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tw: mentions of abuse

it was hard to tell what shaped a person. the path was hardly ever a straight one; it was long and winding, full of complicated stories that people wouldn’t happily discuss over a candlelit dinner.  most people that went through such trauma weren’t so inclined. usually that story wasn’t one that was self-made, but one that had been far out of that person’s control. that, and some people were good at hiding the webs weaved in the darkest and emptiest places of themselves. some people weren’t even aware of the trauma they’d endured. for kennedy short, simple a man as he appeared, his story was just as much a whirlwind as everyone else’s - and he was incredibly aware of his rather unfortunate upbringing, and what shaped him the most.

it wasn’t easy growing up in the town’s “picture perfect” family, knowing full well things weren’t nearly as perfect as they seemed. the youngest child of the family, with three older sisters that wanted next to nothing to do with him; it wasn’t right for someone to feel so alienated and unwanted as he did at a young age. and the pressure. the pressure of being in such a “perfect” family. the pressure his dad put on his only son would’ve been enough to break anyone. the image he had for a “real man” to carry on his legacy painted a picture that kennedy would never fit into. his dad was convinced otherwise, though. the stern eyes of a cold-stone war veteran burned into the back of his mind; the unimpressed grimace and cold, slow shake of his head. the man was a ticking time bomb with no signs of when he’d go off next. not until it was too late.

kennedy still remembered the first time his dad clocked him in the jaw, a fist strong enough to send the scrawny kid to the ground. hand over his jaw, eyes glazed over from shock and fear as he stared up at the man he should’ve looked up to the most. disappointed, his dad turned and left him there on the floor. that kind of hurt could break a man; he’d only been a kid. as ashamed as he felt, kennedy kept it a secret. he kept it a secret for so long. until one day, he tried to tell his mother -- only for her to dismiss him with harsh words, and a look as if she already knew. his sisters never displayed any interest in what had happened to their baby brother, why he was so withdrawn.

every moment of his childhood added up to built-up bitterness, withdrawing from everyone with a wall that was insurmountable. when he walked away from that place all those years ago, he hoped he could leave that life, that person he was entirely behind.

it had been years since he stepped foot out of that place, but it was impossible for him to lie and say he wasn’t shaped by those past events. it frustrated him; could he ever get away from his past? would he always still have his dad’s tight, cold grip on him in even the most metaphorical sense? he didn’t dare to fully believe it. though, the more he spent time traveling on his own, the more he started to realize it would be best to set his stubbornness aside and join a group. years of stubbornly traveling on his own, and he had eventually settled down in los santos just the other day.

it wasn't the worst group he could've joined. people seemed to mind their own business; they didn't ask questions.

besides, as hesitant as he had been to join the group, at least this town had a horde of dogs to keep him company.

he stared at the dog in front of him, the hound excitedly wagging his tail in anticipation. ken slowly looked at the tennis ball he held in his right hand. “alright,” he sighed, lifting the ball up. the dog lowered itself in anticipation, panting happily. “just be sure to bring it back, alright?” and with that, he tossed the ball. blue eyes squinted after the canine as she ran off after the ball. pouncing and catching the ball, she looked over towards the blonde as if to bring it back -- only to lower herself to the ground, proceeding to chew on the worn tennis ball. kennedy’s shoulders slumped dramatically. so much for that.

//don't ask me why this post is so bad and why it's such garbage because i have no excuse ASDSDF

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♔   Vesania's own upbringing had put a few stains on the man, more physical than emotional. All Ves had learned from his father was that older men were to not be trusted. Especially ones that wore a beaming smile with malicious intent behind their eyes. They made him wear a shiver on his spine and paranoia on his shoulders. He hated it. The scars on his body have long since been covered with tattoos, lost to blocked-out sections of ink, of mismatched designs that held no meaning to the albino other than to get rid of the memories of his past.

♔   Even as someone went to extinguish their cigar, did Ves flinch.

♔   The white-haired man had been watching Kenny for a while, watching him play with the dog. After a while, he laughed and came up behind the blond and put his hands in his pockets as he watched the canine gnaw on the worn ball. He smiled, cheeks giving into dimples. The man had been trying to get the dog to bring back the ball, which had definitely caught the leader's eye. He had not seen many newcomers around here, and for sure has not seen Kenny before. It was nice to see more people joining.

♔   "Heya," he greeted, turning his pink eyes to the blond. "Don't believe I've met you yet, yeah? I'm Ves," he offered his hand.

♔   Dogs were not of Ves' forte, so he refused to let the pup out of his sight, even if the dog was playing with the ball and not paying attention to the two. Dogs reminded him of his father, and he refused to let that monster of a man show through again. Even if his blood lay on Ves' hands, currently outstretched for this stranger. Even if his blood lay on a burned down staircase. Even if he was no longer alive. Ves would never let his father's memories live on. He would never let anything close to that man's life be near him.

♔   "That must be your dog? She's very cute."

♔   // it's okay!!! sorry it took so long for me to get to you!

♔   "TEXT!"

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