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concealed in a thick flurry of snowfall lies the intimate flintlock lodge. once an inhabited world of untouched crags and ice, this vast mountain has since been shaped into an remote world where its people are survivors. rugged and resilient, flintlock lodge was frost and snowflake turned into flesh and bone. with blustering billows of cutting wind whipping at their skin, frequent avalanches and an influx of apex predators, those who reside in flintlock meet danger and risk every waking moment of their day. but, together as a self-sufficient and isolated cluster of people from all backgrounds, they work tirelessly together in order to survive.

life at the summit is a perilous position to be in, one which only the hardiest of souls can withstand. every day they wake up wondering whether they'll have to fight or flourish, and yet they do so valiantly because that is what it takes to be a survivor. despite the bitterness of their world in white, the people of flintlock are as warm as one could be. benevolent and loyal, bounteous and restrained, they are willing to do anything to take care of their people and those around them. their kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness, however. they are resilient and robust and if you push them, they'll push back stronger.

the landscape.
brutal and harsh, the northern mountain air spares no lives that are unprepared. frosted pine forests dot untouched snowfall, and the mountains are filled with creatures such as bears, elk, foxes, owls, and other hardy creatures. in the summer, the snow and ice melts, leaving meadows filled with wildflowers. a few freshwater creeks and small waterfalls cut through the territory. there's also a lake, which freezes in the winter, and thaws in the summer months, providing both ice skating and fishing opportunities. for white rafters, there's a fast moving river with rapids, but beware of the waterfalls!

there is generally heavy snowfall throughout a lot of the year. the snow begins to melt in the summer and, by the end of june, flintlock lodge looks like a different place. the skies are often clear and bright, the ground free from snow and instead flourishing with luscious grasses and flora until around november when the temperatures drop again and the snow returns.

the lodge.
further up the mountain is flintlock's home, the lodge. a small barn provides shelter for hardy livestock, including several hutches for a valuable rabbit breeding farm. several yards across the barn is a chicken coop that has a large, fenced pasture for a member’s chickens to roam. the lodge itself is vast and spacious with plenty of bedrooms available, a cozy lounge area with a fire place, a kitchen with wood stoves, a library, and an infirmary stocked with first aid supplies. there is also a room which has been renovated into a miniature gymnasium where training takes place, and a study for the captain to organize one-to-one meetings. a very short walk away from the lodge is an additional building which is used as a cafeteria. many tables are lined up and food is served from an interconnecting kitchen.

the village.
the village is located a short distance away from the lodge, nestled at the base of the mountain. after recent renovations, the village now acts as a commercial destination in order to provide flintlock lodge with sufficient trade all throughout the year. nearer on the outskirts, there is a stable where the horses are kept, as well as a barn where the dogs are bred. a pasture behind these buildings contain a small herd of caribou for different purposes including food and transport. sleds and wagons are stored here for when people wish to use the horses or dogs for transport. additionally, several of these buildings on the outskirts have been converted into greenhouses.

there are many amenities in the village, all run by the people of flintlock who return the yield they have earned from their business for communal use. here, the village provides trading opportunities including winter-appropriate clothing stores, boutique stores, an outdoor retailer, weaponry dealer, butchery, two cafes, a bistro, bar, jewelers, art gallery, confectionery store, florist, toy store, salon, grocery store, liquor store, and a repair and equipment rental store.

the equipment rental store provides different outdoor equipment such as skis, snowboards, mountain bikes, sleds and more.

there is a welcome center which is clearly signposted for those who wish to find out more about flintlock or wish to join the group permanently. additionally, there is a public library with a large variety of books to borrow and/or read inside the library. here, there is a fireplace in the reading area which keeps the area a cozy and comfortable place to relax.

many flintlockers have chosen to reside in the village in private lodgings and chalets. there are a wide variety of lodgings in the village to choose from. also, many of these lodgings are also available to be rented out to visitors who wish to temporarily stay in the village. nearby there is a medical center available for the people of flintlock as well as any emergencies. in this very building, there is also an office dedicated to mountain search and rescue. there is contact between flintlock lodge and the village through the use of walkie talkies.

nearby the hustle and bustle of the village, there is a park where several of the residents have begun to establish an alpine botanical garden to view at one's leisure during the warmer months. there is an established horse and sled round trip which frequently transports the people of flintlock to and from the lodge as otherwise the trip on foot can be quite tiresome.

Political Relations.
• the badlands
• northstar district

• none

• bluestem prairie

with a new leadership, the internal laws of flintlock lodge have been fully revised in order to shape the group into a more functional, structured force.

they are as follows:

• everyone is to be treated equally, no matter what gender, religion, sexuality, race, or any other differential factors

• fighting, whether verbal or physical, is not permitted without a justifiable reason (which will be assessed by higher positions in the event of a quarrel).

• all members of the lodge must always be available for duties around the lodge.

• respect must be shown to all high positions. if a member fails to do so, they may receive a warning in the first instance, disciplinary action the second, and potential exile in the third instance.

• attacking other groups without permission from the captain or warlord is forbidden.

• a high position must be notified of trespassers or visitors from foreign groups immediately. if they are to act in a hostile manner, it is for those at the scene to defend the lodge by any means necessary.

• anyone who seeks shelter or asylum is to be accepted and hospitality is to be shown to all strangers who are not known to be a threat to the lodge's safety.

• under no circumstances should the running of flintlock lodge be discussed with any foreign groups, including allies, unless authorized by the captain. failure to do so will result in punishment.

• those who choose to reside in flintlock lodge must be loyal to the group. no dual-alliances are permitted and betraying the group will result in severe punishment. flintlock lodge does not take lightly to treachery.

in order to keep flintlock lodge running smoothly, many members have responsibilities in different sectors of the lodge. others, including children, the elderly and the disabled are exempt from requiring a rank, but all able-bodied members should be providing for flintlock lodge somehow. they are ranked according to what they can contribute to the group.

those who show that they can continually remain an active part of the group as well as contribute towards the lodge in which it benefits the group as a whole will have the opportunity to receive a promotion to a high position. there are ic and ooc perks of being a high position. for all advisory ranks, the roleplayer will receive 10,000 bones as a reward for their hard work. a promotion to the rank of general will earn the roleplayer 100,000 bones as a reward. all high positions will be involved in a monthly ooc meeting at the beginning of each month to discuss how to improve flintlock lodge - their input is vital to the development of the group.

additionally, there are ic incentives for all high positions; they will receive a monthly reward in the form of luxuries for their work as an authoritative figure. and, of course, a high position has the ability to hold further power and responsibility, and tend to be highly regarded by members within the group.

captain (high position)
this person is the leader of flintlock lodge. their role is to manage the running of the group as a whole, listening to input from their people. ultimately, their word is law and they are allowed to change flintlock as they see fit.
edmund, penned by truce

general (high position)
this person is the second in command. they are the second most authoritative figure in the lodge, in charge of maintaining order within the group. they posses a similar level of authority as the captain and can help with anything except for leading meetings or responding to alliance requests. whilst they answer to the captain, they still have the power to manage high positions and members. they also act the chief adviser to the captain.
none, penned by none

warlord (high position)
this person is the one who oversees the enforcers of flintlock lodge. they are responsible for leading training and sparring sessions, teaching apprentices, creating the schedule for daily patrols and leading raids and attacks with authorization from the captain. in addition, it is their responsibility to ensure the armory is well stocked, and they are also in charge of maintaining, repairing and issuing members of flintlock weapons. they also act as an adviser to the captain.
freddie, penned by elysian

these members are those who are known to be skilled fighters. they are allowed to hold training and sparring sessions with permission from the warlord, and act as law enforcement within flintlock and their surrounding territory. their responsibilities include guarding the territory, taking part in patrols regularly, maintaining, repairing and constructing a range of weapons, and making sure that defense systems are in place to protect their people. they act as the front line fighters if flintlock was ever under attack.
blake, penned by noccy
william, penned by truce
vincent, penned by fleur

these members are still novices in combat and are currently being trained by the warlord to one day develop into a seasoned enforcer. in order to gain the experience to be promoted, they will accompany enforcers on patrols and guarding posts, and learn how to maintain, repair and construct weapons. they are expected to attend the majority of training and sparring sessions, as well as lessons that the warlord may host.
henry, penned by truce

quartermaster (high position)
this person is the diplomatic leader of flintlock lodge. they are responsible for maintaining relationships between flintlock lodge and foreign groups. this includes writing up regular reports for the captain about the status of their allies, and use their authority to order arbiters to visit foreign groups to create a good rapport with them. in addition to this, they also oversee the relationships between members in the group and ensuring that it is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. with their power, they are able to able to order arbiters to act out their duties as ambassadors. they also act as an adviser to the captain.
none, penned by none

these members are known as flintlock's team of ambassadors. their job is to ensure good relations between flintlock and foreign groups, as well as take care of the emotional and physical well being of their own people. they are expected to welcome any newcomers or foreign groups to flintlock lodge, or warn about an imminent attack. they host events with guidance from the quartermaster, and are in charge of maintaining flintlock's infrastructure as well as expand its territory. they are the people who visit foreign groups to maintain relations and trade between other groups and independent merchants.
richard, penned by elysian

these members still have little knowledge in the world of diplomacy and so look up to the quartermaster for guidance. they tend to accompany the quartermaster in their daily jobs such as event planning and overseeing foreign relations. they also learn from arbiters who allow for apprentices to carry out tasks alongside them such as accepting newcomers into flintlock lodge or shadowing trades.
maddie, penned by noccy

corpsman (high position)
this person is the chief of medicine, responsible for taking care of the health of flintlock lodge. they have proven themselves to be very skilled in treating injuries and illnesses. they are the person who governs the day-to-day running of the group's infirmary. as well as this, they are responsible for hosting first aid training and running check up sessions to ensure everyone is fit and healthy. they check medical stocks and order medics to replenish them when supplies are running low. as well as this, they may also act to assist members with their mental well being, promoting good emotional health and acting as a therapist and guardian to those struggling. they also act as an adviser to the captain.
none, penned by none

these people are the healers of flintlock lodge. they are responsible for treating the wounded and sick, whether that be in the infirmary or out in the surrounding territory in a time of crisis. they can host first aid training events with permission from the corpsman, and are able to give members check ups on a regular basis. in addition, they act as a mental well being officer for those struggling mentally and are skilled in helping those who are in a difficult place.
maisie, penned by aj
torrin, penned by arcturus.

these people are those with the potential to make fantastic medics but lack the skills required to adequately do the job. and so, they are mentored by the corpsman where they shadow them and the medics during their day-to-day tasks. the apprentice can assist with simple procedures such as taking somebody's vitals or accompanying medics when they go to scavenge for medical supplies. they must attend most first aid events in order to gain as much experience possible in order to be promoted.
none, penned by none

boswin (high position)
this person is the lead caretaker in flintlock lodge for children and animals. firstly, they are responsible in ensuring that all the needs of the animals are met sufficiently so that the animals can be the most productive. they are highly knowledgeable about the species of animals in the lodge and run breeding programs for them, as well as train them for their suitable purposes. also, they oversee the daily childminding where carers educate the children and spend the day playing, feeding and supervising flintlock's children. they are also responsible for creating the kitchen duty schedule for carers as they are the ones who prepare meals for the people of flintlock every day. they also act as an adviser to the captain.
none, penned by none

these people are the caretakers that are responsible for looking after the needs of the children and animals in flintlock lodge. they take care of feeding, grooming, training and exercising animals daily whilst also ensuring that there is enough livestock to provide meat, milk and fur for all of flintlock. if there isn't, then carers are responsible for trading with merchants who are selling livestock. in addition, they are responsible for the care of flintlock's children, acting as a childminder whilst parents or guardians are hard at work elsewhere. they are responsible for giving children a basic education as well as provide for them. also, they tend to prepare meals for the people of flintlock.
tommy, penned by truce
maxine, penned by finny
bowie, penned by scully

these people show what it takes to be a carer but may not know how to look after children or animals yet. they will accompany the carers in their daily tasks, helping out with cleaning and feeding, and also learning from the boswin how to educate the children of flintlock lodge.
none, penned by none

reaper (high position)
this person is the leader of those who search widely for food and provisions. they lead hunting, gathering, fishing and scavenging events in order to find resources for flintlock lodge. in addition, they manage the greenhouses, ensuring that there is enough stock to provide for all those in flintlock; otherwise, they have the authority to renovate more village cabins into greenhouses. they also act as an adviser to the captain.
josephine, penned by scully

these people are the hunters, gathers, scavengers and fishers of flintlock lodge. they ensure that the people of flintlock lodge can be provided for. with permission from the reaper, they can host hunting, gathering, scavenging and fishing events with other members of flintlock lodge to gather resources. in addition, they are able to teach other members survival tips in case they were to find themselves in life threatening situations such as being caught in an avalanche, lost in the mountains or falling into an icy lake.
grayson, penned by dame

these people are those to wish to assist with the cultivation of food and gathering of resources, but may not know how to fish, hunt, or have the knowledge of what food is poisonous or not. They will be taught survival tips from the reaper and sentinels, as well as how to work as a forager in subzero conditions.
ida, penned by truce

in addition, members also have the ability to earn a loyalist title which will give them additional perks and luxuries within the group.

those who can show their utmost loyalty to the group through activity for a long period of time, as well as showing initiative to help shape the ic and ooc community will receive the loyalist title. they are the golden example of what others should strive towards being within the community. this title earns a member the utmost status and respect within the group. in addition, an annual day of celebration will be dedicated to each loyalist. ooc, the roleplayer will receive 10,000 bones for their hard work.

ice skating - when the lake freezes over in the winter, it creates a perfect ice skating rink. ice skates of various sizes can be found in the basement closet, and it's always important to ensure that a high position has checked the ice to ensure it's thick enough.

snowman building - on days in which the winds have calmed and the ground is blanketed in snow, members of the lodge are given the perfect landscape to create snowmen. though you'll be hard pressed to find a carrot to waste as a nose, it's a perfect opportunity to get creative with the supplies on hand!

summer camping - as the mountain thaws in warmer months, it's common for groups from the lodge to trek a few miles down the mountain and set up camp for a few nights to enjoy the sunshine and fairer weather. sun bathing, swimming, campfires, and various other activities are common during these trips.

fishing - fishing is an important part of this group as it provides a source of food. events based around fishing are often in the summer months, though there are frequently ice fishing events during colder months.

white water rafting - during the summer, the river thaws, leaving rapids worth rafting on. but those participating should always be wary of the strong currents, wearing life jackets and ensuring they know how to swim beforehand.
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