs nurture nurture
developmental paths best, worst, most likely? what causes them to pass, what consequences are there.
three things valued most her family, her pets, her friends
pet peeves nail biting, micro-management, comparisons to her sister, the silent treatment

family and friends
parents cassiopeia lark and sirius pierce
siblings an older sister, andromeda.
pets yakutian laika named luna and a hotblooded horse named prestige

past and future
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
- ambition:
- best memory:
- worst memory:
nurtured or neglected? nurtured
greatest achievement
advice to younger self

weapons butterfly knife
combat ability
medical ability

+1 butterfly knife, +1 dog leash, +1 dog whistle, +1 halter and lead
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she wears moonlight like lingerie