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cheers - INTRO
« on: March 07, 2021, 11:57:27 AM »
in the recent months, west skull’s been able to put into motion their newest endeavor: whiskey. in a foraging mission of sorts, they stumbled across two copper distillers, and with them being able to grow grain and having the space, dusk thought it’d be a great business venture for them; plus some for the group.

finally, the first batch is ready, the whole of west skull huddled into one of their smaller barns to get the first taste of their whiskey. the sun is sinking into the horizon, casting the warm orange tint on everything it can touch. its warmth is still present, though, cooled from the heat of the afternoon to be just the perfect ambient temperature; for dusk, at least. her signature hat sits on her head, paired with a white crop top and light, just roomy enough, jacket and high waisted, slightly baggy jeans and boots. her belt buckle almost steals the whole show while people cram into their new brewery barn. an excited smirk makes its way to her lips before she looks over to the aging barrel right next to her. raising her empty glass into the air, ” let’s finish our first barrel tonight, right? “ she mentions, a fun little challenge for everyone who wants to partake. dusk turns their make shit spout and golden brown liquid starts filling her glass.

she brings the glass to her lips and takes a drink, a light grimace after she swallows from the heat and punch of the alcohol. sharps watch her for her reaction, hints of smiles and wide eyes, ” it’s fucking great, “ she informs, getting some cheers, ” someone come play bartender. “ she instructs, taking yet another drink; dusk’s got a good feeling about this.

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Re: cheers - INTRO
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2021, 01:51:36 PM »
trigger warnings mentions of alcohol, blood, injuries, trauma, .

tags  35 years old, hard opponent, nonviolent interactions are open, pm or ask for violent interactions.
"speech" 'thought' text

Frank ducked into the barn-brewery, removing his hat politely as he did so. A cheerful smile on his rugged and worn face, Dusk was a good kid, though, kid no longer. He stuck his hat onto a peg before he stepped forward more, looking around admiringly at their work. It had not only been him who had worked on the grain fields, but he liked to think his knowledge and expertise was in part to thank for their success now.

He strode forward and grappled with the tin cup which was secured to his hip, an odd choice to carry around everywhere, but he'd had it for at least a decade, and it was a good cup. Pouring himself his own small bit, he took a small sip, and pursed his lips. "Delicious indeed." He agreed, drinking the rest of the small amount he'd poured to check it out. It wasn't that he didn't trust Dusk's judgement, but he liked to make up his own mind and own opinion about things.

"A'ight, if you want some bring me a glass." He instructed, deciding to shoulder the mantle of bartender as Dusk had instructed someone to do it. He recalled reading a novel which had a bartender in it, the man had thrown a drunk and disorderly patron out of the saloon... he liked that idea, maybe someone would get disorderly and he could take them by the collar and chuck them out.
Frank is a 35 year old, man, he is laid back, intuitive, and a horse lover, a former farmer he knows how to deal with crops and animals, has a background in farrier work, he runs with the West Skulls. He is a medium to hard opponent, feel free to powerplay any nonviolent interactions.

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Re: cheers - INTRO
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2021, 03:02:04 PM »
They were usually fashionably late, usually due to taking inventory of what was there taking in account what had been used that day if anything - making sure no one stole from them. So, when the medic joined the group they knew it was obvious they had missed something. Though seeing Dusk with the drink, it didn't take much for them to at least somewhat figure out what was going on.

Taking a cigarette and lighting it, they walked forward, hands in their pockets, as they moved more to join the group headed more towards Dusk. "Sorry I'm late" they apologized "First batch finished I take it? Congratulations" they took the cigarette out between their fingers to exhale the smoke before returning it to rest between their lips.

They then got themself a glass to bring to Frank, a small smirk on their face at the amusing thought of them being the medic but partaking in such events - god, their parents would have a fit. "Half way Frank - if it's as good as I just heard I wouldn't be leaving any for anyone else" they chuckled before taking the glass back once full again and trading the cancer stick for a sip of the drink.

"And I was right - this is damn good."