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{ let me be who i'm meant to be }

santos castellano a man who does not know when or how to stop. confined to ferity and ruination since adolescence, he knows nothing but. tenderness was wholly found in fleeting moments, such meagerness leaving him yearning before bitterness befell him. he stopped chasing what he was taught to be foolish charity, instead conforming to the brutish experiences he hailed from. inhumanity achieved progress, and so his means were edified. a being stripped of benignity and naivety, hardened and thrown forth.

{   ✧   ✧   ✧   }

age twenty nine, though his maturity far exceeds.
zodiac he was born october 29, making him a scorpio.
birthplace {liquid space} on the coast, in a small, poor city
origin his parents were born and raised in spain, though moved to america shortly before santos was born.
height / weight 6'4 ft. / 220 lbs.
build tall and muscular
appearance warm complexion, dark wavy hair, full beard, dark eyes, long lashes, angular features, heavily scarred, very rugged. has faded, low quality stick and poke tattoos covering him face-feet, clearly done by himself or others as a teenager; face tattoos are small and consist of crosses, dots, tiny angel wings, and tally marks. his chest is filled of scars, small tally marks representing each life he took.

{   ✧   ✧   ✧   }

A Guide to Santos' Twisted Worship of Saints santos does not identify as a catholic or as a member of any specific religion, though he does believe in small ways of worshipping saints. he believes in these individuals’ powers and their spirituality, and honors them according to what they stand for. for example, santos may often pray to certain saints or speak their names to guide him.

La Santa Muerte "Saint Death," a condemned saint by the Church, she is a patron saint for all criminals. Santos was/is a criminal, and while indulging in such activities past and present, Santos believes she brings good luck and protection.

Saint Julian The patron saint of murderers. Santos believes he protects them from danger and death and provides luck in manhunts. Though limited, Santos does kill those he deems 'bad,' and thus prays to Saint Julian to guide him and provide him protection.

Saint Joaquina Vedruna de Mas Patron saint of exiles and against the death of children. Santos, being an exile of many places/groups, believes she provides guide when he is lost. Because of his devotion to her, he strongly advocates the protection and pardoning of all children.

Saint Teresa of Ávila Patron saint of sickness and of those in need of grace. He prays to her when one of his own is ill, or when he finds himself in need of grace for whatever personal reason.

St. Jude Thaddeus Patron saint of lost causes, also known in Mexico as the patron of criminals and prisoners. She represents a hope for Santos and offers him a forgiveness and he believes she is his pardoner for his sins and will guide him in the afterlife.

{   ✧   ✧   ✧   }

strength ( 9/10 ) , willpower ( 9/10 ) , dexterity ( 9/10 ) , intelligence ( 8/10 ) , wisdom ( 7/10 ) , charisma ( 4/10 ) , agility ( 6/10 ) , stamina ( 8/10 ) , endurance ( 9/10 ) , teamwork ( 2/10 ) , stealth ( 6/10 ) , reaction time ( 8/10 ) , humor ( 4/10 ) , fortitude ( 9/10 ) , faith ( 2/10 ) , melee combat ( 8/10 ) , armed combat ( 9/10 ) , leadership ( 4/10 )

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history loss struck santos at the mere age of two, taking from him the life of his mother. without his father in the picture, and no immediate family able to take him in, santos was placed in foster care. his young age allowed him a high likelihood to be adopted by a family, but for reasons undisclosed to him, time and time again, any attempts to adopt him were unfulfilled. as he aged, this percentage diminished. time and time again, santos was sat down and told the couple he had spent so much time with could not give him a home as they had told him. due to this, the young boy began to grow frustrated and confused, and feeling powerless, santos lashed out. he began to receive punishment for bad behavior in school, for getting into quarrels with the other children, and overall performing below average in terms of education and behavior. his chances continued to shrink. as he grew older, it all worsened, both his performance in school and his proneness to fights and arguments. santos would often come home with black eyes or busted lips, carrying within him a fire. the boy would never create a lasting/true bond with any foster parents or siblings he stayed with, seeing them all as temporary stops. any attempts to build a relationship with santos would result in him pushing away and becoming even more distant. due to this lack of any form of parental relationships, santos idolized his biological mom, which in turn led to santos' fascination with her religion and her language. this is where he read about spanish roman catholic saints and began to look up to them, as well as where he began to study spanish religiously.
as santos entered his teenage years, he began to build true friendships with a group of boys in his area that he would walk home from alternative school with. like him, they were prone to the same violence and all had stories similar to his own. at this same time, santos had begun attempts to run away from his foster homes, being placed in worse and worse ones in terms of neglect and disarray. he was caught time and time again, but by the age of 15, santos was pronounced a missing child. he found refuge in the friends he had made, who he discovered to be apart of a larger street gang. he stayed with them, and despite their violent and aggressive lifestyle, santos found true loyalty and brotherhood among them. they became his family. santos began to live in a life of drugs, sex, gang warfare, and pure aggression. he became accustomed to it quickly, and soon learned he had a certain skill for violence. it was not simply that he enjoyed it, but santos was inherently good at it.
santos grew especially close to two boys: ryder and deacon. ryder and he met in school, and he was one of the prominent reasons santos decided to join the gang. ryder was a fiery boy, with messy blonde hair and dark blue eyes like the ocean, he held santos' heard in his palm. the two were inseparable, and though their romantic relationship was very lowkey, their love for one another was anything but. deacon, on the other hand, joined the gang later on. he was a boy of about 12, with long messy hair and bright eyes. despite the boys' irritation with a kid around, deacon's stubbornness proved to even beat theirs, and his defiance was so great they couldn't held but admire. soon enough, the gang was teaching deacon all about the streets, and he came to know them just as well as the boys. he often ran errands for the boys, earning his nickname, "conejito," given by santos, which translates to "little rabbit," due to his small size and agility. deacon was a major help to them in reality, and he found a family in the gang. santos grew especially close with deacon, having dealt with younger kids his whole time spend in the system. he was more often than not, the one to grab deacon from any trouble and lecture his ear off, though not without deacon's adamant counterarguments. they were legendary at keeping an argument going, but they were extremely close. santos grew to teach deacon many life lessons and did his best to guide the boy. all three boys were tight-knit and became one another's family.
when santos was 18, the blackout hit. the gang was able to easily adapt, having already grown accustomed to a life of crime and survival. soon, though, the issue of desperation seeped into their plans. droughts of resources became a threat, and one night they planned to raid a convenience store within a rival gang's territory. despite it being thoroughly planned, the night quickly turned sour. warfare broke out, and in the end, the rival gang raided the store instead after shooting 5 members of santos' group down. of them all, santos was the lone survivor of the group that attacked. of these losses, ryder was one of them, santos' closest friend/love interest. the two were extremely close, and santos loved ryder, though he had not explored his sexuality yet, so the duo's love for one another was cloaked and unspoken. santos sat in the destroyed convenience store with ryder as he bled out, surrounded by his dead and dying friends. after this, santos became reckless and dangerously violent, so much so that one night, the remnants of the gang abandoned him, seeing him as a threat to their safety. ever since, santos has been fending for himself in the apocalypse of the world, before joining the badlands.
character traits distant, detached, introverted, often quiet, defensive, protective, territorial when close w something/someone, proactive, cautious, observant, fairly close minded, capable of apathy, easily stirred/angered, likes to think he’s driven by logic but when vulnerable very much driven by strong emotion

{   ✧   ✧   ✧   }

misc. character notes - Haunted by the spirit of his now deceased best friend/love interest, Ryder. Santos stayed with Ryder as he slowly bled out to death after a desperate planned raid by the gang that failed, resulting in the loss of all those Santos was close with. He is haunted by his spirit due to the guilt and unfullfillment he attaches to Ryder's death.
- has a pet california kingsnake, a white snake with large black spots along her head. santos found her three years ago when rummaging through an abandoned home. he wandered into what looked like a young boy's room, finding a habitat on the dresser. he expected to find a dead animal of some sort, but instead found kyros. she was thin and visibly tired, but as soon as santos approached and opened the enclosure, she perked up. after finding her some fresh food and water, kyros was quick to show affection. ever since, they've been together.
   - kyros is oftentimes actually nestled in the pocket of santos' backpack, though she often slithers out from time to time to nestle herself around his neck/shoulders.

{   ✧   ✧   ✧   }

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GENERAL Biography
▪ Santos Castellano | Formerly called Castle by those he was close w/
▪ Cisgender male | He/him
▪ Twenty-nine y/o | Born Oct 30 | Scorpio
▪ Newbie of Badlands | Traveller

— 6'4, 220 Lbs. Tall and broad build. Spanish descent.
— Dark wavy hair, full beard, warm complexion, freckled, angular face. Covered in scars and faded tattoos (small, stick and poke tattoos obviously done when he was younger) Tattoos range from his face to his feet. Scars along chest marking his kill count from previous gang involvement.
— Current Injuries: Old bruises and scars, healing left black eye

▪ Haunted by the ghost of his former best friend/love interest, Ryder. Santos associates his death with guilt and unfullfillment, and often sees his spirit lingering in the background. Does not speak about this to anyone, though.
▪ Has a pet female California kingsnake named Kyros. (Ref.) She is fairly friendly, though has a tendency to bite and not let go. (Non-venomous)
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always 100% in character and do not reflect the roleplayer's opinions

PERSONALawful Evil
— Distant, detached, introverted, often quiet, defensive, protective, territorial when close w something/someone, proactive, cautious, observant, fairly close minded, capable of apathy, easily stirred/angered, likes to think he’s driven by logic but when vulnerable very much driven by strong emotion, etc.
— Easy to approach, but hard to converse with. Very distant and walled off- does not trust easily.
— Easy to aggravate. More defensive than offense, but it takes very little to make him snap.

INTERACTION Plotting Thread
— Physical Difficulty: 9/10 | Mental Difficulty: 5/10
— Learned most weapon combat from street gang days // Self-taught in hand to hand
— Currently equipped with an assault rifle (low ammo) and a pistol (low ammo) as well as his weapon of choice, his wooden bat with barbed wire wrapped around it
— To attack, @ user & attack in italicized bold
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TW: blood // death
PROMPT: ryder's death // his beloved ghost's birth

Red. Red everywhere. Hands covered in it. White shirt gone red. Pooling below bruised knees. Droplets falling from metal shelves. Freckled across skin. Splattered on white walls. Red surrounded them, marking their undoing in bold hues. The fluorescent lights flickering, illuminating the scene in headache-inducing glare. It was quiet, part for the ragged breathing and distant gurgling of red. Hushed tones befell the scene, voices trembling or rasped in emotion. One boy was crying softly behind the shelves.

Santos knelt in the middle of the destroyed convenience store. Blood soaked into his jeans. Matted in his black curls. Stained his trembling fingers. It smelled of metal and gunfire. His shaking hands floated above the blonde boy's abdomen, above his soaking shirt, above the place bullets had just torn through. Pressure. Pressure- but there was no use. Golden eyes flitted up to meet his blue ones. He knew those eyes, yet he had never seen those eyes. Bloodshot and wide, brimming with tears. Blue eyes stained red. His pale lips trembled, but no words escaped him. He shook his head.

"You're okay--" Santos' voice cracked. "It's okay." He nodded his head.

Gunfire sounded in the distance, eliciting a soft cry of "fuck," from one of the fallen boys. It still wasn't over. It never was. It never would be. "Santos..." The blonde choked out, a tear running down his temple. He let out a choked sob, eyes closing in agony, brows furrowed in restraint. "Please-" The brunette shook his head, scooting himself closer to the fading boy. "I'm scared." His fingers clutched for the other's, squeezing his hand. "I don't wanna d-die, Santos."

All they had ever known together was violence. They lived in pure danger. They profited off the terror of others. They were the very makers of scenes like this- of fallen boys. The wasting of lives were a victory to them. Their gang was known as the most violent in the area; they had been the makers of this for years. They were only boys. Teenage boys with anger within themselves, healing from neglect or abuse or rejection. Killers and murderers, all of them. Naive boys, all of them. Ignorant and arrogant and reckless. Their graves would be unmarked, small, and welcome no visitors nor flowers. Doomed boys, from the very start.

"You're not-" He gasped, "You're gonna be okay, Ryder," He insisted, squeezing his hand. The blonde stared at him emptily. He knew he wasn't going to be okay. Santos knew it too. They chose, despite it, to live in this fantasy, though. In this fantasy, Ryder was okay, and Santos wasn't soaked in his blood. In this fantasy, they would be running back to their apartment, gasping for breath with wild grins and filled backpacks. In this fantasy, they were alone and safe for the night. In this fantasy, they could go back to pretending to being just friends. The only thing red would be their gun handles, marking the gang's brotherhood. "I'm gonna die tonight, Santos." The boy looked up to the florescent lights, tears spilling from his blue eyes.

"Just- will you stay with me? He whispered raspily, still staring above hopelessly.

"Of course."

The fluorescent lights flickered. Red dripped steadily onto the tile in the destroyed convenience store. The soft crying behind the shelves had stopped.
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PROMPT: santos/ryder fluff

A voice whispered in the dark, followed by a moment of silence. He rustled. ”Santos,” With more urgency, the man spoke again. The larger figure rustled again, letting out a tired groan as he shifted under the sheets, eyes closed tightly. ”No...” He protested sleepily. Ryder stared ahead at the blue numbers displayed on the digital clock ahead. 4:32 AM. Their flight left in an hour.

Ryder moved to try to get himself up, but Santos’ arms tightened around the other, easily anchoring the blonde to the bed. ”Santos!” He scoffed, letting out a sigh as he reluctantly settled into the bed again. ”Just a little longer...” The man grumbled. Ryder stilled for a moment, contemplating how to overcome the other’s perpetual sleepiness. After a minute, the younger shifted in Santos’ grip, so now he faced the other. He cupped the other’s cheek, grazing his thumb over the man’s stubble. Santos sighed happily, and Ryder pressed gentle kisses along the other’s neck, thumb soothing down his jaw and neck. The brunette’s grip softened, and he moved his hand to brush through Ryder’s curls. Suddenly, the blonde darted away, rolling out of the bed and stumbling slightly as he grounded himself on the floor. He grinned triumphantly, eliciting a groan from the other.

”Haha!” He proclaimed victoriously, adjusting the shirt he wore. ”You’re too easy. Now c’mon, get up!” Ryder quickly made his way over to the light switches, turning them all on, flooding the hotel room with bright fluorescents. ”Oh, God, no,” Santos shifted, rolling over as he grasped his pillow, moving to pull it over his head, shielding himself from the light as he groaned again. ”We’re gonna be late for our flight! Didn’t your parents ever leave like three hours before your flight?” His brows furrowed as he moved about the room, turning on the bathroom lights and the bathroom vent in effort to disturb the other further.

Ryder returned to the bed, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at the other. ”Get... up!” He huffed to no avail. He was hopeless. Ryder climbed upon the bed again, kneeling beside the other and pulling the pillow from Santos’ grasp, using it instead to whack him upon the head with. Santos grasped the pillow beside him, and in a quick motion, turned and hit the blonde in the side with the pillow, throwing him off balance. ”Be gone evil-doer!” He grumbled with a smile as the other returned to his knees, now with a fire in his eyes. Evil-doer, no kidding. Ryder straddled the other’s abdomen, lifting his pillow and hitting Santos across his face with it over and over, who struggled beneath him. ”Mercy! Mercy!” He yelled between laughs, covering his face. Ryder stopped with a smirk, leaning over the other. ”I win. Get up.” He kissed him upon the forehead, moving off the bed to go into the bathroom.

Santos lay in the bed, catching his breath and trying to mentally prepare himself for the long day ahead of them. Ryder turned on the shower, stretching his fingers out to run under the stream of warming water. He peeked his head around the doorway, glaring at his unmoving boyfriend. The blonde retreated to the shower, flicking his hand under the now perfect water.

The brunette still lay in bed, awake but unhappy about it. He went over their plans in his head, and suddenly a pair of boxers was tossed upon his chest. ”Come shower with me, babe,” Ryder called from the bathroom. Yeah, okay. The brunette climbed out of bed and did as he was told. He won, alright.
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